Ain’t No Sunshine

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My mother called this morning.

My grandmother has breast cancer.

She turns 90 this November.

They are going to operate. No chemo.

I’ve always loved pink. Everything I own is pink. Now pink makes me burst in to tears.

I wish it was me instead of her. I hear that’s normal.

I want to punch someone. I hear that’s normal.

I want to run as far and as fast as I can. I hear that’s normal.

I want to throw up. I hear that’s normal.

I want to cry all the time. I hear that’s normal.

I want to scream. I hear that’s normal.

There’s a new normal now.

I’m trying to get ready for a fight.

I have never in my life felt this before. I hope that none of you ever have to go through this. And for those of you that have…I’m so sorry. I thought I understood before. You really don’t understand until you’re there.

Dear God, please. Please….

Every Mile A Memory

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Are you ready for a somewhat unbelievable tale? Well buckle up.

So. First off, last night I couldn’t fall asleep. Finally passed out around midnight…but by 3am I was wide awake. Eventually I migrated to the couch and watched TV there until 4:30 when I gave up, wandered the internet, and got ready for my day…which was scheduled to include a 6 mile hike. (Ha. You just wait and see what ACTUALLY happened)

I picked up my friend Jenn around 7:30 and headed down to my parents to meet up with them for our hike. We were heading for Kelly’s Knob which is off the Appalachian Trail.

It looks so serene and nice! Little did we know...

It looks so serene and nice! Little did we know...

The first 2 miles of the hike went fairly well…aside from finding a VERY creepy house which of course we had to go play in.

Seriously? Creepy.

Seriously? Creepy.

Then we moved on to the Laurel Creek Shelter and got slightly confused by the directions on the print out that I’d brought. Eventually we found our way towards the top of the ridge…we wandered for quite some time…with a lot of back tracking…but never found the blue blazed trail that supposedly led to the knob.

However…after we gave up, sat down, and ate lunch…dad ran in to another hiker who said it was about a half a mile further. Mom and dad voted to head back towards the car. I was fine with this since I needed to get back by 6ish anyway.

So…back we went. Dad was a little tired…so Jenn and I forged ahead. We took the car keys and agreed to meet mom and dad at the trailhead with the car. (We had had to park the car at a church about a quarter mile from the trailhead because of the four thousand NO PARKING signs in the field where you picked up this portion of the trail.)

Jenn and I wandered along…FINALLY getting to the bridge that led through a pasture and to the last stile. On our way in, we thought we had seen a donkey in the cute barn on the other side of the pasture. As we approached the bridge, we could see a donkey or two out in the field!

When I got on the bridge, I saw not one, not two, but FOUR minature donkey’s! Jenn and I were highly amused. As were the donkeys.

Aren't they cute?!?! Don't you just want to pet them! Yeah. I'd think twice about that if I were you.

Aren't they cute?!?! Don't you just want to pet them! Yeah. I'd think twice about that if I were you.

The first thing I did was grab a handful of grass to try and see if they would let us get close. One bold donkey came right up and accepted my offering.

And then he proceeded to bite me.

Bit. Me. BIT.

Bit. Me. BIT.

Yes. On the Appalachian Trail, folks, it’s not the bears you need to worry about, it’s the donkeys.

And then he tried to eat my pack.

Seriously...he tried to take it from me.

Seriously...he tried to take it from me.

I played tug-o-war with a donkey for nearly 5 minutes.

Once we were free from the jackasses (sorry…I couldn’t stop myself) we headed for the car. We drove it back, just as mom and dad came over the last stile. I parked near the trail and got out to help Jenn get her stuff situated and to re-arrange mine for the drive back. As I stepped out of the car….and walked towards the rear….I suddenly found myself at eye level with the tires.

I fell in a hole.

Yeah. Instead of getting out of the hole, I tossed Jenn my camera. You're welcome.

Yeah. Instead of getting out of the hole, I tossed Jenn my camera. You're welcome.

Yeah. Didn't get hurt hiking. Got hurt exiting a vehicle.

Yeah. Didn't get hurt hiking. Got hurt exiting a vehicle.

I fell. In a hole. Yes. That’s right. Moments after getting bit by a donkey…I fell in a hole.

It was covered in grass and really deep. Not my fault!!!

It was covered in grass and really deep. Not my fault!!!

So. Once I climbed up out of the lovely ditch, we piled in the car and headed towards food. Since we were all starving, I dug the awesome peanut butter candies I’d bought before the hike out of my purse. I asked Jenn if she’d like a piece of candy. She said she’d love one…and I was about to hand it to her when I squealed and grabbed it back. Jenn’s allergic to nuts. I tried to send her in to anaphylactic shock. At this point…we were all basically delirious…and laughing hysterically.

Now we’ll fast forward to the end of the night…I dropped Jenn off and looked at the increda-scary sky above. When I got back on the interstate to drive home…some of the worst lightening I have EVER seen started. It hit so close, that the hair on my arms stood up right as the bolt hit, and the thunder quickly followed.

I made it to my tiny little town…and was driving down the main road behind another car. I saw the other car slowing down, but I couldn’t tell why, so I slowed down as well. And….that’s when the car disappeared in to a tree. I had a small heart attack and then went through the tree as well.

The tree had fallen across both lanes of the road. It was so large that you couldn’t see if there was traffic on the other side…and it was so dark and rainy, that even going 20 under the speed limit, you couldn’t see the tree until you were right on top of it.

I took a tree to the car. The car in front of me was going quite a bit faster than me and definitely hit the thicker part of the tree. After I exited the roadforest I could see parts of tree coming out of their grill. And mind you I’m still behind them.

I’m fairly sure my car escaped tree-free. If she got a little scratched…it won’t be her first. She’s 10 years old…so…no harm done really.

Overall…it’s been one of the most comical days of my entire life.

So…to recap. Today, on 3 hours of sleep, I hiked 8 miles, fell in a hole, got bit by a donkey, almost sent my friend in to anaphylactic shock, and drove through a tree.

I feel…accomplished.

It Goes On and On

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Short little note….

So. I’m realizing that uh…I have a problem.

*sits self down*

Hi, my name is Courtney and I can’t stop buying yarn.

“Hi Courtney”

Yeah…I realized today that my yarn stash is “contained” in 6 different receptacles spread throughout my house. And that’s JUST yarn. That doesn’t include some WIP’s either. Then there’s the fleece and roving….that stash is in different variations of cleanliness….and stretches to being stored in my car.

The good news is that so far no stash is being harbored in winter coats or the freezer. Yet.

Tonight we’re going to have a little come-to-Jesus meeting with myself and the stash. Maybe. Or I may be a slacker and just ignore it some more.

But for now, I must go clean…and later I swear Floydfest details will appear.

Oh the stash……

For She’s in Her Room a Taking Rest

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The last week, I was basically without internet.

How scary is that?!?! Most people today…would be terrified of such things…but I’m about to do it again so I thought I should post now, while I’m still connected!

The last week or so I was house sitting at one of my favorite places in the world. I spent some time relaxing, reading and doing a little hiking and running.

I’m back home now, in my own bed, which I have missed OH so much. Let me tell you, I love that bed so much. I’m already excited to go to bed tonight!!!

Today I did a mini-tri! Haha. I did 2/3 of a sprint tri at the gym. I did 3 miles on the treadmill with the last mile at a 9:16 pace which is AWESOME for me. Then I swam a 400 in the pool. It was a pretty solid workout. Maybe once I’m done with my traveling and such I can do my own little sprint tri at the gym. Haha.

So this weekend I will be volunteering at Floydfest!!!! I am SO excited. Floydfest is a music/art/food festival in Floyd, VA. My FAVORITE band of all-time, Old Crow Medicine Show, is playing Saturday night and I cannot WAIT!!!!

Since I’m volunteering I get to go to the campsite early, get a good location, and unpack all my gear before the masses arrive. I need to be packing my gear up right now but I think it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Today I’ve been hard at work on another project…of which I am OH so pleased to present to you………


For those of you not familiar with Etsy, it’s an online selling site for independent artists, crafters, knitters, spinners, antique junkies, etc!

I launched my Etsy store today at so please come visit my lovely, lovely store!! It’s just jewelry right now, but eventually there will be some fibery goodness.


Speaking of fibery goodness, I got to spin on a wheel yesterday for the first time!!!!! Let me tell you, spinning wheels are a LOT harder than they look to operate. You aren’t just sitting there passively….you’re doing WORK. You have to pay attention. SO fun.

****Back on track****

So. Etsy. I’m so excited about my store. I’m not trying to make it in to a full time business, but just a hobby. Just to amuse myself. If you do click over, please let me know what you think! Any and all suggestions are welcome, either about the shop logo, or my jewelry in general!

Here are some pictures of the pieces in the store, including my absolute favorite piece!

A simple beaded bracelet.

A simple beaded bracelet.

Pearl and stone earrings

Pearl and stone earrings

And the piece de resistance!

My "Knit One, Pearl Two" necklace!!! I constructed the "ball of yarn and needles" myself. I'm super proud.

My "Knit One, Pearl Two" necklace!!! I constructed the "ball of yarn and needles" myself. I'm super proud.

Well, that’s my Etsy! Hope you enjoyed! I’ll be back after Floydfest with plenty of pictures for your viewing enjoyment!!!

Live and Learn

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In the last 2 hours, while wandering the internet instead of packing for tomorrow’s hike….I have learned two important lessons, and I would like to share them with you now.

Lesson #1: Always check the sleeping bag you’re washing in the washing machine for possible wasps nests. *pictures to come later*

Lesson #2: If highly motivated dog who won’t typically run IS, in fact, strong and fast enough to rip tie-out stake and rope out of ground. Proper motivation appears to be furry rabbit I didn’t see until it was too late. And mostly because it’s dark.

On that note…I shall retire.


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Are you for SERIOUS????

WordPress just ate my post. I had half a post done…..and *poof* post gone! No reason. No explination. The page just stopped working…….rawr.

So…this is gonna be short and possibly a little grumpy because technically this was the third time I’ve written this post. 🙂 I mean…what happened to auto-save?? Come on now. This is making me nuts.


Ok. SO, I’m late on the surprise, but that’s because the surprise hit a little snag. I wanted to surprise Ashlei by submitting her AWESOME granola recipe to Nicole over at PreventionRD. Nicole and her non-coconut friendly husband BOTH loved it!!! Ashlei’s recipe is THE BEST ever. I’m so glad it got some recognition. Miss Ashlei has been getting quite a lot lately for her awesome blog. She deserves it. 🙂

The last two weekends I’ve been out doing one of my favorite things….it’s Yard-Sale Season!!! I love a good yard sale-ing or a good thrift store. 🙂 It makes my heart happy.

Here are some of the finds from the last 2 weekends.

Last weekend of yard sale-ing.

Last weekend of yard sale-ing.

Some of my favorites in that bunch were the AUTHENTIC red, never worn, tags still attached, crocs IN MY SIZE!!!! Seriously. Awesome.

Then I got some staplers for 25 cents EACH. Heck yeah. Stuff my students can destroy that I don’t have a lot invested in!

Then yesterday…

This weekend's yard sale finds.

This weekend's yard sale finds.

I GOT A JUICER!!!!!! 5 dollars. 5! And an awesome black and white print, framed, and beautiful! Then some pretty plates, 8 for 2.50! I…don’t like matchy-matchy plates. I have ZERO desire for a china pattern. Nothing makes me happier than having random plates and bowls that don’t go together. As long as the colors resemble each other…I’m good.

I also got some wine glasses…and after taking this picture I promptly broke one. Good thing they were twenty five cents. I see NO reason to have a set of matching wine glasses all the same size. I generally buy the goblet style…but…why do they have to match? Who says it has to be uniform and matching? Screw matching.

I also got a kick board so I can work on my moves in the pool…and my uncle gave me his old army sleeping bag! WHOO! Camp stuff. 🙂

Speaking of camp stuff….

I got a little tiny present.

I got a little tiny present.

I talked mom in to getting me a backpack! YAY!!!! I can’t wait to bust it out and go backpacking!

Aaaand speaking of backpacking, I joined a new club…and hopefully will get some climbing, backpacking, and kayaking experience this summer.

Also, hoping to actually meet up with Ashlei and hike together this summer!!! She lives near my cousin, so I was already planning on going down this summer, so I can see my cousin AND Ashlei! Yay!!!!

I’ve got 2 weeks or so until the half marathon. I’m…kind of on point with my training. Kind of not. Did 9 miles today. 6 this morning, then 3 this afternoon…not feeling so hot.

Also did some biking…the bike was being evil. It needs a tune-up. I may enter a bike race next weekend….lol. We shall see.

I do have some more updates…and I’m going to run through them kind of fast, in picture form.

Got awesome books. Waterfalls, Cycling, Trail Running, and...the top one is a present for a friend.

Got awesome books. Waterfalls, Cycling, Trail Running, and...the top one is a present for a friend.

Other awesome books. Biology, Evolution, and YARN!

Other awesome books. Biology, Evolution, and YARN!

And my bestest sent me an AWESOME bag. I giggled hysterically when I found it in my mailbox.

And my bestest sent me an AWESOME bag. I giggled hysterically when I found it in my mailbox.

I got to see the bestest's baby over Mother's Day weekend. Twas very awesome.

I got to see the bestest's baby over Mother's Day weekend. Twas very awesome.

Got to see my other cousin's sheep who I will very soon get to help shear, and then get her wool to spin!

Got to see my other cousin's sheep who I will very soon get to help shear, and then get her wool to spin! cousin found some awesome thumb wrestlers. Lol. cousin found some awesome thumb wrestlers. Lol.

And finally, got to go to an AWESOME concert. Riley Baugus and Tim Eriksen. These are the guys who did the soundtrack for Cold Mountain. It was AMAZING. I was on the front row…and…they are more story-tellers than just straight preformers. They were amazing, hilarious, and it was a small audience. 40 people maybe. So we got to interact with both performers a lot. They were really personable. It was sooooo cool.

Have a good week guys!!!!

16 days until I’m FREEEEEEEE!


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Ohhh wow.

SOL’s are bearing down on me and um…I have no time to do much else other than stress and prepare.

Grrr. Stupid state regulations and crap.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hi. Lots has been going on. I’m hoping to get a REAL blog post up Tuesday or Wednesday. Should have some pretty exciting news to share with you guys and specifically Miss Ashlei. I shall keep you guessing for now!

In other news, Tracy’s father passed away. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Even though we aren’t together, I still love him dearly and his whole family. It’s got to be really rough to lose a parent at this age. His dad was only 55. He will be greatly missed.

I do have a lot of really awesome and happy updates…just…NO TIME to put them in!

I shall return soon! Hopefully Wednesday. I know Ashlei will be going nuts till then! Haha.

Love you guys!!!

We Are…

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We are the Hokies.

We will prevail.
We will prevail.
We will prevail.

We are Virginia Tech.

              ~Nikki Giovanni

There aren’t words to describe how the events of April 16, 2007 changed my life.

It’s not just the fact that it happened at my school. It happened in my home town. You never expect these things to happen…especially not at school, and especially not in your town. For me, it was both.

When you see these school shootings and things…we hear about how it’s changed the school, the students, the faculty…but it changes the community too.

This random act of violence shook not just a school, not just a community, not just a country, but the world. The world as a whole stopped, and looked right here, at Blacksburg, Virginia. My hometown.

Standing on the drillfield at the candelight vigil…I can’t put in to words what that felt like. I will never, ever forget that night. I can’t ever forget that day. And we will never forget those lost.

It has changed me, as a person. It has made me a lot more thankful for the people in my life. It’s made me thankful for my own life. I thought I knew what it was to be thankful before…but it takes on a whole new meaning. You see these things on the news…but until it hits close to home, it never really sinks in.

I’m thankful for my friends, my family, all of my loved ones. I’m thankful for my life, and my abilities. I’m so thankful for my ability to run. Tomorrow I will run 3.2 miles. 3.2 for the 32 victims. There is a 3.2 mile race tomorrow at Virginia Tech but I won’t be able to attend, but I’ll still do my 3.2.

If anyone else out there would like to join in, I’d love to do an online “run” with anyone who wants to! Feel free to bike 32 miles, or 3.2…whatever works for you. Maybe 32 laps in the pool.

If you do join in, please leave me a comment here so I know!


We are Virginia Tech.


I decided to hold off on the rest of the regular post stuff until Saturday, so check back then for the continuation of my birthday post.

Gimmie Stitches

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So…who missed me?!?!?

I’ve had an interesting two weeks. Last weekend I went home for the first time in about a month so I was semi-busy…and then this past week, well, you can guess what happened from the title.

Yep. I got stitches. But more on that later. Let’s get started.

Knitting Week:

********************** Edit *********************

I almost forgot!!! I taught 2 people to knit this week!!! 2!!!!!

One was the bestest, Carly. We went to my LYS, Crooked Stitch, and got her all squared away. She’s working on a lovely scarf out of aplaca. Since she’s the best friend, I couldn’t let her start on cheap yarn. I bought her some bamboo needles and we sat together and knit Thursday night.

Then one of the assistants for a teacher in my department wanted to learn, so I brought her some of my old metal needles and a skein of cheap caron yarn. She was thrilled and I got her on her way as well!


****************************End Edit******************************

Ohhh so much knitting!!!! So much “fibery goodness” as Meghan would say. Last weekend while I was at home, I visited my former LYS, Mosaic. I was absolutley fed UP with the scarf I had been trying to knit my aunt. It was her Christmas present…and if you will recall I only managed to finish 2 of the 4 projects for family presents. Her scarf darn near drove me insane. So I decided I needed new yarn.

I also wanted new circular needles for sock knitting. I was frustrated with the DPN’s, and really just wanted to get my OTHER aunt’s socks *also a Christmas present* FINISHED. And started, for that matter.

Well I’d started them 4 times but…yeah.

So, Mosaic, being the wonderful yarn shop that it is…had just what I needed. I bought some hand dyed yarn by Unplanned Peacock. The fiber artist actually lives near me and I’ve met her at a knitting circle so I was super excited to support her.

I grabbed up a beautiful skein in her Flamingo colorway and got to knitting on Monday. Over the weekend I FINISHED the scarf (HAHA!) and it’s currently blocking in my bathroom. The yarn was REALLY springy…even though it was 200 yards…the scarf was only about 3.5ft before I blocked it. But now it’s around 6! And DONE! FINALLY!! It should be dry and ready to go in the mail to my aunt by tomorrow.

Scarf pre-blocking

Scarf pre-blocking

The socks…or sock, rather, is on the needles and progressing nicely. I’ve also decided to repurpose the yarn from the previous scarf attempt. I’m going to make Bella’s Mittens for my cousin who LOVES Twilight and knitting.

So far, so good on the socks!!

So far, so good on the socks!!

In other knitting news, I’m going to do a review of a yarn store I visited this weekend!!! I’m going to try and add more reviews in to the blog…so here’s this week’s!


This week’s review is of Gate City Yarns in Greensboro, NC. Gate City Yarns is located in a lovely section of Greensboro. I would say it’s downtown, but I’ve never been to Greensboro before so I’m not sure exactly what section of town one would consider it’s location to be.

The shop has a lovely window display of yarn, fiber, and some unique metal artwork. It’s a really beautiful storefront. I was immediately excited.

Hello Yarn Store!!

Hello Yarn Store!!

Upon entering, I nearly squealed because the first thing you see in the store, is shelves of FIBER and SPINNING WHEELS ON TOP!!! Oh I was thrilled. I nearly threw myself in to the bags of fibery goodness.

Anyone want to donate to the "Buy Courtney a Spinning Wheel fund? Anyone?"

Anyone want to donate to the "Buy Courtney a Spinning Wheel fund? Anyone?"

I learned that the fiber was from a local farm and I believe it was hand dyed.

Of course I had to buy some. I got a lovely blue green corriedale, about 7oz. The staff was wonderfully helpful and friendly. I would love for Gate City to be my LYS! They also had a “store mascot”, a very sweet dog named Reese. He greeted the customers in a very calm and polite manner. He wasn’t overly friendly, and didn’t come right up to sniff you. You more or less had to invite him over or come to him. Perfect manners for a yarn store dog!

Mmmm I can't wait to spin this!!!

Mmmm I can't wait to spin this!!!

Hello, sock yarn. How I love thee.

Hello, sock yarn. How I love thee.

I’m a firm beliver that yarn stores should have mascots or animals of some sort in them. 🙂

In addition to all the spinning goodies, Gate City had a lot of lovely yarns. I ended up buying some sock yarn from a company I hadn’t seen before. They really had a great selection and it was beautifully displayed and organized.

Gate City also had a very wide array of needles, hooks, drop spindles, hand cards, and other fiber work goodies. They really catered to every area of fiber work! It was wonderful!

I hope I get to go back to Gate City Yarns next time I’m in Greensboro. I really loved that store!

Running Week:

Well, there hasn’t really been any running to speak of since…last week sometime. I was doing push-ups and planks daily, up until Wednesday…and therefore we will skip the running, and visit our special section this week….the……..

Injury Report:

***squemish beware. Skip to “Favorite” if you have issues with blood***:

Well folks, I did a number on myself. Let me tell you, gravity has it IN for me!!!!

Wednesday morning I was preparing to go for work…and was running a tad late. I guess I was in a hurry and opened my car door with a little too much force, because as I bent down to get in my car, the door came back at me and caught me in the back of my head, slamming my forehead in to the frame of my car.

Yes, essentially I slammed my entire head in a car door.

The force was sufficent to knock me down, in to the car, half in and half out. I reeled for a minute and said to myself “WOW that hurt”. Then I touched my hand to my forehead…and it came back QUITE bloody. Then…the blood started to pour.

I decided the best plan was to get myself to the ER as quickly as possible. Since I live in the middle of nowhere, my best option was to get my neighbor to give me a ride because…the amount of blood seemed a bit much and I didn’t think I should drive. My neighbors were still sleeping as this was 6:45am. I pounded on their door until they woke up and came out.

When they opened the door I think they both almost screamed. They thought I had been shot because at this point, I was splattered with blood everywhere, and attempting to hold my head closed with my hand. I told them I’d hit my head on my car and could they please drive me to the ER and possibly give me a towel as well.

At this point, I decided sitting or laying down was best, so I laid down on the patio outside their house while they grabbed me a towel and got dressed. While laying on the patio, I called school and informed them that there was NO possible way I would be in that day. Given the fact I had left a trail of blood from my car to the neighbors door, and a substantial puddle in front of their house, I figured staying home would be a good plan.

So…my neighbor grabbed my purse from my car, and threw me in her truck and drove me the 20 minutes to the hospital. I laughed most of the way. I mean really, I FAILED at getting in a car. I hit my head not once, but TWICE.

By the time we got to the ER, I had bled through all layers of the bathroom towel…and the ER receptionist quickly got me a wheelchair and within 5 minutes of our arrival I was in a bed being cleaned up by a nurse.

This is the LEAST bloody picture of the towel. I soaked it...

This is the LEAST bloody picture of the towel. I soaked it...

Before Wednesday, I was unaware that head wounds bleed a lot. I am now very aware of that fact. I have never seen so much blood in my LIFE.

See why they thought I was shot? Blood EVERYWHERE!

See why they thought I was shot? Blood EVERYWHERE!

So I ended up with 6 stitches. My very FIRST stitches, and a tetanus shot. So I had a knot in the back of my head, and in the front, stitches, and a sore arm from the shot. Thankfully no concussion.

My poor head...

My poor head...

By the time I got to school Thursday, my kids had made up some WILD stories about what had happened to me, and I think they had had me die in about 4 of the stories. Good times.

But I’m healing…I guess…and enjoying sporting a wide variety of colorful bandaids in the meantime.

Moving on.


This week’s favorite is The Palm restaurant. Wow. Let me tell you…I could get accustomed to a lifestyle that includes occasional visits to that place.

I went to NC for the weekend with a friend to visit their family and celebrate their mom’s birthday. Her birthday dinner was at The Palm. It was AMAZING. I had filet mingnon, and also tried my very first lobster!! It was wonderful. I am offically a fan of lobster.

There were also some amazing 3 cheese potatoes, fried asparagus, and creme brulee and tiramisu for dessert!

So, if you ever get the chance for a very special occasion, visit a Palm restaurant. You WON’T be dissappointed.

Other Junk:

As I mentioned, this weekend I went to NC. I hit some great geocaches on the way down. I would have done more, but the cold got to me and I gave up. But every cache I looked for, I found! That’s a first I think!!

Pretty cool building near a cache.

Pretty cool building near a cache.

Then in Greensboro I watched my friend’s brothers lacrosse game with the family. That was really fun. I’d never been to a lacrosse game before and I really enjoyed it. (Yes, I knit through the entire game) We’re going to go down again and watch another…hopefully in warmer weather!

I also got to go to Bass Pro while in NC so that was fabulous.

Other than that…not much to report given the head injury and all. Next weekend I do have a 5K so watch for that report!!!

So-Far-Away Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout is to Lesley. I miss you so very much!!!! Lesley and I went to grad school together and she’s…oh probably 14 hours north of me. We did a half marathon together around this time last year and I really miss running with her!

I actually got to talk to her today for the first time in probably 6 months. We have decided to make Sunday our weekly phone call day so we can keep in touch. I’m super excited for next Sunday already!


I Get Knocked Down

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…but I get up again.

And then I beast 5 miles.


Pretty awesome week, let’s get right in to it.

Snow Week:

Snowed and iced Monday. Another inch or so on Tuesday, then Friday night was another 2 inches. At this point I don’t even notice. The mail hasn’t ran since February 4th. I can see the post office from my mail box…and yet…no mail.

I tried on Wednesday AND Saturday to get my mail from the post office. They can’t find it anywhere. Apparently they have so much backed up mail…they can’t find mine. My netflix are in there somewhere…and some other really important items I would like to have. Granted, the mail-person can’t DRIVE up to my mailbox…but if I can park at the end of my road and walk the 30 feet to it…then why the hell can’t she? I mean…I can literally SEE the roof of the post office from my mailbox. Not even a quarter mile…and yet no mail in almost 2 weeks.

I want. My flipping mail.

Anyway. I’ve heard that we’re getting anywhere from 4 to 15 inches tonight. Bring it.

Knitting Week:

Well, finished the VT scarf! WHOOO!!!!! Thank God because I now hate that project.

I did create a new theory though. If you receive a knitted item that has stripes of color…the more stripes there are, the more that knitter must love you.

Or at least that’s the new theory for my knitting. There is nothing I hate more than weaving in ends…and on a scarf or BABY BLANKET….*cough*Beth*cough* there are a LOT of ends. Each stripe results in at least 2 tails of yarn to weave in. So…my scarf with 40 stripes…yeah.

This is why I don’t think I can crochet. I look at that crochet hook with disdain from the hours of painful end-weaving. I seriously shudder thinking about it. It makes my skin crawl.

I finished the last end on the scarf, and literally THREW the scarf across the room. I couldn’t even TOUCH it for 2 days.

I also believe this is why knitters often give away most of their projects. The bigger ones…we’ve spent SO much time on them…we don’t want to be anywhere near them for a long, long, long time.

I also started a hat to go with the VT scarf. And then had to rip the whole thing out. I was about an inch in…and realized that A) it was HUGE…like almost triple the size it should be *Yes, I still refuse to knit a swatch* and B) there was a twist. Ugh. So that’s now in a pile. I quit.

Moving on.

Workout Week:

Did some really good upper body work this week and some ab work. Then Saturday was Long Run day. Mmmmm LR.

Planned to do 3 miles…it was a decent day out. Maybe 33 degrees or so. Where I run, it’s straight uphill for about half a mile, and that part is WINDY and cold. That’s also the first part so…I was well layered.

I also put on my yaxtrax because of the snow…however I quickly learned that it takes more than yaxtrax.

It helps if your sunglasses don’t fog up…and if they do, here’s a little tip: Don’t keep running while you try to mess with them.

Within the first quarter mile of my run…as I tried to de-fog my glasses without slowing down…I stopped paying attention to where my feet were going…and didn’t notice the HUGE mound of snow and ice that had positioned itself in the center of the sidewalk.

I hit it….and did a superman-esque dive over the pile and in to another pile of snow, ice, and mud.

Lots of mud.

I was SOAKED. Gloves, pants, shirt….SOAKED.

Everywhere there is dry mud…there was ice/snow/water…from my knee, all the way up to my arm pit, and down to my wrist. Rockstar.

See the stains? Yeah, I went DOWN...

See the stains? Yeah, I went DOWN...

Ugh. I was soaked.

Ugh. I was soaked.


So I almost quit then. But…I figured I’d do one lap, then be done. I was already out there….so may as well do something.

I took the gloves off because they were the most irritatingly wet. I did my lap…and got back to the car and felt pretty good. Luckily…I keep extra gloves in my car so I traded them out and decided to hit another lap. I did an extended lap, adding on another road…and then decided to do one more…and then one more.

By the end, my 3 mile run turned in to 5.3.

Kicking ass and taking names. 🙂


I am going to embarass myself right now. Ready?

This week’s favorite…is NASCAR.

Yeah, yeah, I know. But you gotta understand, I’m from the south…it’s part of life. I teach in a location that has a track…I….just love it. And today…is the Daytona 500!

But my favorite part of Nascar…something I like almost more than actually going to a race… Ok I probably DO like it more… It’s a Nascar Nap.

A Nascar Nap occurs when you turn on the race…and about 30 laps in…you just pass out. You can’t help it. It just knocks you OUT. And it’s always a REALLY good nap. Mmmm, Nascar Naps.

I had mine today, have you!?!?

Other Junk:

So…driving around this weekend, I passed this sign.

Bwahahahahaha!!! Global Warming. Heh.

Bwahahahahaha!!! Global Warming. Heh.

Enough said.


Strenghtening Shoutout:

This weeks shoutout is a thank-you to Missy. I really appreciate you giving me your personal Ironman experience. You really have made me want to go for it even more. Your emails have really motivated me. In a couple years…I think I’ll be ready.

So if you haven’t checked her blog out, go see Missy and enjoy her story. She’s a really inspirational blogger!

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