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It’s been awhile guys!!!

I’ve been busy though, so that’s good, right?

So let’s get started.

The Work Week(s):

Well, I’m gonna be honest, the first week back was ROUGH. So tired. So very, very tired. Second week, not as bad, but I got sick a little bit. Blah.

Also, I tried bribing my kids to pass their benchmark test…it didn’t work. Ugh.

And that’s all I have to say about work. Might delete this section because…really…I don’t like to talk about it!!!!

The Workout Week:

Yeeeeeah!!!! I ran on the elliptical, I ran OUTSIDE because it was WARM for the first time in FOREVER….I also went for a little walk today.

Big news though….


I have picked out my 2010 race schedule for the most part!!!

Here are the highlights. 5K’s excluded…those come and go as they please.

June 5, 2010 – Trail Nut Half Marathon brought to you by Mountain Junkies!!!! My favorite race series/director/whatever EVER!!!!! My first ever 5K was a Mountain Junkies race. I’m offically a Mountain Junkies junky. Hehe.

Oct 2010 – Gonna try for the MCM again. *nods* Yep. I should do that. Gonna try! 4 months is enough between a half and a full, right? That’s a good schedule, yes?

Now, the big question, I need YOUR help on this!!!!!

April 17 – Mill Mountain Mayhem 10K (Another Mountain Junkies)


April 18 – Rumpass in Bumpass Sprint Triathlon.

What to do, guys? What to do?!?!?!

So…go vote!!!


So…the poll IS annonymous…didn’t mean for it to be…but I’d love to know what you voted for, so feel free to leave it as a comment as well!!! But as long as you vote in the poll, I’m a happy camper!!!


The Knitting Week:

Big news, guys!! Big news!!!!!!!!!!

Guess who has now entered in to the world of SPINNING!!!!!!!

*points at self*

Yeah, that’s right!!!!

I took this...

I took this...

...and made that!!!

...and made that!!!

Yeah, it’s not much…but I’m working on it. I’m not too good at getting an even weighted strand yet, but I’m trying!

I’m using some of Abby Franquemont’s video’s off of youtube. So far, I’m not actually dropping the drop spindle in order to spin…rather spinning it in my hand, and moving the twist down the yarn….if that makes any sense.

If anyone wants to pop in and offer advice, please, please, please appear and speak your mind!!!

Also, did my FIRST intarsia *color work* AND first knitting on DPN’s *double point needles* this week!!!

See Courtney Knit!

See Courtney Knit!

Knit, Courtney, knit!

Knit, Courtney, knit!

Congrats Kris and Lyla, who are the proud recipients of my masterpeice!!!



I actually did a second baby hat for another friend’s baby and just have to weave in the ends so that one will be done! Man, I need to throw these things up on Ravelry!!! I’ve been slacking at uploading projects on there!

Well, I guess that about wraps up the past few weeks of knitting!


Hmm….this week I think I’ll have to go with Coconut Macaroons dipped in Chocolate from Bea the Baker. Simply AMAZING.

Coconut and chocolate, what could be better??

Coconut and chocolate, what could be better??

Those aren’t hers, persay, but you can see what I’m talking about. Every single time I go in to town, I try and get one. So if you’re ever in, around, about, or through Floyd VA, then STOP and get one!!!!!! You can find them at various locations on either side of Floyd’s single stoplight.

If you can’t make it out to Floyd, then see what you can find around you!!! Let me tell you, Bea’s are the best though!!!!


Other Junk:

Not a lot of other stuff to report. Well, my best friend/accountant/running buddy/partner in crime/fave person ever came down….and helped get my financial mess in order.

Yes, folks, this is one in debt blogger.

Student loans piled up…along with some ill-timed tickets from the fuzz….and other life-type nonsense…and I find myself in the throes of debt and collections calls.

The good news is it’s not as bad as I thought!!! Miss Carly has helped me out…and set me straight! Hopefully by April all will be right in my finaicial world and I can stop stressing so much!!! But until then….we are on a complete and total spending freeze.

Meaning mom will get hit up for race entry fees and such. 🙂

Anyway, that’s life. It could be a lot worse!!!

Other news…the fiddling….is coming along. Right now I’m learning Angeline The Baker. Not too bad. I totally LOVE my fiddle though. My instructor is Mike Mitchell of the Floyd Music School, and let me tell you he is STELLAR.

I just wrote 2 paragraphs on how much I liked the lesson…so that’ll be next week’s favorite or shoutout. Point is, fiddling is going good. I can do the first 2 lines without really screwing up too bad. YAY!!!!

So in closing, we shall proceede to our….

Sperlific Shoutout:

This is the part where I go “Oh crap, Sperly tagged me for something. I should go do that thing she tagged me for”

So, first off, if you don’t know her, please go check out Sperly, my blogging/running/triathalon idol. 🙂 She is one of the most AWESOME chicks out there!!!

Second, she has tagged me for the Pay It Forward 7 Fun Facts deal….

Since this post is OH so long….I’m gonna go write those as a separate post and throw it up Wednesday or Thursday!

Go do my poll!!! Watch for the 7 Fun Facts, you may get tagged!!!!!!

Winter Wonderland

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Well there certainly is a winter wonderland covering most of Virginia right now!!!

It started yesterday around 2:30pm…and by 3pm the roads were nasty to say the least. Therefore, I’m stuck here. *Here being…my new home, not where I want to be which is home with Tracy and Carly an hour away*

At 7pm it looked like this outside.

So much snow!!!!

So much snow!!!!


And by this morning….

See that? There's usually a step DOWN on to the deck...not so much anymore.

See that? There's usually a step DOWN on to the deck...not so much anymore.

 So…I sit. And wait.

However this nice person did come by!

I don't know your name, TractorMan, but I sure do love you!!! Thanks for diggin my car out!

I don't know your name, TractorMan, but I sure do love you!!! Thanks for diggin my car out!


So, I guess we should go in to it.

The Work Week:

Well, technically I think it’s been 2 weeks…but they were a blur. Main points were the last few days before break. The kids were NUTS and they all seemed to think rules should fly out the window. I made several of them quiet upset by still enforcing all the rules and writing them up for infractions.

Too bad. So sad. Fairness sucks. 🙂

At school for the last two weeks there has been a plethora of goodies and junk. Biscuit breakfasts, Holiday lunches, cookies, cakes, candies as far as the eye can see. And I packed on about 5lbs because of it. Or rather because of my lack of self-control. *glare* But let me tell you something, you just can’t say no to a cookie you didn’t have to bake!

So that leads us nicely in to….

The Workout Week:

Well, the good news is I ran some!!! The Jingle Bell Run was last weekend and I ran the WHOLE thing which was my goal considering I only ran once the week before it, and barely 2 miles for that one. So I’m proud that I ran it, and mom came VERY close to placing in her age group…the competition is steep at that race with nearly 1500 participants!

Here are some highlights!

Race Start

Here we are...getting ready to go. Can you spot us???

It's a train, it's faster than It's not fast. It's just me and dad being less than great at photography. Love him anyway!

It's a train, it's faster than It's not fast. It's just me and dad being less than great at photography. Love him anyway!

"I'm bored, it's cold, and let's hurry this thing up!!!" says Dad.

"I'm bored, it's cold, and let's hurry this thing up!!!" says Dad.

"Silly dad, they have panera catering and I planned for this. HA!"

"Silly dad, they have panera catering and I planned for this. HA!"


So I didn’t come close to placing, but mom probably got 4th in her AG. I should check these things. But that’s ok. I ran.

Then this week I ran…once I think? I can’t remember. But I need to get back on the training wagon like woah. I’ve been looking at several halfs and fulls for spring. It’s time to kick it in to gear once and for all!!!

Let’s hope I can start tomorrow…the snow is making it kind of impossible for today.

The Knitting Week:

Um…I packed all my projects to take home and work on? That….is where the knitting starts and ends.

OH! But I did enter a knitting-related contest over on Meghan’s blog/podcast!!! *fingers crossed*

Other than that…no news.


I’m gonna steal the favorite that I used for  Meghan’s contest.

This week’s favorite thing is holiday traditions!!! My personal favorite is The Official Uncle Jimmy Christmas Present.

Uncle Jimmy and dad always exchange tool-type items. Dad is a retired professor turned contractor, and Jimmy does excavation. Hence the tools.

So every year at Christmas, dad gets Jimmy a present, and I am in charge of wrapping it. Originally, it was just normal, boring wrapping…but several years ago, Jimmy decided to give me a gag-gift for Christmas. Then the next year it was a present wrapped in layers and layers of paper. Then a present in a box in a box in a box….

So he really started it. It’s so not my fault.

And about 5 or 6 years ago, I started getting revenge.

One year the present consisted of layers of paper, layers of duct tape, wall paper, and fireworks.

See? It had a warning label and everything!!!

See? It had a warning label and everything!!!

Then there was the one that had battery powered christmas lights and barbed wire.

It lights up!! I mean come on, that's just awesome.

Last year I got a maze that you can put something small in…like a key. So Uncle Jimmy had to un-wrap the maze, which was in multiple boxes…then work the maze to get the key out, and the key then unlocked the padlock and chain that were wrapped around his real present…which had hardened insulation (The stuff in the can, “Great Stuff”) and dryway spackle. Mom…less than amused. Jimmy couldn’t stop laughing.

I'm holding the box with the maze in it. Beside me is the real present, under lock and key.

I'm holding the box with the maze in it. Beside me is the real present, under lock and key.

So far this year I haven’t made it home to wrap the present yet, because there is about 16 inches of snow outside and…I can’t drive the hour home because the interstates are shut down. But I have a pile of stuff ready to wrap the present. The pile includes curtain rods, cammo pants, dryer vents, cell phone chargers, cell phones, and bubble wrap. It’s starting to get hard to out-do myself.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the “Official Jimmy Walker Christmas Present”. This is my first year living this far away from my family…so coming home to wrap that present is something I’ve been looking forward to for weeks. It’s my favorite part of the holidays, and I prepare for it all year long. I can’t even begin to put in to words how much I love this tradition. It’s more than playing a prank…I really feel like the effort I put in to this present, is equal to how much I love my whole family, and the holidays. Now my cousins take the present that their parents get me, and they wrap it in much the same fashion that I wrap their dad’s. Everyone is involved at this point.

So. That’s my faaaaaaavorite Christmas Thing.

Other Junk:

Well you heard about the snow already…so I’ll skip that part. In fun news I got to give Carly her Christmas/Graduation presents last week! She loved them.

Pretty gloves!!!

Pretty gloves!!!

And we also baked cookies. A metric ton of cookies.

Mmmmmmmm. And yes, I ate ALL the cookies.

Mmmmmmmm. And yes, I ate ALL the cookies.

And my neighbors got a puppy…



And…oh yeah…I GOT A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where am I? Why won't you let me sleep?

Where am I? Why won't you let me sleep?

He’s 2 years old, and his original name is/was Miho…but I’m thinking of changing it to Hemingway. I really wanted something that sounded like Miho, so as not to confuse him too much…but I just can’t find anything I like. So I’m pretty sure his name is now Hemi.

Paco…wasn’t too happy, but he’s slowly warming up to the idea. Last night he got semi-comfortable with the idea.

This is as close as Paco was comfortable getting to the new addition.

This is as close as Paco was comfortable getting to the new addition.


So far the new doggy is doing well. He has had a few indoor accidents but that’s kind of normal for confused/stressed animals. He was/is house trained according to his previous owner, but I think it’s just the confusion of the situation. I’m pretty sure he’ll get over it in a week or so. I hope.

He knows “sit” and “no” and today we worked on “stay” and “lie down” He did pretty well! We also are working on “don’t pee in the house” and “don’t put shoes in your mouth”.

Mostly, he just sleeps though. He seems really unsure about what’s going on, and what I want him to do. And he really does not like to go outside in the snow to use the bathroom. Haha. Poor guy. It’ll take time, but he’ll adapt. The good news is he is MUCH more accepting of Paco than Paco is of him. He has barely looked at Paco, but doesn’t fear Paco like Uri does. I think they will eventually be friends.

I’m also SUPER excited for Uri and Hemi to meet. I think they will get along well. They are about the same size I think. Hemi is really not very big for a boxer!!!

Well anyway, that’s all I have for this week. Time for the…

Sucking Up Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout goes to my family…in particular mom.

Mom, if you read this. DON’T KILL ME!!!!!!!! I KNOW I don’t NEED a dog right now. I KNOW you will not be happy about the dog and I especially know dad is NOT going to let the dog come to the house for Christmas….but….just try to be understanding.

The doggy is good with cats and doesn’t beg for food like a certain overweight gray feline we both know.

He’s a sweet dog….he really would behave if he can pretty please come over for Christmas!!!!! Mom, don’t freak out. I have wanted a dog for years….and I shouldn’t have to beg for your permission at this point in my life, but I feel like I do…

So just don’t freak out, and don’t make me feel bad about getting a dog. 😦 I wanted a doggy.

I got a doggy.

Don’t get mad.

Love you, mommy.


And lastly…here’s my “Go dig the car out” outfit.

Yay for public humiliation.

Long sleeve tee. Pink gloves, blue XL vest, cammo pants, and trash bags tied to the belt loops. I was prepared.

Long sleeve tee. Pink gloves, blue XL vest, cammo pants, and trash bags tied to the belt loops. I was prepared.


Happy Holidays!!!!!

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

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Because it’s totally been 60 degrees here for the past few days. Seriously.

Sorry for the delay in posting, I was wrapping up my semester. Phew. SO glad that’s done. Although…I still have work to do…but no real deadlines. Thank God.

But anyway, here’s a quick recap from the last week…

Wednesday – TRAINER DAY!!! Whoo!!! We did 20ish minutes on the bike then a badass cardio circuit. MAN did my abs hurt the next day!!! However that makes me very pleased so YAY PAIN!!!!!

And has anyone ever used one of these?

It’s the Reebok Studio Cycle. I love those things. It’s an awesome workout and the bike is SO small…if they weren’t megabucks I’d so get one for my apartment!!!

Anyway, so then I was a slacker for a few days…school is to blame, totally. But then Saturday I STARTED MY HALF MARATHON TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m training for the Shamrock Half Marathon

So. I really need to register. 🙂 I think my friend is going to do it with me so that will be awesome.

So Saturday I did a 4 mile run. It was a really comfortable temperature and I was quite pleased with my performance…so let’s hope I can keep it up till March!!! 🙂

In other news…the boyfriend ROCKS again. We exchanged one early Christmas present each…I got him a hiking guide and he…is a non-runner so the fact that he picked the following item out with out a CLUE about running….is AMAZING. PLUS I’d never, ever, ever, ever mentioned I wanted one….so without further ado…meet MY NEW FUEL BELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FUEL BELT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT A FUEL BELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously I nearly flipped. I am beyond excited…so now I really have to buckle down and get this training underway!!!!

FUEL BELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now if only it would get cold and snow, my life would be perfect.

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