Run Club Recap

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2 miles with my running club tonight!!!

I’m pretty pleased. I got out there and did my run with the group. I did my first mile with them, then they went on and I headed back. I’m still not capable of running like I used to. It was great to run with a group again though.

I also had a small shopping accident. It’s SO not fair that the run group meets in the running STORE.

Please say hello to my newest running partner.


More glasses.

The lenses are pink. I’m a sucker for pink. But the awesome part is that I have wanted them FOREVER…and they were on sale 50% off. AND then he took more off because they are supposed to have extra lenses in blue and black but they had gotten lost at some point…and this was the last pair…so I paid $50 for $130 sun glasses. SO great.

In other news I’m seeing a chiropractor…and I tend to be a bit skeptical about most things…and I’m just not sure about some stuff. Like he had me put heel inserts into my running shoes because he said they threw me off balance. But these are the shoes I was evaluated by the running expert people for… So I tried the heel inserts. Not a fan. But I don’t know if I NEED them and will get used to them or if it’s just fluff.

I just don’t know.

On my way out of the running store after the run I ran (I think I just used every possible version of “to run”) in to my former co-workers!!! They were stopping in a nearby store and I found out one of them has started running!! She’s slow like me so hopefully we can run together. I invited them to come to the run club runs. Hopefully they will both come sometime soon. The one girl that is running currently said she’s doing the same 5K that I’m doing next weekend!!! She also said some other people I used to work with are doing it so I’m REALLY excited about that one. After I talked to her I called my mom to make sure she could come to that race and be my photographer.

I have a 5K this Saturday as well. I’m not expecting a great performance but I’m going to get out there and do it. Stephen gets to be my photographer for this one.

Anyway, so after run club I came home and had a “dinner” of tomatoes and cheese in a oil and vinegar sauce. I have to share, because it’s yummy and pretty.


See? So pretty.

In other news, last night I did some yoga….and while I was somewhere between lateral angle and triangle I noticed my cat, Paco, doing his own yoga in the background.


He’s such a goof.

Well, that’s it for me. Paco says bye!


Short n Sweet

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So I didn’t make it to my running group. I had a pet-sitting emergency come up and had to take care of that. By the time I had that dealt with it was freezing cold and raining so the shorts and t-shirt I had packed weren’t really proper running attire. There was no way I could get home and change and get to the store for the run.

So I worked out at home. I did some lunges and squats…some ab-work too on my stability ball.

I think the weather is supposed to be a little better tomorrow so I’m hoping to get a good run in.

Right now I’m watching my favorite show, Workout. I must admit this season isn’t near as good as the last two but I’m still a fan. It motivates me to keep working out.

Nothing else to really report so I’m gonna go ahead and wrap this one up.

We’ll hope for a running day tomorrow!

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