Ready To Run

July 16, 2008 at 3:20 pm | Posted in running, Training | 4 Comments
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I’m ready, ready, ready. Ready to run.

At least mentally that is. Reading everyone’s blogs and haunting the RW forums…is driving me insane. Plus my Higdon book I’d ordered

appeared this week so that’s really making me want to get out the door.

Unfortuneatly I end up still being too sick or tired. So since I haven’t really ran yet and have only managed some yoga and walking….you get to hear about the rest of my life.


So I thought this whole Ambien thing was going to make my life better…but no. Here’s a summary of my drug use and subsequent events thusfar.

Also, let me just say normally I HATE medication…and refuse to be on it….but at this point I’m so despeartly exhausted…I caved.

Friday: 1 Ambien – Sleep, glorious sleep. For a little while. Woke up, but was thankfully groggy and went back to sleep relativly fast. Total amount of sleep was around 9 hours.

Saturday: 2 Ambien – Oh. Good. Lord. I was out of my MIND. I remember being groggy…and then….apparently I started drugged-dialing. Awesome. I called about 5 different people, and texted about 3 more leaving a wake of confusion and slurred mutterings in my wake. And I don’t remember a thing….but plenty of my friends do…so I’ve gotten a lot of fun messages regarding my verbal escapades this week.

Sunday: Started Zoloft….accidentally took a whole instead of a half. Then took 1 Ambien so as to not repeat the previous night. Cue panic and insomina. Up for hours. Not cool. Not at all.

Monday: After taking a Xanax that morning because of the stress from not sleeping…I took HALF a Zoloft and 2 Ambien. Slighty better. Still woke up at Four-goshdern-Thirty. 8 total hours, to the letter…kinda irritating when you were aiming for 10.

Tuesday: Half Zoloft. 2 Ambien. Up at 3:30. 8ish hours, slighty unrestful.

So we’re running low on the Ambien. Kinda worrying me. I KNOW the Zoloft is going to take a long time to get in my system…but it really seems like it’s waking me up instead of relaxing me. I’m going to try it again tonight and tomorrow I’ll call the doctor if it isn’t better.

So that’s really all the excitement in my life. I want to run, my body refuses, and this depresses me. I also want to attend a meeting of the running club that’s tomorrow…but school has to come first. Right? RIGHT?? I haven’t been to a single meeting…but there’s a picnic next weekend. Would it be terrible of me to show up to the fun and not the….well I think the meetings would be fun…

CRAP there’s a 5K this weekend. Crap crap crap crap.


Dear Stomach,

Please stop sucking at life and ruining all my fun. It is rather rude to control someone’s life against their will so therefore I am ordering you to cease and desist at once.

Love and Drugs,

Anyway. I’m going to have to go now and save without spell checking. Please forgive me.

Doctor Doctor…

July 11, 2008 at 12:32 pm | Posted in Training | 7 Comments
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…give me the news

Well the news is that after 5, yes FIVE doctors appointments this week….I’m still here. And alive. And not victim to the stomach flu yet, as most of my class mates are.

And the even better news is AMBIEN!!! I now have a prescription for AMBIEN. Praise Jesus I get to sleep. I also get Zoloft to work on the stress/anxiety caused by the not sleeping. The doctor’s eventual hope is that I’m fine without any drugs. That’s my dream too, buddy.

So…tonight I get Ambien…so freaking excited about sleeping through the night. I feel ok taking it because my mom and aunt are both on it without the weird side effects of walking or driving with “no memory for the event” and neither of them have ever sleep-eaten their entire fridge contents so I’m hoping I’ll have the same results.

Omg if I sleep through the night I will freak out. It would be AWESOME.

If I sleep, I’m SO going for a run tomorrow morning.

Well, we’re mid-class so I’d better run.

You Will Be A Hot Dancer

July 9, 2008 at 12:26 pm | Posted in Cross Training, running, Training | 7 Comments
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“I’m gonna be,
gonna be,
I’m gonna be a hot dancer!”

Met with Trainer this morning. We took it kind of easy. I did 20 minutes on the eliptical then did 20 minutes on the bike, then ran a mile and did abs.

Pretty good for my first day back in a week.

I’m excited to feel better and start working out again. It seems like every time I get in a good routine, I get sick. Booo.

In other news, every day this week I get to go to a doctor. How awesomely fun is that? I saw the nurse yesterday to set up an appointment and do my pre-screening. I see another doctor today. Tomorrow I get blood work done AND see my GI doctor, then friday I get to see the doctor about the sleep meds. Seriously, by the end of this week I had better be healthy as a horse. No joke.

Well, I’ve got to run. Time to head to my next 3 hours of class today…Whoo!

Now I Lay Me

July 6, 2008 at 8:58 pm | Posted in Training | 4 Comments
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Down but not to sleep.

Well incase you haven’t noticed I have’t been around. I was sick for the last week or so. I got absolutely no running or exercise accomplished.

I was so exhausted from not getting enough sleep I pretty much slept from Friday until today. I only got up for family functions and food. The good news is that I feel a lot better now. The better news is that I will be getting medication to help me sleep through the night sometime soon…this week or next.

Normally I’m 100% against taking medication of most sorts…but this runs in my family and I won’t have to take the medication unless needed. Plus after you’ve been unrested for 2 months and tried every other option…

I’m just ready to sleep so I feel like running. I MISS running. I miss my life.

But life goes on…hopefully mine will go on with some sleep…

And until running, and sleeping occur, here are some pictures from the part of the weekend I was awake for.

Henry Sink Memorial Tractor Pull:



And my “little sis”

And here’s her pull.

Well, hopefully some running will occur this week!!!


July 2, 2008 at 10:08 am | Posted in running, Training | 3 Comments
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Hey People,

I’m on break from class right now and just wanted to pop in and say hi.

So I haven’t run since Saturday. I got sick Saturday night/Sunday/Monday….Yesterday I felt some better but…just didn’t feel up to it. I’m HOPING for a run today but…really not sure.

I also didn’t sleep last night.

I still have not slept through the night in 2 months.

So…we’re going to see a doctor and maybe get some sleeping pills. The good kind that KEEP you asleep…but the kind you don’t have to take every night. My mom is on them…so it’s possible I get this issue from her.

Anyway…back to class.

Hopefully I’ll run after class today…depends on the stomach/tiredness.

Miles To Go Before I Sleep

June 12, 2008 at 9:55 am | Posted in Cross Training, running, Training | 4 Comments
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I did a quick one mile warm up this morning. I tried to really push my pace despite the muggy 75 degree temps outside. I did my mile in 8:10 which is pretty good for me. If I ever get my mile time down to 7:00 I’ll be thrilled.

Right now consistantly being around 8:00 makes me happy though. It’s WAY better than anything I ever did in high school though. Speaking of high school, I really need to go run on a track somtime…and see what happens on a flat surface.

So after my run I did about 30-40 min of abs and upper body. Pretty good for today.

Good news: I DID take pictures of the park that I run in…so next time I run there I shall post them. Maybe tomorrow…

In other news…I miss sleeping. I haven’t gotten a full nights sleep in almost…what…2 months? I wake up every night at 3 or 5. It used to be 2am and 4am. Either way…I’m SO not happy. I’ve tried EVERYTHING.

…Yoga before bed

…Doing the same thing every night before bed

…Relaxing and watching TV and winding down for at least an hour before bed

…Eating dried cherries (melatonin) before bed

…Eating real cherries before bed

…Not eating sugar/caffiene before bed

…Not eating before bed

…Getting up early

…Staying up late

…Wearing myself out during the day

…Doing nothing all day



…Sleeping alone

…Sleeping without my cats in the room

…Sleeping with the AC up high

…Glass of wine with dinner


…Sleeping with the tv on

…Sleeping with the tv off

…A new freaking bed

And has any of it made ANY difference????


It’s not falling asleep that is the issue, I do that fine. It’s waking up in the middle of the night that’s a problem. Then it takes a half hour to hour to get BACK to sleep.

That’s just downright not peaceful and a crappy quality of sleep.

I miss sleep.

I shall leave you with some pictures from my hike yesterday.

 Draper Mt

That is the view off Draper Mtn.

Random Chimney

There were ruins of old houses…

Semi Circle

Cool little stone benches. Apparently there used to be a church up here or something? There were bathrooms too…

High up

View from the top.

That’s it!!

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