If Only

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If only I could stop getting sick!!!!!!

Sorry the blog is a touch late. I was sick all weekend, and got sick yet again yesterday. I REALLY would like to move on with my life, my running, and STOP BEING SICK!!!!!! Ugh.

That being said, I did have a decent weekend/last week….so let’s get started!

The Work Week:

Well I was sick a lot, so there wasn’t much of a work week. Last week I had to take Friday off because I was sick, and this week I made it to work Wednesday but ended up going to the hospital…and am home today. Sick.

For those of you who don’t know, I have Crohn’s disease…and so I get sick pretty easy. Good times.

Anyway…haven’t been at work a whole lot, so not much to say here.

I am thinking about several things I can do for my kids. For one, right now I have a give-a-way going. Whoever gets a good grade on our benchmark test will go in to a drawing for one of 15 college t-shirts I have acquired. I may have mentioned those in an earlier post.

I’m trying to motivate the kids to study…so I’m going to try and get donations of cool stuff for each benchmark. There are only 4 left for the entire school year, so hopefully that won’t be too hard. 🙂

The Workout Week:

Yeah. So I was sick.

I was supposed to go run last night with my neighbor’s girlfriend, but the whole trip to the ER thing, plus the mild hurricane in the area kind of spoiled those plans.

I managed a little light yoga this week. Other than that I’m praying to be able to run the local Thanksgiving day race in a few weeks. We shall see how that goes.

The Knitting Week:

Now here’s where it gets good!!!!!! I’ve cast on 3 new projects and finished one!!! WHOOO!!!!!!!!

Finished Project: Mom’s Socks!!!! I finished them over the weekend and they are pretty good for my very first pair of socks! There were a few minor issues, a little hole near the heel and whatnot, but I stitched it up and you can’t even tell.

Mom's socks

Mom's socks, all done!

I cast on for 2 other pairs of socks this week as well. One for ME in our school colors, and one for my aunt for Christmas *As long as we get a miracle and I can finish them in time*. So far…my socks are much further along than hers. I’m doing hers from the toe up and on DPN’s. Both of which are firsts for me so…I’m shying away from that project when it SHOULD be my focus.

My socks!!

My socks...going pretty fast!

I did learn to crochet this week though!! Taught myself!!! For the cast on of my aunt’s socks, I needed a provisional cast on…so I had to learn to crochet a chain. Not too shabby!

Connie's Socks

There's a cast-on in that picture, I swear.

Then the third cast on project this week occured today! Even if you feel like crap, you can still wind a ball of yarn and knit!!!

Sarah's Beret

I wound. I knitted. Go me!!

I started a beret for another aunt for Christmas! According to the pattern that I got off Ravelry, it should be pretty quick and easy. It’s good so far. Just straight stockinette.

Also, the stash migrated this week. It keeps expanding. I swear I don’t know how!!!!! It now is located in a large metal bucket, in a drawer, in 2 pink baskets on a shelf, and all hibernating/frogged projects are in a woven basket in the living room.

The Ever-Expanding Stash

The Ever-Expanding Stash

Yeah. I need to purge. But…not now.


This week’s favorite is yet another food. Imgaine that.

My favorite of the week is bagels with cream cheese and sprinkles!! Mmmm. Mom used to make this for me when I was little, and I’ve introduced it to several people over the years.

Mmmm sprinkles.

Mmmm sprinkles.

For one, it’s fun to look at! What kid wouldn’t love a rainbow bagel instead of plain white on white? I mean come on!!!

And plus, the sugary crunch of the sprinkles just puts a smile on your face.

So go get your bagel, get your philly spread, and get out those rainbow sprinkles and go at it!!!!

Other Junk:

This weekend while I was laying on the couch, two of my very favorite people came to visit and take care of me!!! Kim and Carly took turns entertaining me.

Friday night Carly came down and baked cookies for me! I made my pumpkin bisque for her. Then Saturday morning I started to feel better and made blueberry muffins. We also ventured out to one of the most bizzare stores I’ve ever been to. It’s a local gas station…and I can’t put in to words how odd it is inside. I am now on a mission to show this place to everyone who comes to visit me.

After Carly left on Saturday, Kim made her way down to see me. I made eggplant parmesan for the first time, and it was pretty darn good!!! I also started a scrap bucket of which I am very proud. No more smelly trash, I’m feeding local wildlife, and helping the soil gain nutrients for when I plant in the spring!!! YAY!!!!!

So, Kim is a huge fan of my nutty, nutty cat.

Who you callin nutty??

Who you callin nutty??

Except at 3am when my cat crawls on the couch where Kim is sleeping…and puts his nose to her ear…and meows with all his might.

Poor Kim.

So then on Sunday Kim and I went up to town to get groceries and also did a little geocaching.

Caching through the woods...

Caching through the woods...

We found the coolest slide EVER and had a blast. We didn’t, however, find many caches. Some roads were non-accessable, some caches had crappy GPS signal, and some were just nowhere to be found. But we enjoyed our time out and about!!!

Go Kim Go! Slide Kim Slide!!

Go Kim Go! Slide Kim Slide!!

Aaaand We're OFF!!!!!

Aaaand We're OFF!!!!!


So, that’s really all I’ve gotten done in the last week or so. Hopefully Carly is coming down yet again this weekend and MAYBE if I feel better we’ll go for a walk. She’s off running for the next 3 weeks or so.

I think I’ll try and move the blog update to Sunday nights so…there may be a “weekender” version of the blog this Sunday. Whoo!

And now it’s time for…..

The Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout goes to Miss Kim. No one can ever make me laugh near as much as she does. I miss her SO much now that I’m all moved away and stuff. I’m so glad she came down for the weekend!!! I can’t wait till next time, and for Christmas so I can move in to her basement and have nightly pool tournaments!!!

So YAY Kim for being pretty much one of the most awesome people in the known universe. 🙂

Operator Won’t Ya Put Me On Through?

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Gotta send my scarf down to Baton Rouge. 🙂

Yep. Finished the LSU scarf today.

And just so you kids know…this blog is now going to include knitting AND running. I’m thinking of renaming it “Knit, Run, Repeat”. What do you think?

Anyway. FINISHED THE LSU SCARF TODAY!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures of the LSU scarf.


I’m going to mail it off soon, to my friend that went to LSU. 🙂

Then this week I also finished Beth’s OSU scarf. Here’s Beth opening it when I brought it by work.


And here’s Miss Beth and her rockin new scarf!!!!!!!!!!!!


AND…..I finished my pink hat today!!!! My first hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah. I finished 3 projects this week. 3. That has got to be some kind of knitting record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here’s the hat….



Yeah. I got a little goofy with it.

Anyway, in Running News…I ran today for the first time since the half!!! Mom and I did 3 miles in the park. Pretty easy pace. I felt pretty good but now my ankle is bothering me. Not like I hurt it…but like it needs to pop…and I can’t for the life of me get it to pop. Oh well.

I have been working out this week as well, in other ways, just not running. I did some biking on my trainer and did some kickboxing and weights…and yoga. Lots of yoga to stretch those muscles out!! So I’ve rested, but not totally.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to train for the MCM. I got a guarenteed entry code at the Shamrock and…I’m thinking…it’s time for a full. I’m going to try at least. Maybe start looking at training plans next week. I’ve got over 6 months though. Plenty of time.

Back to knitting real quick…here’s the yarn for the newest project…and the reason I busted my butt to get everything else done.

This is yarn for a baby blanket for a friend of mine. As much as I don’t enjoy babies (Yes. I do not like babies. So sue me.) I love this friend…so I’m making her baby gifts. I figure I can get it done in 7 months before the little one is born…and maybe do a hat too. We’ll see. So…that’s the next big project in my knitting world.

Baby blankets and marathons.

Now if only grad school was this easy. LOL!!!!

3 Peat

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Soooo…I’ve been bad about posting but good about running!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to attempt an update of the last 3 running sessions real quick.

Monday my boyfriend got his bike out of the shop and all tuned up, so he wanted to go to the park. I ran 2 miles and he biked about 4. 🙂 I REALLY didn’t feel like going running and it was getting dark…but he wanted to go so I went. So HUGE thanks to him for getting me out the door!!! ❤

So anyway. Tuesday I did 45ish minutes of yoga which was really nice. Gotta love my yoga.

Wednesday the boyfriend wanted to go to the park again so he biked about 7 miles and I ran a really great 4. I was SUPER fast but I didn’t have my watch so I don’t know exactly how fast…but it felt like I was rockin it.

And then today, again with the boyfriend and the park. He’s really great for my workouts!!!!!! I rode today!!!! It was my first bike ride in a really long time. I didn’t suck as I expected so that gives me hope for my tri!!!! Then after the bike I took Shiloh and Tessa out for a quick 3. 🙂

Ok, gotta go watch Big Bang Theory. The boyfriend netflixed the first season for me!!!!!! THE BOY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rocky Top You’ll Always Be…

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❤ Rocky Top. 🙂

The boyfriend and I went down to Tennessee this past Saturday for a bit of hiking on the Appalachian Trail. We hiked Laurel Falls, about 2 or 3 miles. 🙂 It was a really fun hike and I really want to go back and do it again!

Here are some pictures from the hike.

Me, by the river at the start of the trail.

Trace on the trail!

Me on the bridge that I was not too excited about. It’s not as high as it looks.

That’s the view from the bridge.

Me and Trace at the falls.

More of us. 🙂

So anyway, that was a wonderful day. We also got to meet up with my cousin and her boyfriend for dinner at one of my favorite places that night. I wish we had had more time. I love Tennessee. 🙂 Never want to leave.

Yesterday when we got home it was SOO wonderfully warm out (65 degrees!!!) so I HAD to go for a run!!! I originally planned on doing 3 miles but I felt so good and the weather was SO nice I ended up doing a full 5 miles!!! Not only that, I did it in well under 50 minutes with negative splits on the last mile for SURE!! I made the mistake of wearing shorts to run in…and um…needed some body glide. Lol. Sorry about the overshare but I’m sure all my running friends understand!

I didn’t feel to bad after the run…I was actually beyond excited because I’d gone 5 miles for the first time in a while…and I felt awesome.

So…what did I do?

I SIGNED UP FOR THE SHAMROCK HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooo excited. 🙂 I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! A girl from my class is doing it as well and a bunch of people from the tri team are doing the full. YAY!!!!!!!!

And on a final note, I did yoga today!!!! 40 minutes to stretch after that run yesterday. 🙂


Wind Beneath My…Feet?

December 31, 2008 at 10:49 am | Posted in Cross Training | 4 Comments
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Because really, I think if I went out to run today…I’d be blow away.

That’s the view off my deck…and my windsock smacking me as I took the video.

Seriously. And what’s even better…is THIS is the motivational quote I got from Runners World today.

“There is a great advantage in training under unfavorable conditions. It is better to train under bad conditions, for the difference is then a tremendous relief in a race.”



Yeah um…I’m not going out for a run and risking getting whacked in the head by a falling branch or something.

SO. Gameplan for today…workout inside. Yoga, weights, something. Just…that’s plain nasty out. 60mph winds!!!

For a better update please see yesterday’s entry. Pictures!!! Whoo!!!


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Wait, wait for the dawn my dear
Wait till the sun gets here
And you will wait too long he will be gone
Wait, wait till the sun shines through
Wait till the sky is blue.
                           ~Get Set Go

So today was going to be a rest day, but I decided to do some yoga with my cousin since I’m house sitting with her. We did about an hour of yoga. It felt really good and I need to work on my flexability so I really should do more yoga.

Tomorrow I’m going to be pretty busy all day with observations during the day then class at night. I’m hoping to get a run in sometime tomorrow afternoon with Uri unless it’s too rainy/snowy/cold out. Although…I am kind of looking forward to a GOOD snow…one you can run in without fearing ice the entire time. I want it to snow…but I want to be able to make it to the park. Haha. Beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

But I will run tomorrow, and that’s what matters. I will get up tomorrow, and I will run. And I’m going to keep it up, and keep up the blog, and the log.

No more waiting.

I’m ready to run. 🙂

Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

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Busy busy busy!!!!

Let’s see, I did yoga last night…it was a yoga routine for distance runners. Felt AWESOME!!!! I need a lot more stretching in my life… Lol. I’m pretty sore STILL from Monday. Eh, it’s the two-day thing I guess.

This morning I did a quick 2 miler around my block.

I’m glad I did because I had no time to do a longer workout later in the day.

I also realized I need to post up the pictures and write up of my mud run!!!! I’ve got some awesome pictures so I’ll try to get on that in the next day or so.

Tomorrow, I’m going to run after class. Honest. Really am. Mhmm…

*crosses fingers*

Here’s hopin. 🙂

Run In Place

June 26, 2008 at 9:51 pm | Posted in Cross Training, Training | 3 Comments
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Well I didn’t manage to run today.

More like I woke up and did some quick mileage calculations in my head and decided a rest day was a better plan. I’ve done around 6 miles already this week and I don’t really want to go over 10 or 12 for the week because increasing too much to fast can increase your risk for injury.

I did do some yoga though. I really need to work on my flexibility.

I also got some yummy fresh veggies today. Peas, tomatoes, and cucumbers. I drove over to the parent’s house after work and pilfered veggies out of their garden. 🙂 Yay for mooching. I’d have veggies at my place but my apartment does not face the sun and my efforts to grow tomatoes on the back deck have all been futile.

Tomorrow is another Trainer Day. I think we’re doing a bike workout but I’m not sure. Saturday I’m going to do a long run…4ish miles probably.

Today I also bought a box of my favorite power bars. Let me tell you just how happy these things make me….

Mmm Power Bars


I’m going to bed so I can get up and eat a power bar. 🙂

Rain, Rain, You Can Stay

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Well it’s raining out.

But that doesn’t bother me, because I already got my 2 miles in this morning!

I was supposed to run with a friend but she overslept. I almost decided to wait until tonight to run but I decided to check the forecast. At 6:45 they said there would be a 30% chance of rain by this afternoon so I debated it for a bit but decided to go out anyway at 7.

Good call on my part. I told my friend we could run tonight but it looks like that 30% chance went up to 100%. If it clears up by 6pm I told her I’m still game but I don’t know that she is. We’ll see what the weather does.

Backing up a bit, I did yoga on Sunday, and did some serious lower body last night. I am SORE. But it’s the good sore so that’s alright with me.

So as far as the rest of the week goes, tomorrow is run group, then Thursday is going to be tough to fit a workout in but I may try to do an early one before the heat hits….the good news is that I’m off all day Thursday with the exception of one appointment at 9am. The bad news is it’s supposed to be 90+ so running mid-day is OUT.

Friday I’m going to do some light miles and then Saturday I’m doing a 5K!!! First one in…oh…almost 2 months. Thank you stomach. *glare*

Well, I should get my homework done.

YAY for running before the rain!

Hello Humidity

May 31, 2008 at 1:52 pm | Posted in running, Training | 1 Comment
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Wow. It’s warm out and just a touch humid. And by a touch I mean I walked out the door and was sweating BEFORE my run.

However it’s mostly my fault for not getting out the door until 10:30.

I did 3 miles in the park. I had to park at a different place because there was some fundraiser/party/thing going on. Luckily there weren’t actually many people on the paths so that was nice. I’m really glad I made it a full 3, however part of it was walking…but hey, I’m getting back in to the swing of things.

After my run I threw a blanket down at the park and stretched for a bit, then worked on some homework. I figured I should enjoy the sunshine while it lasts because it’s supposed to get pretty nasty later.

Now I’m going to work on cleaning my apartment and enjoying the weather before it storms later.

I think later I’ll do some yoga or strength training and maybe take a rest day tomorrow. We’ll see… J

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