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Wait, wait for the dawn my dear
Wait till the sun gets here
And you will wait too long he will be gone
Wait, wait till the sun shines through
Wait till the sky is blue.
                           ~Get Set Go

So today was going to be a rest day, but I decided to do some yoga with my cousin since I’m house sitting with her. We did about an hour of yoga. It felt really good and I need to work on my flexability so I really should do more yoga.

Tomorrow I’m going to be pretty busy all day with observations during the day then class at night. I’m hoping to get a run in sometime tomorrow afternoon with Uri unless it’s too rainy/snowy/cold out. Although…I am kind of looking forward to a GOOD snow…one you can run in without fearing ice the entire time. I want it to snow…but I want to be able to make it to the park. Haha. Beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

But I will run tomorrow, and that’s what matters. I will get up tomorrow, and I will run. And I’m going to keep it up, and keep up the blog, and the log.

No more waiting.

I’m ready to run. 🙂


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  1. no more waiting. I’m ready to run 🙂 — loves it! 🙂

    yes, I shall try to adjust on early morning runs and not feel awfully exhausted, sleepy or slouchy moody in the afternoon. My body needs a lot of adjustments.

    I still have alot to lose (the weight!) but there’s more about stamina, endurance and getting more things done because we’re quick and physically fit!

    ready to read more from youuuuuu! 🙂 IM so jealous you’ve got yoga! 😦 i have to suspend my gym on hold. 😦

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