Dragon Attack

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Know what isn’t awesome?

Dropping a FULL thing of Stonyfield’s yummy yogurt on my shoes.

Yogurt Shoes!

Yogurt Shoes!

So they had to go for a spin in the washer…and what better to do with freshly cleaned hiking shoes??? GO HIKING!

Today I hiked up Dragon’s Tooth and………

Um ok we have to take a quick side-trip of AWESOMENESS.


I just won the giveaway from The Crooked Stitch!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! It’s a basket o’goodies and I can’t WAIT to see what’s in it!!! Dani and Whitney have an awesome shop…I love EVERYTHING in that store, so whatever it is, I’m going to be THRILLED. Something tells me it will contain some of Natasha’s handpainted yarns…which just makes it the thrill of my LIFETIME!!!!!! Oh freaking great. Holy crap. I’ll be picking the goodies up on Tuesday…so I will let you guys know just HOW awesome it is then!

Ok. Now that my day has been totally kick-ass….back to the blog.

I did a quick run up Dragon’s Tooth to take care of my little geocache! A friend from the Roanoke Outdoor and Social Club went with me. We blasted through the trail to the top…and took a slight detour that’s a somewhat less beaten path.

I climbed that. Yeeeeah.

I climbed that. Yeeeeah.

Up. That.

It was AWESOME. Yay for climbing!!!

Then we found some blueberries at the top, talk about yummy! So then…we found our way back to the real trail, and located my cache! It…was really sad. It was filled with trash and random junk. But now…it’s much better!

All better! Lots of new goodies, updated log, no trash! YAY!

All better! Lots of new goodies, updated log, no trash! YAY!

A little present for the thru-Hiker Ashlei and I met awhile back!

A little present for the thru-Hiker Ashlei and I met awhile back!

So then after wandering around a bit, I finally found a good spot *I hope* to hide my cache!

All hidden away!

All hidden away!

So we headed off back down the trail.

I love this picture. He looks SO confused and lost...but really he was surprised to turn mid-sentance and see me with a camera.

I love this picture. He looks SO confused and lost...but really he was surprised to turn mid-sentance and see me with a camera.

So…then we decided to climb the smaller tooth! I’d not realized it was climb-able…but it so totally is! It was AWESOME. I think I like climbing…because it’s like a puzzle.

A puzzle where if you don’t get it right the first time, you wind up seriously injured…or dead.

Hehe. Puzzles.

The view looking down the smaller tooth. What we climbed DOWN. Hehe.

The view looking down the smaller tooth. What we climbed DOWN. Hehe.

I come from the rocks!!! Ashlei-style!!!!

I come from the rocks!!! Ashlei-style!!!!

So that was the hike of awesomness.

The dog is getting better at not barking his head off when I leave the house…however he still REALLY doesn’t like other people taking him out of his crate. He’s terrified. It seems like he thinks they will take him away from me. 😦 Poor guy.

Tomorrow we’re going hiking at the Cascades…then I’m doing a 5K in Blacksburg! If I get time I’m going to take him to a fenced in location…with SUPER high prison-type security fencing…and let him off the leash and see if he’ll come to me.

Supposedly he’s a fence jumper, and will NOT come if he gets loose. So…I’m going to test that in a controlled environment tomorrow. So far, he REALLY seems to like to stay right beside me…so I’m hoping he keeps that up and becomes a little more capture-able if he gets loose.

So anyway, have a great weekend! Watch for my race report Sunday!!! And then next weekend? NEXT WEEKEND?!?!?! ASHLEI IS COMING FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited. Beyond.

Dear Summer,
You freaking rock.

Break Stuff

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All my stuff keeps breaking. See “Other Junk” for details.

Annnd it’s been almost 3 weeks!

I swear, I need to work on my posting regularity. The good news is there was a lot more running than blogging so…that’s what counts, right? 🙂

Knitting Week:

Hmm…where did I leave you? Oh, my fun little bags! Well using said bags quite a bit. Haven’t made more…no time and haven’t been home but that’s ok.

I did finish ONE of the aunt’s socks! One more to go!!!! I also cast on for a cat sweater that dad wants.

Yeah. Cat sweater.

Not a sweater for him with a cat on it…but a sweater for his cat.


I’ll just stop there. There are no words. But feel free to google images of “cat in sweater”. It’s highly amusing.

This is the one I’m making, except in red.

Yeeeah. Cat sweaters. So wrong. So very wrong.

Yeeeah. Cat sweaters. So wrong. So very wrong.


Running Week:

So far this week, 2 good runs and some awesome yoga.

Last week, 2 run days, some sick days, and some yoga.

Week before, 3 run days, bike day (whoo!) and some other stuff.

PS, Half Marathon training started. DUM-DA-DUM!!!!!!!!! So super excited! The half is the Trail Nut Half that Mountain Junkies does. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

I’m also hoping to sign up for the MCM come this time next week. I’m debating between that and the OBX Marathon. Mom REALLY wants to do a half this fall…and since MCM doesn’t have a half…and OBX does…I’m debating. If mom will pay for lodging and transportation to OBX…I’m down with that one. 🙂 Also may talk Carly, Chrissy, Cali, Jordan and Kristen in to doing that one. Or at least I’ll TRY to talk them in to it. Haha. OH but wait…Karyn is doing MCM this year I think……Crap, I wanted to meet her! Karyn, you doing MCM? Yesno?

Anyway. Next Saturday is the Susan G Komen race here and I am BEYOND excited!!!!!!!!! Hopefully my friend and her mom, who is a breast cancer survivor, will walk it with me. That would be awesome. Either way, I’ll be there helping out and/or running/walking. 🙂

I missed signing up for BOTH tri’s so no BAMF award for me. 😦 But I will do the Mill Mountain Mayhem on April 17th. Pretty excited for that.

Moving on.


This week’s favorite…I’m going to go with Geocaching!!!!!! What’s Geocaching, you ask??? Well wander on over to geocaching.com and find out!

It’s basically a bunch of dorks (myself included) that use million dollar government satellites to find tupperwear in the woods.

See??? FUN!!!

See??? FUN!!!


All you need is a handheld GPS or even a car one *speaking of car GPS’s mine died. More on that later* and a decent sense of direction and stealth and you’re off!

It’s really fun. It’s kind of like treasure hunting for secret hiding locations. Basically, you get some coordinates from geocaching.com (type in your home address, I bet you 5 bucks that a cache pops up within 10 miles of you), drive/walk/hike/run/bike to the location….and get out your handy-dandy GPS…and try to find the cache! If you do, you sign the log…and head off to the next one.

They also encourage people to pick up trash on their way to/from the cache…so yay for being eco-friendly.

It’s really fun to do with a few friends, or with little kids, or adults who act like kids…Haha. So…if you haven’t tried geocaching, then DO IT! Otherwise, TFTC. 🙂

Other Junk:

So my TomTom died. Thankfully I noticed it’s little issue when I was trying to calculate how late I was going to be, and not how to get to where I was going. 🙂

It has somehow reset itself…and when I try to turn it on, it wants me to go through the setup…and when I get to “Select Voice” it crashes, and resets itself on it’s own….so I’m stuck in an infinite loop of Power on-setup-voice screen-crash.

Not. Cool. Can’t google my way out of it either. I’ve tried. If you do happen to have a suggestion, lay it on me, cause otherwise I’ve got a silver square paperweight. (Yes I’ve hooked it up to the computer, tried to update software, done a reset manually…still looping.)

Aaaand if that wasn’t awesome enough…my car crapped itself on Monday. Well technically Friday. It started being all weird…and when I’d put it in park the RPM’s would jump up to 3,000….while idiling….so that was awesome. But then Sunday it was FINE. Acted totally normal.

Monday morning, went out to start it…and RPM’s jumped WAY up again. Turned it off, TRIED to get a ride to work…couldn’t find ANYONE…had to take an unpaid day off work (NOT COOL) and then an hour later when I tried to drive it to the mechanic…… it was fine. Totally fine.

So it’s STILL at the mechanic…they think it might be the wiring…but we won’t know until tomorrow. Let me just say this is NOT how I wanted to spend my spring break…or my birthday cash. (I’ll be….older on April 12th) So yeah.

Other news…I planted stuff.

It grew.

It rained.

My cat is insane.

The end!

(Oh, and one of my students asked me if elephants lay eggs. They were serious.)

Sisterly Love Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout is to Cali who is my friend’s sister and like a sister to me. Heh, she may BE my sister-in-law one day but we’ll see. Anyway, Cali is AWESOME because she’s not only letting me drag her in to doing her first 5K, but she’s ALSO attempting to do my half-marathon training plan along with me!!! I’m pretty sure Cali is a much better runner and a lot more in shape than she gives herself credit for. So far she’s doing REALLY well with her half-training. Hence why I am totally going to talk her in to doing a half in the fall. 🙂

Heh. You know you want to!!!!

Love you guys!

Gimmie Stitches

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So…who missed me?!?!?

I’ve had an interesting two weeks. Last weekend I went home for the first time in about a month so I was semi-busy…and then this past week, well, you can guess what happened from the title.

Yep. I got stitches. But more on that later. Let’s get started.

Knitting Week:

********************** Edit *********************

I almost forgot!!! I taught 2 people to knit this week!!! 2!!!!!

One was the bestest, Carly. We went to my LYS, Crooked Stitch, and got her all squared away. She’s working on a lovely scarf out of aplaca. Since she’s the best friend, I couldn’t let her start on cheap yarn. I bought her some bamboo needles and we sat together and knit Thursday night.

Then one of the assistants for a teacher in my department wanted to learn, so I brought her some of my old metal needles and a skein of cheap caron yarn. She was thrilled and I got her on her way as well!


****************************End Edit******************************

Ohhh so much knitting!!!! So much “fibery goodness” as Meghan would say. Last weekend while I was at home, I visited my former LYS, Mosaic. I was absolutley fed UP with the scarf I had been trying to knit my aunt. It was her Christmas present…and if you will recall I only managed to finish 2 of the 4 projects for family presents. Her scarf darn near drove me insane. So I decided I needed new yarn.

I also wanted new circular needles for sock knitting. I was frustrated with the DPN’s, and really just wanted to get my OTHER aunt’s socks *also a Christmas present* FINISHED. And started, for that matter.

Well I’d started them 4 times but…yeah.

So, Mosaic, being the wonderful yarn shop that it is…had just what I needed. I bought some hand dyed yarn by Unplanned Peacock. The fiber artist actually lives near me and I’ve met her at a knitting circle so I was super excited to support her.

I grabbed up a beautiful skein in her Flamingo colorway and got to knitting on Monday. Over the weekend I FINISHED the scarf (HAHA!) and it’s currently blocking in my bathroom. The yarn was REALLY springy…even though it was 200 yards…the scarf was only about 3.5ft before I blocked it. But now it’s around 6! And DONE! FINALLY!! It should be dry and ready to go in the mail to my aunt by tomorrow.

Scarf pre-blocking

Scarf pre-blocking

The socks…or sock, rather, is on the needles and progressing nicely. I’ve also decided to repurpose the yarn from the previous scarf attempt. I’m going to make Bella’s Mittens for my cousin who LOVES Twilight and knitting.

So far, so good on the socks!!

So far, so good on the socks!!

In other knitting news, I’m going to do a review of a yarn store I visited this weekend!!! I’m going to try and add more reviews in to the blog…so here’s this week’s!


This week’s review is of Gate City Yarns in Greensboro, NC. Gate City Yarns is located in a lovely section of Greensboro. I would say it’s downtown, but I’ve never been to Greensboro before so I’m not sure exactly what section of town one would consider it’s location to be.

The shop has a lovely window display of yarn, fiber, and some unique metal artwork. It’s a really beautiful storefront. I was immediately excited.

Hello Yarn Store!!

Hello Yarn Store!!

Upon entering, I nearly squealed because the first thing you see in the store, is shelves of FIBER and SPINNING WHEELS ON TOP!!! Oh I was thrilled. I nearly threw myself in to the bags of fibery goodness.

Anyone want to donate to the "Buy Courtney a Spinning Wheel fund? Anyone?"

Anyone want to donate to the "Buy Courtney a Spinning Wheel fund? Anyone?"

I learned that the fiber was from a local farm and I believe it was hand dyed.

Of course I had to buy some. I got a lovely blue green corriedale, about 7oz. The staff was wonderfully helpful and friendly. I would love for Gate City to be my LYS! They also had a “store mascot”, a very sweet dog named Reese. He greeted the customers in a very calm and polite manner. He wasn’t overly friendly, and didn’t come right up to sniff you. You more or less had to invite him over or come to him. Perfect manners for a yarn store dog!

Mmmm I can't wait to spin this!!!

Mmmm I can't wait to spin this!!!

Hello, sock yarn. How I love thee.

Hello, sock yarn. How I love thee.

I’m a firm beliver that yarn stores should have mascots or animals of some sort in them. 🙂

In addition to all the spinning goodies, Gate City had a lot of lovely yarns. I ended up buying some sock yarn from a company I hadn’t seen before. They really had a great selection and it was beautifully displayed and organized.

Gate City also had a very wide array of needles, hooks, drop spindles, hand cards, and other fiber work goodies. They really catered to every area of fiber work! It was wonderful!

I hope I get to go back to Gate City Yarns next time I’m in Greensboro. I really loved that store!

Running Week:

Well, there hasn’t really been any running to speak of since…last week sometime. I was doing push-ups and planks daily, up until Wednesday…and therefore we will skip the running, and visit our special section this week….the……..

Injury Report:

***squemish beware. Skip to “Favorite” if you have issues with blood***:

Well folks, I did a number on myself. Let me tell you, gravity has it IN for me!!!!

Wednesday morning I was preparing to go for work…and was running a tad late. I guess I was in a hurry and opened my car door with a little too much force, because as I bent down to get in my car, the door came back at me and caught me in the back of my head, slamming my forehead in to the frame of my car.

Yes, essentially I slammed my entire head in a car door.

The force was sufficent to knock me down, in to the car, half in and half out. I reeled for a minute and said to myself “WOW that hurt”. Then I touched my hand to my forehead…and it came back QUITE bloody. Then…the blood started to pour.

I decided the best plan was to get myself to the ER as quickly as possible. Since I live in the middle of nowhere, my best option was to get my neighbor to give me a ride because…the amount of blood seemed a bit much and I didn’t think I should drive. My neighbors were still sleeping as this was 6:45am. I pounded on their door until they woke up and came out.

When they opened the door I think they both almost screamed. They thought I had been shot because at this point, I was splattered with blood everywhere, and attempting to hold my head closed with my hand. I told them I’d hit my head on my car and could they please drive me to the ER and possibly give me a towel as well.

At this point, I decided sitting or laying down was best, so I laid down on the patio outside their house while they grabbed me a towel and got dressed. While laying on the patio, I called school and informed them that there was NO possible way I would be in that day. Given the fact I had left a trail of blood from my car to the neighbors door, and a substantial puddle in front of their house, I figured staying home would be a good plan.

So…my neighbor grabbed my purse from my car, and threw me in her truck and drove me the 20 minutes to the hospital. I laughed most of the way. I mean really, I FAILED at getting in a car. I hit my head not once, but TWICE.

By the time we got to the ER, I had bled through all layers of the bathroom towel…and the ER receptionist quickly got me a wheelchair and within 5 minutes of our arrival I was in a bed being cleaned up by a nurse.

This is the LEAST bloody picture of the towel. I soaked it...

This is the LEAST bloody picture of the towel. I soaked it...

Before Wednesday, I was unaware that head wounds bleed a lot. I am now very aware of that fact. I have never seen so much blood in my LIFE.

See why they thought I was shot? Blood EVERYWHERE!

See why they thought I was shot? Blood EVERYWHERE!

So I ended up with 6 stitches. My very FIRST stitches, and a tetanus shot. So I had a knot in the back of my head, and in the front, stitches, and a sore arm from the shot. Thankfully no concussion.

My poor head...

My poor head...

By the time I got to school Thursday, my kids had made up some WILD stories about what had happened to me, and I think they had had me die in about 4 of the stories. Good times.

But I’m healing…I guess…and enjoying sporting a wide variety of colorful bandaids in the meantime.

Moving on.


This week’s favorite is The Palm restaurant. Wow. Let me tell you…I could get accustomed to a lifestyle that includes occasional visits to that place.

I went to NC for the weekend with a friend to visit their family and celebrate their mom’s birthday. Her birthday dinner was at The Palm. It was AMAZING. I had filet mingnon, and also tried my very first lobster!! It was wonderful. I am offically a fan of lobster.

There were also some amazing 3 cheese potatoes, fried asparagus, and creme brulee and tiramisu for dessert!

So, if you ever get the chance for a very special occasion, visit a Palm restaurant. You WON’T be dissappointed.

Other Junk:

As I mentioned, this weekend I went to NC. I hit some great geocaches on the way down. I would have done more, but the cold got to me and I gave up. But every cache I looked for, I found! That’s a first I think!!

Pretty cool building near a cache.

Pretty cool building near a cache.

Then in Greensboro I watched my friend’s brothers lacrosse game with the family. That was really fun. I’d never been to a lacrosse game before and I really enjoyed it. (Yes, I knit through the entire game) We’re going to go down again and watch another…hopefully in warmer weather!

I also got to go to Bass Pro while in NC so that was fabulous.

Other than that…not much to report given the head injury and all. Next weekend I do have a 5K so watch for that report!!!

So-Far-Away Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout is to Lesley. I miss you so very much!!!! Lesley and I went to grad school together and she’s…oh probably 14 hours north of me. We did a half marathon together around this time last year and I really miss running with her!

I actually got to talk to her today for the first time in probably 6 months. We have decided to make Sunday our weekly phone call day so we can keep in touch. I’m super excited for next Sunday already!


If Only

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If only I could stop getting sick!!!!!!

Sorry the blog is a touch late. I was sick all weekend, and got sick yet again yesterday. I REALLY would like to move on with my life, my running, and STOP BEING SICK!!!!!! Ugh.

That being said, I did have a decent weekend/last week….so let’s get started!

The Work Week:

Well I was sick a lot, so there wasn’t much of a work week. Last week I had to take Friday off because I was sick, and this week I made it to work Wednesday but ended up going to the hospital…and am home today. Sick.

For those of you who don’t know, I have Crohn’s disease…and so I get sick pretty easy. Good times.

Anyway…haven’t been at work a whole lot, so not much to say here.

I am thinking about several things I can do for my kids. For one, right now I have a give-a-way going. Whoever gets a good grade on our benchmark test will go in to a drawing for one of 15 college t-shirts I have acquired. I may have mentioned those in an earlier post.

I’m trying to motivate the kids to study…so I’m going to try and get donations of cool stuff for each benchmark. There are only 4 left for the entire school year, so hopefully that won’t be too hard. 🙂

The Workout Week:

Yeah. So I was sick.

I was supposed to go run last night with my neighbor’s girlfriend, but the whole trip to the ER thing, plus the mild hurricane in the area kind of spoiled those plans.

I managed a little light yoga this week. Other than that I’m praying to be able to run the local Thanksgiving day race in a few weeks. We shall see how that goes.

The Knitting Week:

Now here’s where it gets good!!!!!! I’ve cast on 3 new projects and finished one!!! WHOOO!!!!!!!!

Finished Project: Mom’s Socks!!!! I finished them over the weekend and they are pretty good for my very first pair of socks! There were a few minor issues, a little hole near the heel and whatnot, but I stitched it up and you can’t even tell.

Mom's socks

Mom's socks, all done!

I cast on for 2 other pairs of socks this week as well. One for ME in our school colors, and one for my aunt for Christmas *As long as we get a miracle and I can finish them in time*. So far…my socks are much further along than hers. I’m doing hers from the toe up and on DPN’s. Both of which are firsts for me so…I’m shying away from that project when it SHOULD be my focus.

My socks!!

My socks...going pretty fast!

I did learn to crochet this week though!! Taught myself!!! For the cast on of my aunt’s socks, I needed a provisional cast on…so I had to learn to crochet a chain. Not too shabby!

Connie's Socks

There's a cast-on in that picture, I swear.

Then the third cast on project this week occured today! Even if you feel like crap, you can still wind a ball of yarn and knit!!!

Sarah's Beret

I wound. I knitted. Go me!!

I started a beret for another aunt for Christmas! According to the pattern that I got off Ravelry, it should be pretty quick and easy. It’s good so far. Just straight stockinette.

Also, the stash migrated this week. It keeps expanding. I swear I don’t know how!!!!! It now is located in a large metal bucket, in a drawer, in 2 pink baskets on a shelf, and all hibernating/frogged projects are in a woven basket in the living room.

The Ever-Expanding Stash

The Ever-Expanding Stash

Yeah. I need to purge. But…not now.


This week’s favorite is yet another food. Imgaine that.

My favorite of the week is bagels with cream cheese and sprinkles!! Mmmm. Mom used to make this for me when I was little, and I’ve introduced it to several people over the years.

Mmmm sprinkles.

Mmmm sprinkles.

For one, it’s fun to look at! What kid wouldn’t love a rainbow bagel instead of plain white on white? I mean come on!!!

And plus, the sugary crunch of the sprinkles just puts a smile on your face.

So go get your bagel, get your philly spread, and get out those rainbow sprinkles and go at it!!!!

Other Junk:

This weekend while I was laying on the couch, two of my very favorite people came to visit and take care of me!!! Kim and Carly took turns entertaining me.

Friday night Carly came down and baked cookies for me! I made my pumpkin bisque for her. Then Saturday morning I started to feel better and made blueberry muffins. We also ventured out to one of the most bizzare stores I’ve ever been to. It’s a local gas station…and I can’t put in to words how odd it is inside. I am now on a mission to show this place to everyone who comes to visit me.

After Carly left on Saturday, Kim made her way down to see me. I made eggplant parmesan for the first time, and it was pretty darn good!!! I also started a scrap bucket of which I am very proud. No more smelly trash, I’m feeding local wildlife, and helping the soil gain nutrients for when I plant in the spring!!! YAY!!!!!

So, Kim is a huge fan of my nutty, nutty cat.

Who you callin nutty??

Who you callin nutty??

Except at 3am when my cat crawls on the couch where Kim is sleeping…and puts his nose to her ear…and meows with all his might.

Poor Kim.

So then on Sunday Kim and I went up to town to get groceries and also did a little geocaching.

Caching through the woods...

Caching through the woods...

We found the coolest slide EVER and had a blast. We didn’t, however, find many caches. Some roads were non-accessable, some caches had crappy GPS signal, and some were just nowhere to be found. But we enjoyed our time out and about!!!

Go Kim Go! Slide Kim Slide!!

Go Kim Go! Slide Kim Slide!!

Aaaand We're OFF!!!!!

Aaaand We're OFF!!!!!


So, that’s really all I’ve gotten done in the last week or so. Hopefully Carly is coming down yet again this weekend and MAYBE if I feel better we’ll go for a walk. She’s off running for the next 3 weeks or so.

I think I’ll try and move the blog update to Sunday nights so…there may be a “weekender” version of the blog this Sunday. Whoo!

And now it’s time for…..

The Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout goes to Miss Kim. No one can ever make me laugh near as much as she does. I miss her SO much now that I’m all moved away and stuff. I’m so glad she came down for the weekend!!! I can’t wait till next time, and for Christmas so I can move in to her basement and have nightly pool tournaments!!!

So YAY Kim for being pretty much one of the most awesome people in the known universe. 🙂

I’m a New Soul

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Not so much a new soul, but a new format….so….welcome to the new and improved blog!!!!!! Methinks I shall change the banner title….Anyway. Let’s get started, shall we? (Totally stole that from Meghan)

So first up in new-blog-land we have….

The Work Week:

This week my some of my kids announced to me that I should wear makeup. My response? “I am.” Apparently my version of makeup is not…enough for them.

Here’s what I looked like after getting home from work the day they told me this…

After 10 hours of work...

After 10 hours of work...

So yeah, I have oily skin…but I really don’t think it’s that bad. But apparently the kids do, so whatever.

Also this week in the world of work…our gradebook website went down. All. Weekend. Talk about wanting to pull your hair out…AND with parent/teacher conferences coming up….not awesome.

Parent/Teacher conferences were Monday. It went ok. Some upset parents but I calmed them down by showing them why their child’s grades are the way they are. Most parents were supportive and nice though. It was a busy day though!!

Not much else going on work-wise. Or rather, I don’t wanna talk about work. Ha! So we’ll continue on.

The Workout Week

WHOOO my Runners World for Dec came!!!!!!! Aaaaand I haven’t even read November’s yet. Haha.

This week I did some kickboxing and yoga…when I went home this weekend I meant to grab my P90X DVD’s so I could re-start that again but alas, I forgot them.

I did do a 5K this weekend!!! Carly, Mom and I did the Phi Kappa Tau Phive K. It was decent. They really could use some tips from runners who have done other 5K’s. Honestly, I don’t think we’ll be doing that race next year. Here’s why…

Costume contest. Fun to see other people out in their festive gear.
Small crowd.
Nice color t-shirt
Raffle prizes from local running store
Gift Certificate prizes for winners
Reasonably fast on results

Took forever to start
Started AND finished 1mile run before 5K could line up.
Only water at finish to drink
Limited food-age at finish
Only 1st place in each AG got a prize/mention
Parking/bathrooms were a hike from race start

So…even though the list is about even…I weight things like food/drink and time consumption heavily…and the hills. I knew it would be hilly because I’d done the course before but…UGH. That really…sucked. No 2 ways about it.

But hey, I did another 5K this year, and got some rockin pictures. Here ya go.

Carly and me, pre-race.

Carly and me, pre-race.

I'm lovin "Banana Man"

I'm lovin "Banana Man"

I TOTALLY WON....and she totally let me.

I TOTALLY WON....and she totally let me.

Now on to the….

Knitting Week

Oh my gosh, I want to go to Rhinebeck next year. Listening to all my favorite podcasters talk about it…..man, I want to go. Plus I have friends that live near there!!! Free lodging!!!!!!

Also, I’ve requested a drop spindle from Grafton Fibers for Christmas. Apparently now they are DyakCraft. Anyway. I want a spindle. I have already bought wool….so….now I need a spindle. Hehe.

So hopefully SOMEONE will be getting me that for Christmas. They know who they are…but they probably won’t read this.

The spindle desire led me to want more wool….which led me to Etsy. *sigh* Thankfully I convinced myself NOT to buy anything. I have enough to do already.

All purchases and desires aside, I do have a lot of stuff that needs to get knit, and fast. I’m trying HARD to finish mom’s socks this week. I’m on the second sock, on the foot. I CAN FINISH, I CAN!!!!!!! Then once those are finished, I need to start/finish the ones for my aunt by….Christmas. Ha.


Hahahaahaha. Yeah this probably won’t happen, but not for lack of trying.

So I have the yarn for the socks, but they were still in a hank….and I do not own a ball winder.

So I made one.

Out of a CD, a pen, and duct tape. Yeah.

I made Tracy help...hehe.

I made Tracy help...hehe.

Ta-da!!! Ghetto fab, but functional!!!

Ta-da!!! Ghetto fab, but functional!!!

I….am so proud of my ghetto-fab ball winder. SO PROUD!!!!!!! Yeah, so it doesn’t make perfect little yarn cakes, but it’s still center pull so HA! Moving on.


This week’s favorite is Harry and David pears.

Mmmmm. If you haven’t had one, GET ONE!!!!!!!! They are Royal Rivera pears….apparently very rare….and somewhat pricey….but it’s worth it. Once they ripen, they practically melt in your mouth! They are SO flavorful, juicy, and amazing. I got one when I was in DC and I devoured it this week. It was PERFECT! Mmmm. I heart Harry and David’s.

Other Junk

In other junk….my super-fab-awesome-new ipod player….crapped out. Apparently there’s a recall on it…so I’m going to have to figure that out and take care of it soon. I miss having my ipod keep me company on the way to work!!!

Yeah….I want my ipod back.

I’ve also realized I’m out of town WAY too much this month. Baby showers, weddings, holidays….ugh. My house is going to look like a disaster area. Oh wait!! It already does!!!!!!!!

In other fun news, since I was home this weekend, I got to go geocaching with Miss Kim. It was super fun, although…the weather was super-gross, as it always is when we go a’caching.

There were random bricks in the woods. We don't know why.

There were random bricks in the woods. We don't know why.

It helps to be short when geocaching.

It helps to be short when geocaching.

So this week was my biopsy/coloposcopy or however that’s spelled. Last month my Dr told me they thought I might have cervical cancer. NOT what you want to hear at 25 years old. Not at all.

So….after 3 attempts to get my work schedule to mesh with my Drs schedule, I had the procedure today. Thankfully I didn’t have to have an actual biopsy. Everything um….looks good and….I should have the results from the tests they DID do by next week.

And I also passed out.

AFTER the doctor had finished.

So proud. SO very proud. But I’m good now. I’m resting at home…blogging…and getting ready to do a little bit of school work and then call it a night. Because really, Biggest Loser is on tonight. 🙂

So that’s where we’ll end. Hope this was entertaining. Feel free to leave suggestions/questions/comments/complaints *that I will ignore*/love/hugs in the comment section!!!!

Stellar Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout goes to Caaaaaaaarly. I am SO proud of you. You’re going to be fine, I’m always here for you, and you need to pack your bags and come visit ASAP!!!!!!!!!!


God, What Am I Doing Here?

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The cold wind from space
Is blowing in my face
God, what am I doing here?
I wish I was a cat,
Then I’d know where it’s at
Sure has been a funny year

            ~Holy Modal Rounders

Well. It’s been a funny last month or so. I’ve been missing in action, in case you didn’t notice. A lot has been going on…grad school and all that madness, but the good news is I’ve been semi-keeping up with the running and will be doing my second half-marathon in 10 days!!!!!!!!!

I feel a little under-prepared but with the pressures of grad school and the turmoil of winter, it’s the best I can do right now. The good news is that I’m running with my good friend and…well…she’s stuck in the same boat. We’re in the same grad program so we’re both maxed out and pressed for time and our running is suffering.

I’ve wandered to a few new websites so if anyone that reads this is on one of them, please add me as a friend!!! I’m on SparkPeople (sn is PinkCowgirl) and Ravelry (sn is also PinkCowgirl). I’m loving them both and I can get on them from school whereas wordpress is blocked. Stupid school.

Anyway, other exciting things that have happened: Ran 2 5K’s…went to see my sister (http://imamarinesgirl.wordpress.com/) and had an AWESOME time!!!!!!!! I miss her already and she needs to get her little butt up here!!!!!!!

Not much else to report, but plenty of pictures to share!!!!!!!!!

Mom, Uri, and me before the Classic! Mom came in 2nd in her age group in this race!!!

Jo found a cache!!!! She was a cache finding machine this weekend. AND IT WAS HER FIRST TIME GEOCACHING!!!!!!! Love ya, sissy.

OMG OMG OMG NEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and my beautiful sister!!!

Me and mom before the Explore Park 5K. Mom’s first trail run!!!!

After the race! Mom got 1st in her age group and I got 2nd in mine. Mom also managed to come in a full minute under my time from 3 years ago in this race. And she’s about 30 years older than I was. Yeah. Mom is scary-good. And I’m super proud. 🙂

Well, mom and I have another 5K tomorrow, so I’ll try and be a better blogger and update then!!!

Just A Small Town Girl…

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Livin’ in a lonely world
She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere
Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit
He took the midnight train goin’ anywhere

Went to see Bedtime Stories tonight. Heavy on the Journey music so I thought it was fitting.

I did a nice 3 miler today. My friend and I were going to go geocaching (10 points to anyone who actually knows what that is) so I got my run in before we went. I have a tendancy to put the run off…and then not do it…so in an effort to stay on track with my training I got my run in BEFORE going out with my friends. 🙂 GO me.

And let me tell you it was a darn good thing, because her car…died on us. We ended up sitting in a field for about 2 hours.

Here’s a picture of where we sat.

So. That was fun. And speaking of pictures, I need to post my Christmas goodies!!! So without further ado….DUM DA DUM……………………..

The clothes!!!

The DVD’s!!!!

The running goodies from the family. A BPA free bottle, some gloves, an under armor sports bra, a scarf, and a headlamp!!!

And the pièce de résistance….

The awesome, awesome, awesome, AWESOME presents from the boyfriend!!!

Yeah. 2 running books I’ve been DYING for…a ultra-light headlamp (the one the fam gave me…kinda tends to fall down in to my face when I run, it’s better for working on the jeep or something) some ASICS socks (woot for my fave brand) and not to mention the fuel belt I got earlier!!!

THEN he got me a Carhartt jacket (OMG YAY!!!!!!!!!!) and a new fishing pole!!!! AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may keep this one around for awhile.

So. Shamrock prices go up tomorrow. I’m going to try and sign up tomorrow. I will. I CAN. I must.


Ok, so I keep a yearly running log…the RW one. This one.

So last year was the first year I did it…and I think I started it…um..wait. Maybe I started in August of 07…yeah…then I got sick…and I didn’t do it much this year…but anyway. 2009. I’m starting the log and writing down EVERY run. And I am EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone else get excited about new logs or stuff? Yes? Maybe?

Well I am.

So. Tomorrow is the last day of the old log. I’m READY for 2009 and my new log. AND my new RW calendar!!!!!!!


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