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March 31, 2009 at 11:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
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And I’m here
To save the world
And I wanna know
Who’s gonna save me?

Ok, so normally I’m perky and happy and upbeat…but guys…it ain’t happening today. I’m about to drop. And cry.

Ok so I’ve already cried.

It’s just been a really long, really crappy day…and grad school is maxing me out in the stress department…and all I want to do is run…but I’m too tired. All the time.

I did 4 miles today, but there was walking. Too much walking. And I was so tired when I got home that I fell asleep on my couch with a bulldozer AND a chainsaw going outside my apartment. I slept through that. I fell asleep in the world’s most uncomfortable position. I think I may have even been knitting when I passed out.

The baby blanket is coming along so that is some good news.

The bad news is that it feels like most of the rest of my life is unraveling. I have my first triathlon in….26 days…and I am so far from prepared it’s not even funny. Furthermore I have NO time to practice.

And no money.

Ohhh the money thing is so absurdly bad right now…I don’t mean to complain and whine this whole entry…but…I need someone to talk to. Tag. YOU’RE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I feel like…I can’t ask my family for help…because I did this to myself. I SUCK at managing money…I’ve been doing better but….it’s too little too late.

I mean I don’t go on extravagent spending sprees or anything….I used to…but not anymore…but….I knew at the begining of this semester that there was no way I could make it through on the little loan money I got…and I should have done something sooner.

But I couldn’t find the time.

Heck, I don’t even have time to get my class work done. I’m so freaking tired all the time. And stressed.

Did I mention the stress?

All I want to do is run.

That’s all I want. I just…want to go run. For a long, long, long time. But my body can’t right now. It’s too worn out. And at this point, it’s too worn out to even sleep. My sleep schedule is so messed up it’s not even funny. I TRY to sleep, don’t get me wrong…but I think it’s the stress…I can’t.

And…I don’t tell anyone how bad it is. I hate bothering other people with my problems…because other people have their OWN problems…

And all the people that I know would be there for me…and would let me literally cry on their shoulder…are 4 hours away at the closest.




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  1. Hey, even though running is a great stress reliever for most, don’t run. For the sake of over stressing, just relax and take a break from it. Things will pop up out of nowhere that can get in the way of training, and even though it sucks its just a bump in the road! Theres 1000000 Tri’s a year so don’t think missing out in this one is the end of the world. I got your back! šŸ™‚

  2. Well every day cannot be a winner and you cannot be thrilled with every moment of your life. Vent here, by all means. This too will pass, and you will feel like yourself again. Although most things take care of themselves, figuring out the answers to your problems would take some stress off.
    Ever consider that you may need to scale back your training a little bit? and are you srue the Triathelon in 26 days is your best time to be doing something like that? Your first Tri should be a wonderful experience, and maybe you want to aim for one later on in the season? Just wondering šŸ™‚
    Anyway do feel better and take some time on the weekend to sleep!

  3. the last time i checked you were struggling on your first 5k and that makes the both of us, i feel so much at guilt and feel so terrible because look at you.. you’re whining over a TRI training!!!!

    YOU HAVE WENT THROUGH, GONE THROUGH A LONG WAY!! and look at me? back on square one onto training for my first 5k.. to 10k.. to a half..

    but look at you, TRI!! whaaaaat! seriously, seriously. can you lead me on, motivate me more the way you did before? seriously,seriously.

    Honey, hope that made you felt better. Not that Im saying you have to feel pity on me (But i feel bad HAHAHAHHA) so if there’s anyone who’s supposed to feel bad, that’s me, not you. Ok? OK! šŸ™‚

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