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Are you for SERIOUS????

WordPress just ate my post. I had half a post done…..and *poof* post gone! No reason. No explination. The page just stopped working…….rawr.

So…this is gonna be short and possibly a little grumpy because technically this was the third time I’ve written this post. πŸ™‚ I mean…what happened to auto-save?? Come on now. This is making me nuts.


Ok. SO, I’m late on the surprise, but that’s because the surprise hit a little snag. I wanted to surprise Ashlei by submitting her AWESOME granola recipe to Nicole over at PreventionRD. Nicole and her non-coconut friendly husband BOTH loved it!!! Ashlei’s recipe is THE BEST ever. I’m so glad it got some recognition. Miss Ashlei has been getting quite a lot lately for her awesome blog. She deserves it. πŸ™‚

The last two weekends I’ve been out doing one of my favorite things….it’s Yard-Sale Season!!! I love a good yard sale-ing or a good thrift store. πŸ™‚ It makes my heart happy.

Here are some of the finds from the last 2 weekends.

Last weekend of yard sale-ing.

Last weekend of yard sale-ing.

Some of my favorites in that bunch were the AUTHENTIC red, never worn, tags still attached, crocs IN MY SIZE!!!! Seriously. Awesome.

Then I got some staplers for 25 cents EACH. Heck yeah. Stuff my students can destroy that I don’t have a lot invested in!

Then yesterday…

This weekend's yard sale finds.

This weekend's yard sale finds.

I GOT A JUICER!!!!!! 5 dollars. 5! And an awesome black and white print, framed, and beautiful! Then some pretty plates, 8 for 2.50! I…don’t like matchy-matchy plates. I have ZERO desire for a china pattern. Nothing makes me happier than having random plates and bowls that don’t go together. As long as the colors resemble each other…I’m good.

I also got some wine glasses…and after taking this picture I promptly broke one. Good thing they were twenty five cents. I see NO reason to have a set of matching wine glasses all the same size. I generally buy the goblet style…but…why do they have to match? Who says it has to be uniform and matching? Screw matching.

I also got a kick board so I can work on my moves in the pool…and my uncle gave me his old army sleeping bag! WHOO! Camp stuff. πŸ™‚

Speaking of camp stuff….

I got a little tiny present.

I got a little tiny present.

I talked mom in to getting me a backpack! YAY!!!! I can’t wait to bust it out and go backpacking!

Aaaand speaking of backpacking, I joined a new club…and hopefully will get some climbing, backpacking, and kayaking experience this summer.

Also, hoping to actually meet up with Ashlei and hike together this summer!!! She lives near my cousin, so I was already planning on going down this summer, so I can see my cousin AND Ashlei! Yay!!!!

I’ve got 2 weeks or so until the half marathon. I’m…kind of on point with my training. Kind of not. Did 9 miles today. 6 this morning, then 3 this afternoon…not feeling so hot.

Also did some biking…the bike was being evil. It needs a tune-up. I may enter a bike race next weekend….lol. We shall see.

I do have some more updates…and I’m going to run through them kind of fast, in picture form.

Got awesome books. Waterfalls, Cycling, Trail Running, and...the top one is a present for a friend.

Got awesome books. Waterfalls, Cycling, Trail Running, and...the top one is a present for a friend.

Other awesome books. Biology, Evolution, and YARN!

Other awesome books. Biology, Evolution, and YARN!

And my bestest sent me an AWESOME bag. I giggled hysterically when I found it in my mailbox.

And my bestest sent me an AWESOME bag. I giggled hysterically when I found it in my mailbox.

I got to see the bestest's baby over Mother's Day weekend. Twas very awesome.

I got to see the bestest's baby over Mother's Day weekend. Twas very awesome.

Got to see my other cousin's sheep who I will very soon get to help shear, and then get her wool to spin!

Got to see my other cousin's sheep who I will very soon get to help shear, and then get her wool to spin! cousin found some awesome thumb wrestlers. Lol. cousin found some awesome thumb wrestlers. Lol.

And finally, got to go to an AWESOME concert. Riley Baugus and Tim Eriksen. These are the guys who did the soundtrack for Cold Mountain. It was AMAZING. I was on the front row…and…they are more story-tellers than just straight preformers. They were amazing, hilarious, and it was a small audience. 40 people maybe. So we got to interact with both performers a lot. They were really personable. It was sooooo cool.

Have a good week guys!!!!

16 days until I’m FREEEEEEEE!

It Just Comes Natural

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Hey guys!

For once I didn’t have a race this weekend! Crazy, huh?

Let’s get right in to it, shall we?

Uhhhhhh……..Ok wordpress changed something. The little tab where I could select my font size is now gone. Hello? Where’d it go?

Um so anyway….

Running Week:

This seems a lot less exciting without my bigger title font. *huffs at wordpress*

Well I guess the font size fits my running the past week or so! After the 10K…I didn’t feel like doing JACK. I seriously laid around all week. Between being tired in general, burnt out on school work, and doing 3 races in 3 weeks…I was DONE.

So I was a slug all week. It wasn’t as great as it sounds. You ever do that? Decide to rest…but then just end up feeling lazy? I hate that.

Sunday I kicked my self back in to gear. My half training schedule called for a 5K race, but we all know I can do that, no prob. So I was going to try for 7 miles…but I only manged 4. That’s not too bad though! It was mist/raining…so by the time I got back from 4, I was SOAKED.

The good news is that so far this week I had an AWESOME 4.5 mile run yesterday, and a…mostly crap-tastic 3miler today. πŸ™‚ Oh well. It’s better than last week already!

Also today I had one of those “I never thought I’d say these words” moments. I found myself saying to my neighbor “I think I lost my pepper spray in your yard.” which I followed with “It’s pink. If you or your dog happens to find it, please let me know.”

You feel like a winner when you lose your pepper spray. πŸ™‚

See, it’s not my fault, I swear. And I don’t NORMALLY carry pepper spray! Honest! But I was going to run this long country road…where there’s not many houses, not a lot of traffic…but there are dogs…and other animals…and we’re in the woods…and there can be coyotes….and there have been shootings and a few rapes here so um…yeah. Pepper spray. So. I was heading out to run, and the neighbor’s dog spotted me and came tearing after me, so I helped catch her…and apparently my pepper spray fell off in their yard. I didn’t notice till halfway through my run…but I figured that’s where it had fallen.

So yeah. Pepper spray. But the good news is my neighbor found my pepper spray and I now have it back! Yay for not having to spend 15 bucks!


No races in store for this weekend, but I AM going to hike Dragon’s ToothΒ Β (which is part of the AT) with some of the Striders! Super excited about that. Get ready for a TON of pictures!!!

There’s absolutely NO knitting to speak of, so let’s move on in to this week’s…


So this week’s favorite is thanks to last week’s favorite. πŸ™‚ This week’s favorite is the movie Food Inc.

Wow. Just WOW.Β  Did you know that the average food product travels about 1,500 miles to get to your grocery store? And that transporting food accounts for 30,800 tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year? Did you know that in order to kill the bacteria in the hamburger you buy at the grocery store, it’s been soaked in ammonia? Did you know that there is some corn product or corn byproduct in almost everything in the grocery store?

If you haven’t seen it…please, just give it a chance. You’ve probably wasted an hour and a half of your life on something MUCH less important, less interesting, and less entertaining…so just…try it. Netflix has it…I’m sure you can find bits and pieces of it floating on the web…

I liked it so much I bought the DVD so I can make all my family and friends watch it.

Even just go to the website.Β Just…look around. I mean…don’t you think you should know a LITTLE something about the stuff you actually put inside your body? We all want our doctors to wash their hands before surgery…or even before they poke and prod us in the exam room. Don’t you want to be sure the food you’re actually putting inside yourself every single day…is safe?

So thanks to Food Inc…I’ve made some pretty big changes in the last week or so. I’ve started eating all organic…or as much as I can find. I’m in rural southwest VA…and some grocery stores still don’t carry organic stuff. But on the weekends I’m going to the farmer’s market…I’ve made two homemade pizza’s…with amazing homemade sauce and dough…a rockin homemade salad dressing…and of course my amazing scrambled eggs.

Organic just TASTES better. If you’ve never had free-range organic eggs straight from a farmer…you’re missing out. Eggs will never taste the same again.

Anyway. This favorite has been too long…must cease and desist.

Other Junk:

Well I really have no other junk. OH WAIT! Yeah I do! Haha.

More planting!!! It ties in nicely with my whole organic deal. If you’ve had veggies you raise yourself…you KNOW how much better they are than the store-bought ethelyne-gas ripened crap. Bleh.

Tomatoes, broccoli, eggplant, romaine lettuce, and more!

Tomatoes, broccoli, eggplant, romaine lettuce, and more!

So excited for these little guys to grow up!!!

I also made sweet potato chips. I haven’t perfected it yet…but they are SCRUMPTIOUS!!! If you’ve made chips at home by baking them…PLEASE tell me how to get them crispy?! Mine turn out either burnt, or slightly mushy…like french fry consistancy. I mean I eat them either way but…how do I crisp them?

Mmmm sweet potato chips!

Mmmm sweet potato chips!

Other than that…just….trying to get through the next 37 days until school is OUT!!!!!! I can’t wait. πŸ™‚

Sharing Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout is to Miss Ashlei over at The Vegster. I want to say a HUGE thanks to her for sharing her amazing-fantastic-yummy-delecious-tasty-freakingawesome granola recipe.

Doesn't that just look amazing! And it's not even cooked yet!

Doesn't that just look amazing! And it's not even cooked yet!

It’s her Double Coconut Granola and it can be found on her blog under Recipes. Let me tell you….it is amazing. In a word…”granogasmic”. I devoured the first batch, only stopping long enough to share a taste with mom…and I just made a double batch today. πŸ™‚ I will never buy granola from a store AGAIN. This stuff is better than cookies!

Hellooooooo granola.

Hellooooooo granola.

Ashlei…you freaking rock.

Alrighty, off to eat some granola!!

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