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Are you for SERIOUS????

WordPress just ate my post. I had half a post done…..and *poof* post gone! No reason. No explination. The page just stopped working…….rawr.

So…this is gonna be short and possibly a little grumpy because technically this was the third time I’ve written this post. 🙂 I mean…what happened to auto-save?? Come on now. This is making me nuts.


Ok. SO, I’m late on the surprise, but that’s because the surprise hit a little snag. I wanted to surprise Ashlei by submitting her AWESOME granola recipe to Nicole over at PreventionRD. Nicole and her non-coconut friendly husband BOTH loved it!!! Ashlei’s recipe is THE BEST ever. I’m so glad it got some recognition. Miss Ashlei has been getting quite a lot lately for her awesome blog. She deserves it. 🙂

The last two weekends I’ve been out doing one of my favorite things….it’s Yard-Sale Season!!! I love a good yard sale-ing or a good thrift store. 🙂 It makes my heart happy.

Here are some of the finds from the last 2 weekends.

Last weekend of yard sale-ing.

Last weekend of yard sale-ing.

Some of my favorites in that bunch were the AUTHENTIC red, never worn, tags still attached, crocs IN MY SIZE!!!! Seriously. Awesome.

Then I got some staplers for 25 cents EACH. Heck yeah. Stuff my students can destroy that I don’t have a lot invested in!

Then yesterday…

This weekend's yard sale finds.

This weekend's yard sale finds.

I GOT A JUICER!!!!!! 5 dollars. 5! And an awesome black and white print, framed, and beautiful! Then some pretty plates, 8 for 2.50! I…don’t like matchy-matchy plates. I have ZERO desire for a china pattern. Nothing makes me happier than having random plates and bowls that don’t go together. As long as the colors resemble each other…I’m good.

I also got some wine glasses…and after taking this picture I promptly broke one. Good thing they were twenty five cents. I see NO reason to have a set of matching wine glasses all the same size. I generally buy the goblet style…but…why do they have to match? Who says it has to be uniform and matching? Screw matching.

I also got a kick board so I can work on my moves in the pool…and my uncle gave me his old army sleeping bag! WHOO! Camp stuff. 🙂

Speaking of camp stuff….

I got a little tiny present.

I got a little tiny present.

I talked mom in to getting me a backpack! YAY!!!! I can’t wait to bust it out and go backpacking!

Aaaand speaking of backpacking, I joined a new club…and hopefully will get some climbing, backpacking, and kayaking experience this summer.

Also, hoping to actually meet up with Ashlei and hike together this summer!!! She lives near my cousin, so I was already planning on going down this summer, so I can see my cousin AND Ashlei! Yay!!!!

I’ve got 2 weeks or so until the half marathon. I’m…kind of on point with my training. Kind of not. Did 9 miles today. 6 this morning, then 3 this afternoon…not feeling so hot.

Also did some biking…the bike was being evil. It needs a tune-up. I may enter a bike race next weekend….lol. We shall see.

I do have some more updates…and I’m going to run through them kind of fast, in picture form.

Got awesome books. Waterfalls, Cycling, Trail Running, and...the top one is a present for a friend.

Got awesome books. Waterfalls, Cycling, Trail Running, and...the top one is a present for a friend.

Other awesome books. Biology, Evolution, and YARN!

Other awesome books. Biology, Evolution, and YARN!

And my bestest sent me an AWESOME bag. I giggled hysterically when I found it in my mailbox.

And my bestest sent me an AWESOME bag. I giggled hysterically when I found it in my mailbox.

I got to see the bestest's baby over Mother's Day weekend. Twas very awesome.

I got to see the bestest's baby over Mother's Day weekend. Twas very awesome.

Got to see my other cousin's sheep who I will very soon get to help shear, and then get her wool to spin!

Got to see my other cousin's sheep who I will very soon get to help shear, and then get her wool to spin! cousin found some awesome thumb wrestlers. Lol. cousin found some awesome thumb wrestlers. Lol.

And finally, got to go to an AWESOME concert. Riley Baugus and Tim Eriksen. These are the guys who did the soundtrack for Cold Mountain. It was AMAZING. I was on the front row…and…they are more story-tellers than just straight preformers. They were amazing, hilarious, and it was a small audience. 40 people maybe. So we got to interact with both performers a lot. They were really personable. It was sooooo cool.

Have a good week guys!!!!

16 days until I’m FREEEEEEEE!


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Well it’s been too many Sundays since I took the time to laugh
And I’d take a small vacation if I could save up the cash…



Well I took a small vacation!!! Because I couldn’t save up the cash for a real one….but that’s ok.

But first we’ll go over the “long” run of the weekend. I say “long” run because it REALLY didn’t feel like it was that long and I felt like it should have been longer. I guess I have the idea in my head that if I’m doing a LR, it should FEEL like a LR. It should hurt. And this all goes against what I preach at mom about not overdoing it and being careful…so yeah.

Carly and I did 6 miles. Ok Carly did 9.5, I did the last 6 with her because it’s been a long time since I’ve ran more than 4. And apparently I should have tried for 7 or 8. I felt fine. Granted it’s partially because it was a SLOW long run. But…that’s how I plan to run my marathon so that’s fine. We did really well. The only issue I had was some small blisters that appeared in their usual places. I blame the new socks I tried.

They were DeFeet Speede socks. And I don’t so much blame them as I do my own stupidity. I bought a size small because they didn’t have any extra small’s. And I KNOW I have small feet. I am a small-ish type person. My running shoes are around a 7 or 7.5 and my regular shoes are a 6. Little feet.

So the morning of the run when I put on my new socks…I knew RIGHT AWAY that they were too loose. But I continued and ran with them anyway. AND didn’t use body glide on my notorious blister spots.

And guess what!

I GOT BLISTERS!!!!!!!!!! Duh, Courtney.

But other than the last .5 miles of running it was awesome!!! I’m going to try to do 8 this weekend and get back on track for my marathon plan. I’m behind right now, did I mention that? BEHIND. Not good. Very concerning for my first full. Part of me thinks “HOLY CRAP I’M OFF SCHEDULE I AM GOING TO DIE!!!”. The other part says “Hey, you’ve done 2 halfs. You’ve done a tri. You have been undertrained before and you still pulled through. You can walk parts. You don’t have to go fast. It’ll be ok”.

I don’t listen to that last part as much…maybe I should…but I’m still really concerned. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a set in stone marathon plan. I’m still kind of flitting between two or three. Because I am behind. This was my FIRST long run, ok? The marathon is Oct 25. FIRST LONG RUN!!! First LR should have been in JUNE. I’m about 4-5 weeks behind. 14 weeks till the race.

But…I can’t turn back time so we’ll go on.

So the first long run went well. And my goal today is to get my marathon plan recorded. So I should feel better. Oh, and here’s my FAAAAVORITE post-run snack. I’ve probably posted this before but pshh, you’ll deal.

Ok the camera battery is dead so I can’t get the picture on here. I’ll do that later. But it’s a strawberry and orange protein shake (my recipe!) and a graham cracker with peanut butter. Mmmm. SO good.

Other than the LR, I did take a mini-vacation this weekend. The boyfriend and I went berry picking and I managed not to die climbing down the mini-mountain the berries were on! Why berries have to grow on the freaking face of a mountain I do not know but it is quite frustrating. I want to eat them, but do I have to risk my life to do so?!?! Apparently so. And Carly and I are going to go pick more later this week.

Also, the boyfriend and I played golf!! Ok, he played, I rode in the cart and took pictures. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, perfect for golf!!! I love golf, but…I am just NO GOOD. So I love watching and riding in the cart. And no, I do not drive the cart. I do not like to and I do not want to and if I can avoid it, I will not drive it at all. Not even 2 feet. No. I like to RIDE. I am driven. I do not do the work. 🙂

So once the camera battery gets over itself, some of my awesome pictures shall be uploaded below!

Oh, one more thing!!! Does anyone else find short runs harder than long runs sometimes? All the time? Any time? I SWEAR my long runs are ALWAYS more enjoyable and easier than my 3 mile morning runs!! Maybe I go faster on the 3 milers, but I swear it’s not that much. My 5K PR is around 27:00 and that’s not even that fast. Maybe it’s the mindset, maybe I’m going absurdly slow on the 6 mile run…but I LOVE my long runs usually. Short runs…3 or 4 miles….BLAH. Not fun at all. Anyone else have this issue??

Ok, that’s it for now. Have a good week, kids!!!

Operator Won’t Ya Put Me On Through?

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Gotta send my scarf down to Baton Rouge. 🙂

Yep. Finished the LSU scarf today.

And just so you kids know…this blog is now going to include knitting AND running. I’m thinking of renaming it “Knit, Run, Repeat”. What do you think?

Anyway. FINISHED THE LSU SCARF TODAY!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures of the LSU scarf.


I’m going to mail it off soon, to my friend that went to LSU. 🙂

Then this week I also finished Beth’s OSU scarf. Here’s Beth opening it when I brought it by work.


And here’s Miss Beth and her rockin new scarf!!!!!!!!!!!!


AND…..I finished my pink hat today!!!! My first hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah. I finished 3 projects this week. 3. That has got to be some kind of knitting record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here’s the hat….



Yeah. I got a little goofy with it.

Anyway, in Running News…I ran today for the first time since the half!!! Mom and I did 3 miles in the park. Pretty easy pace. I felt pretty good but now my ankle is bothering me. Not like I hurt it…but like it needs to pop…and I can’t for the life of me get it to pop. Oh well.

I have been working out this week as well, in other ways, just not running. I did some biking on my trainer and did some kickboxing and weights…and yoga. Lots of yoga to stretch those muscles out!! So I’ve rested, but not totally.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to train for the MCM. I got a guarenteed entry code at the Shamrock and…I’m thinking…it’s time for a full. I’m going to try at least. Maybe start looking at training plans next week. I’ve got over 6 months though. Plenty of time.

Back to knitting real quick…here’s the yarn for the newest project…and the reason I busted my butt to get everything else done.

This is yarn for a baby blanket for a friend of mine. As much as I don’t enjoy babies (Yes. I do not like babies. So sue me.) I love this friend…so I’m making her baby gifts. I figure I can get it done in 7 months before the little one is born…and maybe do a hat too. We’ll see. So…that’s the next big project in my knitting world.

Baby blankets and marathons.

Now if only grad school was this easy. LOL!!!!

God, What Am I Doing Here?

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The cold wind from space
Is blowing in my face
God, what am I doing here?
I wish I was a cat,
Then I’d know where it’s at
Sure has been a funny year

            ~Holy Modal Rounders

Well. It’s been a funny last month or so. I’ve been missing in action, in case you didn’t notice. A lot has been going on…grad school and all that madness, but the good news is I’ve been semi-keeping up with the running and will be doing my second half-marathon in 10 days!!!!!!!!!

I feel a little under-prepared but with the pressures of grad school and the turmoil of winter, it’s the best I can do right now. The good news is that I’m running with my good friend and…well…she’s stuck in the same boat. We’re in the same grad program so we’re both maxed out and pressed for time and our running is suffering.

I’ve wandered to a few new websites so if anyone that reads this is on one of them, please add me as a friend!!! I’m on SparkPeople (sn is PinkCowgirl) and Ravelry (sn is also PinkCowgirl). I’m loving them both and I can get on them from school whereas wordpress is blocked. Stupid school.

Anyway, other exciting things that have happened: Ran 2 5K’s…went to see my sister ( and had an AWESOME time!!!!!!!! I miss her already and she needs to get her little butt up here!!!!!!!

Not much else to report, but plenty of pictures to share!!!!!!!!!

Mom, Uri, and me before the Classic! Mom came in 2nd in her age group in this race!!!

Jo found a cache!!!! She was a cache finding machine this weekend. AND IT WAS HER FIRST TIME GEOCACHING!!!!!!! Love ya, sissy.

OMG OMG OMG NEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and my beautiful sister!!!

Me and mom before the Explore Park 5K. Mom’s first trail run!!!!

After the race! Mom got 1st in her age group and I got 2nd in mine. Mom also managed to come in a full minute under my time from 3 years ago in this race. And she’s about 30 years older than I was. Yeah. Mom is scary-good. And I’m super proud. 🙂

Well, mom and I have another 5K tomorrow, so I’ll try and be a better blogger and update then!!!

And Now I’m Feelin Fine

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So Friday I had a pretty good session with my trainer. It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside so we ran 4 miles. I managed a nice kick at the end. She hates it when I do that. She says she doesn’t expect it and all of a sudden I’m pulling away from her and she’s like “What’s going on?!?!” 🙂 I like to sneak it in there. Hehe.

So after that we did some ab work. I told her how last time…I wasn’t sore after. I have pretty decent ab muscles…and apparently it’s taking a LOT these days to make them hurt. The workout Friday did make them a little sore…but I’m going to have to try something different. Grrr.

But on to Saturday…I felt like Sperly!!! I did a run, I roamed, AND I recycled!!!!!

I did a nice 7 miler so I’m now back on track with training after shifting last week’s LR to Monday. So…7 in the park. It was pretty nice and I felt pretty great and could have maybe done 8 so that was exciting. The downside was that only PART of me felt great. My knee and foot weren’t too happy. I had a blister from Monday’s run…and um…the 7 miles…kinda wore on it. 😦 So that wasn’t too fun.

Then my left knee was hurting some…not real sure why…but it wasn’t too happy. Actually still isn’t too happy. I’ve been trying to ice and and rest. I felt really great after my run and thankfully nothing is sore…yet. 2 day delay and all…we’ll see tomorrow how it’s going. I was more tired today than after the run yesterday.

So that was the run, and here’s a view of the park where the run happens…well part of it. 🙂

Nice and flat!!! Lol, I did 2 major hills within the 7 miles so…not all flat. The half course is basically flat (it’s at the beach…so YEAH!!!

Ok…well let me just pause and say THANKS to the wordpress gods that make wordpress save my drafts automatically…because mid-blog…I got the blue screen of death. Awesomeness.

Anyway. Now that we’re back…

The recycling followed the running because the recycling bin for the city happens to be in the park!!!! Yeah…seems odd…but ya know, a LOT of runners care about the environment…and having the bin there…saves me a trip AND gas AND therefore destruction of the ozone layer!!! Or something. Whatever it does, I like it, because I can run AND recycle all at once.

Plastic, steel, and glass, OH MY!!!!

Oh, and I heard a disturbing story…someone tell me if this can remotely be possible. Someone told my mom that they were at a local dump where they offer recycling…and while this person was throwing away their garbage the trucks came to collect the refuse and take it to the big landfill or whatever. According to this person they put the recycling in right with the regular trash!!!! How can that be??? Isn’t that illegal in some way?? I’m thinking this person HAS to be mistaken…because WHY would you have the separate bins….isn’t that just a waste of taxpayers money? Really though…that’s can’t be right, can it? Anyone? Thoughts?

Ok, well tomorrow is my first day of student teaching *gulp* so…I’m going to go prepare and sleep!!!!

It’s A Great Day To Be Alive

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Super awesome wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!

For starters, this is what I woke up to…

Awesomeness. SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

However I was also uber sad because my precious Ipod had been missing for 2 whole days!!!!!!!!! The last time I distinctly remember seeing it was Wednesday when I ran…so after tearing my car apart 3 times, my basket it normally goes in…I even looked under the couch in case the cat had seen it and decided it was a fun toy….I pulled all the cushions out of the couch to see if somehow it had slipped out of my purse….I looked under my desk…in pockets of pants and jackets…….

EVERYWHERE. I looked EVERYWHERE. I was depressed for the entire day yesterday because A) It was icy and I couldn’t run…and B) I only slept 4 hours and there was no way I could get 6 miles in on 4 hours of sleep….

So today…with the snow…I decided I was going running regardless…but I had to look one more time. And I did. Nothing. So I laid down for a second and watched the boyfriend play wii while I tried to remember where I last saw my ipod.

And where did I last have it? When I was buying yarn for a certain penguin hat…

And WHERE did I find my ipod?!?!?! In my knitting basket in the bag with the penguin hat yarn!!!!!!!!!!! YAY IPOD!!!!!!!!!!

Snow AND the ipod…perfect.

There was just enough snow to coat everything in white, but not so much that I couldn’t get out and drive to the park.

There’s the start of the trail where I started my 6 miles.

Here’s one of my favorite parts of the trail, right as it enters the woods. It always makes me smile.

The trail winds a mile through the woods, then up and hill and over and down in to the other park. There’s a 2 mile loop around that park so I did that twice, then back up and over the hill for a total of 6 miles. I had fun doing the loop twice. Normally it’s boring but with the snow I could try to run in my own footprints or someone else’s. I really enjoyed it.

I took Uri with me. He LOVED the snow. He ran and ran and ran. Normally he sniffs everything but he just had a blast running today.

Here’s what my view looked like for the majority of the run.

Hehe. Fun times.

So we did our 6 miles…and I wore my trail shoes because I figured…snow…little ice as well from yesterday…might need extra traction. It worked and I didn’t slide once, BUT…I did discover that the trail shoes, although new…kind of pull apart on the side…near the ball of my foot…and there’s a little crack created between the side of the shoe and the sole…and the edge of my foot gets shoved down in there when I run…and after 4 or 5 miles….NOT fun.

And after 6? Big blisters and a red/purple blood blister…niiiiice.

So. Gonna wear comfy shoes the rest of the day and ice my calves because they are on FIRE.

Overall…I’m having one of the best days of my break ever. Even though school starts tomorrow….I’m having an AWESOME week so far. 🙂

YAY 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hate Me

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Yesterday was “I Hate Trainer” day. 🙂 Ha, not really. But during some ab exercises I was NOT loving her so much. 🙂 But I’m hoping to be sore later today…the good sore. I love that sore SO much.

I also did 30 minutes on the eliptical and WOW that hurt. It was an older machine and it was more like a stair climber than an eliptical. My glutes and quads were screaming by the end…but it’s for the best. 🙂

In other fun news….I went shopping 🙂 Wanna see what I got?!!?!? SURE YA DO!!!!!!!

MMMM KNITTING!!!!!!!!! I got an awesome eco yarn (the pink) and some Aplaca (grey) as well as some red and white to re-do my friend’s scarf. Here’s a taste.

I’ve gotten a lot of it done. It’s red, grey, and white. OSU colors. 🙂

AND…I got some other nifty yarn from an awesome local knitting store, Mosaic….

What’s that for, you ask???

Why an awesome hat compliments of Brian!!!

No, that’s not Brian. It’s a random kid’s picture that is on the pattern, which Brian provided me a link to. Because Brian is awesome. And yes, Brian. I knit. 🙂 And you ROCK for that pattern.

And also, I got a fun new scratchy thing for the cats!!!

Paco is clearly enjoying it.

So tomorrow is LONG RUN DAY!!!!!!!! 6 miles…and hopefully some warmer weather. It’s so cold outside it HURTS. I’m not pleased with this whole artic blast we’re having. It’s really not that fun. 🙂 So…let’s hope it warms up so I can get a nice run in!!!!

Cloud Nine

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Not so much the feeling of being on cloud nine, but more the time. More like 9:30 but still, I’m elated. 4 miles at a 9:30 pace!!!! WHOOOO!!!!! And I fully realize that’s not really fast at all but for me, it’s an improvement.

Granted a year and a half ago I was doing a 9 min pace even but still. Gosh darnit it’s an improvement over the last few months. AND the fact that I can hold 9:30 for 4 miles gives me hope. I’m hoping to do around a 10 min pace for the half. It would be faster than my last half so….that’d be great. 🙂 So for today, 9:30 pace for 4 miles…makes me uber excited. 🙂

Also, yesterday I did about 2 miles with Shiloh around his neighborhood. I felt really sluggish and tired. I was going to do 3 miles but just ended it at 2. It just wasn’t a good day. But that’s ok because I feel like I totally made up for it today!!!

Tomorrow looks to be a trainer day since she’s back in town!!! WHOOO!!!!!! And in other exciting news the boyfriend might be getting a bike so he can bike beside me while I run!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!


Rain Drops Keep Fallin On My Head

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Uri and I went to the park this morning for a run.

That picture was just for Erika. 🙂 So anyway. It was overcast and pretty cool out when we got to the park. Not a single other person in sight, just one lone car besides ours.

The park loop is 2 miles so we ran the loop twice for a nice 4 miler. Right towards the 4th mile in our journey is started raining. Not terribly bad but enough to get Uri nice and muddy and me slightly damp. Thankfully I was sporting the under armour under my running gear so I didn’t really mind. However I did kind of mind the muddy wet dog in my car on the ride home. 🙂 So he got a nice bath as soon as we hit the front door.

After Uri’s bath I went over to a lady from church’s house to pick up some stuff that grandma had. Grandma was at the lady’s house working on the quilt. She’s also grandma’s best friend. Ann.

There’s grandma in the purple and Ann in the white working on the quilt 🙂

And guess who else quilted!!!!


Yep. Quilting in my running gear. 🙂 Hehe. However I did realize that I was committing a cardnial running sin and wearing my running shoes for things that aren’t running. BAD ME. BAD!!!!!!!!

Oh, and in superexciting news…ya ready? Are ya?!?!? ARE YAY!?!?!?


I’m now a USAT member!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Signed up for my first triathlon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel’s Triathlon in April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

That’s Just The Way It Is

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So…pretty decent workout yesterday with Trainer. Woot!

We did a nice 3ish mile run (I’m underestimating for the sake of training) and then some serious strength training. I had a little bit of pain in my left hamstring…so we quit early on the lunges. Then…we did ab stuff, pilates and planks….my shoulders hurt…my abs are pretty grumpy…good times.

So after working out I had to run straight to a meeting then had class shortly thereafter…yeah…the apple, cheese, and powerbar was NOT going to cut it. I had to steal away for a minute and grab some subway so I could survive 2 hours of class.

Pretty sore today, thinking about doing a short 2-3 miler with the dogs tonight. Just gonna do whatever I get time for.

Speaking of time, it is now time for class. Gotta run!!!

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