Rain Drops Keep Fallin On My Head

January 7, 2009 at 7:00 pm | Posted in Cross Training | 2 Comments
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Uri and I went to the park this morning for a run.

That picture was just for Erika. 🙂 So anyway. It was overcast and pretty cool out when we got to the park. Not a single other person in sight, just one lone car besides ours.

The park loop is 2 miles so we ran the loop twice for a nice 4 miler. Right towards the 4th mile in our journey is started raining. Not terribly bad but enough to get Uri nice and muddy and me slightly damp. Thankfully I was sporting the under armour under my running gear so I didn’t really mind. However I did kind of mind the muddy wet dog in my car on the ride home. 🙂 So he got a nice bath as soon as we hit the front door.

After Uri’s bath I went over to a lady from church’s house to pick up some stuff that grandma had. Grandma was at the lady’s house working on the quilt. She’s also grandma’s best friend. Ann.

There’s grandma in the purple and Ann in the white working on the quilt 🙂

And guess who else quilted!!!!


Yep. Quilting in my running gear. 🙂 Hehe. However I did realize that I was committing a cardnial running sin and wearing my running shoes for things that aren’t running. BAD ME. BAD!!!!!!!!

Oh, and in superexciting news…ya ready? Are ya?!?!? ARE YAY!?!?!?


I’m now a USAT member!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Signed up for my first triathlon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel’s Triathlon in April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂



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  1. YESS! That is friggin awesome about the Tri! Here is a special gift (if you knit)


    Best hat ever.

    AND you quilt?? Super runner over here, hah. My mom is a big quilter.

  2. oh wow, tri! … you sure is back on track! help! help! I’m back to square zero! 😦 losing out on breath on the first kilometer … i was just actualy on my way to the fifth before the hiatus. boo! anyway, nice quilt too! 🙂

    love it that you’ve got tons of photos posted 😀

    Hi girl! I’m so much in panic! I want to move up, level up and get to where you’re getting into.

    how many times a week do you run lately? 🙂 help!!

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