Live and Learn

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In the last 2 hours, while wandering the internet instead of packing for tomorrow’s hike….I have learned two important lessons, and I would like to share them with you now.

Lesson #1: Always check the sleeping bag you’re washing in the washing machine for possible wasps nests. *pictures to come later*

Lesson #2: If highly motivated dog who won’t typically run IS, in fact, strong and fast enough to rip tie-out stake and rope out of ground. Proper motivation appears to be furry rabbit I didn’t see until it was too late. And mostly because it’s dark.

On that note…I shall retire.

Dragon Attack

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Know what isn’t awesome?

Dropping a FULL thing of Stonyfield’s yummy yogurt on my shoes.

Yogurt Shoes!

Yogurt Shoes!

So they had to go for a spin in the washer…and what better to do with freshly cleaned hiking shoes??? GO HIKING!

Today I hiked up Dragon’s Tooth and………

Um ok we have to take a quick side-trip of AWESOMENESS.


I just won the giveaway from The Crooked Stitch!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! It’s a basket o’goodies and I can’t WAIT to see what’s in it!!! Dani and Whitney have an awesome shop…I love EVERYTHING in that store, so whatever it is, I’m going to be THRILLED. Something tells me it will contain some of Natasha’s handpainted yarns…which just makes it the thrill of my LIFETIME!!!!!! Oh freaking great. Holy crap. I’ll be picking the goodies up on Tuesday…so I will let you guys know just HOW awesome it is then!

Ok. Now that my day has been totally kick-ass….back to the blog.

I did a quick run up Dragon’s Tooth to take care of my little geocache! A friend from the Roanoke Outdoor and Social Club went with me. We blasted through the trail to the top…and took a slight detour that’s a somewhat less beaten path.

I climbed that. Yeeeeah.

I climbed that. Yeeeeah.

Up. That.

It was AWESOME. Yay for climbing!!!

Then we found some blueberries at the top, talk about yummy! So then…we found our way back to the real trail, and located my cache! It…was really sad. It was filled with trash and random junk. But now…it’s much better!

All better! Lots of new goodies, updated log, no trash! YAY!

All better! Lots of new goodies, updated log, no trash! YAY!

A little present for the thru-Hiker Ashlei and I met awhile back!

A little present for the thru-Hiker Ashlei and I met awhile back!

So then after wandering around a bit, I finally found a good spot *I hope* to hide my cache!

All hidden away!

All hidden away!

So we headed off back down the trail.

I love this picture. He looks SO confused and lost...but really he was surprised to turn mid-sentance and see me with a camera.

I love this picture. He looks SO confused and lost...but really he was surprised to turn mid-sentance and see me with a camera.

So…then we decided to climb the smaller tooth! I’d not realized it was climb-able…but it so totally is! It was AWESOME. I think I like climbing…because it’s like a puzzle.

A puzzle where if you don’t get it right the first time, you wind up seriously injured…or dead.

Hehe. Puzzles.

The view looking down the smaller tooth. What we climbed DOWN. Hehe.

The view looking down the smaller tooth. What we climbed DOWN. Hehe.

I come from the rocks!!! Ashlei-style!!!!

I come from the rocks!!! Ashlei-style!!!!

So that was the hike of awesomness.

The dog is getting better at not barking his head off when I leave the house…however he still REALLY doesn’t like other people taking him out of his crate. He’s terrified. It seems like he thinks they will take him away from me. 😦 Poor guy.

Tomorrow we’re going hiking at the Cascades…then I’m doing a 5K in Blacksburg! If I get time I’m going to take him to a fenced in location…with SUPER high prison-type security fencing…and let him off the leash and see if he’ll come to me.

Supposedly he’s a fence jumper, and will NOT come if he gets loose. So…I’m going to test that in a controlled environment tomorrow. So far, he REALLY seems to like to stay right beside me…so I’m hoping he keeps that up and becomes a little more capture-able if he gets loose.

So anyway, have a great weekend! Watch for my race report Sunday!!! And then next weekend? NEXT WEEKEND?!?!?! ASHLEI IS COMING FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited. Beyond.

Dear Summer,
You freaking rock.

Country Roads

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Yeah, I know. I wandered again.

But seriously? If you’ve ever been in your first year of teaching…you’ll know exactly what I was going through, and exactly how little free time I had.

School ended one week ago tomorrow. How awesome is that?

Wednesday…I got new tires, always exciting, shopped WAY too much, but mostly bought things on sale, and then Thursday I got this……..

Yes, he looks weird. Therefore I love him. And he's not angry, he has an underbite.

Yes, he looks weird. Therefore I love him. And he's not angry, he has an under bite.

Meet Tully! He came from Ringdog Rescue in Richmond. His name there was Spanky…but I have this thing about naming all of my pets after Jimmy Buffett music/books/etc…so Tully it is. (From Mr. Buffett’s book, Salty Piece of Land)

All he wants is love! And cookies...

All he wants is love! And cookies...

He has been doing pretty good so far. He doesn’t like being alone too much, but he’s improving every day! The first time I tried to leave the house…he barked and whined the entire time. We’ve practiced and he’s getting more used to the idea.

However he is still pretty darn sure that the ice maker in the freezer is his sworn enemy. Either that, or he thinks that I REALLY want him to let me know every time fresh ice drops in to the bin. Maybe he’s just trying to be helpful! That’s probably it. I mean it makes perfect sense for him to wake me up at 1am barking his ears off so I would know that hey…if I’m feeling a bit parched, I can now get a nice beverage with the freshest ice possible. Yeah…we’ll call it helpful. For now…

He likes my cat, Paco (Apacolypso…after the JB song) and doesn’t  mind the neighbor’s dog too much…even when she attempts to jump through my open window. He’s cool with that.

But let’s back up a bit to Friday. Also known as the Friday of Lostness, and Awesomeness.

I set out to meet Miss Ashlei for an awesome hike! We picked our spot, planned it out, and I even downloaded a few geocaches for the day! I had a lovely drive along the back roads of Southwest VA, mostly staying right along The Crooked Road. It was a glorious day.

Ashlei and I were to meet at the trailhead for Whitetop Mountain just past the town of Damascus at 9am. I got to the town, found the appropriate road…and began to get a bit concerned.

I grew more and more concerned as I kept driving…and looking for the trail signs. According to my directions there would be a sign marking the Appalachian Trail…however let me tell you buster, if there is a sign for it on Beech Mountain Road in Damascus, I drove up and down that tiny little gravel mountain road about 50 times, seeing no such sign!

I decided to try other options and followed some helpful green state signage for Whitetop Mountain. (You would think this would have worked out for me…but you would be wrong) I turned down the designated road…and drove along…being mildly concerned about my inability to find Ashlei, and also my inability to achieve cell phone signal and notify her of my predicament. As luck would have it, I came to a large sign and parking area for the Appalachian Trail! However…this was for Mt. Rogers. Not Whitetop…and because I had actually referenced a map at some point, I knew this wasn’t the parking area I wanted. So I pressed onward.

After about another 30 minutes of driving around confused, and glaring at my GPS which is normally so helpful, unless you yourself don’t know where it is that you want to go…I achieved cell phone signal by pulling off the side of the road, in to a gravel area that clearly other people had used for just this purpose seeing as it was the ONLY place in 10 square miles with an ounce of signal. My phone then told me I had a voicemail from Ashlei. This…was not helpful because the voicemail said she had NO signal and was calling from a payphone.

She said she would try and get ahold of her boyfriend, Matt, who I know from the blog-o-sphere as well. Luckily I had him on my chat contacts and managed to get ahold of him and he called to say he got a similar voicemail. We tried to work out a plan…but…were really both at a loss.

Finally, after a bit more driving around (by this time it was around 11:30, 2 and a half hours after we were to meet) and going back to the cell phone magic spot…Ashlei CALLED!!! She had driven back to cell phone signal!!! We agreed to meet at a predetermined location of which we both knew of…and 30 minutes later we were FINALLY able to find each other!

So. After that, you’d want to hang up your hat, right? It’s now 12:15 or so…3 hours after we intended to set out to hike 6 miles. And we STILL don’t know where this elusive trailhead is. But no. Since I’ve found the Mt. Rogers area…we decide to just go wander up there!

So we did. We managed to wander to Buzzard’s Rock. We had some great chats, saw some AMAZING scenery, and met some cool thru-hikers and shared a bit of trail magic with them. 🙂 Good fortune for them good karma for us!

We got more pictures than I can even begin to share. If you want to see them all, please visit my photobucket album here:

But here are some of the highlights, INCLUDING a picture of Whitetop Mountain which we DID manage to find! Sneaky bugger. Now if only we could figure out how to get to the parking area…that we did actually hike past. Haha.

AT <3

AT ❤

Spoon and the other two thru-hikers we met. Yes, his name was Spoon.

Spoon and the other two thru-hikers we met. Yes, his name was Spoon.

This? Is why hiking rocks. Pictures are nice, but it's not the same.

This? Is why hiking rocks. Pictures are nice, but it's not the same.

Ashlei! She comes from the rocks!!!

Ashlei! She comes from the rocks!!!

Whitetop! Of which we did not hiketh.

Whitetop! Of which we did not hiketh.

Ahhh the trail.

Ahhh the trail.

So. Then because that 6.5 mile hike just wasn’t enough, I set out on Saturday with my parents, my new dog, and a fellow Star City Strider.

We hiked Stiles Falls, which was a really nice, short 3 mile hike. The waterfall is amazing and ends in a shallow pool at the bottom where we could actually get in, and walk right up to the falls! It was really awesome!

The climb up the rocks to the pool was a little much for our four legged companion, so my dad found a lovely shaded stump to sit on and held on to Tully for me.

It's a happy hiking dog!

It's a happy hiking dog!

Apparently, Tully had already made up his mind who his mom was…and he had NO interest in watching her climb up and over rocks, and out of sight near roaring water. Dad said that he whined and pulled on the leash almost constantly and REALLY got upset when I was out of eyesight. He seems to like me, so yay for that!

It felt SO good!!!

It felt SO good!!!

Then I climbed back down and took Tully from dad so that he could go up to the falls with mom. Aaaand that’s when mom dropped her camera.

But she didn’t JUST drop it in the water, no, that would be too easy. She dropped it BETWEEN two of the boulders that we’d climbed to get to the pool below the falls. And I do mean boluders.

So after dad, mom, and the other member of our party all tried but failed to reach the camera from the rocks, I had dad come back down, hold Tully and I climbed up in the cave-like opening that the boulders made.

Who got the camera out?

Nuff said.

Nuff said.

This girl. 🙂

Then…camera in hand, we headed down. (I’m not sure what the damage was…it was still on when I got it…but we took out the batteries, opened all the flaps/bits and let it air out, we also put it in a bowl of dry rice in hopes of pulling out the moisture. I have the SD card…but nothing to plug it in to to check it’s functionality…haven’t talked to mom to see if the camera works)

And then…because apparently I have developed a fascination with climbing up anything I possibly can…I decided to climb this tree.

And if I do something…mom of course want’s to go too. 🙂

It made for a lovely family portriat!

The Fam!

The Fam!

So, those are my adventures so far in the land of summer! This is my first summer not working/going to school in 10 years. You have NO idea how excited I am.

I think I’m hiking with some people from the Outdoor Club on Wednesday…and maybe again with Ashlei at the end of the month!!!!!!

Running-wise…I didn’t make it through the half that I had planned. It was pushing 75 degrees and humid at the 9am race start…I made it through the 10K portion and KNEW I was done. I was dehydrated all ready and I knew another 7 miles would have been a bad idea. I dropped out. My first DNF.

But I’m glad I did. I had a MASSIVE headache from then until Sunday morning from the dehydration. Going on would have probably been dangerous for me! No regrets at all! It was a beautiful course…but I just don’t do well in heat. Next year, I’ll just sign up for the 10K, unless the start-time moves back!

Since I have the summer off…my goals are to be outside as much as possible, do as much fiber-related art as possible, and really improve my running. I’m going to make working out my “job” for the summer. 🙂

But in fiber-related news, I have done a lot! I’ll explain in picture form…because I fully realize knitting, dyeing, and spinning aren’t exactly exciting topics of conversation for most people.

It's a sheep! Her name is Amidala *like from Star Wars* and I have her fleece to make in to yarn! YAY!

It's a sheep! Her name is Amidala *like from Star Wars* and I have her fleece to make in to yarn! YAY!

I finished my Aunt's socks...only 6 months late!

I finished my Aunt's socks...only 6 months late!

I spun up some fine fiber!

I spun up some fine fiber!

I recycled yarn from a goodwill sweater and dyed it!

I recycled yarn from a goodwill sweater and dyed it!

I dyed some more yarn...

I dyed some more yarn...

And then I dyed a little bit more.

And then I dyed a little bit more.

And then I knit a felted adult beverage insulating holder type deal. *read as: Beer Huggie*

And then I knit a felted adult beverage insulating holder type deal. *read as: Beer Huggie*

I also knit a hat. (And started another pair of socks and another huggie)

I also knit a hat. (And started another pair of socks and another huggie)

Well, now that I can check “update your blog, you slacker” off my list…I’m going to go work on another one of the the MANY things that I neglected in the past few weeks!

So long for now! (But hopefully not too long this time!)

Winter Wonderland

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Well there certainly is a winter wonderland covering most of Virginia right now!!!

It started yesterday around 2:30pm…and by 3pm the roads were nasty to say the least. Therefore, I’m stuck here. *Here being…my new home, not where I want to be which is home with Tracy and Carly an hour away*

At 7pm it looked like this outside.

So much snow!!!!

So much snow!!!!


And by this morning….

See that? There's usually a step DOWN on to the deck...not so much anymore.

See that? There's usually a step DOWN on to the deck...not so much anymore.

 So…I sit. And wait.

However this nice person did come by!

I don't know your name, TractorMan, but I sure do love you!!! Thanks for diggin my car out!

I don't know your name, TractorMan, but I sure do love you!!! Thanks for diggin my car out!


So, I guess we should go in to it.

The Work Week:

Well, technically I think it’s been 2 weeks…but they were a blur. Main points were the last few days before break. The kids were NUTS and they all seemed to think rules should fly out the window. I made several of them quiet upset by still enforcing all the rules and writing them up for infractions.

Too bad. So sad. Fairness sucks. 🙂

At school for the last two weeks there has been a plethora of goodies and junk. Biscuit breakfasts, Holiday lunches, cookies, cakes, candies as far as the eye can see. And I packed on about 5lbs because of it. Or rather because of my lack of self-control. *glare* But let me tell you something, you just can’t say no to a cookie you didn’t have to bake!

So that leads us nicely in to….

The Workout Week:

Well, the good news is I ran some!!! The Jingle Bell Run was last weekend and I ran the WHOLE thing which was my goal considering I only ran once the week before it, and barely 2 miles for that one. So I’m proud that I ran it, and mom came VERY close to placing in her age group…the competition is steep at that race with nearly 1500 participants!

Here are some highlights!

Race Start

Here we are...getting ready to go. Can you spot us???

It's a train, it's faster than It's not fast. It's just me and dad being less than great at photography. Love him anyway!

It's a train, it's faster than It's not fast. It's just me and dad being less than great at photography. Love him anyway!

"I'm bored, it's cold, and let's hurry this thing up!!!" says Dad.

"I'm bored, it's cold, and let's hurry this thing up!!!" says Dad.

"Silly dad, they have panera catering and I planned for this. HA!"

"Silly dad, they have panera catering and I planned for this. HA!"


So I didn’t come close to placing, but mom probably got 4th in her AG. I should check these things. But that’s ok. I ran.

Then this week I ran…once I think? I can’t remember. But I need to get back on the training wagon like woah. I’ve been looking at several halfs and fulls for spring. It’s time to kick it in to gear once and for all!!!

Let’s hope I can start tomorrow…the snow is making it kind of impossible for today.

The Knitting Week:

Um…I packed all my projects to take home and work on? That….is where the knitting starts and ends.

OH! But I did enter a knitting-related contest over on Meghan’s blog/podcast!!! *fingers crossed*

Other than that…no news.


I’m gonna steal the favorite that I used for  Meghan’s contest.

This week’s favorite thing is holiday traditions!!! My personal favorite is The Official Uncle Jimmy Christmas Present.

Uncle Jimmy and dad always exchange tool-type items. Dad is a retired professor turned contractor, and Jimmy does excavation. Hence the tools.

So every year at Christmas, dad gets Jimmy a present, and I am in charge of wrapping it. Originally, it was just normal, boring wrapping…but several years ago, Jimmy decided to give me a gag-gift for Christmas. Then the next year it was a present wrapped in layers and layers of paper. Then a present in a box in a box in a box….

So he really started it. It’s so not my fault.

And about 5 or 6 years ago, I started getting revenge.

One year the present consisted of layers of paper, layers of duct tape, wall paper, and fireworks.

See? It had a warning label and everything!!!

See? It had a warning label and everything!!!

Then there was the one that had battery powered christmas lights and barbed wire.

It lights up!! I mean come on, that's just awesome.

Last year I got a maze that you can put something small in…like a key. So Uncle Jimmy had to un-wrap the maze, which was in multiple boxes…then work the maze to get the key out, and the key then unlocked the padlock and chain that were wrapped around his real present…which had hardened insulation (The stuff in the can, “Great Stuff”) and dryway spackle. Mom…less than amused. Jimmy couldn’t stop laughing.

I'm holding the box with the maze in it. Beside me is the real present, under lock and key.

I'm holding the box with the maze in it. Beside me is the real present, under lock and key.

So far this year I haven’t made it home to wrap the present yet, because there is about 16 inches of snow outside and…I can’t drive the hour home because the interstates are shut down. But I have a pile of stuff ready to wrap the present. The pile includes curtain rods, cammo pants, dryer vents, cell phone chargers, cell phones, and bubble wrap. It’s starting to get hard to out-do myself.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the “Official Jimmy Walker Christmas Present”. This is my first year living this far away from my family…so coming home to wrap that present is something I’ve been looking forward to for weeks. It’s my favorite part of the holidays, and I prepare for it all year long. I can’t even begin to put in to words how much I love this tradition. It’s more than playing a prank…I really feel like the effort I put in to this present, is equal to how much I love my whole family, and the holidays. Now my cousins take the present that their parents get me, and they wrap it in much the same fashion that I wrap their dad’s. Everyone is involved at this point.

So. That’s my faaaaaaavorite Christmas Thing.

Other Junk:

Well you heard about the snow already…so I’ll skip that part. In fun news I got to give Carly her Christmas/Graduation presents last week! She loved them.

Pretty gloves!!!

Pretty gloves!!!

And we also baked cookies. A metric ton of cookies.

Mmmmmmmm. And yes, I ate ALL the cookies.

Mmmmmmmm. And yes, I ate ALL the cookies.

And my neighbors got a puppy…



And…oh yeah…I GOT A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where am I? Why won't you let me sleep?

Where am I? Why won't you let me sleep?

He’s 2 years old, and his original name is/was Miho…but I’m thinking of changing it to Hemingway. I really wanted something that sounded like Miho, so as not to confuse him too much…but I just can’t find anything I like. So I’m pretty sure his name is now Hemi.

Paco…wasn’t too happy, but he’s slowly warming up to the idea. Last night he got semi-comfortable with the idea.

This is as close as Paco was comfortable getting to the new addition.

This is as close as Paco was comfortable getting to the new addition.


So far the new doggy is doing well. He has had a few indoor accidents but that’s kind of normal for confused/stressed animals. He was/is house trained according to his previous owner, but I think it’s just the confusion of the situation. I’m pretty sure he’ll get over it in a week or so. I hope.

He knows “sit” and “no” and today we worked on “stay” and “lie down” He did pretty well! We also are working on “don’t pee in the house” and “don’t put shoes in your mouth”.

Mostly, he just sleeps though. He seems really unsure about what’s going on, and what I want him to do. And he really does not like to go outside in the snow to use the bathroom. Haha. Poor guy. It’ll take time, but he’ll adapt. The good news is he is MUCH more accepting of Paco than Paco is of him. He has barely looked at Paco, but doesn’t fear Paco like Uri does. I think they will eventually be friends.

I’m also SUPER excited for Uri and Hemi to meet. I think they will get along well. They are about the same size I think. Hemi is really not very big for a boxer!!!

Well anyway, that’s all I have for this week. Time for the…

Sucking Up Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout goes to my family…in particular mom.

Mom, if you read this. DON’T KILL ME!!!!!!!! I KNOW I don’t NEED a dog right now. I KNOW you will not be happy about the dog and I especially know dad is NOT going to let the dog come to the house for Christmas….but….just try to be understanding.

The doggy is good with cats and doesn’t beg for food like a certain overweight gray feline we both know.

He’s a sweet dog….he really would behave if he can pretty please come over for Christmas!!!!! Mom, don’t freak out. I have wanted a dog for years….and I shouldn’t have to beg for your permission at this point in my life, but I feel like I do…

So just don’t freak out, and don’t make me feel bad about getting a dog. 😦 I wanted a doggy.

I got a doggy.

Don’t get mad.

Love you, mommy.


And lastly…here’s my “Go dig the car out” outfit.

Yay for public humiliation.

Long sleeve tee. Pink gloves, blue XL vest, cammo pants, and trash bags tied to the belt loops. I was prepared.

Long sleeve tee. Pink gloves, blue XL vest, cammo pants, and trash bags tied to the belt loops. I was prepared.


Happy Holidays!!!!!

Headin Due South Outta Roanoke

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Tomorrow I will be….headin south….home. 🙂 I can’t wait.

So yeah, kind of late….or early depending on how you look at it! But let’s get started!

The Work Week:

Well I spent the weekend in bed last week….trying to get better, and it worked!!!!!!!!! I made it through a whole week of work without getting too terribly sick!!!!!

This week is a TWO DAY WEEK so I am PUMPED!!!!! Tomorrow is our last day…so I can’t wait. I’m also being that really horrible awful mean teacher who gives a QUIZ the day before break.


Also, I may or may not have made all the True/False questions all one or the other.

Yeah. That’s how I roll.

But enough school-talk! On to better things!!

The Workout Week:

I RAN!!!!!!!!! I DID I DID I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran last Tuesday with my neighbor downstairs so that was awesome. I think I may have talked her in to running a half in the spring! Super excited about that.

Then I ran Saturday about 2 or 3 miles. It was a REALLY good run, I wanted to do more, but I’m still worried about pushing it. Plus my ankle was kind of acting up.

Sadly, now for some bizzare reason, my hip is KILLING me. Left hip, right at hip level, toward the outer side, almost rear area. It’s one very specific spot. It’s not bruised…it doesn’t hurt if I push on it, but the more I walk, the more it hurts. Just started today/yesterday.

Sperly? Any thoughts? IT band???

So…I want to do a Thanksgiving race here but we’ll see. Maybe Carly and I will walk it with her family. We’ll see.

But moving on…

The Knitting Week:

Got a lot done on my aunt’s hat. I should have it done this weekend! Didn’t really work on much else. I have packed several projects to take home tomorrow though! The plan for the week off is to maximize ME stuff and minimize work stuff!!! WHOOO!!!!!!

And now it’s time for this week’s


Mmmm what to choose….so hard….

I think, in honor of the special weekend it was for me, I’ll pick my favorite song. The title of this week’s blog is actually from that song.

The song is Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show.

I love that band, and that song so very much. So take a listen!

I know it’s not for everyone, but for me…I can’t get enough. I want to learn to play it….which leads me to…

Other Junk:

SO much junk this week!!!!

First, this weekend was my one year anniversary with Tracy and Wagon Wheel is “our song” so….yay for that. It’s been one awesome year and I can’t wait for more.

So this weekend I made one of my very favorite dishes, Chicken Tetrazzini. Mmmmmmm.

So good!

See? Doesn’t it look AMAZING?!?! It is. I promise. And if you want the recipe, I’ll share.

I also baked cookies, put up the Christmas tree, the Christmas lights, cleaned, started packing, and oh yeah, BROKE MY WASHING MACHINE!!!!!

Ok, well…I didn’t do it, persay, it broke it’s self. It has always been loud on the spin cycle, and normally I have to go adjust the load distribution…and when I went to do it this time…it got worse and I definetly heard something metal fall off the back.

So Sears needs to come deal with this because I’ve only had it since August and they never properly installed my dryer either…ugh.

In other news, after cleaning…I decided it would be a good idea to dress up the dog.

And yes, Sperl, I was SO thinking of you when I took this picture.

It's Uri Potter!!!

It's Uri Potter!!!

I’m proud.

Not much else to talk about, just SUPER excited to be going home. I am trying to finish packing tonight so I can sprint out of town tomorrow. I’m leaving the cat here, because it’s only 5 days and he’s pretty self sufficent.

However, he doesn’t like it when I leave…so when I was setting out excessive amounts of food and water tonight…I got this look….

Ok, either you're leaving me, or fattening me up for Thanksgiving. Either way, EVIL!!!

Ok, either you're leaving me, or fattening me up for Thanksgiving. Either way, EVIL!!!

I’m pretty sure by morning he will have manifested some sort of evil in or on something I love.

Oh, almost forgot! Dear OldCrowFans….your website hates me and won’t let me register. Please resolve before I get cranky.

I need to get on that site so I can ask all my 5 million questions about learning to fiddle. I’m on a mission. I want a fiddle, and I want one now.

I also want a voice recorder. Dang. I gotta call mom for the Christmas Wish List.



This week I’ve got to say hey to Miss Kris and her brand new baby, Lyla!!!!!!! LOVE YOU BOTH and CONGRATS Jason and Kris!!!!!!!!! She’s adorable!!!


See everyone in a week!!!!!

Insert Catchy Song Tune Title Here

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Omg first post ever without song references….*gasp*

Ok. I need to either get with this blog, or drop this blog.

And honestly, I can’t drop it. Almost my entire running history is on here. I love this blog. I just don’t take CARE of this blog. I keep abandoning it. I’m a horrible blog-mommy.

I’m trying to think of how to organize this better, attract more readers…make it more….interesting and fun?  I don’t know. Just something.

For one, I want to do weekly posts, at a minimum. For another I am thinking about adding categories to the blog…like maybe my favorite thing of the week….my complaint of the week….my sucess of the week….?

I also want to add my knitting to the blog. I would really like to change the name entirely, to reflect that….but eh.

I’ve promised myself that if I can keep up with the blog, then I can start a podcast. I REALLY want to start a podcast. And that would involve a new blog….

Can I change my blog name on here? Can I keep all the same stuff but change the title maybe? Or does it have to stay

Well, enough with the housekeeping….let me review what’s been going on since July.

I started my new job. My first REAL person job. And I’m going to try and not mention that job on here at all. What I will tell you is that I am now a teacher. Being a teacher…I don’t want to talk about my school or students on here and possibly get in trouble. Also…I want this blog to be my happy place. 🙂

I kind of want it to be family-friendly enough to be ok if my kids or parents find it…but…I don’t know if that’s possible.

Anyway. So I am now a full time teacher. My first real job.

I moved….about an hour away from home. I miss my family and frieds tons. If any of you people are reading this….I MISS YOU!!!! Note me!!!!

I’ve been REALLY busy at work so….that’s why everything else has slacked off.

I didn’t get to run the MCM because I’ve been really stressed out and sick because of work. Very sad. I cried. But…it was the right decision.

So….because I can’t think right now….I’m going to post pictures of my life since July!!!!

Beth's Baby Blanket
Beth’s Baby Blanket. I finally finished it!!! I blocked it and everything! Yay me!!!


Whitney and Uri

I have an awesome new friend at work, Whiteny. This is her playing with Uri right before we carved pumpkins!!!!


My pumpkin is the T for University of Tennessee and hers is the breast cancer ribbon. 🙂

Uri for Sperly

 Cute picture of the dog, just for Sperly. Hope you see this!!!!

Tracy took me to my first college football game EVER!! GO VOLS!!!!



Peyton Manning was there!!!!



Aaand I'm almost done with mom's socks. One down....half of one to go!


Tracy and I carved pumpkins too!

Our pumpkins rock.


So…other than that, I’m trying to get back on the workout wagon. I tried biking on my trainer today…but um…I have a flat tire. I pumped it up, and the air came right back out. You can hear it leaking so…I guess this means I’m going to have to learn to change a bike tire!!!!

This weekend Carly and I are going to run a 5K, yay us!!!

Then in November we’re trying for a half marathon that’s local. I’m hoping we can make it!!! She’s been sick with the flu of some sort.

Ok, I’m going to go work on school stuff and try to format a more….organized blogging method.

Any suggestions?!?!?!?


OH!!!!!!!! And you can follow me on Twitter now!!!! RunnerInPink. But you have to send a request. Let me know that you are from wordpress and I’ll add you.


God, What Am I Doing Here?

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The cold wind from space
Is blowing in my face
God, what am I doing here?
I wish I was a cat,
Then I’d know where it’s at
Sure has been a funny year

            ~Holy Modal Rounders

Well. It’s been a funny last month or so. I’ve been missing in action, in case you didn’t notice. A lot has been going on…grad school and all that madness, but the good news is I’ve been semi-keeping up with the running and will be doing my second half-marathon in 10 days!!!!!!!!!

I feel a little under-prepared but with the pressures of grad school and the turmoil of winter, it’s the best I can do right now. The good news is that I’m running with my good friend and…well…she’s stuck in the same boat. We’re in the same grad program so we’re both maxed out and pressed for time and our running is suffering.

I’ve wandered to a few new websites so if anyone that reads this is on one of them, please add me as a friend!!! I’m on SparkPeople (sn is PinkCowgirl) and Ravelry (sn is also PinkCowgirl). I’m loving them both and I can get on them from school whereas wordpress is blocked. Stupid school.

Anyway, other exciting things that have happened: Ran 2 5K’s…went to see my sister ( and had an AWESOME time!!!!!!!! I miss her already and she needs to get her little butt up here!!!!!!!

Not much else to report, but plenty of pictures to share!!!!!!!!!

Mom, Uri, and me before the Classic! Mom came in 2nd in her age group in this race!!!

Jo found a cache!!!! She was a cache finding machine this weekend. AND IT WAS HER FIRST TIME GEOCACHING!!!!!!! Love ya, sissy.

OMG OMG OMG NEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and my beautiful sister!!!

Me and mom before the Explore Park 5K. Mom’s first trail run!!!!

After the race! Mom got 1st in her age group and I got 2nd in mine. Mom also managed to come in a full minute under my time from 3 years ago in this race. And she’s about 30 years older than I was. Yeah. Mom is scary-good. And I’m super proud. 🙂

Well, mom and I have another 5K tomorrow, so I’ll try and be a better blogger and update then!!!

It’s Been A Long Time

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Not really, but still.



Wow. I’ve been BUSY this past week. Hmm…let’s see where I left off.


Well Tuesday I did a nice 4 mile run, then Wednesday or Thursday I did some serious lower body work. Much pain on Friday. Whole lot of pain. Then Saturday was LR day!! Whoooo!!!!


So 9 miles. On an already sore body. Mmm. Well my mom came out to do the first 5 with me. She’s REALLY doing well at upping her miles!!! GO MOM GO!!!! So we did a nice slow pace (sorry mom, but it was, for me at least.) at first. Somewhere around a 10 or 11 min mile. Granted if I can do a 10min mile through the entire half, I will be HAPPY so…10 min pace is FIIIINE. It was BEAUTIFUL out and mom had a few too many layers on so we had to stop for a quick wardrobe change after about 3 miles. After that we were good though.


I had planned our route so 5 miles would take us back to the parking lot where both our cars were. That way mom could head out and I could stop for some shot blocks and water. I gave Uri a shot block as well and a bottle of water. He’s learned to drink from a bottle which is WONDERFUL because if I let him drink at the river, he inevitably lays down in it and then I have a wet dog to deal with. A muddy and wet dog. Ick.


So mom went on home and Uri and I went out for our last 4 miles.


Let me reiterate the fact I only ran ONCE all week and that was a quick 4 miles.


Let me also say what a bad, BAD plan that was.


So of course since mom and I had been going slow, I thought I’d pick up the pace. This was great for about a mile. And then…not so much.


By mile 7 I was kinda beat.


Mile 8…I was in serious pain. It felt like someone had punched me in the foot repeatedly. Gee, wonder why.


Towards the last part of that ninth mile I was hoping someone would shoot me. Lol.


But gosh darnit, I FINISHED!!!! I did my 9 miles!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!!!!! I made a few mistakes with pace and such, and I realize that, and the not running all week wasn’t a hot plan either…but I know better so I had to deal with the consequences.


So I went on home and attempted to ice my poor feet. Normally…I love ice. I LOOOVE cold showers after a run and icing my feet has always felt SUPER in the past. But that day…it only made things WORSE!!!! Putting both feet in the ice bath at once…was like putting clamps on my calves and squeezing….NOT OK. One foot was tolerable but both left me in tears. Very odd.


So after ice for a bit, and a nice shower, the boyfriend and I went out for a hike. We were going to do Cascades…but um…please view the parking lot situation.



Yeah. So we did a short 2 miles at Pandapas instead.


And then I passed out.


So Sunday…we biked 6.5 miles or so. I had my seat too low at first…BAD PLAN. I nearly died trying to get up a tiny hill. So once that was resolved I was better, but 6.5 was all I had in me, so we’re going to have to work on that. I think I could have done more if the seat hadn’t been an issue. Also, I still haven’t mastered biking while standing up…so…yeah. Might need to work on that.


Also I have some issues with paying attention and stopping in time…I nearly killed the dog 3 times. (Sorry buddy)


Speaking of the dog, we over-did him. 11ish miles on Saturday and 6ish on Sunday for him running….yeah. He was EXHAUSTED. Poor guy. We let him have Monday off. I took Monday off from working out as well. Haha. So today I’m going to try for 4 or 5 after school. Weather is still nice so…should be good.


Wow, that was one long blog. Ok, gonna go see if I can squeak in some time for my blogroll peeps and then get some homework done!!!

We Are Family

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MOM RAN 3 MILES TODAY!!!!!!!!! GO MOM GO!!!!!!!!!!

But first, the JC Half!!!

I “worked” at the halfway mark with a few people from the tri team. It was awesome, I got to see my trainer run, she got second female so that’s awesome!!! However I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures till almost everyone had finished. Lol. Here’s a picture from the halfway point.

And also, in fun-type news I got to play with my favorite baby on Laura’s farm. I’ve named her Lucky.


Isn’t she adorable?!!?

But anyway. MOM RAN WITH ME TODAY!!!!! I took her and Uri to the park for a run. Here we are on the way to the park. Uri REALLY liked mom.

So we did the 2 mile loop around the park, mom thought it was longer…she was not too happy but she kept going!!! She doesn’t like the cold and it was snowing on us but she kept running anyway!!! I was SO PROUD!!!! She kept going for the full 3 miles with only a little walking!!! Of course Uri was ready to go another 3…

Mom really liked Uri after the run.

He’s such a good boy. AND I AM SO PROUD OF MOM!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB MOMMY YOU RAN 3 MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, back to homework. Hopefully mom and I are doing a 5K next weekend since she knows she can do a full 3 miles!!!!!

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