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Are you for SERIOUS????

WordPress just ate my post. I had half a post done…..and *poof* post gone! No reason. No explination. The page just stopped working…….rawr.

So…this is gonna be short and possibly a little grumpy because technically this was the third time I’ve written this post. šŸ™‚ I mean…what happened to auto-save?? Come on now. This is making me nuts.


Ok. SO, I’m late on the surprise, but that’s because the surprise hit a little snag. I wanted to surprise Ashlei by submitting her AWESOME granola recipe to Nicole over at PreventionRD. Nicole and her non-coconut friendly husband BOTH loved it!!! Ashlei’s recipe is THE BEST ever. I’m so glad it got some recognition. Miss Ashlei has been getting quite a lot lately for her awesome blog. She deserves it. šŸ™‚

The last two weekends I’ve been out doing one of my favorite things….it’s Yard-Sale Season!!! I love a good yard sale-ing or a good thrift store. šŸ™‚ It makes my heart happy.

Here are some of the finds from the last 2 weekends.

Last weekend of yard sale-ing.

Last weekend of yard sale-ing.

Some of my favorites in that bunch were the AUTHENTIC red, never worn, tags still attached, crocs IN MY SIZE!!!! Seriously. Awesome.

Then I got some staplers for 25 cents EACH. Heck yeah. Stuff my students can destroy that I don’t have a lot invested in!

Then yesterday…

This weekend's yard sale finds.

This weekend's yard sale finds.

I GOT A JUICER!!!!!! 5 dollars. 5! And an awesome black and white print, framed, and beautiful! Then some pretty plates, 8 for 2.50! I…don’t like matchy-matchy plates. I have ZERO desire for a china pattern. Nothing makes me happier than having random plates and bowls that don’t go together. As long as the colors resemble each other…I’m good.

I also got some wine glasses…and after taking this picture I promptly broke one. Good thing they were twenty five cents. I see NO reason to have a set of matching wine glasses all the same size. I generally buy the goblet style…but…why do they have to match? Who says it has to be uniform and matching? Screw matching.

I also got a kick board so I can work on my moves in the pool…and my uncle gave me his old army sleeping bag! WHOO! Camp stuff. šŸ™‚

Speaking of camp stuff….

I got a little tiny present.

I got a little tiny present.

I talked mom in to getting me a backpack! YAY!!!! I can’t wait to bust it out and go backpacking!

Aaaand speaking of backpacking, I joined a new club…and hopefully will get some climbing, backpacking, and kayaking experience this summer.

Also, hoping to actually meet up with Ashlei and hike together this summer!!! She lives near my cousin, so I was already planning on going down this summer, so I can see my cousin AND Ashlei! Yay!!!!

I’ve got 2 weeks or so until the half marathon. I’m…kind of on point with my training. Kind of not. Did 9 miles today. 6 this morning, then 3 this afternoon…not feeling so hot.

Also did some biking…the bike was being evil. It needs a tune-up. I may enter a bike race next weekend….lol. We shall see.

I do have some more updates…and I’m going to run through them kind of fast, in picture form.

Got awesome books. Waterfalls, Cycling, Trail Running, and...the top one is a present for a friend.

Got awesome books. Waterfalls, Cycling, Trail Running, and...the top one is a present for a friend.

Other awesome books. Biology, Evolution, and YARN!

Other awesome books. Biology, Evolution, and YARN!

And my bestest sent me an AWESOME bag. I giggled hysterically when I found it in my mailbox.

And my bestest sent me an AWESOME bag. I giggled hysterically when I found it in my mailbox.

I got to see the bestest's baby over Mother's Day weekend. Twas very awesome.

I got to see the bestest's baby over Mother's Day weekend. Twas very awesome.

Got to see my other cousin's sheep who I will very soon get to help shear, and then get her wool to spin!

Got to see my other cousin's sheep who I will very soon get to help shear, and then get her wool to spin! cousin found some awesome thumb wrestlers. Lol. cousin found some awesome thumb wrestlers. Lol.

And finally, got to go to an AWESOME concert. Riley Baugus and Tim Eriksen. These are the guys who did the soundtrack for Cold Mountain. It was AMAZING. I was on the front row…and…they are more story-tellers than just straight preformers. They were amazing, hilarious, and it was a small audience. 40 people maybe. So we got to interact with both performers a lot. They were really personable. It was sooooo cool.

Have a good week guys!!!!

16 days until I’m FREEEEEEEE!

Headin Due South Outta Roanoke

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Tomorrow I will be….headin south….home. šŸ™‚ I can’t wait.

So yeah, kind of late….or early depending on how you look at it! But let’s get started!

The Work Week:

Well I spent the weekend in bed last week….trying to get better, and it worked!!!!!!!!! I made it through a whole week of work without getting too terribly sick!!!!!

This week is a TWO DAY WEEK so I am PUMPED!!!!! Tomorrow is our last day…so I can’t wait. I’m also being that really horrible awful mean teacher who gives a QUIZ the day before break.


Also, I may or may not have made all the True/False questions all one or the other.

Yeah. That’s how I roll.

But enough school-talk! On to better things!!

The Workout Week:

I RAN!!!!!!!!! I DID I DID I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran last Tuesday with my neighbor downstairs so that was awesome. I think I may have talked her in to running a half in the spring! Super excited about that.

Then I ran Saturday about 2 or 3 miles. It was a REALLY good run, I wanted to do more, but I’m still worried about pushing it. Plus my ankle was kind of acting up.

Sadly, now for some bizzare reason, my hip is KILLING me. Left hip, right at hip level, toward the outer side, almost rear area. It’s one very specific spot. It’s not bruised…it doesn’t hurt if I push on it, but the more I walk, the more it hurts. Just started today/yesterday.

Sperly? Any thoughts? IT band???

So…I want to do a Thanksgiving race here but we’ll see. Maybe Carly and I will walk it with her family. We’ll see.

But moving on…

The Knitting Week:

Got a lot done on my aunt’s hat. I should have it done this weekend! Didn’t really work on much else. I have packed several projects to take home tomorrow though! The plan for the week off is to maximize ME stuff and minimize work stuff!!! WHOOO!!!!!!

And now it’s time for this week’s


Mmmm what to choose….so hard….

I think, in honor of the special weekend it was for me, I’ll pick my favorite song. The title of this week’s blog is actually from that song.

The song is Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show.


I love that band, and that song so very much. So take a listen!

I know it’s not for everyone, but for me…I can’t get enough. I want to learn to play it….which leads me to…

Other Junk:

SO much junk this week!!!!

First, this weekend was my one year anniversary with Tracy and Wagon Wheel is “our song” so….yay for that. It’s been one awesome year and I can’t wait for more.

So this weekend I made one of my very favorite dishes, Chicken Tetrazzini. Mmmmmmm.

So good!

See? Doesn’t it look AMAZING?!?! It is.Ā I promise. And if you want the recipe, I’ll share.

I also baked cookies, put up the Christmas tree, the Christmas lights, cleaned, started packing, and oh yeah, BROKE MY WASHING MACHINE!!!!!

Ok, well…I didn’t do it, persay, it broke it’s self. It has always been loud on the spin cycle, and normally I have to go adjust the load distribution…and when I went to do it this time…it got worse and I definetly heard something metal fall off the back.

So Sears needs to come deal with this because I’ve only had it since August and they never properly installed my dryer either…ugh.

In other news, after cleaning…I decided it would be a good idea to dress up the dog.

And yes, Sperl, I was SO thinking of you when I took this picture.

It's Uri Potter!!!

It's Uri Potter!!!

I’m proud.

Not much else to talk about, just SUPER excited to be going home. I am trying to finish packing tonight so I can sprint out of town tomorrow. I’m leaving the cat here, because it’s only 5 days and he’s pretty self sufficent.

However, he doesn’t like it when I leave…so when I was setting out excessive amounts of food and water tonight…I got this look….

Ok, either you're leaving me, or fattening me up for Thanksgiving. Either way, EVIL!!!

Ok, either you're leaving me, or fattening me up for Thanksgiving. Either way, EVIL!!!

I’m pretty sure by morning he will have manifested some sort of evil in or on something I love.

Oh, almost forgot! Dear OldCrowFans….your website hates me and won’t let me register. Please resolve before I get cranky.

I need to get on that site so I can ask all my 5 million questions about learning to fiddle. I’m on a mission. I want a fiddle, and I want one now.

I also want a voice recorder. Dang. I gotta call mom for the Christmas Wish List.



This week I’ve got to say hey to Miss Kris and her brand new baby, Lyla!!!!!!! LOVE YOU BOTH and CONGRATS Jason and Kris!!!!!!!!! She’s adorable!!!


See everyone in a week!!!!!

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