Party Like It’s Your Birthday

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Or rather I’m gonna blog like it’s my birthday. 🙂

Cause it is. 🙂

Whooo go me!

So I’m going to deviate from my normal pattern and do a birthday and race special. 🙂 Cause I can. 🙂

Race Special:

Last Friday started my spring break from school so I headed home for some rest and family time. Saturday morning I got up and headed to the local park for a 3 mile run. When I got there it appeared as though there was a race about to take place.

I parked, and as I did so another car parked behind me and a fellow Star City Strider hopped out! I quickly asked him about the race and he told me it was an 8K for a local charity.

So I said…”Hey, might as well”.

I’d never done an 8K race before…and was scheduled to do 5 miles on Sunday anyway so I figured I’d move it up a day.

Let me tell you…entering a race on a whim makes you feel like a bona-fide real-live runner with a capital R. 🙂

Not ONLY did I run my first 8K race, but I did it with some very prestegious company. James Kipketer, Richard Bett, and David Cheromei. 3 amazing Kenyan runners. It was so incredible to run with them. I can’t even put in to words how cool that was. James Kipketer finished first in a time of 23:23. Yeah. 23 minutes for 5 miles. It was even more amazing that when I was finishing and they were cooling down, they cheered for the runners coming in. It’s just one more reason why I love this sport. You don’t get to play football with Randy Moss or Peyton Manning. But with running…you’re on the same course at the same time. Same playing field. I love it.

So anyway, after an awesome 8K last week, I had a 5K planned for this past weekend. Our first Susan G. Komen race in the Roanoke Valley. I have been looking forward to this for a year!! The Striders helped organize the event so naturally I volunteered to help the day of the race since I would be running anyway.

Carly and I posing at the finish.

Carly and I posing at the finish.

The president assigned me an awesome job…he asked if I could lead the non-competitive 5K portion. I instantly agreed. I wasn’t sure what exactly that entailed…but hey, lead a race? SURE!

So the morning of the race I met up with all our Strider volunteers and got the details of my assignment.

See, I’d entered the COMPETITIVE 5K. I was asked to lead the NON-COMPETITIVE. With this particular race…there are 3 parts. Competitive 5K, Non-competitive 5K, and 1 mile. The two 5K’s start 45 minutes apart…so I could either drop the competitive one…or run both.

There was never a question. I did both. 🙂 Yeah. If I thought signing up for a race on a whim made me feel like a real runner, well doubling my race distance day of the race…yeah, I’m a runner. 🙂 BAMF even.

So I did a 10K race. The bestest was there and I talked her in to doing the 10K as well. Hehe. I was so honored that our Striders president wanted me to lead the non-competitive. It was supposed to be mostly walkers but there were some FAST people in there too. They passed me…but I was fine with that. I’d already done one race that day! Haha.

Running a second 5K carrying a somewhat bulky sign the whole way...slightly less than awesome but still pretty freaking cool!

Running a second 5K carrying a somewhat bulky sign the whole way...slightly less than awesome but still pretty freaking cool!

I was also on the news and in the paper. 🙂 Awesomness.

So to recap…I ran an unplanned 8K and 10K. I. Rock.

2 weekends, 2 races, 2 distances I'd never raced before. BAMF.

2 weekends, 2 races, 2 distances I'd never raced before. BAMF.

Birthday Special:

It’s my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Whooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Since I was home for the last week, there were lots of birthday happenings.

Easter dinner involved my birthday cake for dessert…red velvet, the best!

Mmmm cake.

Mmmm cake.

I also went down to Tennessee to see my adopted sister. 🙂 Today is her birthday too! ❤ We had several adventures which I will cover in the next post. 🙂

My sissy and me, out on an adventure.

My sissy and me, out on an adventure.

And then on Friday the bestest brought me birthday CUPCAKES!!!!

Hello, my love.

Hello, my love.

Oh my GOSH these things were AMAZING. No, we didn’t eat them all. Some were for her boyfriend and his family. 🙂 Let met tell you, one was enough to put me in a sugar coma. So good.

And for my own personal present, I bought myself a new bike seat!!! This puppy ROCKS! More on how great it is in the next post. 🙂

New bike seat!

New bike seat!

And to end things properly…

Sisterly Shoutout Special:

Today’s shoutout has to go to Jo. My sister-bear. 🙂 She’s my birthday buddy and the most awesome sissy in the whole world. She’s also in a LOT of trouble for tattling on me!

Ok so I maaaaaaay have talked her in to adopting a puppy while I was in Tennessee…but I mean…it’s not my fault! It was a CUTE puppy! She needed it. I swear.

So she adopted the pup…and brought it home today and I got an awesome text from mom saying that I’m on her hit list now. 🙂

Thanks Jo. Love ya.

Check back later this week for even more news!! *2 posts in a week!?! NO WAY!!!*

The Southern Thing

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Well it’s been a busy 2 weeks yet again! SO much to tell you guys about…including 2 races! I only ran one, but still. Good times.

Knitting Week:

Well, still working on the aunt’s socks. About ready to turn the heel…I get a little grumpy during the heel…so…I haven’t been knitting as much. I avoid it. I guess I’m hoping magical knitting elves will pop out at night and turn the heel for me so I can go back to mindlessly knitting on the rest of it.

Time to suck it up, I suppose.

I did, however, make some cool knitting-related items…

I made project bags!!! Whooo!!!! I don’t know what made me do it, maybe LimeNViolet‘s podcast which I discovered recently…I think that’s somehow connected. They said “yarn-porn” and I went “Ooo!” and then I was on Etsy and then…suddenly there was fabric.

I REALLY don’t know how I got to project bags. Wow. I honestly have NO clue how I started stalking fabric. I remember looking at yarn…then wool…then handspun yarn…and suddenly I was drooling over funky fabrics and then by Friday night I was designing a pattern for a knitting bag…Saturday I bought fabric…and made 3 bags.

Cuppycake Bag!!! Pink lining...oooo!

Cuppycake Bag!!! Pink lining...oooo!

UT bag...cause that's how I roll.

UT bag...cause that's how I roll.

Summery Citrus Bag...yellow lining inside.

Summery Citrus Bag...yellow lining inside.

At any rate, SOMEHOW I got the idea to make bags. I may try and sell some on Etsy…but we’ll see. If you want a bag made, even for non-knitting purposes, let me know!

And let me tell you, there are some AWESOME fabrics out there. Try and Look for Michael Miller fabrics or in the catagory Novelty fabric.

There’s french fry fabric, ok people?!?!

I bought bagel fabric and I laugh hysterically any time I look at it. So anyway, if you want a bag, and find a fabric, I’ll see what I can do.

Running Week:

Not a lot of running, but a lot to talk about!

Last weekend mom and I did the Explore Park 5K. I had a really awful sinus infection/allergies but this was my very first 5K back in 07 so I REFUSE to sit this one out, EVER. It was UBER cold, but whatever, I’m running.

Omg BRRR!!!

Omg BRRR!!!

Explore Park is put on by Mountain Junkies whom I adore. ALL of their races rock…and they have by FAR the best swag and food. LOVE some Mountain Junkies. If you’re ever in the Roanoke/Bedford VA area, check them out and do a race!

Race was cold, but sunny. I ran/walked…mom ended up walking a LOT because she’s been having IT band issues…I keep TELLING her to take it easy but nooooo.

And we're off!

And we're off!

Mom did get 2nd in her age group. YAY mom!!! I normally place in this race but…not with my cold/allergies. Oh well. Still got some AWESOME swag.

Yay mom! Congrats!!!

Yay mom! Congrats!!!

Tech-shirt, Wheaties, and 2 samples of a raw-foods granola thing...

Tech-shirt, Wheaties, and 2 samples of a raw-foods granola thing...

I mean hello, LONG SLEEVED TECH SHIRT!!!! You can’t beat that for a 5K.

Then this weekend was the Shamrock 5K put on by the Star City Striders! WOOT!

I didn’t run, but I did volunteer! I’m a proud Strider member and now that school is calming down, I’m working on being a more active member! Part of that includes volunteering at races, going to meetings and also writing for our newsletter! Whoo!!! I might be a regular contributer so…um…EXCITED!!!

Here are some pictures from the Shamrock Hill 5K…

The Strider volunteers milling around in the rain!

The Strider volunteers milling around in the rain!

Awesome socks...I had to get a picture.

Awesome socks...I had to get a picture.

By the start, the showers had disappeared and we had a great crowd ready to race!

By the start, the showers had disappeared and we had a great crowd ready to race!

Mom and me after the race! She got 2nd in her AG again!

Mom and me after the race! She got 2nd in her AG again!

 Other than that, and being super exciting about contributing to the newsletter, I’ve also started the Strider’s TWITTER FEED!!! Follow us!!! Or rather…follow me, since I’m the one tweeting. Even if you’re not local, feel free to follow so I don’t feel like it’s a useless idea!!! Haha. 🙂

Oh, almost forgot…HUGE running news!!! Tomorrow starts my half-marathon training!!!!!!! I’m doing the Trail-Nut Half in June. Another Mountain Junkies race. 🙂 So…gotta hit the ground running tomorrow! I’m glad my training coincides with the time change! Perfect *non*planning!


This week’s favorite is going to have to be some of grandma’s Turkey Pot Pie. Mmmmmm.

Hello turkey goodness.

Hello turkey goodness.

I honestly have never had any other turkey pot pie other than that made by my grandma, and I can’t say that I want to try any others. When I was living at home, grandma would make one, and drop it by the house while we were at work/school/wherever. Mom’s not that interested in them but dad and I…well…we’ll fight to the death for one.

Grandma would leave it on the counter, and whoever got home first, either myself or dad, would consume as much as possible, then hide the rest from the other person.

I’m not kidding. We literally HID it and wouldn’t tell. Grandma finally realized this and started calling AFTER dropping the pie off to make sure everyone was informed. Then she started making two. Then I moved out and now we each get our own separate pie. But the competition is still there. Since I’m an hour away, dad offered to “get my pie” from grandma and “keep it” for me. HA. Grandma and I both knew better.

But I got my pie, and all is well in the world. And in my belly.

Other Junk:

Not a lot of randomness that I can think of. Just two pictures to share!

At some point in the last 2 weeks, it snowed again. The day before, I could see my deck...for the first time. Then....THIS.

At some point in the last 2 weeks, it snowed again. The day before, I could see my deck...for the first time. Then....THIS.

This was Thursday morning...I LOVE fog. I was so tempted to call in to work so I could go running in the fog. Ha.

This was Thursday morning...I LOVE fog. I was so tempted to call in to work so I could go running in the fog. Ha.

OH!!! I got my stiches out!!! No pictures to show you for now, but I’ll take one. I still have a little scar and it still HURTS when I touch it…but overall I’m healing quite nicely!

Southern Warfare Shoutout:

This shoutout goes to Matt over at The Kitchen of a Runner. Matt is one amazing runner, even if his choice of football teams does suck…. 🙂 Matt is one HECK of a runner. His weekly mileage blows me away. I also totally LOVE hearing what he’s having for dinner every day…and every time eggs are involved, I laugh for some reason.

So, Matt, just FYI, you rock, I love the blog, I owe you cookies, and you need to pick a better team.



Have a great week, everyone!

Winter Wonderland

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Well there certainly is a winter wonderland covering most of Virginia right now!!!

It started yesterday around 2:30pm…and by 3pm the roads were nasty to say the least. Therefore, I’m stuck here. *Here being…my new home, not where I want to be which is home with Tracy and Carly an hour away*

At 7pm it looked like this outside.

So much snow!!!!

So much snow!!!!


And by this morning….

See that? There's usually a step DOWN on to the deck...not so much anymore.

See that? There's usually a step DOWN on to the deck...not so much anymore.

 So…I sit. And wait.

However this nice person did come by!

I don't know your name, TractorMan, but I sure do love you!!! Thanks for diggin my car out!

I don't know your name, TractorMan, but I sure do love you!!! Thanks for diggin my car out!


So, I guess we should go in to it.

The Work Week:

Well, technically I think it’s been 2 weeks…but they were a blur. Main points were the last few days before break. The kids were NUTS and they all seemed to think rules should fly out the window. I made several of them quiet upset by still enforcing all the rules and writing them up for infractions.

Too bad. So sad. Fairness sucks. 🙂

At school for the last two weeks there has been a plethora of goodies and junk. Biscuit breakfasts, Holiday lunches, cookies, cakes, candies as far as the eye can see. And I packed on about 5lbs because of it. Or rather because of my lack of self-control. *glare* But let me tell you something, you just can’t say no to a cookie you didn’t have to bake!

So that leads us nicely in to….

The Workout Week:

Well, the good news is I ran some!!! The Jingle Bell Run was last weekend and I ran the WHOLE thing which was my goal considering I only ran once the week before it, and barely 2 miles for that one. So I’m proud that I ran it, and mom came VERY close to placing in her age group…the competition is steep at that race with nearly 1500 participants!

Here are some highlights!

Race Start

Here we are...getting ready to go. Can you spot us???

It's a train, it's faster than It's not fast. It's just me and dad being less than great at photography. Love him anyway!

It's a train, it's faster than It's not fast. It's just me and dad being less than great at photography. Love him anyway!

"I'm bored, it's cold, and let's hurry this thing up!!!" says Dad.

"I'm bored, it's cold, and let's hurry this thing up!!!" says Dad.

"Silly dad, they have panera catering and I planned for this. HA!"

"Silly dad, they have panera catering and I planned for this. HA!"


So I didn’t come close to placing, but mom probably got 4th in her AG. I should check these things. But that’s ok. I ran.

Then this week I ran…once I think? I can’t remember. But I need to get back on the training wagon like woah. I’ve been looking at several halfs and fulls for spring. It’s time to kick it in to gear once and for all!!!

Let’s hope I can start tomorrow…the snow is making it kind of impossible for today.

The Knitting Week:

Um…I packed all my projects to take home and work on? That….is where the knitting starts and ends.

OH! But I did enter a knitting-related contest over on Meghan’s blog/podcast!!! *fingers crossed*

Other than that…no news.


I’m gonna steal the favorite that I used for  Meghan’s contest.

This week’s favorite thing is holiday traditions!!! My personal favorite is The Official Uncle Jimmy Christmas Present.

Uncle Jimmy and dad always exchange tool-type items. Dad is a retired professor turned contractor, and Jimmy does excavation. Hence the tools.

So every year at Christmas, dad gets Jimmy a present, and I am in charge of wrapping it. Originally, it was just normal, boring wrapping…but several years ago, Jimmy decided to give me a gag-gift for Christmas. Then the next year it was a present wrapped in layers and layers of paper. Then a present in a box in a box in a box….

So he really started it. It’s so not my fault.

And about 5 or 6 years ago, I started getting revenge.

One year the present consisted of layers of paper, layers of duct tape, wall paper, and fireworks.

See? It had a warning label and everything!!!

See? It had a warning label and everything!!!

Then there was the one that had battery powered christmas lights and barbed wire.

It lights up!! I mean come on, that's just awesome.

Last year I got a maze that you can put something small in…like a key. So Uncle Jimmy had to un-wrap the maze, which was in multiple boxes…then work the maze to get the key out, and the key then unlocked the padlock and chain that were wrapped around his real present…which had hardened insulation (The stuff in the can, “Great Stuff”) and dryway spackle. Mom…less than amused. Jimmy couldn’t stop laughing.

I'm holding the box with the maze in it. Beside me is the real present, under lock and key.

I'm holding the box with the maze in it. Beside me is the real present, under lock and key.

So far this year I haven’t made it home to wrap the present yet, because there is about 16 inches of snow outside and…I can’t drive the hour home because the interstates are shut down. But I have a pile of stuff ready to wrap the present. The pile includes curtain rods, cammo pants, dryer vents, cell phone chargers, cell phones, and bubble wrap. It’s starting to get hard to out-do myself.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the “Official Jimmy Walker Christmas Present”. This is my first year living this far away from my family…so coming home to wrap that present is something I’ve been looking forward to for weeks. It’s my favorite part of the holidays, and I prepare for it all year long. I can’t even begin to put in to words how much I love this tradition. It’s more than playing a prank…I really feel like the effort I put in to this present, is equal to how much I love my whole family, and the holidays. Now my cousins take the present that their parents get me, and they wrap it in much the same fashion that I wrap their dad’s. Everyone is involved at this point.

So. That’s my faaaaaaavorite Christmas Thing.

Other Junk:

Well you heard about the snow already…so I’ll skip that part. In fun news I got to give Carly her Christmas/Graduation presents last week! She loved them.

Pretty gloves!!!

Pretty gloves!!!

And we also baked cookies. A metric ton of cookies.

Mmmmmmmm. And yes, I ate ALL the cookies.

Mmmmmmmm. And yes, I ate ALL the cookies.

And my neighbors got a puppy…



And…oh yeah…I GOT A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where am I? Why won't you let me sleep?

Where am I? Why won't you let me sleep?

He’s 2 years old, and his original name is/was Miho…but I’m thinking of changing it to Hemingway. I really wanted something that sounded like Miho, so as not to confuse him too much…but I just can’t find anything I like. So I’m pretty sure his name is now Hemi.

Paco…wasn’t too happy, but he’s slowly warming up to the idea. Last night he got semi-comfortable with the idea.

This is as close as Paco was comfortable getting to the new addition.

This is as close as Paco was comfortable getting to the new addition.


So far the new doggy is doing well. He has had a few indoor accidents but that’s kind of normal for confused/stressed animals. He was/is house trained according to his previous owner, but I think it’s just the confusion of the situation. I’m pretty sure he’ll get over it in a week or so. I hope.

He knows “sit” and “no” and today we worked on “stay” and “lie down” He did pretty well! We also are working on “don’t pee in the house” and “don’t put shoes in your mouth”.

Mostly, he just sleeps though. He seems really unsure about what’s going on, and what I want him to do. And he really does not like to go outside in the snow to use the bathroom. Haha. Poor guy. It’ll take time, but he’ll adapt. The good news is he is MUCH more accepting of Paco than Paco is of him. He has barely looked at Paco, but doesn’t fear Paco like Uri does. I think they will eventually be friends.

I’m also SUPER excited for Uri and Hemi to meet. I think they will get along well. They are about the same size I think. Hemi is really not very big for a boxer!!!

Well anyway, that’s all I have for this week. Time for the…

Sucking Up Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout goes to my family…in particular mom.

Mom, if you read this. DON’T KILL ME!!!!!!!! I KNOW I don’t NEED a dog right now. I KNOW you will not be happy about the dog and I especially know dad is NOT going to let the dog come to the house for Christmas….but….just try to be understanding.

The doggy is good with cats and doesn’t beg for food like a certain overweight gray feline we both know.

He’s a sweet dog….he really would behave if he can pretty please come over for Christmas!!!!! Mom, don’t freak out. I have wanted a dog for years….and I shouldn’t have to beg for your permission at this point in my life, but I feel like I do…

So just don’t freak out, and don’t make me feel bad about getting a dog. 😦 I wanted a doggy.

I got a doggy.

Don’t get mad.

Love you, mommy.


And lastly…here’s my “Go dig the car out” outfit.

Yay for public humiliation.

Long sleeve tee. Pink gloves, blue XL vest, cammo pants, and trash bags tied to the belt loops. I was prepared.

Long sleeve tee. Pink gloves, blue XL vest, cammo pants, and trash bags tied to the belt loops. I was prepared.


Happy Holidays!!!!!

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

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Ok, so it wasn’t too frightful…but it was snowy and cold!!!! And it’s been more than a week since I’ve written, I know…but…that’s life. 🙂

And I was inside. Sick. More on that later. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

The Work Week:

Mmm, not a whole lot to report. I DID get my H1N1 vaccine though!!! I was so excited!!!! No flu for MEEEEEE!! Now I just have to get the regular flu shot and I’ll be set.

Thanksgiving was a blur, not enough time off!! Then last week…nothing to report really. It was work. So we’ll move on.

The Workout Week:

Well…I kind of sort of not really re-started P90X. 🙂


I managed to remember to bring it down with me after Thanksgiving. I did 2 days of it, then got a head cold of sorts. I’m thinking I’m going to do bits and pieces of it. It’s a very intense program, and I need to build back up to that level.

I also need to get back to training for a real race!!!! AND I want to do a few tri’s in the spring…and HOPEFULLY I’ve talked a few people in to doing them with me! *looks at her people* YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!

Also this week…I changed my first bike tire!!!


Yes, yes, SO PROUD!!!

Well, I changed the tube. I’d never changed a tire on ANYTHING so this was an accomplishment for me!

First, I had to get the wheel OFF the bike…that wasn’t too bad.

Changing the bike tire.

Changing the bike tire.

Then…taking out the old tube and replacing it with the new one.

Ok...I can do this...

Ok...I can do this...

All in all, it wasn’t that bad. In fact, it was a heck of a lot easier than replacing strings on a string instrument….we’ll get to that in a bit. That involved puncture wounds. Not ok. *shakes head*

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get some yoga in, and later this week a run or two before the Jingle Bell 5K on Saturday.

Then on the 19th there’s ANOTHER 5K so I’ll get my 9 races in 09!!!! WHOOO!!!! Speaking of which, I need to update the Race Rollcall page.

Moving on…

The Knitting Week:

Not a lot happened over break. I looked at my projects. I glared at my projects. But I didn’t really do much on them.

I did re-start the gray scarf for Aunt Cynthia….I got mad at it.

Evil Scarf....

Evil Scarf....

The old one is on the straight needle. I can’t do straight needles anymore, especially when purling!!! I wanted to rip my fingers off every time. So…I’m switching to Addi’s and doing a straight knit. It’ll go faster, because let’s face it, Christmas is COMING!!!

Then Aunt Sarah’s hat is coming along nicely. I don’t think I’m doing the decreases exactly right…because my number ended up a little off….but…I’m just going with it. It’ll be a beret, and she’ll like it no matter what.

It's almost done!!

It's almost done!!

Other than that…I worked a little on Aunt Connie’s socks…toe up for the first time. On DPN’s. Not so sure how that’s gonna go…

Now it’s time for this week’s….


I’m going to have to go with a good, wet, sticking SNOW. Just like the one we got this week!

Mmmm snow!

Mmmm snow!

Big, fat, HUGE flakes. The kind that’s PERFECT for making snow men. The kind that’s great for sledding…the kind that gets you out of school. Mmm, snow.

I didn’t get to go sledding, or make snow men, but I did spend the day watching it snow from the coffee shop window with the BFF. We had a good time even though we didn’t play outside much!

Other Junk:

Well, over Thanksgiving I did get to see my best friend and new new baby boy. I took them out for her birthday lunch so that was nice.

During the week I did manage to get some work done in my house. I hung up some pictures finally!

Yay for decorating!

Yeah, they are cheap frames from Walmart...but hey, for thirteen bucks...I'll take it!

Then I spent some time this weekend with Carly and Calypso…

Mom, I don't trust you...

Mom, I don't trust you...

And, upon coming home to see Tracy Friday night…I found this.

What's in that case???

What's in that case???



Yeah. I nearly screamed. He traded his guitar in to buy me a fiddle. I am still in shock.

So the fiddle caused me to also want my dulcimer. So that meant a trip to the music store to get strings since one was broken…and of course since we were at the music store, I had to buy a fiddle book!!! And some picks. And a mute for the fiddle (Which I cannot for the LIFE of me figure out how to put on…any suggestions?!?!) and other randomness.

Remember how I said changing a bike tire is easier than changing strings?


So I brought the dulcimer and fiddle home….much to the cat’s dismay…

Tomorrow, there WILL be a hairball on this, you do understand that, yes?

Tomorrow, there WILL be a hairball on this, you do understand that, yes?

And I replaced the one broken string on the dulcimer.

And while tuning it…I broke another.

Good thing I bought a pack of strings at the store!!!

Now all the strings are replaced, and I’m working on remembering how to play. 🙂 So far I can play a mean “Hot Cross Buns” and a pathetic first line of “O Little Town of Bethlehem”…

I haven’t done much on the fiddle yet. I can make it make a noise that doesn’t send animals and small children in to tears. That, I think, is progress.

That and my request for lessons from a local music school. 🙂

So now we shall close with our

Stellar Snowy Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout goes to Miss Chrissy….who has expressed a mild interest in doing a triathlon and I am using this shoutout as a shamless attempt to twist her arm in to joining me in April and doing a tri!!!

Chrissy you do NOT need someone there kicking your butt to do it. YOU can kick your own butt. I will be your online support system…but YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

DO IT!!!!!!!!!

Ok, have a great day/holiday/week/whatever everyone!!!!!!!!

I’m a New Soul

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Not so much a new soul, but a new format….so….welcome to the new and improved blog!!!!!! Methinks I shall change the banner title….Anyway. Let’s get started, shall we? (Totally stole that from Meghan)

So first up in new-blog-land we have….

The Work Week:

This week my some of my kids announced to me that I should wear makeup. My response? “I am.” Apparently my version of makeup is not…enough for them.

Here’s what I looked like after getting home from work the day they told me this…

After 10 hours of work...

After 10 hours of work...

So yeah, I have oily skin…but I really don’t think it’s that bad. But apparently the kids do, so whatever.

Also this week in the world of work…our gradebook website went down. All. Weekend. Talk about wanting to pull your hair out…AND with parent/teacher conferences coming up….not awesome.

Parent/Teacher conferences were Monday. It went ok. Some upset parents but I calmed them down by showing them why their child’s grades are the way they are. Most parents were supportive and nice though. It was a busy day though!!

Not much else going on work-wise. Or rather, I don’t wanna talk about work. Ha! So we’ll continue on.

The Workout Week

WHOOO my Runners World for Dec came!!!!!!! Aaaaand I haven’t even read November’s yet. Haha.

This week I did some kickboxing and yoga…when I went home this weekend I meant to grab my P90X DVD’s so I could re-start that again but alas, I forgot them.

I did do a 5K this weekend!!! Carly, Mom and I did the Phi Kappa Tau Phive K. It was decent. They really could use some tips from runners who have done other 5K’s. Honestly, I don’t think we’ll be doing that race next year. Here’s why…

Costume contest. Fun to see other people out in their festive gear.
Small crowd.
Nice color t-shirt
Raffle prizes from local running store
Gift Certificate prizes for winners
Reasonably fast on results

Took forever to start
Started AND finished 1mile run before 5K could line up.
Only water at finish to drink
Limited food-age at finish
Only 1st place in each AG got a prize/mention
Parking/bathrooms were a hike from race start

So…even though the list is about even…I weight things like food/drink and time consumption heavily…and the hills. I knew it would be hilly because I’d done the course before but…UGH. That really…sucked. No 2 ways about it.

But hey, I did another 5K this year, and got some rockin pictures. Here ya go.

Carly and me, pre-race.

Carly and me, pre-race.

I'm lovin "Banana Man"

I'm lovin "Banana Man"

I TOTALLY WON....and she totally let me.

I TOTALLY WON....and she totally let me.

Now on to the….

Knitting Week

Oh my gosh, I want to go to Rhinebeck next year. Listening to all my favorite podcasters talk about it…, I want to go. Plus I have friends that live near there!!! Free lodging!!!!!!

Also, I’ve requested a drop spindle from Grafton Fibers for Christmas. Apparently now they are DyakCraft. Anyway. I want a spindle. I have already bought wool….so….now I need a spindle. Hehe.

So hopefully SOMEONE will be getting me that for Christmas. They know who they are…but they probably won’t read this.

The spindle desire led me to want more wool….which led me to Etsy. *sigh* Thankfully I convinced myself NOT to buy anything. I have enough to do already.

All purchases and desires aside, I do have a lot of stuff that needs to get knit, and fast. I’m trying HARD to finish mom’s socks this week. I’m on the second sock, on the foot. I CAN FINISH, I CAN!!!!!!! Then once those are finished, I need to start/finish the ones for my aunt by….Christmas. Ha.


Hahahaahaha. Yeah this probably won’t happen, but not for lack of trying.

So I have the yarn for the socks, but they were still in a hank….and I do not own a ball winder.

So I made one.

Out of a CD, a pen, and duct tape. Yeah.

I made Tracy help...hehe.

I made Tracy help...hehe.

Ta-da!!! Ghetto fab, but functional!!!

Ta-da!!! Ghetto fab, but functional!!!

I….am so proud of my ghetto-fab ball winder. SO PROUD!!!!!!! Yeah, so it doesn’t make perfect little yarn cakes, but it’s still center pull so HA! Moving on.


This week’s favorite is Harry and David pears.

Mmmmm. If you haven’t had one, GET ONE!!!!!!!! They are Royal Rivera pears….apparently very rare….and somewhat pricey….but it’s worth it. Once they ripen, they practically melt in your mouth! They are SO flavorful, juicy, and amazing. I got one when I was in DC and I devoured it this week. It was PERFECT! Mmmm. I heart Harry and David’s.

Other Junk

In other junk….my super-fab-awesome-new ipod player….crapped out. Apparently there’s a recall on it…so I’m going to have to figure that out and take care of it soon. I miss having my ipod keep me company on the way to work!!!

Yeah….I want my ipod back.

I’ve also realized I’m out of town WAY too much this month. Baby showers, weddings, holidays….ugh. My house is going to look like a disaster area. Oh wait!! It already does!!!!!!!!

In other fun news, since I was home this weekend, I got to go geocaching with Miss Kim. It was super fun, although…the weather was super-gross, as it always is when we go a’caching.

There were random bricks in the woods. We don't know why.

There were random bricks in the woods. We don't know why.

It helps to be short when geocaching.

It helps to be short when geocaching.

So this week was my biopsy/coloposcopy or however that’s spelled. Last month my Dr told me they thought I might have cervical cancer. NOT what you want to hear at 25 years old. Not at all.

So….after 3 attempts to get my work schedule to mesh with my Drs schedule, I had the procedure today. Thankfully I didn’t have to have an actual biopsy. Everything um….looks good and….I should have the results from the tests they DID do by next week.

And I also passed out.

AFTER the doctor had finished.

So proud. SO very proud. But I’m good now. I’m resting at home…blogging…and getting ready to do a little bit of school work and then call it a night. Because really, Biggest Loser is on tonight. 🙂

So that’s where we’ll end. Hope this was entertaining. Feel free to leave suggestions/questions/comments/complaints *that I will ignore*/love/hugs in the comment section!!!!

Stellar Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout goes to Caaaaaaaarly. I am SO proud of you. You’re going to be fine, I’m always here for you, and you need to pack your bags and come visit ASAP!!!!!!!!!!


Funny How Time Slips Away

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Yeah, I know, I know.

First, a quick photo update…. (I say quick, but adding these pictures takes forever.)

I graduated.

I hiked.

My sister had a party.

My sister got married.

Carly and I went to the beach.

I hiked again.

I ran a 5K with mom. She won her age group.

I ran another 5K with mom. She won the Masters category and I got 2nd in my age group.

And I ran one more 5K with mom and Carly. Carly won our age group, mom won hers, and I came closer to my PR than I have in 3 years. 35 seconds away. Screw the age group, that rocks.

I rode Carly’s ponay. 🙂

I also moved twice (Don’t Ask.), went to 2 other weddings, celebrated my dad’s birthday, and did a lot of other crap that has kept me absurdly busy.

SO. That is where I have been for the last 2 months.

I have been ignoring my computer a lot so that makes it hard to keep up with the blog. Also, since I’m going to be working soon…my first real job…and let’s just say it involves a high school…I’m not sure what to do about the blog. It’s not really professional or that nice…and I’m pretty sure I don’t want my students to find me…Or their parents.

But I doubt they could. I’ve never posted my full name…I just talk about my life and my running. And I don’t know that I really want to transition to making this a cut and dry professional blog. If I’m going to write in a proper format and about specifictopics, that will probably be for the Striders newsletter.

Sooo….I think…I’m going to try and keep up with the blog, and keep this personal, and keep my professional life out of it. Granted I’m going to want to complain and talk about it, for sure…but I’m going to try and do that elsewhere. It’s not appropriate for a public forum such as this.

What do you guys think? Yes? No? Maybe? Get rid of the blog? Keep the blog? Actually write in the blog regularly??? Haha.

Mind you, I don’t write much about my personal life in here, but still, my weekend runs and my friendships…I’d really like to keep those away from my work. And the pictures. Pictures of people running…are not flattering. Since I’m still young I feel like I need to put in even more effort to appear professional than someone 10 or 15 years my senior. So I’d really like to keep my work relations away from this blog. We’ll see how it goes.

Well, in running news, training for the MCM has not been going so well. With everything else, I have not had a lot of time. I have been running regularly, as you can see, for the last month or two, but no real long runs. I’m going to try for 6 miles on Saturday but I think I should be closer do doing 9. Ugh. I am mildly worried. I’m going to have to talk to some people who have done a full before and see if I’m going to be in trouble.

MCM isn’t until October so I do have a few months, but still. I need to be further ahead right now. I also need to figure out how much pain I can expect the day after. I need to know if I should go ahead and take that day off work, or if I’m going to be in pain, but able to sit at work for the day. OH, good. Just looked and I’ve got a half day of work that day anyway. Excellent. So hopefully I can tough it out. After my 2 half’s, I was fine. But…I’m doing double that.

Yes, I need to consult some experts.

Well, speaking of work, I need to go get some done. Enjoy the update!!!!!! Hopefully another will soon follow! Maybe after the long run on Saturday!

You Must’ve Fallen

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Out of the sky like rain you must have fallen, baby
Bringing the water and the summer when it’s hot for days
You brought the alien smile, aquarian sage
You must have heard me calling

~Ben Taylor Band


I slipped off the updating bandwagon yet again. Totally grad school’s fault. Wheeew.

So. Things you’ve missed…

After the Shamrock….I began knitting on a baby blanket…did I mention that? Yeeah. I think I did. My friend is having a baby. So anyway….I’ve also started another project that will be a Christmas present…I will not be disclosing any more real details because I don’t want people knowing what they are getting!!! If you’re on Ravelry you can catch the details there.

This weekend mom and I did a 5K. It was ABSURDLY windy. Just awful. I was really tired too, maybe still from the half, but I hope not.

OH. OH!!! OH!!!!!!!!! Um….I did something………

Something….um…that might not have been the best idea ever.

I registered for a full.

My first full.

THAT full.

Yeeeeeeeeah. So. Kind worried. Kinda thinking I may have lost it.

BUT anyway. Race last weekend. Dad got a LOT of great pictures because the course lapped the finish a few times.

That’s me and mom at the start.

Mom running past dad on the first lap.

Me finishing!!!!!!!! 29ish minutes. 🙂 Not my best time…but not too terrible. Mom got 1st in her age group. 🙂 YAY MOM!!!!!!! I also met a really cool girl with a really cool dog. 🙂 Hopefully she and I are going to set up a play date for Uri and her dog.

So then Sunday Tracy and I went hiking. We just did a quick 4 mile hike outside of town up to the Cascade Falls. I shall leave you with some pictures from the hike. 🙂

Something stung Trace. HA.

I is cute!!!

God, What Am I Doing Here?

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The cold wind from space
Is blowing in my face
God, what am I doing here?
I wish I was a cat,
Then I’d know where it’s at
Sure has been a funny year

            ~Holy Modal Rounders

Well. It’s been a funny last month or so. I’ve been missing in action, in case you didn’t notice. A lot has been going on…grad school and all that madness, but the good news is I’ve been semi-keeping up with the running and will be doing my second half-marathon in 10 days!!!!!!!!!

I feel a little under-prepared but with the pressures of grad school and the turmoil of winter, it’s the best I can do right now. The good news is that I’m running with my good friend and…well…she’s stuck in the same boat. We’re in the same grad program so we’re both maxed out and pressed for time and our running is suffering.

I’ve wandered to a few new websites so if anyone that reads this is on one of them, please add me as a friend!!! I’m on SparkPeople (sn is PinkCowgirl) and Ravelry (sn is also PinkCowgirl). I’m loving them both and I can get on them from school whereas wordpress is blocked. Stupid school.

Anyway, other exciting things that have happened: Ran 2 5K’s…went to see my sister ( and had an AWESOME time!!!!!!!! I miss her already and she needs to get her little butt up here!!!!!!!

Not much else to report, but plenty of pictures to share!!!!!!!!!

Mom, Uri, and me before the Classic! Mom came in 2nd in her age group in this race!!!

Jo found a cache!!!! She was a cache finding machine this weekend. AND IT WAS HER FIRST TIME GEOCACHING!!!!!!! Love ya, sissy.

OMG OMG OMG NEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and my beautiful sister!!!

Me and mom before the Explore Park 5K. Mom’s first trail run!!!!

After the race! Mom got 1st in her age group and I got 2nd in mine. Mom also managed to come in a full minute under my time from 3 years ago in this race. And she’s about 30 years older than I was. Yeah. Mom is scary-good. And I’m super proud. 🙂

Well, mom and I have another 5K tomorrow, so I’ll try and be a better blogger and update then!!!

Frosty The 5K

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Today was the Frosty 5K hosted by my favorite local running store. 🙂

I basically felt like crap. Royal crap. But…I got my butt out there anyway.

And I kinda rocked it.


Granted it wasn’t a PR, but for the hills on this course…MAN I rocked it. 29:56. Sub 30 so that’s decent for me. But what was awesome is the fact I got SECOND in my age group!!!!! SECOND!!!!!!!! And I felt like CRAP!!!!!!! SECOND!!!!!!!!

And second do another member of the tri-team. Second to a triathlete. Mhmm. Pretty awesome. I’m pretty excited.

So second place prize was a pair of socks (hence the running store sponsoring the race) and a mug. 🙂

My cat was very interested in the mug. 🙂

Here’s the shirt from the race.

I love a shirt that isn’t white. 🙂 I also love long sleeved shirts. 🙂 And since there were way less participants than expected they sold the extra shirts for 5 bucks so I bought a medium one for me to sleep in, and one for mom and Beth. 🙂

I’m really, really glad I ran today. I exceeded my goal for 2008, AND did 2 races in 1 weekend, another goal of mine. AND I feel none the worse for the wear. 🙂 Pretty good. 🙂 Pretty darn good. 🙂

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

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We jingled all the way through our 5K!!!!

MOM RAN HER FIRST RACE!!!! YAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a CHILLY CHILLY start. Really chilly. So lots of layers were needed. Here’s me and mom at the start…

Here’s another with our jingle bells on.

So then the race began, there were around 1000 people give or take there. We took it kind of slow since this was mom’s first race. I stayed with her for the entire thing because I’m racing again tomorrow so I just had a nice 3 mile jog. 🙂 Mom did REALLY well. She ran the ENTIRE way which was WAY BETTER than my first 5K!!!!

There were 3 or 4 major hills but she toughed it out. I kept talking to her the whole time and encouraged her. I hope it helped, she was a little too frozen and winded to tell me if it was helping or to even tell me to shut my trap but I kept on! 🙂 I told some of my favorite “run lies” to her that I tell myself…like “This is the last hill!!!” when it really isn’t. 🙂 Anyone else lie to themselves?? Haha.

So anyway, she did manage to run the whole way and I hope I helped some…I tried. She did really well. We got to the finish and she picked it up some!!!! I was so proud. 🙂

Can you spot us?!?!?!?

We finished together in 37:08. Both exactly the same!!! YAY US!!!!!!!

And you know what’s awesome? If mom had been 6 seconds faster, she would have gotten 3rd in her age group. THIRD!!!! So she was FOURTH in her very first ever 5K!!!!! I ws 5th in mine. 🙂

MOM I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



So I just went back through my logs…and my first 5k? 37:02. Six seconds faster than mom’s first…. 🙂 Pretty darn cool.

******EDIT AGAIN*******

So. Just realized I was so excited about mom’s race I forgot that this race was special for me too. THIS WAS MY GOAL RACE TODAY!!!! This made my goal for the year complete, because this was my 8th race in 2008!!!!! YAY ME!!!!!!! I MET MY GOAL!!!!!!!!!!! And tomorrow…if I feel up to it…I’m going to hit 9 races in 08!!! 🙂

Good times. 🙂

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