Ain’t No Place I’d Rather Be

January 22, 2009 at 9:27 pm | Posted in 5k, Half-Marathon | 1 Comment
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Than running, that is.

I had the choice of going to a pot luck with the girls in my class and socializing…or staying home alone and running.

And what do I do?

I run.

I think…I can say for certain that I am a runner at this point. I choose running over most activities. I gravitate towards other runners. I drag my family and friends in to running with me. I get overly excited when I get socks as gifts. I get even more excited when race entry forms come in the mail. And if I get a new running book or my RW magazine comes…oh…don’t even try to get it away from me.

I’m a runner, aren’t I?


I’m a runner.

I’M A RUNNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah. I am.

And it’s only taken me a 14 5K’s and a half marathon to get me to realize it.

Actually…it was the realization I’d rather run than eat and talk.

And speaking of how running related things trumps eating…I put dinner in the microwave and sat down to wait the 5 minutes on it to heat…and got wrapped up in and the awesomly new VT Tri forum….and forgot about dinner…and left it so long it got cold.

I was so excited I forgot to eat. That’s bad.

So anyway.

Tomorrow is trainer day and I’m excited. I haven’t gotten to do a whole lot of running and working out this week because of school. Tuesday was a rest day because of the 6 miler on Monday. Then Wednesday I did yoga and ab work with my friend who’s training for the half with me!!!!

Then today I did 2 miles with Shiloh. It was getting dark so I did a shorter run, but it felt wonderful. 🙂 Someone asked who Shiloh was so I’ll explain. Lol. Shiloh is a dog, and he lives with another dog, Tessa. I take both of them running a few times a week for their owner who is older and not able to take them out much since they are dobermans and she’s…well…older. Haha. So I get paid to run with Shiloh and Tessa. So. That’s Shiloh, I run with him and get paid for it. 🙂 Fun times.

I’m so excited. Tomorrow I’m supposed to do 4 miles and will probably do that with my trainer.

Well, I’ve got to go work on lesson plans now. You guys behave!!!!


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  1. It’s great to be devoted to something. I feel the same about chasing birds. I wish Geezer (my human) could run but he’s had his knees replaced so we walk instead. I like that too. Except when its cold. Cold weather depresses me but I’ve developed a way to cope. Visit me at

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