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If only I could stop getting sick!!!!!!

Sorry the blog is a touch late. I was sick all weekend, and got sick yet again yesterday. I REALLY would like to move on with my life, my running, and STOP BEING SICK!!!!!! Ugh.

That being said, I did have a decent weekend/last week….so let’s get started!

The Work Week:

Well I was sick a lot, so there wasn’t much of a work week. Last week I had to take Friday off because I was sick, and this week I made it to work Wednesday but ended up going to the hospital…and am home today. Sick.

For those of you who don’t know, I have Crohn’s disease…and so I get sick pretty easy. Good times.

Anyway…haven’t been at work a whole lot, so not much to say here.

I am thinking about several things I can do for my kids. For one, right now I have a give-a-way going. Whoever gets a good grade on our benchmark test will go in to a drawing for one of 15 college t-shirts I have acquired. I may have mentioned those in an earlier post.

I’m trying to motivate the kids to study…so I’m going to try and get donations of cool stuff for each benchmark. There are only 4 left for the entire school year, so hopefully that won’t be too hard. πŸ™‚

The Workout Week:

Yeah. So I was sick.

I was supposed to go run last night with my neighbor’s girlfriend, but the whole trip to the ER thing, plus the mild hurricane in the area kind of spoiled those plans.

I managed a little light yoga this week. Other than that I’m praying to be able to run the local Thanksgiving day race in a few weeks. We shall see how that goes.

The Knitting Week:

Now here’s where it gets good!!!!!! I’ve cast on 3 new projects and finished one!!! WHOOO!!!!!!!!

Finished Project: Mom’s Socks!!!! I finished them over the weekend and they are pretty good for my very first pair of socks! There were a few minor issues, a little hole near the heel and whatnot, but I stitched it up and you can’t even tell.

Mom's socks

Mom's socks, all done!

I cast on for 2 other pairs of socks this week as well. One for ME in our school colors, and one for my aunt for Christmas *As long as we get a miracle and I can finish them in time*. So far…my socks are much further along than hers. I’m doing hers from the toe up and on DPN’s. Both of which are firsts for me so…I’m shying away from that project when it SHOULD be my focus.

My socks!!

My socks...going pretty fast!

I did learn to crochet this week though!! Taught myself!!! For the cast on of my aunt’s socks, I needed a provisional cast on…so I had to learn to crochet a chain. Not too shabby!

Connie's Socks

There's a cast-on in that picture, I swear.

Then the third cast on project this week occured today! Even if you feel like crap, you can still wind a ball of yarn and knit!!!

Sarah's Beret

I wound. I knitted. Go me!!

I started a beret for another aunt for Christmas! According to the pattern that I got off Ravelry, it should be pretty quick and easy. It’s good so far. Just straight stockinette.

Also, the stash migrated this week. It keeps expanding. I swear I don’t know how!!!!! It now is located in a large metal bucket, in a drawer, in 2 pink baskets on a shelf, and all hibernating/frogged projects are in a woven basket in the living room.

The Ever-Expanding Stash

The Ever-Expanding Stash

Yeah. I need to purge. But…not now.


This week’s favorite is yet another food. Imgaine that.

My favorite of the week is bagels with cream cheese and sprinkles!! Mmmm. Mom used to make this for me when I was little, and I’ve introduced it to several people over the years.

Mmmm sprinkles.

Mmmm sprinkles.

For one, it’s fun to look at! What kid wouldn’t love a rainbow bagel instead of plain white on white? I mean come on!!!

And plus, the sugary crunch of the sprinkles just puts a smile on your face.

So go get your bagel, get your philly spread, and get out those rainbow sprinkles and go at it!!!!

Other Junk:

This weekend while I was laying on the couch, two of my very favorite people came to visit and take care of me!!! Kim and Carly took turns entertaining me.

Friday night Carly came down and baked cookies for me! I made my pumpkin bisque for her. Then Saturday morning I started to feel better and made blueberry muffins. We also ventured out to one of the most bizzare stores I’ve ever been to. It’s a local gas station…and I can’t put in to words how odd it is inside. I am now on a mission to show this place to everyone who comes to visit me.

After Carly left on Saturday, Kim made her way down to see me. I made eggplant parmesan for the first time, and it was pretty darn good!!! I also started a scrap bucket of which I am very proud. No more smelly trash, I’m feeding local wildlife, and helping the soil gain nutrients for when I plant in the spring!!! YAY!!!!!

So, Kim is a huge fan of my nutty, nutty cat.

Who you callin nutty??

Who you callin nutty??

Except at 3am when my cat crawls on the couch where Kim is sleeping…and puts his nose to her ear…and meows with all his might.

Poor Kim.

So then on Sunday Kim and I went up to town to get groceries and also did a little geocaching.

Caching through the woods...

Caching through the woods...

We found the coolest slide EVER and had a blast. We didn’t, however, find many caches. Some roads were non-accessable, some caches had crappy GPS signal, and some were just nowhere to be found. But we enjoyed our time out and about!!!

Go Kim Go! Slide Kim Slide!!

Go Kim Go! Slide Kim Slide!!

Aaaand We're OFF!!!!!

Aaaand We're OFF!!!!!


So, that’s really all I’ve gotten done in the last week or so. Hopefully Carly is coming down yet again this weekend and MAYBE if I feel better we’ll go forΒ a walk. She’s off running for the next 3 weeks or so.

I think I’ll try and move the blog update to Sunday nights so…there may be a “weekender” version of the blog this Sunday. Whoo!

And now it’s time for…..

The Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout goes to Miss Kim. No one can ever make me laugh near as much as she does. I miss her SO much now that I’m all moved away and stuff. I’m so glad she came down for the weekend!!! I can’t wait till next time, and for Christmas so I can move in to her basement and have nightly pool tournaments!!!

So YAY Kim for being pretty much one of the most awesome people in the known universe. πŸ™‚

All Apologies

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I do apologize for being lax with blogging but I have been rather sick. I thought it was just allergies but apparently it was a rather nasty cold and I barely felt like getting out of bed most days.

But I’m on the mend, so on to other news!!

Well there’s not a lot in the way of actual running due to the sickness.Β  I basically haven’t done much of anything since the tri…but I did pick out some other triathlons I REALLY want to do. πŸ™‚ I think I’ll do another pool swim but we’ll see.

I did get out and do a decent run this morning. It was only about two miles but for as awful as I’ve been feeling, I’m somewhat pleased. I’m hoping to make a repeat effort tomorrow. According to an article in Runners World (I have no idea which issue, I’m several months behind and reading in whichever one is closest at hand) running while sick can sometimes help you get better, or at least it can’t hurt. Sometimes. If it’s the pig flu, I’m guessing you shouldn’t run. Or interact with other human beings. Or something.

My theory was I’ve been sick and feeling like crap for over a week, so if I’m going to feel like crap, I may as well accomplish something and run while I’m feeling like crap. It turned out well in my opinion.

I do have a small announcement to make…there’s a chance I will be writing an article for my local run club’s newsletter. I’ve been a member of the Star City Striders for over a year now. Since grad school is winding down I can finally be more active in the club! I submitted a piece to the editor and it appears as though it may be usable. I’m mildly excited.

And by mildly I mean I’m about to bounce off the walls.

In case you haven’t noticed, I like writing. And I like running. Therefore I like writing about running. This has been kind of a small dream of mine for awhile and I’m SUPER excited that even one article I write may get published. I don’t want anything big…I’m not trying to be famous or write a running book…I just enjoy writing small tidbits about my running life. πŸ™‚ So we’ll see what happens, but there is a possibility that if THIS article works out, I could contribute in the next issues as well. Cross your fingers!!

So that’s all I have for now. Sorry it was short and picture free, but if you haven’t already read it, the triathlon report is below so feel free to go amuse yourself there!

I’m A Sucka

August 20, 2008 at 5:33 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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…for corn rows and manicured toes.

You’re so welcome for that flashback to 2001.

I’m not actually a sucker for those things…but I am a sucker for all things promising me digestive health.

PS this entire post is totally not running related…because my digestive system has taken away my ability to run for the day…and I am TICKED.

Whatever this is that I have….Crohn’s/IBD/Reaction to my increased meds/stress WHATEVER…I want to sit my stomach down and give it a serious talking to. This is getting a little annoying. I’m sick of unplanned days off, I’m sick of feeling like I ran a marathon yesterday when I didn’t really do much at all, I’m sick of not being able to eat anything in my fridge, and I’m sick of being sick.

So…I will apparently buy in to just about anything that promises to help.

Yeah. Pretty much anything with that on it…I will try.

Did you know they make Liveactive crystal light?

*holds up water bottle* Yep. Sure do.

How sad is this that I will buy this stuff hoping for a cure? Honestly I realize this is probably just my “condition” and it’s going to be like this and I’ll deal…but MAN I want something to make it go away. I’m still in the stupidly optimistic stage, apparently. And I’m ok with that.

Ok, I’m done whining now. Let’s just focus on the fact that these “episodes” seem to be taking less out of me and now I’m only out for a day or two instead of a week or more.



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Hey People,

I’m on break from class right now and just wanted to pop in and say hi.

So I haven’t run since Saturday. I got sick Saturday night/Sunday/Monday….Yesterday I felt some better but…just didn’t feel up to it. I’m HOPING for a run today but…really not sure.

I also didn’t sleep last night.

I still have not slept through the night in 2 months.

So…we’re going to see a doctor and maybe get some sleeping pills. The good kind that KEEP you asleep…but the kind you don’t have to take every night. My mom is on them…so it’s possible I get this issue from her.

Anyway…back to class.

Hopefully I’ll run after class today…depends on the stomach/tiredness.

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