If You Wanna Go And Take A Ride With Me

December 3, 2008 at 9:37 pm | Posted in running, Training | 2 Comments
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Heeeey, must be the money….

Yeah don’t ask why. That’s what I’m listening to right now though. Hmm…is there a way to link my pandora stations to wordpress? Might have to look in to that.

Come on boo, gimme kiss.

Lol, ok let’s stop being random and get down to bidness.

Ok. I can’t stop. Deal with it.

So. Last night. Tri Team meeting. AWESOME. My trainer was there and I got to meet a lot of the team. I also got the team schedule for the spring so I can look over the events and see what I want to do. I’m so ambitious all of the time…because I’ve never done a tri…and now there are at LEAST 2 that I want to do next spring. They are sprints…so…I mean that’s not bad, right???

I have a bad habit of diving in head first….to everything.

So anyway. We’ll see what my trainer says I can do. I’m going to let her call the shots since she usually has a better sense of my physical capabilities than I do.

But on to today’s run. I did 4 miles in the park. Not too exciting. I did the 2 mile loop around the park twice with Uri of course. And once again, the dog was not the LEAST bit tired at the end of our run. Granted I felt badass and probably could have done another mile…but my calf was cramping on and off and Saturday is LR day so I’m trying to pace myself.

I am feeling so awesome. I’m such a BAMF. šŸ™‚ Right E??? Ha. I’m really getting back in to my groove and lovin every minute of it!!!

Ok, off to do work now…if I can stop daydreaming about tri’s long enough to focus!!!!



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  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog the other day. I’m adding your blog to my blogroll, too.

    It’s such a great feeling when you finish a run and feel energized like that!

  2. Any sort of Tri is awesome, Sprint or Ironman, hah. Go for it!

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