Gimmie Stitches

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So…who missed me?!?!?

I’ve had an interesting two weeks. Last weekend I went home for the first time in about a month so I was semi-busy…and then this past week, well, you can guess what happened from the title.

Yep. I got stitches. But more on that later. Let’s get started.

Knitting Week:

********************** Edit *********************

I almost forgot!!! I taught 2 people to knit this week!!! 2!!!!!

One was the bestest, Carly. We went to my LYS, Crooked Stitch, and got her all squared away. She’s working on a lovely scarf out of aplaca. Since she’s the best friend, I couldn’t let her start on cheap yarn. I bought her some bamboo needles and we sat together and knit Thursday night.

Then one of the assistants for a teacher in my department wanted to learn, so I brought her some of my old metal needles and a skein of cheap caron yarn. She was thrilled and I got her on her way as well!


****************************End Edit******************************

Ohhh so much knitting!!!! So much “fibery goodness” as Meghan would say. Last weekend while I was at home, I visited my former LYS, Mosaic. I was absolutley fed UP with the scarf I had been trying to knit my aunt. It was her Christmas present…and if you will recall I only managed to finish 2 of the 4 projects for family presents. Her scarf darn near drove me insane. So I decided I needed new yarn.

I also wanted new circular needles for sock knitting. I was frustrated with the DPN’s, and really just wanted to get my OTHER aunt’s socks *also a Christmas present* FINISHED. And started, for that matter.

Well I’d started them 4 times but…yeah.

So, Mosaic, being the wonderful yarn shop that it is…had just what I needed. I bought some hand dyed yarn by Unplanned Peacock. The fiber artist actually lives near me and I’ve met her at a knitting circle so I was super excited to support her.

I grabbed up a beautiful skein in her Flamingo colorway and got to knitting on Monday. Over the weekend I FINISHED the scarf (HAHA!) and it’s currently blocking in my bathroom. The yarn was REALLY springy…even though it was 200 yards…the scarf was only about 3.5ft before I blocked it. But now it’s around 6! And DONE! FINALLY!! It should be dry and ready to go in the mail to my aunt by tomorrow.

Scarf pre-blocking

Scarf pre-blocking

The socks…or sock, rather, is on the needles and progressing nicely. I’ve also decided to repurpose the yarn from the previous scarf attempt. I’m going to make Bella’s Mittens for my cousin who LOVES Twilight and knitting.

So far, so good on the socks!!

So far, so good on the socks!!

In other knitting news, I’m going to do a review of a yarn store I visited this weekend!!! I’m going to try and add more reviews in to the blog…so here’s this week’s!


This week’s review is of Gate City Yarns in Greensboro, NC. Gate City Yarns is located in a lovely section of Greensboro. I would say it’s downtown, but I’ve never been to Greensboro before so I’m not sure exactly what section of town one would consider it’s location to be.

The shop has a lovely window display of yarn, fiber, and some unique metal artwork. It’s a really beautiful storefront. I was immediately excited.

Hello Yarn Store!!

Hello Yarn Store!!

Upon entering, I nearly squealed because the first thing you see in the store, is shelves of FIBER and SPINNING WHEELS ON TOP!!! Oh I was thrilled. I nearly threw myself in to the bags of fibery goodness.

Anyone want to donate to the "Buy Courtney a Spinning Wheel fund? Anyone?"

Anyone want to donate to the "Buy Courtney a Spinning Wheel fund? Anyone?"

I learned that the fiber was from a local farm and I believe it was hand dyed.

Of course I had to buy some. I got a lovely blue green corriedale, about 7oz. The staff was wonderfully helpful and friendly. I would love for Gate City to be my LYS! They also had a “store mascot”, a very sweet dog named Reese. He greeted the customers in a very calm and polite manner. He wasn’t overly friendly, and didn’t come right up to sniff you. You more or less had to invite him over or come to him. Perfect manners for a yarn store dog!

Mmmm I can't wait to spin this!!!

Mmmm I can't wait to spin this!!!

Hello, sock yarn. How I love thee.

Hello, sock yarn. How I love thee.

I’m a firm beliver that yarn stores should have mascots or animals of some sort in them. 🙂

In addition to all the spinning goodies, Gate City had a lot of lovely yarns. I ended up buying some sock yarn from a company I hadn’t seen before. They really had a great selection and it was beautifully displayed and organized.

Gate City also had a very wide array of needles, hooks, drop spindles, hand cards, and other fiber work goodies. They really catered to every area of fiber work! It was wonderful!

I hope I get to go back to Gate City Yarns next time I’m in Greensboro. I really loved that store!

Running Week:

Well, there hasn’t really been any running to speak of since…last week sometime. I was doing push-ups and planks daily, up until Wednesday…and therefore we will skip the running, and visit our special section this week….the……..

Injury Report:

***squemish beware. Skip to “Favorite” if you have issues with blood***:

Well folks, I did a number on myself. Let me tell you, gravity has it IN for me!!!!

Wednesday morning I was preparing to go for work…and was running a tad late. I guess I was in a hurry and opened my car door with a little too much force, because as I bent down to get in my car, the door came back at me and caught me in the back of my head, slamming my forehead in to the frame of my car.

Yes, essentially I slammed my entire head in a car door.

The force was sufficent to knock me down, in to the car, half in and half out. I reeled for a minute and said to myself “WOW that hurt”. Then I touched my hand to my forehead…and it came back QUITE bloody. Then…the blood started to pour.

I decided the best plan was to get myself to the ER as quickly as possible. Since I live in the middle of nowhere, my best option was to get my neighbor to give me a ride because…the amount of blood seemed a bit much and I didn’t think I should drive. My neighbors were still sleeping as this was 6:45am. I pounded on their door until they woke up and came out.

When they opened the door I think they both almost screamed. They thought I had been shot because at this point, I was splattered with blood everywhere, and attempting to hold my head closed with my hand. I told them I’d hit my head on my car and could they please drive me to the ER and possibly give me a towel as well.

At this point, I decided sitting or laying down was best, so I laid down on the patio outside their house while they grabbed me a towel and got dressed. While laying on the patio, I called school and informed them that there was NO possible way I would be in that day. Given the fact I had left a trail of blood from my car to the neighbors door, and a substantial puddle in front of their house, I figured staying home would be a good plan.

So…my neighbor grabbed my purse from my car, and threw me in her truck and drove me the 20 minutes to the hospital. I laughed most of the way. I mean really, I FAILED at getting in a car. I hit my head not once, but TWICE.

By the time we got to the ER, I had bled through all layers of the bathroom towel…and the ER receptionist quickly got me a wheelchair and within 5 minutes of our arrival I was in a bed being cleaned up by a nurse.

This is the LEAST bloody picture of the towel. I soaked it...

This is the LEAST bloody picture of the towel. I soaked it...

Before Wednesday, I was unaware that head wounds bleed a lot. I am now very aware of that fact. I have never seen so much blood in my LIFE.

See why they thought I was shot? Blood EVERYWHERE!

See why they thought I was shot? Blood EVERYWHERE!

So I ended up with 6 stitches. My very FIRST stitches, and a tetanus shot. So I had a knot in the back of my head, and in the front, stitches, and a sore arm from the shot. Thankfully no concussion.

My poor head...

My poor head...

By the time I got to school Thursday, my kids had made up some WILD stories about what had happened to me, and I think they had had me die in about 4 of the stories. Good times.

But I’m healing…I guess…and enjoying sporting a wide variety of colorful bandaids in the meantime.

Moving on.


This week’s favorite is The Palm restaurant. Wow. Let me tell you…I could get accustomed to a lifestyle that includes occasional visits to that place.

I went to NC for the weekend with a friend to visit their family and celebrate their mom’s birthday. Her birthday dinner was at The Palm. It was AMAZING. I had filet mingnon, and also tried my very first lobster!! It was wonderful. I am offically a fan of lobster.

There were also some amazing 3 cheese potatoes, fried asparagus, and creme brulee and tiramisu for dessert!

So, if you ever get the chance for a very special occasion, visit a Palm restaurant. You WON’T be dissappointed.

Other Junk:

As I mentioned, this weekend I went to NC. I hit some great geocaches on the way down. I would have done more, but the cold got to me and I gave up. But every cache I looked for, I found! That’s a first I think!!

Pretty cool building near a cache.

Pretty cool building near a cache.

Then in Greensboro I watched my friend’s brothers lacrosse game with the family. That was really fun. I’d never been to a lacrosse game before and I really enjoyed it. (Yes, I knit through the entire game) We’re going to go down again and watch another…hopefully in warmer weather!

I also got to go to Bass Pro while in NC so that was fabulous.

Other than that…not much to report given the head injury and all. Next weekend I do have a 5K so watch for that report!!!

So-Far-Away Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout is to Lesley. I miss you so very much!!!! Lesley and I went to grad school together and she’s…oh probably 14 hours north of me. We did a half marathon together around this time last year and I really miss running with her!

I actually got to talk to her today for the first time in probably 6 months. We have decided to make Sunday our weekly phone call day so we can keep in touch. I’m super excited for next Sunday already!


I Love This Bar

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I need a bar.

Reason A) I have 2 weeks of summer left. Reason B) I can’t run. Reason C) Half my laptop screen is messed up and permanetly darker than the other half.

And my warranty is expired.

Dude. You’re not getting a new screen.

ANYWAY. Quick shoutout to one of the best podcasters out there. MEGHAN DO THE 5K!!!!!!!!!!!!

And sorry about the pictures. I’m away at a conference and do not have my camera cord with me. So sorry.

But I can update on…well did I update on the speedwork? I did speedwork!!!! Yeeeah. 🙂 It wasn’t quite as painful as expected so that was good. We did a mile warmup, 4 400’s, and then a half mile cool down. As soon as I’m runable again I need to do more. THANKS CARLY!!!!!!!

Then Saturday I did 8 miles for my LR. It went pretty well even though I got a later than usual start. Mom ran 6 of it with me and I finished the last 2 alone. It was a little painful and I was a little stiff afterwards but not too bad. However later that afternoon…I kind of got a little injured and it was totally my own fault. So…the person out there who may THINK it was her fault should NOT FEEL BAD. Seriously. That’s why I haven’t told you anything…cause I don’t want you to feel bad cause then I’ll feel bad….but anway. I got stepped on by a horse. It caught my ankle at a really awesome angle…and it hurt like hell.

And it swelled up. And I went to the hospital after my friend that’s an EMT looked at it and made me go. GOOD NEWS is it’s not broken. Or at least it does not have a visable break at this time. It is possible that there is a fracture and it will just take a week or two to show up on an x-ray…but for now it doesn’t appear to be broken in any way but I’m not supposed to run.

It still hurts quite a bit…and I tried to wear “real” (aka non-flipflop) shoes last night and that was a no-go. It doesn’t so much hurt to walk as it hurts to put pressure on the point below my ankle where the hoof hit. THAT’S what really hurts. So…shoes put pressure on that so…no shoes and no running for me.

However I’m totally going to try tomorrow morning and see how far I can make it. Or IF I can make it. My initial plan was to go to the pool that’s located near where my conference is at but the pool doesn’t open until 11am. That…does not work for me.

So. Running shall be attempted tomorrow.

But for now, I’m going to glare at the dark portion of my computer screen.

It’s Been A Long Time

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Not really, but still.



Wow. I’ve been BUSY this past week. Hmm…let’s see where I left off.


Well Tuesday I did a nice 4 mile run, then Wednesday or Thursday I did some serious lower body work. Much pain on Friday. Whole lot of pain. Then Saturday was LR day!! Whoooo!!!!


So 9 miles. On an already sore body. Mmm. Well my mom came out to do the first 5 with me. She’s REALLY doing well at upping her miles!!! GO MOM GO!!!! So we did a nice slow pace (sorry mom, but it was, for me at least.) at first. Somewhere around a 10 or 11 min mile. Granted if I can do a 10min mile through the entire half, I will be HAPPY so…10 min pace is FIIIINE. It was BEAUTIFUL out and mom had a few too many layers on so we had to stop for a quick wardrobe change after about 3 miles. After that we were good though.


I had planned our route so 5 miles would take us back to the parking lot where both our cars were. That way mom could head out and I could stop for some shot blocks and water. I gave Uri a shot block as well and a bottle of water. He’s learned to drink from a bottle which is WONDERFUL because if I let him drink at the river, he inevitably lays down in it and then I have a wet dog to deal with. A muddy and wet dog. Ick.


So mom went on home and Uri and I went out for our last 4 miles.


Let me reiterate the fact I only ran ONCE all week and that was a quick 4 miles.


Let me also say what a bad, BAD plan that was.


So of course since mom and I had been going slow, I thought I’d pick up the pace. This was great for about a mile. And then…not so much.


By mile 7 I was kinda beat.


Mile 8…I was in serious pain. It felt like someone had punched me in the foot repeatedly. Gee, wonder why.


Towards the last part of that ninth mile I was hoping someone would shoot me. Lol.


But gosh darnit, I FINISHED!!!! I did my 9 miles!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!!!!! I made a few mistakes with pace and such, and I realize that, and the not running all week wasn’t a hot plan either…but I know better so I had to deal with the consequences.


So I went on home and attempted to ice my poor feet. Normally…I love ice. I LOOOVE cold showers after a run and icing my feet has always felt SUPER in the past. But that day…it only made things WORSE!!!! Putting both feet in the ice bath at once…was like putting clamps on my calves and squeezing….NOT OK. One foot was tolerable but both left me in tears. Very odd.


So after ice for a bit, and a nice shower, the boyfriend and I went out for a hike. We were going to do Cascades…but um…please view the parking lot situation.



Yeah. So we did a short 2 miles at Pandapas instead.


And then I passed out.


So Sunday…we biked 6.5 miles or so. I had my seat too low at first…BAD PLAN. I nearly died trying to get up a tiny hill. So once that was resolved I was better, but 6.5 was all I had in me, so we’re going to have to work on that. I think I could have done more if the seat hadn’t been an issue. Also, I still haven’t mastered biking while standing up…so…yeah. Might need to work on that.


Also I have some issues with paying attention and stopping in time…I nearly killed the dog 3 times. (Sorry buddy)


Speaking of the dog, we over-did him. 11ish miles on Saturday and 6ish on Sunday for him running….yeah. He was EXHAUSTED. Poor guy. We let him have Monday off. I took Monday off from working out as well. Haha. So today I’m going to try for 4 or 5 after school. Weather is still nice so…should be good.


Wow, that was one long blog. Ok, gonna go see if I can squeak in some time for my blogroll peeps and then get some homework done!!!

Gimmie Some

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Awesome, awesome, awesome run today!!!

I made a new playlist on my ipod. All Marine cadances. Let me tell you, THAT will motivate you. I really liked it because it has a really great beat for running…because well…that’s what the Marines run to so it works really well!!

I did about 2 miles with the dogs, AND without pain!!! My ankle didn’t hurt at all!! Still doesn’t!!! WHOOO!!!!

I really wanted to keep going but I didn’t want to push my ankle so I stopped.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be running to cadences for awhile!!!

I Wanna Feel Somethin

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Let me tell you, I’m feelin it today.

Saturday I did lower body work, squats and other stuff. Then I moved on to abs….

Then Sunday I did upper body and more abs…

Then yesterday I met with my trainer. We attempted a 3 mile run on the cross country course but it ended up more like a run/walk. My ankle is still hurting from the race. Boo. It was ok for the first mile or so…but it slowly started to irk me. By the time we made it back to the gym…it wasn’t good.

BUT the good news is that it didn’t hurt NEAR as much as it did Thursday and Friday. So…we’re healing but slowly.

After that we did some abs and other stuff. I’m moderately sore today. Not too bad. Might try a short run tonight with the dogs to see how the ankle is feeling.

Next week is our meeting for my run club…there’s a half-marathon we’re doing Nov 22. I’m thinking about volunteering on the course. It’d be fun to see it from the other side. I’m going to try to make it to the meeting and then work the race but we’ll see what my schedule dictates.

I’m off to class now! Hopefully I’ll get that run in tonight!

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