Tell It To Me

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I’m sitting here watching it get icy and cheering the ice on…may as well post this now!

Well….I’m gonna tell it to ya. Thanks to Sperly, I’ve been tagged to Pay It Forward and share 7 fun facts!!!!

So they might not all be fun…but…there will at least be a FEW you guys don’t know!

So here we go………

1. Every post title of my blog is also a song title or lyric. This one is “Tell It To Me” by Old Crow Medicine Show. *nod* Every one. There might be one or two outliers….but as far as I recollect, they’re all song-related. 🙂

2. I am a huge, huge, huge, HUGE University of Tennessee football fan. It doesn’t matter HOW bad their season is, I still love them whole-heartedly. Every minute. Love it.

My first ever UT game.

My first ever UT game.

Even though I went to Virginia Tech…UT is where my heart is. I refused…flat out REFUSED to go to a college football game until I could go to a UT game. My very first EVER college football game simply HAD to be at UT. And it was, thanks to Trace.

I love my vols, and all things Tennessee Orange. No matter what, I love my team. If you look at my house, you can see that. There’s a little bit of UT in every single room.

3. I want to be a vet. I LOVE veterinary medicine. Specifically, I want to be a large animal vet. If it has to do with cows, I will BE there. I love cows, I love doing anything vet-related….and if I can manage it, I WILL be a vet. You have no idea….I love it so much.

4. I have saved every one of my bib numbers from all of my races. I have them hung up in my office. I don’t know why I started…probably because I was so proud I actually finished a race. Haha. But…ever since, I’ve been hanging them up.

I seriously turned in my desk chair and took this picture while writing this post. And that's a UT flag in the bottom left corner.

I seriously turned in my desk chair and took this picture while writing this post. And that's a UT flag in the bottom left corner.

5. I like to draw/paint/etc. Always have. Some of my stuff is decent, some is SUPER random and crappy. 🙂 Maybe if I had more time…I could come up with something good…but most days it’s randomness.

Sunset painting...and the name of my favorite beach. Eh...

Sunset painting...and the name of my favorite beach. Eh...

Sketch of a Garfield comic strip. Taken on a camera phone so...yeah.

Sketch of a Garfield comic strip. Taken on a camera phone so...yeah.

6. I love to bake. I occasionally bake cookies of all varities and mail them across the country to differnt friends. I loooooooove to bake. Love. However…I enjoy baking more than I apparently enjoy eating what I bake. So…I mail it.

7. I used to work in repossessions. Yep. I stole for a living! Well, I basically stalked people and got information to give to the field agents who THEN stole the cars/trucks/tractors/boats/RV’s/tractortrailers/etc. So let me offer some advice…DON’T PUT YOUR PERSONAL INFO UP ON MYSPACE IF YOU ARE IN DEBT. Seriously, I got a girl’s info off there…she had her full name, her husband’s name, her workplace, her dog’s names, pictures of her house, and pictures of the car that we needed to steal ALL on myspace. I told my agent to ask how “Fluffy” was doing when he got to the house.

Well, hope you guys enjoyed!!!!

Now it’s your turn!!!!!!! I tag…….

1. Brian

2. Kassy

3. Jordan

4. Karen

5. Kathleen

6. ScrappyTBear

7. I’m Going To Tri

Let’s see what you guys have!!!!! And anyone else who plays along and lists their 7, leave me a comment so I can come visit!!!!

Also don’t forget the poll in the last post!!! *points down*

God, What Am I Doing Here?

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The cold wind from space
Is blowing in my face
God, what am I doing here?
I wish I was a cat,
Then I’d know where it’s at
Sure has been a funny year

            ~Holy Modal Rounders

Well. It’s been a funny last month or so. I’ve been missing in action, in case you didn’t notice. A lot has been going on…grad school and all that madness, but the good news is I’ve been semi-keeping up with the running and will be doing my second half-marathon in 10 days!!!!!!!!!

I feel a little under-prepared but with the pressures of grad school and the turmoil of winter, it’s the best I can do right now. The good news is that I’m running with my good friend and…well…she’s stuck in the same boat. We’re in the same grad program so we’re both maxed out and pressed for time and our running is suffering.

I’ve wandered to a few new websites so if anyone that reads this is on one of them, please add me as a friend!!! I’m on SparkPeople (sn is PinkCowgirl) and Ravelry (sn is also PinkCowgirl). I’m loving them both and I can get on them from school whereas wordpress is blocked. Stupid school.

Anyway, other exciting things that have happened: Ran 2 5K’s…went to see my sister ( and had an AWESOME time!!!!!!!! I miss her already and she needs to get her little butt up here!!!!!!!

Not much else to report, but plenty of pictures to share!!!!!!!!!

Mom, Uri, and me before the Classic! Mom came in 2nd in her age group in this race!!!

Jo found a cache!!!! She was a cache finding machine this weekend. AND IT WAS HER FIRST TIME GEOCACHING!!!!!!! Love ya, sissy.

OMG OMG OMG NEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and my beautiful sister!!!

Me and mom before the Explore Park 5K. Mom’s first trail run!!!!

After the race! Mom got 1st in her age group and I got 2nd in mine. Mom also managed to come in a full minute under my time from 3 years ago in this race. And she’s about 30 years older than I was. Yeah. Mom is scary-good. And I’m super proud. 🙂

Well, mom and I have another 5K tomorrow, so I’ll try and be a better blogger and update then!!!

Rocky Top You’ll Always Be…

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❤ Rocky Top. 🙂

The boyfriend and I went down to Tennessee this past Saturday for a bit of hiking on the Appalachian Trail. We hiked Laurel Falls, about 2 or 3 miles. 🙂 It was a really fun hike and I really want to go back and do it again!

Here are some pictures from the hike.

Me, by the river at the start of the trail.

Trace on the trail!

Me on the bridge that I was not too excited about. It’s not as high as it looks.

That’s the view from the bridge.

Me and Trace at the falls.

More of us. 🙂

So anyway, that was a wonderful day. We also got to meet up with my cousin and her boyfriend for dinner at one of my favorite places that night. I wish we had had more time. I love Tennessee. 🙂 Never want to leave.

Yesterday when we got home it was SOO wonderfully warm out (65 degrees!!!) so I HAD to go for a run!!! I originally planned on doing 3 miles but I felt so good and the weather was SO nice I ended up doing a full 5 miles!!! Not only that, I did it in well under 50 minutes with negative splits on the last mile for SURE!! I made the mistake of wearing shorts to run in…and um…needed some body glide. Lol. Sorry about the overshare but I’m sure all my running friends understand!

I didn’t feel to bad after the run…I was actually beyond excited because I’d gone 5 miles for the first time in a while…and I felt awesome.

So…what did I do?

I SIGNED UP FOR THE SHAMROCK HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooo excited. 🙂 I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! A girl from my class is doing it as well and a bunch of people from the tri team are doing the full. YAY!!!!!!!!

And on a final note, I did yoga today!!!! 40 minutes to stretch after that run yesterday. 🙂


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