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Not so much a new soul, but a new format….so….welcome to the new and improved blog!!!!!! Methinks I shall change the banner title….Anyway. Let’s get started, shall we? (Totally stole that from Meghan)

So first up in new-blog-land we have….

The Work Week:

This week my some of my kids announced to me that I should wear makeup. My response? “I am.” Apparently my version of makeup is not…enough for them.

Here’s what I looked like after getting home from work the day they told me this…

After 10 hours of work...

After 10 hours of work...

So yeah, I have oily skin…but I really don’t think it’s that bad. But apparently the kids do, so whatever.

Also this week in the world of work…our gradebook website went down. All. Weekend. Talk about wanting to pull your hair out…AND with parent/teacher conferences coming up….not awesome.

Parent/Teacher conferences were Monday. It went ok. Some upset parents but I calmed them down by showing them why their child’s grades are the way they are. Most parents were supportive and nice though. It was a busy day though!!

Not much else going on work-wise. Or rather, I don’t wanna talk about work. Ha! So we’ll continue on.

The Workout Week

WHOOO my Runners World for Dec came!!!!!!! Aaaaand I haven’t even read November’s yet. Haha.

This week I did some kickboxing and yoga…when I went home this weekend I meant to grab my P90X DVD’s so I could re-start that again but alas, I forgot them.

I did do a 5K this weekend!!! Carly, Mom and I did the Phi Kappa Tau Phive K. It was decent. They really could use some tips from runners who have done other 5K’s. Honestly, I don’t think we’ll be doing that race next year. Here’s why…

Costume contest. Fun to see other people out in their festive gear.
Small crowd.
Nice color t-shirt
Raffle prizes from local running store
Gift Certificate prizes for winners
Reasonably fast on results

Took forever to start
Started AND finished 1mile run before 5K could line up.
Only water at finish to drink
Limited food-age at finish
Only 1st place in each AG got a prize/mention
Parking/bathrooms were a hike from race start

So…even though the list is about even…I weight things like food/drink and time consumption heavily…and the hills. I knew it would be hilly because I’d done the course before but…UGH. That really…sucked. No 2 ways about it.

But hey, I did another 5K this year, and got some rockin pictures. Here ya go.

Carly and me, pre-race.

Carly and me, pre-race.

I'm lovin "Banana Man"

I'm lovin "Banana Man"

I TOTALLY WON....and she totally let me.

I TOTALLY WON....and she totally let me.

Now on to the….

Knitting Week

Oh my gosh, I want to go to Rhinebeck next year. Listening to all my favorite podcasters talk about it…..man, I want to go. Plus I have friends that live near there!!! Free lodging!!!!!!

Also, I’ve requested a drop spindle from Grafton Fibers for Christmas. Apparently now they are DyakCraft. Anyway. I want a spindle. I have already bought wool….so….now I need a spindle. Hehe.

So hopefully SOMEONE will be getting me that for Christmas. They know who they are…but they probably won’t read this.

The spindle desire led me to want more wool….which led me to Etsy. *sigh* Thankfully I convinced myself NOT to buy anything. I have enough to do already.

All purchases and desires aside, I do have a lot of stuff that needs to get knit, and fast. I’m trying HARD to finish mom’s socks this week. I’m on the second sock, on the foot. I CAN FINISH, I CAN!!!!!!! Then once those are finished, I need to start/finish the ones for my aunt by….Christmas. Ha.


Hahahaahaha. Yeah this probably won’t happen, but not for lack of trying.

So I have the yarn for the socks, but they were still in a hank….and I do not own a ball winder.

So I made one.

Out of a CD, a pen, and duct tape. Yeah.

I made Tracy help...hehe.

I made Tracy help...hehe.

Ta-da!!! Ghetto fab, but functional!!!

Ta-da!!! Ghetto fab, but functional!!!

I….am so proud of my ghetto-fab ball winder. SO PROUD!!!!!!! Yeah, so it doesn’t make perfect little yarn cakes, but it’s still center pull so HA! Moving on.


This week’s favorite is Harry and David pears.

Mmmmm. If you haven’t had one, GET ONE!!!!!!!! They are Royal Rivera pears….apparently very rare….and somewhat pricey….but it’s worth it. Once they ripen, they practically melt in your mouth! They are SO flavorful, juicy, and amazing. I got one when I was in DC and I devoured it this week. It was PERFECT! Mmmm. I heart Harry and David’s.

Other Junk

In other junk….my super-fab-awesome-new ipod player….crapped out. Apparently there’s a recall on it…so I’m going to have to figure that out and take care of it soon. I miss having my ipod keep me company on the way to work!!!

Yeah….I want my ipod back.

I’ve also realized I’m out of town WAY too much this month. Baby showers, weddings, holidays….ugh. My house is going to look like a disaster area. Oh wait!! It already does!!!!!!!!

In other fun news, since I was home this weekend, I got to go geocaching with Miss Kim. It was super fun, although…the weather was super-gross, as it always is when we go a’caching.

There were random bricks in the woods. We don't know why.

There were random bricks in the woods. We don't know why.

It helps to be short when geocaching.

It helps to be short when geocaching.

So this week was my biopsy/coloposcopy or however that’s spelled. Last month my Dr told me they thought I might have cervical cancer. NOT what you want to hear at 25 years old. Not at all.

So….after 3 attempts to get my work schedule to mesh with my Drs schedule, I had the procedure today. Thankfully I didn’t have to have an actual biopsy. Everything um….looks good and….I should have the results from the tests they DID do by next week.

And I also passed out.

AFTER the doctor had finished.

So proud. SO very proud. But I’m good now. I’m resting at home…blogging…and getting ready to do a little bit of school work and then call it a night. Because really, Biggest Loser is on tonight. πŸ™‚

So that’s where we’ll end. Hope this was entertaining. Feel free to leave suggestions/questions/comments/complaints *that I will ignore*/love/hugs in the comment section!!!!

Stellar Shoutout:

This week’s shoutout goes to Caaaaaaaarly. I am SO proud of you. You’re going to be fine, I’m always here for you, and you need to pack your bags and come visit ASAP!!!!!!!!!!




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  1. what’s up with the “week” but hey, the productivity is raging eh? πŸ™‚ miss you!

  2. Love the new format. The 5k sounds ridiculous and a little poorly planned on the coordinators part! A 5k with hills would be a good way to train for a tougher 10k. Have you knit the penguin hat yet?! hehe

  3. Wow that is like the longest, most detailed post ever! Glad to hear you are still running and knitting and love your ball winder hahahaha
    Thanks for visiting me πŸ™‚

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