It’s Been A Long Time

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Not really, but still.



Wow. I’ve been BUSY this past week. Hmm…let’s see where I left off.


Well Tuesday I did a nice 4 mile run, then Wednesday or Thursday I did some serious lower body work. Much pain on Friday. Whole lot of pain. Then Saturday was LR day!! Whoooo!!!!


So 9 miles. On an already sore body. Mmm. Well my mom came out to do the first 5 with me. She’s REALLY doing well at upping her miles!!! GO MOM GO!!!! So we did a nice slow pace (sorry mom, but it was, for me at least.) at first. Somewhere around a 10 or 11 min mile. Granted if I can do a 10min mile through the entire half, I will be HAPPY so…10 min pace is FIIIINE. It was BEAUTIFUL out and mom had a few too many layers on so we had to stop for a quick wardrobe change after about 3 miles. After that we were good though.


I had planned our route so 5 miles would take us back to the parking lot where both our cars were. That way mom could head out and I could stop for some shot blocks and water. I gave Uri a shot block as well and a bottle of water. He’s learned to drink from a bottle which is WONDERFUL because if I let him drink at the river, he inevitably lays down in it and then I have a wet dog to deal with. A muddy and wet dog. Ick.


So mom went on home and Uri and I went out for our last 4 miles.


Let me reiterate the fact I only ran ONCE all week and that was a quick 4 miles.


Let me also say what a bad, BAD plan that was.


So of course since mom and I had been going slow, I thought I’d pick up the pace. This was great for about a mile. And then…not so much.


By mile 7 I was kinda beat.


Mile 8…I was in serious pain. It felt like someone had punched me in the foot repeatedly. Gee, wonder why.


Towards the last part of that ninth mile I was hoping someone would shoot me. Lol.


But gosh darnit, I FINISHED!!!! I did my 9 miles!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!!!!! I made a few mistakes with pace and such, and I realize that, and the not running all week wasn’t a hot plan either…but I know better so I had to deal with the consequences.


So I went on home and attempted to ice my poor feet. Normally…I love ice. I LOOOVE cold showers after a run and icing my feet has always felt SUPER in the past. But that day…it only made things WORSE!!!! Putting both feet in the ice bath at once…was like putting clamps on my calves and squeezing….NOT OK. One foot was tolerable but both left me in tears. Very odd.


So after ice for a bit, and a nice shower, the boyfriend and I went out for a hike. We were going to do Cascades…but um…please view the parking lot situation.



Yeah. So we did a short 2 miles at Pandapas instead.


And then I passed out.


So Sunday…we biked 6.5 miles or so. I had my seat too low at first…BAD PLAN. I nearly died trying to get up a tiny hill. So once that was resolved I was better, but 6.5 was all I had in me, so we’re going to have to work on that. I think I could have done more if the seat hadn’t been an issue. Also, I still haven’t mastered biking while standing up…so…yeah. Might need to work on that.


Also I have some issues with paying attention and stopping in time…I nearly killed the dog 3 times. (Sorry buddy)


Speaking of the dog, we over-did him. 11ish miles on Saturday and 6ish on Sunday for him running….yeah. He was EXHAUSTED. Poor guy. We let him have Monday off. I took Monday off from working out as well. Haha. So today I’m going to try for 4 or 5 after school. Weather is still nice so…should be good.


Wow, that was one long blog. Ok, gonna go see if I can squeak in some time for my blogroll peeps and then get some homework done!!!


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  1. Heyo!! 9 miles, awesome! Your buildin up some serious mileage!!

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