I Get Knocked Down

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…but I get up again.

And then I beast 5 miles.


Pretty awesome week, let’s get right in to it.

Snow Week:

Snowed and iced Monday. Another inch or so on Tuesday, then Friday night was another 2 inches. At this point I don’t even notice. The mail hasn’t ran since February 4th. I can see the post office from my mail box…and yet…no mail.

I tried on Wednesday AND Saturday to get my mail from the post office. They can’t find it anywhere. Apparently they have so much backed up mail…they can’t find mine. My netflix are in there somewhere…and some other really important items I would like to have. Granted, the mail-person can’t DRIVE up to my mailbox…but if I can park at the end of my road and walk the 30 feet to it…then why the hell can’t she? I mean…I can literally SEE the roof of the post office from my mailbox. Not even a quarter mile…and yet no mail in almost 2 weeks.

I want. My flipping mail.

Anyway. I’ve heard that we’re getting anywhere from 4 to 15 inches tonight. Bring it.

Knitting Week:

Well, finished the VT scarf! WHOOO!!!!! Thank God because I now hate that project.

I did create a new theory though. If you receive a knitted item that has stripes of color…the more stripes there are, the more that knitter must love you.

Or at least that’s the new theory for my knitting. There is nothing I hate more than weaving in ends…and on a scarf or BABY BLANKET….*cough*Beth*cough* there are a LOT of ends. Each stripe results in at least 2 tails of yarn to weave in. So…my scarf with 40 stripes…yeah.

This is why I don’t think I can crochet. I look at that crochet hook with disdain from the hours of painful end-weaving. I seriously shudder thinking about it. It makes my skin crawl.

I finished the last end on the scarf, and literally THREW the scarf across the room. I couldn’t even TOUCH it for 2 days.

I also believe this is why knitters often give away most of their projects. The bigger ones…we’ve spent SO much time on them…we don’t want to be anywhere near them for a long, long, long time.

I also started a hat to go with the VT scarf. And then had to rip the whole thing out. I was about an inch in…and realized that A) it was HUGE…like almost triple the size it should be *Yes, I still refuse to knit a swatch* and B) there was a twist. Ugh. So that’s now in a pile. I quit.

Moving on.

Workout Week:

Did some really good upper body work this week and some ab work. Then Saturday was Long Run day. Mmmmm LR.

Planned to do 3 miles…it was a decent day out. Maybe 33 degrees or so. Where I run, it’s straight uphill for about half a mile, and that part is WINDY and cold. That’s also the first part so…I was well layered.

I also put on my yaxtrax because of the snow…however I quickly learned that it takes more than yaxtrax.

It helps if your sunglasses don’t fog up…and if they do, here’s a little tip: Don’t keep running while you try to mess with them.

Within the first quarter mile of my run…as I tried to de-fog my glasses without slowing down…I stopped paying attention to where my feet were going…and didn’t notice the HUGE mound of snow and ice that had positioned itself in the center of the sidewalk.

I hit it….and did a superman-esque dive over the pile and in to another pile of snow, ice, and mud.

Lots of mud.

I was SOAKED. Gloves, pants, shirt….SOAKED.

Everywhere there is dry mud…there was ice/snow/water…from my knee, all the way up to my arm pit, and down to my wrist. Rockstar.

See the stains? Yeah, I went DOWN...

See the stains? Yeah, I went DOWN...

Ugh. I was soaked.

Ugh. I was soaked.


So I almost quit then. But…I figured I’d do one lap, then be done. I was already out there….so may as well do something.

I took the gloves off because they were the most irritatingly wet. I did my lap…and got back to the car and felt pretty good. Luckily…I keep extra gloves in my car so I traded them out and decided to hit another lap. I did an extended lap, adding on another road…and then decided to do one more…and then one more.

By the end, my 3 mile run turned in to 5.3.

Kicking ass and taking names. šŸ™‚


I am going to embarass myself right now. Ready?

This week’s favorite…is NASCAR.

Yeah, yeah, I know. But you gotta understand, I’m from the south…it’s part of life. I teach in a location that has a track…I….just love it. And today…is the Daytona 500!

But my favorite part of Nascar…something I like almost more than actually going to a race… Ok I probably DO like it more… It’s a Nascar Nap.

A Nascar Nap occurs when you turn on the race…and about 30 laps in…you just pass out. You can’t help it. It just knocks you OUT. And it’s always a REALLY good nap. Mmmm, Nascar Naps.

I had mine today, have you!?!?

Other Junk:

So…driving around this weekend, I passed this sign.

Bwahahahahaha!!! Global Warming. Heh.

Bwahahahahaha!!! Global Warming. Heh.

Enough said.


Strenghtening Shoutout:

This weeks shoutout is a thank-you to Missy. I really appreciate you giving me your personal Ironman experience. You really have made me want to go for it even more. Your emails have really motivated me. In a couple years…I think I’ll be ready.

So if you haven’t checked her blog out, go see Missy and enjoy her story. She’s a really inspirational blogger!



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  1. definitely seems like you had a great week!

  2. WHOA DANG GIRL awesomeee job on yo run šŸ™‚

  3. Just thought about the email I sent you back in January! Hope you got it and it helped to answer any questions. – missy

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