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Are you for SERIOUS????

WordPress just ate my post. I had half a post done…..and *poof* post gone! No reason. No explination. The page just stopped working…….rawr.

So…this is gonna be short and possibly a little grumpy because technically this was the third time I’ve written this post. πŸ™‚ I mean…what happened to auto-save?? Come on now. This is making me nuts.


Ok. SO, I’m late on the surprise, but that’s because the surprise hit a little snag. I wanted to surprise Ashlei by submitting her AWESOME granola recipe to Nicole over at PreventionRD. Nicole and her non-coconut friendly husband BOTH loved it!!! Ashlei’s recipe is THE BEST ever. I’m so glad it got some recognition. Miss Ashlei has been getting quite a lot lately for her awesome blog. She deserves it. πŸ™‚

The last two weekends I’ve been out doing one of my favorite things….it’s Yard-Sale Season!!! I love a good yard sale-ing or a good thrift store. πŸ™‚ It makes my heart happy.

Here are some of the finds from the last 2 weekends.

Last weekend of yard sale-ing.

Last weekend of yard sale-ing.

Some of my favorites in that bunch were the AUTHENTIC red, never worn, tags still attached, crocs IN MY SIZE!!!! Seriously. Awesome.

Then I got some staplers for 25 cents EACH. Heck yeah. Stuff my students can destroy that I don’t have a lot invested in!

Then yesterday…

This weekend's yard sale finds.

This weekend's yard sale finds.

I GOT A JUICER!!!!!! 5 dollars. 5! And an awesome black and white print, framed, and beautiful! Then some pretty plates, 8 for 2.50! I…don’t like matchy-matchy plates. I have ZERO desire for a china pattern. Nothing makes me happier than having random plates and bowls that don’t go together. As long as the colors resemble each other…I’m good.

I also got some wine glasses…and after taking this picture I promptly broke one. Good thing they were twenty five cents. I see NO reason to have a set of matching wine glasses all the same size. I generally buy the goblet style…but…why do they have to match? Who says it has to be uniform and matching? Screw matching.

I also got a kick board so I can work on my moves in the pool…and my uncle gave me his old army sleeping bag! WHOO! Camp stuff. πŸ™‚

Speaking of camp stuff….

I got a little tiny present.

I got a little tiny present.

I talked mom in to getting me a backpack! YAY!!!! I can’t wait to bust it out and go backpacking!

Aaaand speaking of backpacking, I joined a new club…and hopefully will get some climbing, backpacking, and kayaking experience this summer.

Also, hoping to actually meet up with Ashlei and hike together this summer!!! She lives near my cousin, so I was already planning on going down this summer, so I can see my cousin AND Ashlei! Yay!!!!

I’ve got 2 weeks or so until the half marathon. I’m…kind of on point with my training. Kind of not. Did 9 miles today. 6 this morning, then 3 this afternoon…not feeling so hot.

Also did some biking…the bike was being evil. It needs a tune-up. I may enter a bike race next weekend….lol. We shall see.

I do have some more updates…and I’m going to run through them kind of fast, in picture form.

Got awesome books. Waterfalls, Cycling, Trail Running, and...the top one is a present for a friend.

Got awesome books. Waterfalls, Cycling, Trail Running, and...the top one is a present for a friend.

Other awesome books. Biology, Evolution, and YARN!

Other awesome books. Biology, Evolution, and YARN!

And my bestest sent me an AWESOME bag. I giggled hysterically when I found it in my mailbox.

And my bestest sent me an AWESOME bag. I giggled hysterically when I found it in my mailbox.

I got to see the bestest's baby over Mother's Day weekend. Twas very awesome.

I got to see the bestest's baby over Mother's Day weekend. Twas very awesome.

Got to see my other cousin's sheep who I will very soon get to help shear, and then get her wool to spin!

Got to see my other cousin's sheep who I will very soon get to help shear, and then get her wool to spin! cousin found some awesome thumb wrestlers. Lol. cousin found some awesome thumb wrestlers. Lol.

And finally, got to go to an AWESOME concert. Riley Baugus and Tim Eriksen. These are the guys who did the soundtrack for Cold Mountain. It was AMAZING. I was on the front row…and…they are more story-tellers than just straight preformers. They were amazing, hilarious, and it was a small audience. 40 people maybe. So we got to interact with both performers a lot. They were really personable. It was sooooo cool.

Have a good week guys!!!!

16 days until I’m FREEEEEEEE!

Break Stuff

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All my stuff keeps breaking. See “Other Junk” for details.

Annnd it’s been almost 3 weeks!

I swear, I need to work on my posting regularity. The good news is there was a lot more running than blogging so…that’s what counts, right? πŸ™‚

Knitting Week:

Hmm…where did I leave you? Oh, my fun little bags! Well using said bags quite a bit. Haven’t made more…no time and haven’t been home but that’s ok.

I did finish ONE of the aunt’s socks! One more to go!!!! I also cast on for a cat sweater that dad wants.

Yeah. Cat sweater.

Not a sweater for him with a cat on it…but a sweater for his cat.


I’ll just stop there. There are no words. But feel free to google images of “cat in sweater”. It’s highly amusing.

This is the one I’m making, except in red.

Yeeeah. Cat sweaters. So wrong. So very wrong.

Yeeeah. Cat sweaters. So wrong. So very wrong.


Running Week:

So far this week, 2 good runs and some awesome yoga.

Last week, 2 run days, some sick days, and some yoga.

Week before, 3 run days, bike day (whoo!) and some other stuff.

PS, Half Marathon training started. DUM-DA-DUM!!!!!!!!! So super excited! The half is theΒ Trail NutΒ Half that Mountain Junkies does. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

I’m also hoping to sign up for the MCM come this time next week. I’m debating between that and the OBX Marathon. Mom REALLY wants to do a half this fall…and since MCM doesn’t have a half…and OBX does…I’m debating. If mom will pay for lodging and transportation to OBX…I’m down with that one. πŸ™‚ Also may talk Carly, Chrissy, Cali, JordanΒ and Kristen in to doing that one. Or at least I’ll TRY to talk them in to it. Haha. OH but wait…Karyn is doing MCM this year I think……Crap, I wanted to meet her! Karyn, you doing MCM? Yesno?

Anyway. Next Saturday is the Susan G Komen race here and I am BEYOND excited!!!!!!!!! Hopefully my friend and her mom, who is a breast cancer survivor, will walk it with me. That would be awesome. Either way, I’ll be there helping out and/or running/walking. πŸ™‚

I missed signing up for BOTH tri’s so no BAMF award for me. 😦 But I will do the Mill Mountain Mayhem on April 17th. Pretty excited for that.

Moving on.


This week’s favorite…I’m going to go with Geocaching!!!!!! What’s Geocaching, you ask??? Well wander on over to and find out!

It’s basically a bunch of dorks (myself included) that use million dollar government satellites to find tupperwear in the woods.

See??? FUN!!!

See??? FUN!!!


All you need is a handheld GPS or even a car one *speaking of car GPS’s mine died. More on that later* and a decent sense of direction and stealth and you’re off!

It’s really fun. It’s kind of like treasure hunting for secret hiding locations. Basically, you get some coordinates from (type in your home address, I bet you 5 bucks that a cache pops up within 10 miles of you), drive/walk/hike/run/bike to the location….and get out your handy-dandy GPS…and try to find the cache! If you do, you sign the log…and head off to the next one.

They also encourage people to pick up trash on their way to/from the cache…so yay for being eco-friendly.

It’s really fun to do with a few friends, or with little kids, or adults who act like kids…Haha. So…if you haven’t tried geocaching, then DO IT! Otherwise, TFTC. πŸ™‚

Other Junk:

So my TomTom died. Thankfully I noticed it’s little issue when I was trying to calculate how late I was going to be, and not how to get to where I was going. πŸ™‚

It has somehow reset itself…and when I try to turn it on, it wants me to go through the setup…and when I get to “Select Voice” it crashes, and resets itself on it’s own….so I’m stuck in an infinite loop of Power on-setup-voice screen-crash.

Not. Cool. Can’t google my way out of it either. I’ve tried. If you do happen to have a suggestion, lay it on me, cause otherwise I’ve got a silver square paperweight. (Yes I’ve hooked it up to the computer, tried to update software, done a reset manually…still looping.)

Aaaand if that wasn’t awesome enough…my car crapped itself on Monday. Well technically Friday. It started being all weird…and when I’d put it in park the RPM’s would jump up to 3,000….while idiling….so that was awesome. But then Sunday it was FINE. Acted totally normal.

Monday morning, went out to start it…and RPM’s jumped WAY up again. Turned it off, TRIED to get a ride to work…couldn’t find ANYONE…had to take an unpaid day off work (NOT COOL) and then an hour later when I tried to drive it to the mechanic…… it was fine. Totally fine.

So it’s STILL at the mechanic…they think it might be the wiring…but we won’t know until tomorrow. Let me just say this is NOT how I wanted to spend my spring break…or my birthday cash. (I’ll be….older on April 12th) So yeah.

Other news…I planted stuff.

It grew.

It rained.

My cat is insane.

The end!

(Oh, and one of my students asked me if elephants lay eggs. They were serious.)

Sisterly Love Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout is to Cali who is my friend’s sister and like a sister to me. Heh, she may BE my sister-in-law one day but we’ll see. Anyway, Cali is AWESOME because she’s not only letting me drag her in to doing her first 5K, but she’s ALSO attempting to do my half-marathon training plan along with me!!! I’m pretty sure Cali is a much better runner and a lot more in shape than she gives herself credit for. So far she’s doing REALLY well with her half-training. Hence why I am totally going to talk her in to doing a half in the fall. πŸ™‚

Heh. You know you want to!!!!


Love you guys!

Wind Beneath My…Feet?

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Because really, I think if I went out to run today…I’d be blow away.

That’s the view off my deck…and my windsock smacking me as I took the video.

Seriously. And what’s even better…is THIS is the motivational quote I got from Runners World today.

“There is a great advantage in training under unfavorable conditions. It is better to train under bad conditions, for the difference is then a tremendous relief in a race.”



Yeah um…I’m not going out for a run and risking getting whacked in the head by a falling branch or something.

SO. Gameplan for today…workout inside. Yoga, weights, something. Just…that’s plain nasty out. 60mph winds!!!

For a better update please see yesterday’s entry. Pictures!!! Whoo!!!

Don’t Stop Believing

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…Hold on to that feeeeeeeeelin

Well, I managed a pathetic 1/2 mile run last night. I mean paaaaaaaaathetic. I don’t even know for sure that it was a half mile. Grated, it was in a field and completly hilly…but it was sad. I felt like crap, it was absurdly hot, and when I finished I could feel my heartbeat in my temples. Not good.

So I felt like death the rest of the night. Still having sleeping issues. No new news there.

So. I met my trainer this morning at 8am. Reeeeeeally wasn’t sure about this. I was hoping to make it 2 miles.




Try 4. We did 4. Possibly 5 but I like to underestimate. 4 FREAKING MILES!!!!!!!! I haven’t ran…like really ran…in almost 3 weeks. And I did 4 miles. I feel like such a BAMF. I’m so proud.

And I’m going to feel like crashing SO hard later.

I also am going dancing with a friend tonight because our favorite *small* band is in town.

The Embers.

Yeah, they do oldies and…here. Watch. Actually listen…the video is and kinda…eh. Just listen.

So yeah. That’s the kind of music I love. Actually there’s not much I don’t love, but I love to go dancing to beach music so I’m excited.

Also there’s a 5K tomorrow in town I just found out about while driving by a sign today….and I KNOW I shouldn’t…but I’m SOOOO tempted. We’ll see.

And in one last piece of possibly awesome news….I may have found a running partner!!!! An elderly lady called me because I do pet sitting, and she is looking for someone to exercise her dog!!! It’s a red doberman and I can’t wait to meet it and see if it can keep up!!!!!!!!!!!


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