I’m In A Hurry To Get Things Done

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Soooo much to talk about but one REALLY big thing that just can’t wait….

I went to Knit-Night at my LYS (Local Yarn Store) last Thursday and the store owner was there. She’s really awesome and runs a blog over at http://thecrookedstitch.wordpress.com/.

So Thursday I’m sitting down to knit…finishing off one pair of socks and casting on another…and Whitney notices my necklace. It’s a ball of yarn with needles stuck through it with freshwater pearls on each side. And….she loves it!!!!!!!


*runs around room squealing*

Yeah. Let’s just say I’m a TAD excited!!!!!!!!! My jewelry is going to be showcased in her store!!!! OMG YAY!!!!!!!!!!

I need to act more mature about this I suppose. But…I just can’t.

So as of right now these are the pieces I have ready to go to her shop

Knit One Purl Two Collection: Metal Wire Necklace

Knit One Purl Two Collection: Metal Wire Necklace

Knit One Purl Two Earrings

Knit One Purl Two Earrings

These pieces and the rest of my stuff is all still on my Etsy site….but still, this is AWESOME. I just need to get the display board that I want to put in her shop and we’re ready to roll! Hopefully my stuff will be in her store by next Thursday!!!!!!!!


Yeah. A little excited. Just a tad.

Ok. I’m going to go be productive. *nod* Yes. Productive and mature. I shall.


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