Cloud Nine

January 14, 2009 at 3:35 pm | Posted in running, Training | 3 Comments
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Not so much the feeling of being on cloud nine, but more the time. More like 9:30 but still, I’m elated. 4 miles at a 9:30 pace!!!! WHOOOO!!!!! And I fully realize that’s not really fast at all but for me, it’s an improvement.

Granted a year and a half ago I was doing a 9 min pace even but still. Gosh darnit it’s an improvement over the last few months. AND the fact that I can hold 9:30 for 4 miles gives me hope. I’m hoping to do around a 10 min pace for the half. It would be faster than my last half so….that’d be great. 🙂 So for today, 9:30 pace for 4 miles…makes me uber excited. 🙂

Also, yesterday I did about 2 miles with Shiloh around his neighborhood. I felt really sluggish and tired. I was going to do 3 miles but just ended it at 2. It just wasn’t a good day. But that’s ok because I feel like I totally made up for it today!!!

Tomorrow looks to be a trainer day since she’s back in town!!! WHOOO!!!!!! And in other exciting news the boyfriend might be getting a bike so he can bike beside me while I run!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!




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  1. Hell ya! I hate to use a cheesy expression but it fits: “Its a marathon not a sprint”. Go at your own pace but any improvement is a BIG step!

    Lot of running references in that but i couldnt help it, keep it up! I may have to send Bob from the Bigges tloser over there if you slack off 🙂

  2. improvement is always awesome! just keep doin what your doing and the pce will drop with time. trust me i know!

    when is your half?

  3. Congrats on the pace accomplishment. My helped buy my bf a bike for his birthday last year so that he could ride next to me while I ran. He only joined me a hand full of times before that became old news. But I hope your bf keeps it up. Is Shiloh a dog? If so does your dog live in a different neighborhood than you? I am a little confused. I am thinking about copying your idea of 9 races for 2009. Clever idea. I am still considering it but have not made up my mind yet if I can commit to doing that many races while still being a student

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