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Ohhh wow.

SOL’s are bearing down on me and um…I have no time to do much else other than stress and prepare.

Grrr. Stupid state regulations and crap.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hi. Lots has been going on. I’m hoping to get a REAL blog post up Tuesday or Wednesday. Should have some pretty exciting news to share with you guys and specifically Miss Ashlei. I shall keep you guessing for now!

In other news, Tracy’s father passed away. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Even though we aren’t together, I still love him dearly and his whole family. It’s got to be really rough to lose a parent at this age. His dad was only 55. He will be greatly missed.

I do have a lot of really awesome and happy updates…just…NO TIME to put them in!

I shall return soon! Hopefully Wednesday. I know Ashlei will be going nuts till then! Haha.

Love you guys!!!



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  1. Totally confused!! Can’t wait to see what’s going on!

  2. I totally hope this doesn’t come out wrong! Did you tell Prevention RD the granola recipe was yours? She blogged it and said it was yours so I wasn’t sure….Oh I feel like a jerk. I kind of just wanted credit for my recipe, you know 😉 Sorry if this comes off wrong! Not my intention at all! Have a great day girl! When should I check back about your exciting news?

  3. Eep…no, Courtney said it was yours, Ashlei…just an over sight!! Sorry again! It was delicious 🙂

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