A Lot to Drink About

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Not to start this off on a negative note, but the last week and a half has been a little suck-tastic.

I don’t know WHAT is going on with my body, but my stomach has been REALLY angry since the 28th. Every day, usually in the afternoon, it feels like there is an evil gnome trying to launch a cannon ball out of my belly button.

Seriously, it sucks. Some days, it hurts to move. Yesterday, I couldn’t get off the couch. I was in pain for two solid hours. I’m trying to figure out if it’s something I’m eating but MAN it’s awful. I’ve called my GI doctor to make an appointment, but the soonest they can get me in is the second week in August. (For those of you who don’t know, I have Crohn’s)

So. It’s been a little less than awesome, but…I’m trying not to let it slow me down. Let’s move on to fun stuff.

I have gotten a LOT of hiking in. Ashlei and I had a few really awesome hikes, and I’ve met some new friends and have gone hiking with them as well. My favorite so far was a night hike with some star gazing. That was aaaaaaawesome.

I’m mildly afraid of the dark…and the creepy noises in the woods, but it was really fun…even with the freaking bats flying RIGHT OVER MY FACE. I took Tully with us, and he wasn’t a huge fan of the boulder field. 🙂 It’s a little hard for dogs to navigate. I think my friend and I are going to go back without our dogs sometime. I can’t wait. We have a lot in common and a lot of fun together!

The other hike of non-awesomeness involved 13 miles, on a 96 degree day in July, with some of the most INSANE hills/mountains I’ve ever seen.

My friend and I set out around 9am…both of us had packed plenty of water…but by the time we got off the trail at 5pm, we had both ran out. 8 hours, and 13 miles. Not gonna do that again any time soon. Several times we looked at each other and said “What the hell were we thinking??” We went about 6 miles without passing ANYONE. That shows you that you’re the ONLY crazy people out there. Near the end we came to a creek…and I stuck my head in it. I was SO hot. It felt awesome. 🙂

My new rule of the summer is no hiking between 10am and 4pm unless it involves a body of water that I can submerge myself in.

After the hike…and after I consumed 32oz of gatorade…I had a meeting with my friend and editor Kim. We worked on some spinning stuff. She’s really awesome and I’m learning a TON from her. We’re going to do a dye workshop in August with a very good fiber artist she knows so I’m looking forward to that.

I’ve done a little swimming in the last few weeks, and provided my stomach doesn’t rebel, I may go today. I really want to work on getting ready for a tri soon. Ashlei has picked out a few that she wants to do and I’m probably going to try and do one with her.

OH!!! JO IS COMING!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo excited. My sister bear is coming up next week!!!! THEN in August she’s going to come do a 5K with me!!!!! Her first 5K right before her hubby comes back from Japan!!!

That’s gonna be a helluva fun week. I get my sister bear up here with me!!!!! SO EXCITED.

I’m heading home tomorrow for a little over a week, so that’s going to be nice. I’m house sitting at one of my favorite places in the world and I can’t wait to be there and relax! This house is seriously awesome. If I ever get to design my own house, a lot of the ideas and inspiration will come from this place. It’s SO beautiful.

Other than that, not a lot of news. Tully is doing pretty good. We’re starting a new diet for him that hopefully will take care of some of his doggy issues like bad breath and stuff. I’ll keep you guys posted and tell you more about it next time…but for now, I’ve gotta go pack. I’ll leave you with some pics from the past few weeks!

Sunset over Devil's Marble Yard

Sunset over Devil's Marble Yard



Tully looking over Carvin's Cove

Tully looking over Carvin's Cove

Have a good one! 🙂

Dragon Attack

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Know what isn’t awesome?

Dropping a FULL thing of Stonyfield’s yummy yogurt on my shoes.

Yogurt Shoes!

Yogurt Shoes!

So they had to go for a spin in the washer…and what better to do with freshly cleaned hiking shoes??? GO HIKING!

Today I hiked up Dragon’s Tooth and………

Um ok we have to take a quick side-trip of AWESOMENESS.


I just won the giveaway from The Crooked Stitch!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! It’s a basket o’goodies and I can’t WAIT to see what’s in it!!! Dani and Whitney have an awesome shop…I love EVERYTHING in that store, so whatever it is, I’m going to be THRILLED. Something tells me it will contain some of Natasha’s handpainted yarns…which just makes it the thrill of my LIFETIME!!!!!! Oh freaking great. Holy crap. I’ll be picking the goodies up on Tuesday…so I will let you guys know just HOW awesome it is then!

Ok. Now that my day has been totally kick-ass….back to the blog.

I did a quick run up Dragon’s Tooth to take care of my little geocache! A friend from the Roanoke Outdoor and Social Club went with me. We blasted through the trail to the top…and took a slight detour that’s a somewhat less beaten path.

I climbed that. Yeeeeah.

I climbed that. Yeeeeah.

Up. That.

It was AWESOME. Yay for climbing!!!

Then we found some blueberries at the top, talk about yummy! So then…we found our way back to the real trail, and located my cache! It…was really sad. It was filled with trash and random junk. But now…it’s much better!

All better! Lots of new goodies, updated log, no trash! YAY!

All better! Lots of new goodies, updated log, no trash! YAY!

A little present for the thru-Hiker Ashlei and I met awhile back!

A little present for the thru-Hiker Ashlei and I met awhile back!

So then after wandering around a bit, I finally found a good spot *I hope* to hide my cache!

All hidden away!

All hidden away!

So we headed off back down the trail.

I love this picture. He looks SO confused and lost...but really he was surprised to turn mid-sentance and see me with a camera.

I love this picture. He looks SO confused and lost...but really he was surprised to turn mid-sentance and see me with a camera.

So…then we decided to climb the smaller tooth! I’d not realized it was climb-able…but it so totally is! It was AWESOME. I think I like climbing…because it’s like a puzzle.

A puzzle where if you don’t get it right the first time, you wind up seriously injured…or dead.

Hehe. Puzzles.

The view looking down the smaller tooth. What we climbed DOWN. Hehe.

The view looking down the smaller tooth. What we climbed DOWN. Hehe.

I come from the rocks!!! Ashlei-style!!!!

I come from the rocks!!! Ashlei-style!!!!

So that was the hike of awesomness.

The dog is getting better at not barking his head off when I leave the house…however he still REALLY doesn’t like other people taking him out of his crate. He’s terrified. It seems like he thinks they will take him away from me. 😦 Poor guy.

Tomorrow we’re going hiking at the Cascades…then I’m doing a 5K in Blacksburg! If I get time I’m going to take him to a fenced in location…with SUPER high prison-type security fencing…and let him off the leash and see if he’ll come to me.

Supposedly he’s a fence jumper, and will NOT come if he gets loose. So…I’m going to test that in a controlled environment tomorrow. So far, he REALLY seems to like to stay right beside me…so I’m hoping he keeps that up and becomes a little more capture-able if he gets loose.

So anyway, have a great weekend! Watch for my race report Sunday!!! And then next weekend? NEXT WEEKEND?!?!?! ASHLEI IS COMING FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited. Beyond.

Dear Summer,
You freaking rock.

Country Roads

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Yeah, I know. I wandered again.

But seriously? If you’ve ever been in your first year of teaching…you’ll know exactly what I was going through, and exactly how little free time I had.

School ended one week ago tomorrow. How awesome is that?

Wednesday…I got new tires, always exciting, shopped WAY too much, but mostly bought things on sale, and then Thursday I got this……..

Yes, he looks weird. Therefore I love him. And he's not angry, he has an underbite.

Yes, he looks weird. Therefore I love him. And he's not angry, he has an under bite.

Meet Tully! He came from Ringdog Rescue in Richmond. His name there was Spanky…but I have this thing about naming all of my pets after Jimmy Buffett music/books/etc…so Tully it is. (From Mr. Buffett’s book, Salty Piece of Land)

All he wants is love! And cookies...

All he wants is love! And cookies...

He has been doing pretty good so far. He doesn’t like being alone too much, but he’s improving every day! The first time I tried to leave the house…he barked and whined the entire time. We’ve practiced and he’s getting more used to the idea.

However he is still pretty darn sure that the ice maker in the freezer is his sworn enemy. Either that, or he thinks that I REALLY want him to let me know every time fresh ice drops in to the bin. Maybe he’s just trying to be helpful! That’s probably it. I mean it makes perfect sense for him to wake me up at 1am barking his ears off so I would know that hey…if I’m feeling a bit parched, I can now get a nice beverage with the freshest ice possible. Yeah…we’ll call it helpful. For now…

He likes my cat, Paco (Apacolypso…after the JB song) and doesn’t  mind the neighbor’s dog too much…even when she attempts to jump through my open window. He’s cool with that.

But let’s back up a bit to Friday. Also known as the Friday of Lostness, and Awesomeness.

I set out to meet Miss Ashlei for an awesome hike! We picked our spot, planned it out, and I even downloaded a few geocaches for the day! I had a lovely drive along the back roads of Southwest VA, mostly staying right along The Crooked Road. It was a glorious day.

Ashlei and I were to meet at the trailhead for Whitetop Mountain just past the town of Damascus at 9am. I got to the town, found the appropriate road…and began to get a bit concerned.

I grew more and more concerned as I kept driving…and looking for the trail signs. According to my directions there would be a sign marking the Appalachian Trail…however let me tell you buster, if there is a sign for it on Beech Mountain Road in Damascus, I drove up and down that tiny little gravel mountain road about 50 times, seeing no such sign!

I decided to try other options and followed some helpful green state signage for Whitetop Mountain. (You would think this would have worked out for me…but you would be wrong) I turned down the designated road…and drove along…being mildly concerned about my inability to find Ashlei, and also my inability to achieve cell phone signal and notify her of my predicament. As luck would have it, I came to a large sign and parking area for the Appalachian Trail! However…this was for Mt. Rogers. Not Whitetop…and because I had actually referenced a map at some point, I knew this wasn’t the parking area I wanted. So I pressed onward.

After about another 30 minutes of driving around confused, and glaring at my GPS which is normally so helpful, unless you yourself don’t know where it is that you want to go…I achieved cell phone signal by pulling off the side of the road, in to a gravel area that clearly other people had used for just this purpose seeing as it was the ONLY place in 10 square miles with an ounce of signal. My phone then told me I had a voicemail from Ashlei. This…was not helpful because the voicemail said she had NO signal and was calling from a payphone.

She said she would try and get ahold of her boyfriend, Matt, who I know from the blog-o-sphere as well. Luckily I had him on my chat contacts and managed to get ahold of him and he called to say he got a similar voicemail. We tried to work out a plan…but…were really both at a loss.

Finally, after a bit more driving around (by this time it was around 11:30, 2 and a half hours after we were to meet) and going back to the cell phone magic spot…Ashlei CALLED!!! She had driven back to cell phone signal!!! We agreed to meet at a predetermined location of which we both knew of…and 30 minutes later we were FINALLY able to find each other!

So. After that, you’d want to hang up your hat, right? It’s now 12:15 or so…3 hours after we intended to set out to hike 6 miles. And we STILL don’t know where this elusive trailhead is. But no. Since I’ve found the Mt. Rogers area…we decide to just go wander up there!

So we did. We managed to wander to Buzzard’s Rock. We had some great chats, saw some AMAZING scenery, and met some cool thru-hikers and shared a bit of trail magic with them. 🙂 Good fortune for them good karma for us!

We got more pictures than I can even begin to share. If you want to see them all, please visit my photobucket album here: http://s539.photobucket.com/albums/ff354/PinkDsnyPrncess/Hiking%20with%20Ashlei/

But here are some of the highlights, INCLUDING a picture of Whitetop Mountain which we DID manage to find! Sneaky bugger. Now if only we could figure out how to get to the parking area…that we did actually hike past. Haha.

AT <3

AT ❤

Spoon and the other two thru-hikers we met. Yes, his name was Spoon.

Spoon and the other two thru-hikers we met. Yes, his name was Spoon.

This? Is why hiking rocks. Pictures are nice, but it's not the same.

This? Is why hiking rocks. Pictures are nice, but it's not the same.

Ashlei! She comes from the rocks!!!

Ashlei! She comes from the rocks!!!

Whitetop! Of which we did not hiketh.

Whitetop! Of which we did not hiketh.

Ahhh the trail.

Ahhh the trail.

So. Then because that 6.5 mile hike just wasn’t enough, I set out on Saturday with my parents, my new dog, and a fellow Star City Strider.

We hiked Stiles Falls, which was a really nice, short 3 mile hike. The waterfall is amazing and ends in a shallow pool at the bottom where we could actually get in, and walk right up to the falls! It was really awesome!

The climb up the rocks to the pool was a little much for our four legged companion, so my dad found a lovely shaded stump to sit on and held on to Tully for me.

It's a happy hiking dog!

It's a happy hiking dog!

Apparently, Tully had already made up his mind who his mom was…and he had NO interest in watching her climb up and over rocks, and out of sight near roaring water. Dad said that he whined and pulled on the leash almost constantly and REALLY got upset when I was out of eyesight. He seems to like me, so yay for that!

It felt SO good!!!

It felt SO good!!!

Then I climbed back down and took Tully from dad so that he could go up to the falls with mom. Aaaand that’s when mom dropped her camera.

But she didn’t JUST drop it in the water, no, that would be too easy. She dropped it BETWEEN two of the boulders that we’d climbed to get to the pool below the falls. And I do mean boluders.

So after dad, mom, and the other member of our party all tried but failed to reach the camera from the rocks, I had dad come back down, hold Tully and I climbed up in the cave-like opening that the boulders made.

Who got the camera out?

Nuff said.

Nuff said.

This girl. 🙂

Then…camera in hand, we headed down. (I’m not sure what the damage was…it was still on when I got it…but we took out the batteries, opened all the flaps/bits and let it air out, we also put it in a bowl of dry rice in hopes of pulling out the moisture. I have the SD card…but nothing to plug it in to to check it’s functionality…haven’t talked to mom to see if the camera works)

And then…because apparently I have developed a fascination with climbing up anything I possibly can…I decided to climb this tree.

And if I do something…mom of course want’s to go too. 🙂

It made for a lovely family portriat!

The Fam!

The Fam!

So, those are my adventures so far in the land of summer! This is my first summer not working/going to school in 10 years. You have NO idea how excited I am.

I think I’m hiking with some people from the Outdoor Club on Wednesday…and maybe again with Ashlei at the end of the month!!!!!!

Running-wise…I didn’t make it through the half that I had planned. It was pushing 75 degrees and humid at the 9am race start…I made it through the 10K portion and KNEW I was done. I was dehydrated all ready and I knew another 7 miles would have been a bad idea. I dropped out. My first DNF.

But I’m glad I did. I had a MASSIVE headache from then until Sunday morning from the dehydration. Going on would have probably been dangerous for me! No regrets at all! It was a beautiful course…but I just don’t do well in heat. Next year, I’ll just sign up for the 10K, unless the start-time moves back!

Since I have the summer off…my goals are to be outside as much as possible, do as much fiber-related art as possible, and really improve my running. I’m going to make working out my “job” for the summer. 🙂

But in fiber-related news, I have done a lot! I’ll explain in picture form…because I fully realize knitting, dyeing, and spinning aren’t exactly exciting topics of conversation for most people.

It's a sheep! Her name is Amidala *like from Star Wars* and I have her fleece to make in to yarn! YAY!

It's a sheep! Her name is Amidala *like from Star Wars* and I have her fleece to make in to yarn! YAY!

I finished my Aunt's socks...only 6 months late!

I finished my Aunt's socks...only 6 months late!

I spun up some fine fiber!

I spun up some fine fiber!

I recycled yarn from a goodwill sweater and dyed it!

I recycled yarn from a goodwill sweater and dyed it!

I dyed some more yarn...

I dyed some more yarn...

And then I dyed a little bit more.

And then I dyed a little bit more.

And then I knit a felted adult beverage insulating holder type deal. *read as: Beer Huggie*

And then I knit a felted adult beverage insulating holder type deal. *read as: Beer Huggie*

I also knit a hat. (And started another pair of socks and another huggie)

I also knit a hat. (And started another pair of socks and another huggie)

Well, now that I can check “update your blog, you slacker” off my list…I’m going to go work on another one of the the MANY things that I neglected in the past few weeks!

So long for now! (But hopefully not too long this time!)

That’s What Living Is To Me

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Be good and you will be lonesome
Be lonesome and you will be free
Live a lie and you will live to regret it
That’s what livin’ is to me
That’s what livin’ is to me
~Jimmy Buffett

So…I’m still missing my little tab from wordpress…but I’ve discovered a way to fix it on my own, so HA!

Moving right along.

Running Week:

Whew, boy did I run this week! I ran more this weekend than I did all of last week. Well maybe that’s because I needed a rest…but still.

I informed you about the 4.5 miles of awesome and the 3 miles of crap with pepper-spray lossage.

Did I mention they found it? Yeah. Got my pepper spray back so yay for that.

Thursday and Friday I rested again, partly do to weather, partly due to work beating the crap out of me. Blah.

Saturday was cross-training day and MAN did I have an awesome day. I hiked one of the toughest sections of the AT. See “Other Junk” for that report.

Today I did a rockin 7 miler. I knew it was going to be hot, so I got up around 7am. When I opened my front door…it was like stepping in to a sauna!

I had planned my route so that I did 4 miles, ending back at the house so I could grab a drink, then went out for another 3.

That was a good plan because the humidity darn near killed me! I am NOT a warm-weather runner. I do better in mild or cold weather. Cool or chilly works best for me. Hot weather or humid running…slows me down quite a bit.

What about you? I wanna hear your best/worst running conditions!!!

So I did my first 4, came back and gulped down some ice water. Then out I went for the last 3. It was an uneventful run overall, but I did pass a man working at one of the college’s facilities, he asked how far I was running and I told him 7.

He was quite impressed. Haha. It was just one of those moments that puts a smile on your face. When running away from him I kept thinking to myself “He asked how far I was RUNNING, not ‘jogging’, not ‘going’ even, he said ‘running'” Little things like that still make me smile…and still make me feel like yeah…I AM a runner.

What makes you guys feel like a real “RUNNER”. Do you remember the first time you felt like you could call yourself a runner? Does it matter? Is there a difference? I wanna hear what you think!

So with my little compliment in my head I finished my run…absolutely SOAKED with sweat thanks to the humidity…and came in to see just how bad it was out there.

Yeah, that says 75% humidity!!!

Yeah, that says 75% humidity!!!

 I nearly fell over when I read that. But hey, I did  7 miles in 75% humidity. I’m ready for whatever summer has in store!

I’m also going to find a pool…haha.

Knitting Week:

Not a lot of knitting again, but I did spin some! Also, my editor for the Striders Newsletter that I write for is a spinner as well…she is at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival this weekend and I am BEYOND jealous.

However…she texted today to say that she was bringing one of her mother’s old spinning wheels home to LOAN ME SO I CAN LEARN TO SPIN ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, yes I did stand in the middle of my house and SQUEE very, very loudly.

Dream coming true. Check.

Editor of awesomeness. Check.


This week’s favorite HAS to be my new addiction. Steep and cheap. Thanks to Tri Girl.

I can’t remember if she mentioned it, but I’ve also found Gear Scan and can’t stop checking that either. It’s now part of my home page tabs.

These sites are all discount outdoor gear type sites. Gear Scan is awesome because it shows you 6 of these sites ALL at once. It shows you the price, the time left, and how many of that item they have left.

Steep and cheap is my favorite because it has the most stuff that I would buy. Just about everything that pops up on there, I want. From North Face Denali jackets, to sleeping bags to tents…I want it ALL.

The current deal is some trekking poles for 70 bucks. 50% off.

If you’ve never seen these one-deal-at-a-time sites…GO CLICK!!! They are legit and AWESOME.

I can speak for Steep and Cheap especially because last week I bought my new best friend from there!

Camelbak Fairfax Hydration Pack

Camelbak Fairfax Hydration Pack

Yeah. I got me a Camelbak! That way for the half in June…which IS a trail run…I’m prepared. I had a fuel belt…but it had the one BIG thing of water on the back…and it bugged me. This is much, much better.

Retails for around 45 bucks. I paid 20 on Steep and cheap. HA! Winner.

AND you can combinde shipping. I stopped myself there for now though.

My camelbak arrived Thursday…just in time for my hike this weekend…which we will now discuss!

Other Junk:

Well I had an awesome Sautrday. I got together with some of the Striders and we hit the trails. Myself and two other Striders met at 9:30 to hike up to Dragon’s Tooth. One of the hardest hikes on the Appalachain Trail. 🙂

It’s a really technical hike and in some places they have put in metal bars to help hikers get up the rocks.

La Bars

La Bars

 My main reason for wanting to do this hike…was I had tried TWICE before…with Tracy…and never made it to the top. The first time, we had to make it home to have dinner with mom and we were losing daylight.

The second time he got sick.

So this was my third attempt. Both times I’d made it to the same spot, the fire circle where the Dragon’s Tooth trail hits the AT.

There was NO way I wasn’t going to make it this time. I informed my hiking companions of such, announcing I would leave their butts if I had to!

I was mostly kidding. Mostly. 🙂

On the way up we saw some really pretty flowers, including a Ladyslipper! I was quite excited.

I’m going to put all the pictures at the end…and just talk about the hike for now.

So we reached the fire circle and I proclaimed that this was as far as I’d ever gotten. So on we forged…and the terrain changed QUICKLY.

It pretty much turns in to all rocks in some places.

I apparently…am part mountain goat. Every time the path forked, I took the higher, harder, rockier path. I had a distinct desire to go UP at all possible locations.

We had one moment where we weren’t really sure where the trail went…and I proceeded to climb up a rock wall. So I got some free climbing in as well. It was pretty fun!

I decided at this point, that I would shun the metal bars. I didn’t need some man-made crap to make my way to the top of a mountain, no thank you! So when we ran in to the hand-holds…I found ways around every time. I shun the bars! HA!

We finally got to the top, and could see the actual rock formation that gives the hike it’s name.

Of course, I climbed that too. I made my hiking companions a bit nervous climbing almost all the way to the top. However while scrambling around on a bit of rock, I looked over the edge and I saw what I KNEW could only be one thing…a Geocache!

I instantly jumped over the ledge to grab the cache. And gave my friends a heart attack at the same time. Haha.

But I got the cache! I was pleased.

I also met a nice little salamander whom I named Fred.

After that, we headed back down. It was getting HOT out. We picked a great time of day to go. Not too many hikers at the top, and more people going up as we went down, and down as we went up! It was great.

So let’s get to the pictures!



Rocky much?

Rocky much?

Awesome view, and not even at the top yet!

Awesome view, and not even at the top yet!

I know where I'm going!

I know where I'm going!

Don't look down!

Don't look down!

I'm so proud!!!

I'm so proud!!!

The famous tooth!

The famous tooth!

Say hello to Fred! I met him on my scamble to the tooth!

Say hello to Fred! I met him on my scamble to the tooth!

Me, sitting on the tooth!

Me, sitting on the tooth!

This is where I found the geocache, and promptly jumped over a ledge.

This is where I found the geocache, and promptly jumped over a ledge.



Standing on the tooth. I win.

Standing on the tooth. I win.

You had to climb up and under this rock and pop out the top. I was highly amused by this.

You had to climb up and under this rock and pop out the top. I was highly amused by this.

I liked this massive rock ledge. :) Part mountain goat...

I liked this massive rock ledge. 🙂 Part mountain goat...


This is where I made my own trail, up a rock. You can't really tell, but it's all rock, nothing to really do but find a hand hold and scramble.

This is where I made my own trail, up a rock. You can't really tell, but it's all rock, nothing to really do but find a hand hold and scramble.

I win. Again.

I win. Again.

 Seriously…I realize more every day how much I love hiking. I love running…and just about anything that lets me be outside.

I’m also realizing that whoever I date…needs to enjoy at least ONE of those things. They don’t necessarily have to be a runner…but I think they have to like hiking. I enjoy running alone. Not so much hiking alone.

But I’m about to solve that issue…more on that next time. 🙂

Sorry I’ve Been a Stranger Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout goes to my awesome cousin Chrissy. First off you have NO IDEA how excited I was to get a comment from you on my blog this week!!! I squealed.

Yes, I need to come visit. I would like to publically announce that I have been a BAD, BAD cousin and I haven’t been down in forever AND I need to help with the wedding planning and….yeah. I’m a bad cousin.

But it’s ALMOST summer and so far I have NO summer job so….I’ll be down sometime after June 7th. You tell me when.

And we can go hiking!!!! Yes?!?!?! Haha.

And yes, I WILL bring you some granola. And give you the recipe. And come visit. And not be a stranger anymore.

Later guys!

That Good Old Mountain Dew

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No Mountain Dew for me…but I did have some Mountain Mayhem. 🙂

Oh wow. SO much to talk about!!!!!

I can’t even remember what I did or didn’t talk about last time. Geez.

Running Week:

Well, as you know last weekend was a 5K that I turned in to a 10K. This weekend I had a REAL 10K. My first time ever racing that distance. Yeah, I’d ran it before, but never raced.

So of course, in my typical style, I don’t do an EASY 10K. No, nothing flat. Nothing simple. Nothing on pavement even! Of course I do a Mountain Junkies race. The Mill Mountain Mayhem. Aptly named.

The entire first mile is uphill. Entire.

And not a little hill either. A mondo-jumbo-evil hill. A mountain even.

Hence the name.

Thank GOD the finish was all downhill. However we did have to walk about a half mile UPHILL to get to the start. Which was also uphill.

Thank GOD the finish was all downhill. However we did have to walk about a half mile UPHILL to get to the start. Which was also uphill.

Actually it takes you through the Star City trails system, TO Mill Mountain, behind the zoo, around the Star **Roanoke is known as the Star City** and then back down the hill. Somehow…this amounts to 6.2ish miles. I still swear the first 4 miles were all uphill. Even after we reached the Star…and circled around to the back of it….the trail STILL had a slight incline.

I said quite a few choice phrases….and mom was behind me the whole way. Haha.

Mostly I was saying bad things about the race directior. I’ve been doing his races for years now…and at some point in every race, I question his sanity…or question his motives for the course. 🙂 He and his wife are both awesome. I’m a huge fan of their races, no matter how painful.

The best race crew EVER. These ARE the Mountain Junkies.

The best race crew EVER. These ARE the Mountain Junkies.

Also this week I found a new road near my house to run/bike. It’s VERY quiet. Secluded almost. I ran for about 20 minutes on it and was only passed by one car. That’s pretty great. It’s fairly flat, and doesn’t have any nasty curves so I feel safe on a bike without worrying that a driver will come up behind me on a turn and not see me. I haven’t biked it yet. I figured I’d run it first to get a better idea of the traffic on the road. It’s easier to jump out of the way on foot than on a bike!

Knitting Week:

Not a lot of knitting. Worked a little on my aunt’s socks. I’m having second-sock syndrome. I just don’t wanna knit them anymore.

I did spin some though! AND over the last week or two I learned how to set the twist in my yarn, so yay me!

Working with my roving from Gate City. Mmmm.

Working with my roving from Gate City. Mmmm.

Whoo, I has yarn!

Whoo, I has yarn!


This week’s favorite HAS to be netflix on the wii. OH MY GOSH. I can get a TON of movies and TV shows INSTANTLY to my TV. Considering the fact I don’t have real TV here…just broadcast…this is incredible. I went from having 4 channels, 5 on a sunny day, to just about ANY movie or TV show I want.



Yeah, they are all old episodes, but I’ve been without real TV for almost a year now…so I finally get to catch up!

Plus, the movies! I don’t have to wait 3 days to change out movies. If I watch part and end up not liking it, it wasn’t a wasted 3 days!

Netflix, your instant movies rock my face. (Yes, I stole that. You know who you are and you know you love me.)

Other Junk:

Well because a 10K on some brutal trails yesterday wasn’t enough…the bff and I decided to go a-hiking.

We wandered down to Fairystone Park to explore the trails around there.

Oh how I love hiking season. Man it’s awesome out today. 65 degrees or so…sunny, but breezy…perfect.

We picked a trail at random…Stony Falls I think?

The first drop wasn't much taller than I am. You can walk in the stream right up to it.

The first drop wasn't much taller than I am. You can walk in the stream right up to it.

The falls were little, but being as we’re in a flatter part of the state, I didn’t expect much. The falls were small enough that if it was warmer…I really would have considered trying to climb them. Maybe another time. But after the falls, we kept going on the trail, and found an AWESOME view.

A seat with a view!

A seat with a view!

Then we continued on the trail…followed the signs for the trail head…which on the map there were only 2…but…let me just say one trail head is NOT the same as another.

We wound up near a camp ground, but NOT the one we parked near…so we found another trail…that pointed us closer to the right direction…and then thanks to some lucky guessing, we found our way back to the car.

The trails were all REALLY well marked…we always knew what trail we were on, what mile we were at, but the downside of the park/hike was that we couldn’t find a big trail system map ANYWHERE. It would have been nice to be able to see a “You are here” dot somewhere….especially in the parking lot or at the camp ground so we could better locate ourselves.

Overall, I liked the trail we went on, and I really want to go back again soon.

I need more hiking companions. Any takers?!?!? I pack a great picnic! 🙂

Also, being as it’s Earth Week, I did my fair share!

I planted stuff! Yesterday I planted 5 tomatoes and 2 basil plants.

I planted stuff! Yesterday I planted 5 tomatoes and 2 basil plants.

I got this off of The Vegster’s blog. I’m not actually participating in the challenge…but I just enjoy knowing that I’m helping our planet. I typically do these things anyway…so it works. Here’s the list. The ones in bold are the ones I did this week!


  1. Wash clothes with cold water 1 pt **I do it every time!**
  2. Drink a green smoothie 1 pt
  3. Eat a vegetarian or vegan meal 1 pt
  4. Use cloth napkins 1 pt
  5. Make and use your own cleaning products (Recipes here!) 2 pts
  6. Use a canvas, or reusable, grocery bag 1 pt
  7. Plant a tree/herb/vegetable (indoors or out) 2 pts
  8. Shop at your local farmers market or buy only local produce for a day 1 pt ***I went to 3 local markets, does that count 3 times?***
  9. Shop at your local farmers market/buy local for the next week 2 pts
  10. Take all batteries, old computers, DVD players, or other electronics to an electronics recycling center (keep hazardous substances out of the landfill) 2 pts
  11. Start a compost 2 pts
  12. Clean out your pantry and donate unopened non-perishables to a food bank 2 pts
  13. Walk, bike or take public transportation to work for the ENTIRE week 2 pts
  14. Carpool to work/store/gym 1 pt
  15. Make an Earth inspired meal using only whole foods- whole grains, fresh veggies and/or fruits, nuts, seeds 1 pt
  16. Get in touch with the Earth- try a yoga class, go for a walk without distractions such as your Ipod, meditate 1 pt
  17. Donate your time to a soup kitchen (good karma!) 2 pts
  18. Bring a reusable coffee cup on your next cafe run 1 pt
  19. Hang laundry to dry 1 pt

Also this week…I watched Food Inc. We will have to have a WHOLE separate post about that sometime. Whew.

Sending Luck Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout is to everyone doing BOSTON tomorrow!!!!! Karyn is gearing up, and a lot of people from my local running group are going as well. GOOD LUCK to everyone that’s Boston Bound!!!!

I’m SOOOO streaming the race tomorrow during school. My kids can DEAL. 🙂

Break Stuff

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All my stuff keeps breaking. See “Other Junk” for details.

Annnd it’s been almost 3 weeks!

I swear, I need to work on my posting regularity. The good news is there was a lot more running than blogging so…that’s what counts, right? 🙂

Knitting Week:

Hmm…where did I leave you? Oh, my fun little bags! Well using said bags quite a bit. Haven’t made more…no time and haven’t been home but that’s ok.

I did finish ONE of the aunt’s socks! One more to go!!!! I also cast on for a cat sweater that dad wants.

Yeah. Cat sweater.

Not a sweater for him with a cat on it…but a sweater for his cat.


I’ll just stop there. There are no words. But feel free to google images of “cat in sweater”. It’s highly amusing.

This is the one I’m making, except in red.

Yeeeah. Cat sweaters. So wrong. So very wrong.

Yeeeah. Cat sweaters. So wrong. So very wrong.


Running Week:

So far this week, 2 good runs and some awesome yoga.

Last week, 2 run days, some sick days, and some yoga.

Week before, 3 run days, bike day (whoo!) and some other stuff.

PS, Half Marathon training started. DUM-DA-DUM!!!!!!!!! So super excited! The half is the Trail Nut Half that Mountain Junkies does. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

I’m also hoping to sign up for the MCM come this time next week. I’m debating between that and the OBX Marathon. Mom REALLY wants to do a half this fall…and since MCM doesn’t have a half…and OBX does…I’m debating. If mom will pay for lodging and transportation to OBX…I’m down with that one. 🙂 Also may talk Carly, Chrissy, Cali, Jordan and Kristen in to doing that one. Or at least I’ll TRY to talk them in to it. Haha. OH but wait…Karyn is doing MCM this year I think……Crap, I wanted to meet her! Karyn, you doing MCM? Yesno?

Anyway. Next Saturday is the Susan G Komen race here and I am BEYOND excited!!!!!!!!! Hopefully my friend and her mom, who is a breast cancer survivor, will walk it with me. That would be awesome. Either way, I’ll be there helping out and/or running/walking. 🙂

I missed signing up for BOTH tri’s so no BAMF award for me. 😦 But I will do the Mill Mountain Mayhem on April 17th. Pretty excited for that.

Moving on.


This week’s favorite…I’m going to go with Geocaching!!!!!! What’s Geocaching, you ask??? Well wander on over to geocaching.com and find out!

It’s basically a bunch of dorks (myself included) that use million dollar government satellites to find tupperwear in the woods.

See??? FUN!!!

See??? FUN!!!


All you need is a handheld GPS or even a car one *speaking of car GPS’s mine died. More on that later* and a decent sense of direction and stealth and you’re off!

It’s really fun. It’s kind of like treasure hunting for secret hiding locations. Basically, you get some coordinates from geocaching.com (type in your home address, I bet you 5 bucks that a cache pops up within 10 miles of you), drive/walk/hike/run/bike to the location….and get out your handy-dandy GPS…and try to find the cache! If you do, you sign the log…and head off to the next one.

They also encourage people to pick up trash on their way to/from the cache…so yay for being eco-friendly.

It’s really fun to do with a few friends, or with little kids, or adults who act like kids…Haha. So…if you haven’t tried geocaching, then DO IT! Otherwise, TFTC. 🙂

Other Junk:

So my TomTom died. Thankfully I noticed it’s little issue when I was trying to calculate how late I was going to be, and not how to get to where I was going. 🙂

It has somehow reset itself…and when I try to turn it on, it wants me to go through the setup…and when I get to “Select Voice” it crashes, and resets itself on it’s own….so I’m stuck in an infinite loop of Power on-setup-voice screen-crash.

Not. Cool. Can’t google my way out of it either. I’ve tried. If you do happen to have a suggestion, lay it on me, cause otherwise I’ve got a silver square paperweight. (Yes I’ve hooked it up to the computer, tried to update software, done a reset manually…still looping.)

Aaaand if that wasn’t awesome enough…my car crapped itself on Monday. Well technically Friday. It started being all weird…and when I’d put it in park the RPM’s would jump up to 3,000….while idiling….so that was awesome. But then Sunday it was FINE. Acted totally normal.

Monday morning, went out to start it…and RPM’s jumped WAY up again. Turned it off, TRIED to get a ride to work…couldn’t find ANYONE…had to take an unpaid day off work (NOT COOL) and then an hour later when I tried to drive it to the mechanic…… it was fine. Totally fine.

So it’s STILL at the mechanic…they think it might be the wiring…but we won’t know until tomorrow. Let me just say this is NOT how I wanted to spend my spring break…or my birthday cash. (I’ll be….older on April 12th) So yeah.

Other news…I planted stuff.

It grew.

It rained.

My cat is insane.

The end!

(Oh, and one of my students asked me if elephants lay eggs. They were serious.)

Sisterly Love Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout is to Cali who is my friend’s sister and like a sister to me. Heh, she may BE my sister-in-law one day but we’ll see. Anyway, Cali is AWESOME because she’s not only letting me drag her in to doing her first 5K, but she’s ALSO attempting to do my half-marathon training plan along with me!!! I’m pretty sure Cali is a much better runner and a lot more in shape than she gives herself credit for. So far she’s doing REALLY well with her half-training. Hence why I am totally going to talk her in to doing a half in the fall. 🙂

Heh. You know you want to!!!!

Love you guys!

Insert Catchy Song Tune Title Here

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Omg first post ever without song references….*gasp*

Ok. I need to either get with this blog, or drop this blog.

And honestly, I can’t drop it. Almost my entire running history is on here. I love this blog. I just don’t take CARE of this blog. I keep abandoning it. I’m a horrible blog-mommy.

I’m trying to think of how to organize this better, attract more readers…make it more….interesting and fun?  I don’t know. Just something.

For one, I want to do weekly posts, at a minimum. For another I am thinking about adding categories to the blog…like maybe my favorite thing of the week….my complaint of the week….my sucess of the week….?

I also want to add my knitting to the blog. I would really like to change the name entirely, to reflect that….but eh.

I’ve promised myself that if I can keep up with the blog, then I can start a podcast. I REALLY want to start a podcast. And that would involve a new blog….

Can I change my blog name on here? Can I keep all the same stuff but change the title maybe? Or does it have to stay pinkcowgirl.wordpress.com?

Well, enough with the housekeeping….let me review what’s been going on since July.

I started my new job. My first REAL person job. And I’m going to try and not mention that job on here at all. What I will tell you is that I am now a teacher. Being a teacher…I don’t want to talk about my school or students on here and possibly get in trouble. Also…I want this blog to be my happy place. 🙂

I kind of want it to be family-friendly enough to be ok if my kids or parents find it…but…I don’t know if that’s possible.

Anyway. So I am now a full time teacher. My first real job.

I moved….about an hour away from home. I miss my family and frieds tons. If any of you people are reading this….I MISS YOU!!!! Note me!!!!

I’ve been REALLY busy at work so….that’s why everything else has slacked off.

I didn’t get to run the MCM because I’ve been really stressed out and sick because of work. Very sad. I cried. But…it was the right decision.

So….because I can’t think right now….I’m going to post pictures of my life since July!!!!

Beth's Baby Blanket
Beth’s Baby Blanket. I finally finished it!!! I blocked it and everything! Yay me!!!


Whitney and Uri

I have an awesome new friend at work, Whiteny. This is her playing with Uri right before we carved pumpkins!!!!


My pumpkin is the T for University of Tennessee and hers is the breast cancer ribbon. 🙂

Uri for Sperly

 Cute picture of the dog, just for Sperly. Hope you see this!!!!

Tracy took me to my first college football game EVER!! GO VOLS!!!!



Peyton Manning was there!!!!



Aaand I'm almost done with mom's socks. One down....half of one to go!


Tracy and I carved pumpkins too!

Our pumpkins rock.


So…other than that, I’m trying to get back on the workout wagon. I tried biking on my trainer today…but um…I have a flat tire. I pumped it up, and the air came right back out. You can hear it leaking so…I guess this means I’m going to have to learn to change a bike tire!!!!

This weekend Carly and I are going to run a 5K, yay us!!!

Then in November we’re trying for a half marathon that’s local. I’m hoping we can make it!!! She’s been sick with the flu of some sort.

Ok, I’m going to go work on school stuff and try to format a more….organized blogging method.

Any suggestions?!?!?!?


OH!!!!!!!! And you can follow me on Twitter now!!!! RunnerInPink. But you have to send a request. Let me know that you are from wordpress and I’ll add you.


I Try

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Yeah. That’s right. I did my first triathlon!!!!!!!!!!

Angel’s Triathlon!!! J I was sooo nervous but I did pretty well!!! I met my 2 goals which were to FINISH and to do so in under 2 hours!!! YAY!!!!!!!

So we’ll start on Saturday.

First off, on an un-tri-related note…my cat decided to be a holy terror. I was sitting in the living room having lunch and from my bedroom I hear a massive crash that sounds as though he may have set a bomb off somewhere in my closet. I fully expected to walk in my bedroom and be able to see through to the neighbor’s apartment. Thankfully that was not the case…but somehow…SOMEHOW my cat had managed to JUMP to the very tip top of the closet…a good 8 feet from the ground…and then had proceeded to shove everything off the closet shelf. Everything.

When I got in there, this is the scene I saw.


And then…from above…lept my cat. He jumped down…walked out of the room…then came back in, sniffed the wrecked pile of stuff in the floor as if to say “I heard a crash, I came as quickly as I could. What happened???” and then once he saw that none of his belongings were involved in the crash, he went to rest behind the door.


Yeah. That’s the face of evil. But it’s cute evil.

So after I cleaned up his mess, and cleaned my apartment, and packed, I left for mom’s at around 1pm. Mom and dad then drove me to where the Tri Club was meeting to go to the race. And let me just say, I only freaked out about what I was packing about 3 times…which is good for me.

Oh, and before I left, Tracy wrote some good luck messages on me. One from the dog…and one from him.

We loaded all the gear in to the vans and we were off! And I proceeded to mildly freak out about the reality of the impending race day.

The race was about 2 hours away and we were staying with one of the club member’s parents. They were making dinner for us and had some wonderful snacks ready when we got there. While we waited we chatted and I got to play a pretty decent game of chess! Woot for chess!!!

Dinner was amazing and then we went over bikes and checked the gear. (Read as: Everyone who knew what they were doing checked their gear and bikes. I pestered people with questions and said about 40341 prayers. However the Tri Club is amazing and dealt with my questions VERY well. You guys rock.)


So…then we had a small meeting and then it was time for bed. And…I woke up around 3:30am or 4. Because let’s face it. I worry. A lot. And I freak out on a regular basis…and…there was plenty for me to worry over. Or at least I thought.

By 5:15 when the alarm went off I’d given myself an awesome upset stomach. Thankfully I didn’t have time to freak out too much because we had to be out the door by 5:45. So…I packed and ran!

We got to the race site around 6am and set up our transition areas and get body marked. Since this was my first time one of the other more experienced members helped me set up. Actually almost all of the other members helped me a GREAT deal. They ALL wished me good luck and they were all amazingly supportive. Not once did they make me feel like an outsider in their club/sport nor did they treat me like I had no clue what I was doing…which…well that was the reality of it. I am so grateful to the entire club for being so overwhelmingly helpful, friendly, and supportive.

For this race they ask you who you’re running for, meaning someone that currently has an illness or has passed away due to an illness. I chose 3 people to run my race for; my friend’s cousin who had passed away, Matt; My former art teacher who died of cancer, Sally; and my friend’s mom who is currently fighting cancer, Shirley. The names of these 3 people were written on me in permanent marker and are still on me right now.

So once I had everything set up…and had re-checked it umpteen times I began to go over my game plan. By this time I was trying to figure out what part of the tri to worry about most. I knew I could deal with the run…because I’m a runner. I know how to do that. I’ve got plenty of experience. So that leaves the swim and bike to fret over. Well….I’d swam almost double the distance of this swim earlier in the week so I knew I was capable of it…and I’d tried biking this week and…well…you know that story. So…my logical deduction was that I should worry about the bike. Ok. 15 miles of biking. If I can get through that…I can do this.


Well the event started at 8:00am. My start time wasn’t until 9:19am. So…I had some extra worry time. But thankfully, MOM APPEARED!!! YAY MOM AND DAD!!!!!!!!!!!

They set to work taking pictures and around 8:45 I got in the warm-up pool and did a few laps and before I knew it, it was time for me to line up.



Nice pic, mom.

I PASSED SOMEONE SWIMMING!!! Yeeeah me. Go me. I was one of the two people with the VT Tri Club that was doing their first tri. She and I decided that our goal was to pass someone at some point in the race…and I SO TOTALLY DID!!! So did she, so congrats to her!

Anyway, then I was off and running to my first transition. I spent a little extra time here because I wanted to make sure I got everything right and also since I FAIL at drinking water while biking…I made sure and drank before I got on the bike. So…then I was off. And I biked.

And I kinda rocked it.

I did stop twice to drink and take a Gu because everyone had told me hydration was key…so I went with it. And really, the bike part was kinda nice. I enjoyed it. I did go slower than I would have liked but I am still kind of scared of going fast down hills so I stayed within my comfort zone and just enjoyed it. I got a little sore but not too bad. Before I knew it, I was biking back towards the transition area. I only had to get off the bike and push it one time because there was one very evil hill. Actually, there were two evil hills, but the second one had AMAZING crowd support and I’d like to give a huge shoutout to the Angel’s Volunteers…without their cheering I never would have made it. I still can hear their voices in my head. I think they knew how hard that hill was so they positioned themselves there for a reason. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have made it up that hill still biking if it hadn’t been for them. So…if you were volunteering for this race, thank you. You have no idea how much your support meant. You are the ONLY reason I got up that hill.

And then it was time for my second transition. Time to run. Running. I got this. I’ve done this. I know I can do this.

I got part of a Gu…got a lot of water…and ran.

And mom met me and ran with me!!! YAY MOM!!!

But dang. I was exhausted. Just…spent. I ran. And I ran as much as I could. But eventually I had to walk. It was hot, pushing 80 degrees, and I was TIRED.

So I walked some and ran some…and WAS able to finish the race running!!! And actually my run time wasn’t terrible. I’ve had worse run times!!!

Looking back…you know what part I liked the best? The bike.

Remember what I decided to worry about? The bike.


So my times were as follows: Swim – 8:08. T1 – 2:31. Bike – 1:08:23. T2 – 1:19. Run – 35:34.

Total time: 1:55:52. Under 2 hours. I did it.

I TRI’d my best. And I’m now a triathlete. And the USAT sticker is now proudly on my car.

And when I got home from the tri, there was a surprise in my freezer. The worlds most amazing boyfriend left ice cream cupcakes and some…instructions for how to arrange them depending on if I finished or not (He was exposed to my excessive worry…I think I damaged him) which was awesome. He had to leave for a business trip so that’s why he wasn’t there to support me. 🙂

And I’m already picking out my next triathlon. I’ve found some awesome ones in Tennessee later this summer… J

And Shoutouts:

Heather: For being the best trainer ever. For always making me feel better. For picking me up when I fall. For pushing me. For telling me I could do this. For never giving up on me. For being a BAMF. Thanks.

Jan: Thanks for getting me through the half. And thanks for checking in to see if I’m doing ok. J Your support means a lot and I promise to continue to keep you updated about my progress!!! MCM is coming up and I plan to bug you plenty about it!!!! I can’t wait to start back with TNT again soon!!!!

Dad: Thanks for driving. And you’re a great pack mule. LOVE YOU!!!!

C’mon Girl

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It’s time that I get with the program.

So I bought a trainer for my bike…so there are NO more excuses to not get my cardio in. YAY TRAINER!!!!!!!! I got it out, set it up…well, ok the boyfriend set it up because let’s face it…if I can get him to do it, I’d much rather blame him for any malfunctions than know it was my fault for sure. 🙂 Hehe.

I did 60 minutes on the trainer…and I am really not used to the seat on this bike. Mmm yeah. Gonna be hard to sit tomorrow. Lol. Here’s my sweet setup. FYI, coffee tables with wheels are God’s gift to apartment living.

So in superfunawesome news…my boyfriend got me a Good Luck on your half marathon package!!!! Lookie!!!

It has Gu’s, shot blocks, super awesome socks, lip gloss, and some body glide!!!! How amazing is that?? And did I mention my boyfriend is a non-runner?!?!! He got all that stuff and he doesn’t run!!! HE’S SO FREAKING GREAT!!!!!!!!

Ok, sorry for all the mush.

Oh, so some of my knitting friends are now reading my blog because it’s linked on Ravelry. In knitting news…I was working on a hat today, and my boyfriend looks at me and goes “HONEY!!! Finish a project before you start another one!!!” Lol. He’s noticed the abundance of un-finished things in baskets and bags around the house. I about died laughing.

One more thing, when I went to take the picture of my marathon package, it was on the table beside my gym bag. And my gym bag moved….on it’s own…

Yeah. Apparently my cat decided this is the ideal hiding spot. So…I left him alone. There’s nothing in there he can mess with. I usually just carry my post-run shoes, wallet, and body glide in it and some band-aids. Apparently now it carries cats too. 🙂

Ok, well I’m going to go get some homework done, wander Ravelry, and try and stop by all my favorite bloggers!!! More later!

3 Peat

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Soooo…I’ve been bad about posting but good about running!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to attempt an update of the last 3 running sessions real quick.

Monday my boyfriend got his bike out of the shop and all tuned up, so he wanted to go to the park. I ran 2 miles and he biked about 4. 🙂 I REALLY didn’t feel like going running and it was getting dark…but he wanted to go so I went. So HUGE thanks to him for getting me out the door!!! ❤

So anyway. Tuesday I did 45ish minutes of yoga which was really nice. Gotta love my yoga.

Wednesday the boyfriend wanted to go to the park again so he biked about 7 miles and I ran a really great 4. I was SUPER fast but I didn’t have my watch so I don’t know exactly how fast…but it felt like I was rockin it.

And then today, again with the boyfriend and the park. He’s really great for my workouts!!!!!! I rode today!!!! It was my first bike ride in a really long time. I didn’t suck as I expected so that gives me hope for my tri!!!! Then after the bike I took Shiloh and Tessa out for a quick 3. 🙂

Ok, gotta go watch Big Bang Theory. The boyfriend netflixed the first season for me!!!!!! THE BOY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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