Nowhere Fast

January 12, 2009 at 9:15 pm | Posted in Cross Training | 2 Comments
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Will I ever get to, to where it is that I am going
Will I ever follow through with what I… with what I have planned
I guess its possible, that I have been a bit distracted
And the directions for me are a lot less in demand.

I feel like I’ve been going nowhere fast this week. Only got 3 good runs in…but that’s better than this time last year. I did 3 miles on Thursday….or maybe Friday. Hmm, I don’t remember!! Friday. Pretty sure.

So I did that 3 then yesterday I did 5 miles for my long run. It was decent but I was pretty sore after. It was also absurdly cold. šŸ™‚ I’m proud of not missing a long run so far…next week we go up to 6 miles. Eeeek!! That’s the longest I’ve done in several months…since the half really…wow.

I go back to school next week…so I’m trying to figure out how to work training in with my student teaching. I’m thinking that as long as I can leave school right as soon as the last bell rings I can make it back home in time to run before it gets dark. Basically I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and wait and see. šŸ™‚

Today I hiked about 3 miles with the boyfriend and the dog. It was a pretty nice hike even though it was SUPER cold out. I didn’t have the camera though. šŸ˜¦ Tragic.

Ok, gonna go watch some TV and get some planning done!! Later!!!



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  1. keep your head up girl! we all hit those patches sometimes. just focus on the present and kick some booty!

  2. I just did my longest run since my May half this past sunday, as bad as I didnt want to it felt awesome that I could still run far. I am sure you feel the same way!

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