And Now I’m Feelin Fine

January 25, 2009 at 9:16 pm | Posted in Training | 1 Comment
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So Friday I had a pretty good session with my trainer. It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside so we ran 4 miles. I managed a nice kick at the end. She hates it when I do that. She says she doesn’t expect it and all of a sudden I’m pulling away from her and she’s like “What’s going on?!?!” 🙂 I like to sneak it in there. Hehe.

So after that we did some ab work. I told her how last time…I wasn’t sore after. I have pretty decent ab muscles…and apparently it’s taking a LOT these days to make them hurt. The workout Friday did make them a little sore…but I’m going to have to try something different. Grrr.

But on to Saturday…I felt like Sperly!!! I did a run, I roamed, AND I recycled!!!!!

I did a nice 7 miler so I’m now back on track with training after shifting last week’s LR to Monday. So…7 in the park. It was pretty nice and I felt pretty great and could have maybe done 8 so that was exciting. The downside was that only PART of me felt great. My knee and foot weren’t too happy. I had a blister from Monday’s run…and um…the 7 miles…kinda wore on it. 😦 So that wasn’t too fun.

Then my left knee was hurting some…not real sure why…but it wasn’t too happy. Actually still isn’t too happy. I’ve been trying to ice and and rest. I felt really great after my run and thankfully nothing is sore…yet. 2 day delay and all…we’ll see tomorrow how it’s going. I was more tired today than after the run yesterday.

So that was the run, and here’s a view of the park where the run happens…well part of it. 🙂

Nice and flat!!! Lol, I did 2 major hills within the 7 miles so…not all flat. The half course is basically flat (it’s at the beach…so YEAH!!!

Ok…well let me just pause and say THANKS to the wordpress gods that make wordpress save my drafts automatically…because mid-blog…I got the blue screen of death. Awesomeness.

Anyway. Now that we’re back…

The recycling followed the running because the recycling bin for the city happens to be in the park!!!! Yeah…seems odd…but ya know, a LOT of runners care about the environment…and having the bin there…saves me a trip AND gas AND therefore destruction of the ozone layer!!! Or something. Whatever it does, I like it, because I can run AND recycle all at once.

Plastic, steel, and glass, OH MY!!!!

Oh, and I heard a disturbing story…someone tell me if this can remotely be possible. Someone told my mom that they were at a local dump where they offer recycling…and while this person was throwing away their garbage the trucks came to collect the refuse and take it to the big landfill or whatever. According to this person they put the recycling in right with the regular trash!!!! How can that be??? Isn’t that illegal in some way?? I’m thinking this person HAS to be mistaken…because WHY would you have the separate bins….isn’t that just a waste of taxpayers money? Really though…that’s can’t be right, can it? Anyone? Thoughts?

Ok, well tomorrow is my first day of student teaching *gulp* so…I’m going to go prepare and sleep!!!!


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  1. It isnt illegal but its def immoral!! Love the blue screen reference, but its a love to hate thing, hah.

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