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It’s been awhile guys!!!

I’ve been busy though, so that’s good, right?

So let’s get started.

The Work Week(s):

Well, I’m gonna be honest, the first week back was ROUGH. So tired. So very, very tired. Second week, not as bad, but I got sick a little bit. Blah.

Also, I tried bribing my kids to pass their benchmark test…it didn’t work. Ugh.

And that’s all I have to say about work. Might delete this section because…really…I don’t like to talk about it!!!!

The Workout Week:

Yeeeeeah!!!! I ran on the elliptical, I ran OUTSIDE because it was WARM for the first time in FOREVER….I also went for a little walk today.

Big news though….


I have picked out my 2010 race schedule for the most part!!!

Here are the highlights. 5K’s excluded…those come and go as they please.

June 5, 2010 – Trail Nut Half Marathon brought to you by Mountain Junkies!!!! My favorite race series/director/whatever EVER!!!!! My first ever 5K was a Mountain Junkies race. I’m offically a Mountain Junkies junky. Hehe.

Oct 2010 – Gonna try for the MCM again. *nods* Yep. I should do that. Gonna try! 4 months is enough between a half and a full, right? That’s a good schedule, yes?

Now, the big question, I need YOUR help on this!!!!!

April 17 – Mill Mountain Mayhem 10K (Another Mountain Junkies)


April 18 – Rumpass in Bumpass Sprint Triathlon.

What to do, guys? What to do?!?!?!

So…go vote!!!


So…the poll IS annonymous…didn’t mean for it to be…but I’d love to know what you voted for, so feel free to leave it as a comment as well!!! But as long as you vote in the poll, I’m a happy camper!!!


The Knitting Week:

Big news, guys!! Big news!!!!!!!!!!

Guess who has now entered in to the world of SPINNING!!!!!!!

*points at self*

Yeah, that’s right!!!!

I took this...

I took this...

...and made that!!!

...and made that!!!

Yeah, it’s not much…but I’m working on it. I’m not too good at getting an even weighted strand yet, but I’m trying!

I’m using some of Abby Franquemont’s video’s off of youtube. So far, I’m not actually dropping the drop spindle in order to spin…rather spinning it in my hand, and moving the twist down the yarn….if that makes any sense.

If anyone wants to pop in and offer advice, please, please, please appear and speak your mind!!!

Also, did my FIRST intarsia *color work* AND first knitting on DPN’s *double point needles* this week!!!

See Courtney Knit!

See Courtney Knit!

Knit, Courtney, knit!

Knit, Courtney, knit!

Congrats Kris and Lyla, who are the proud recipients of my masterpeice!!!



I actually did a second baby hat for another friend’s baby and just have to weave in the ends so that one will be done! Man, I need to throw these things up on Ravelry!!! I’ve been slacking at uploading projects on there!

Well, I guess that about wraps up the past few weeks of knitting!


Hmm….this week I think I’ll have to go with Coconut Macaroons dipped in Chocolate from Bea the Baker. Simply AMAZING.

Coconut and chocolate, what could be better??

Coconut and chocolate, what could be better??

Those aren’t hers, persay, but you can see what I’m talking about. Every single time I go in to town, I try and get one. So if you’re ever in, around, about, or through Floyd VA, then STOP and get one!!!!!! You can find them at various locations on either side of Floyd’s single stoplight.

If you can’t make it out to Floyd, then see what you can find around you!!! Let me tell you, Bea’s are the best though!!!!


Other Junk:

Not a lot of other stuff to report. Well, my best friend/accountant/running buddy/partner in crime/fave person ever came down….and helped get my financial mess in order.

Yes, folks, this is one in debt blogger.

Student loans piled up…along with some ill-timed tickets from the fuzz….and other life-type nonsense…and I find myself in the throes of debt and collections calls.

The good news is it’s not as bad as I thought!!! Miss Carly has helped me out…and set me straight! Hopefully by April all will be right in my finaicial world and I can stop stressing so much!!! But until then….we are on a complete and total spending freeze.

Meaning mom will get hit up for race entry fees and such. 🙂

Anyway, that’s life. It could be a lot worse!!!

Other news…the fiddling….is coming along. Right now I’m learning Angeline The Baker. Not too bad. I totally LOVE my fiddle though. My instructor is Mike Mitchell of the Floyd Music School, and let me tell you he is STELLAR.

I just wrote 2 paragraphs on how much I liked the lesson…so that’ll be next week’s favorite or shoutout. Point is, fiddling is going good. I can do the first 2 lines without really screwing up too bad. YAY!!!!

So in closing, we shall proceede to our….

Sperlific Shoutout:

This is the part where I go “Oh crap, Sperly tagged me for something. I should go do that thing she tagged me for”

So, first off, if you don’t know her, please go check out Sperly, my blogging/running/triathalon idol. 🙂 She is one of the most AWESOME chicks out there!!!

Second, she has tagged me for the Pay It Forward 7 Fun Facts deal….

Since this post is OH so long….I’m gonna go write those as a separate post and throw it up Wednesday or Thursday!

Go do my poll!!! Watch for the 7 Fun Facts, you may get tagged!!!!!!



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  1. i totally want to do mcm this year too! unfortunately i need to get life figured out and see if i can make it. but i soooooooo wanna!!

    and i voted! is it anonymous? oh well because i think you should be a BAMF. maybe pick one of them to race-race and the other to be fun? i should work on my 2010 racing schedule too. there are so many and i want to do them allllllllll haha


    ROll Tide!

    I am doing pretty well how about yourself? I will put you on my blogroll!

  3. Awww thanks for the shoutout! You are possibly the best ever at making other people feel good 🙂

    So much to say! I put my .02 in about the race.. I’m SUPER jealous of that Mountain Junkies race (and with a name like that they *better* have some sweet effing shirts!).. AND, I really like how you said “5K’s excluded…those come and go as they please.” Four words. B. A. M. F. 😀

  4. Oh man, that trail marathon sounds awesome! One thing (of many) I dislike about where I live is the lack of trails.

    Those macaroons look heavenly!

  5. HALF MARATHON ALREADY!?!?!?! wooooah!!!

    Cool Runnings ladehh! 🙂 and your posts is making me want to have a hobby already for more sense of productivity and artsy fartsy! i missed you! 😉

  6. AHHH I have been LOVIN running outside lately. It was like 50 degrees yesterday…whatttt??!!!! WHOOO love your potential races too!

  7. Missed ya! What an update. I’ll tell ya, though, deciphering BAMF first thing in the morning only one coffee mug into my day was fun! : ) I think I got it 😉 I voted for that one, by the way! : )

    Those chocolate macaroons look out of this world! Totally up my coconut-obsessed alley — thanks for posting!

  8. I have got to snap a pic of Lyla in the hat. When I put it on her last week, Jason started calling her his “Little Eggplant.” 😀
    Tomorrow we’re going to get professional family portraits done and I think I’ll be taking Lyla’s eggplant hat, that’s how awesome it looks on her.
    I voted for Rumpass in the Bumpass purely on name alone. Heh.
    Also I am quite relieved Carly helped you sort out your financial issues and more relieved that it is simpler to solve than you thought when we lost spoke about it. You can do it!
    And remember, if you ever need anything, let me know. I got your back.

  9. […] don’t forget the poll in the last post!!! *points […]

  10. Hey did you know Im a large animal Vet? No word of lie.
    Off to consider a post.

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