Chug-Along, Chug-Along…

November 29, 2008 at 9:41 pm | Posted in Cross Training, running | 3 Comments
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Like the old Virginia Creeper,
Down among the Mountain Laurel, I’m a gonna meetcha,
Baby stoke my fire,
So we can make it home tonight!

Well yesterday and today I chugged along quite a bit. Yesterday…there was a bit of an unintentional run…but let me throw in a quick re-cap.

Wednesday I did 2.5 miles in the park with Uri (Pronounced “Or-ee”). Then Thursday Uri’s dad and I went for a walk after Thanksgiving. We did around a mile or so. Not much.

I refuse to count my non-running mileage as mileage. Am I being anal or…do most runners consider walking miles uncountable?

See? Not even wearing running atire. So doesn’t count.

But anyway, yesterday…Yesterday I intended to do a nice 3 miles…which I did manage to do. Felt pretty rockin at the end…went to get the car key off Uri’s collar…..NOPE. Wasn’t there.

So…now I’m locked out of my car. (See, when I run I lock my main set of keys in the car, and take my spare car key with me…this time we attached it to the leash/collar) But…I’m guessing the keychain broke which really really sucks because that was one of my all-time favorite keychains…

It was like that, but pink. I mean…it’s PINK, a HORSE, and it opens beer. Come on, how is that NOT amazing?!?!

But now it’s gone and that’s tragic.

So anyway, I didn’t notice it was gone until mile 3…and we were back at the car…so this meant retracing my steps and hoping to find the key, or someone with a cell phone. So Uri and I made it a mile back over to the other park and found a local large animal vet that I know…thank God, and she let me use her cell phone. I called Laura who has my spare key…and she came to the rescue…meanwhile Uri and I did the mile back to the car…so about 4 total miles were at a run, one was walking while trying to find the key.

So…seeing as I hadn’t done that kind of distance in a few weeks…I was pretty sore today. Mainly my left quad. I decided to go for a run anyway because it’s one of my last days of vacation and I want to get all the miles in I can.

Uri and I did 3 miles today. Pretty good pace…really LOVING my new under armour leggings. AMAZINGNESS. Now I’m excited for it to get colder so I can gear up and head out!!!

I’m going to try REALLY hard to run between classes next week with some of the girls in my program. I’m going to try….if you guys are reading this (Lesley 🙂 ) HOLD ME TO IT!!!!!

Oh, and I didn’t do the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving. 😦 Eh. I needed the rest day.

Ok, gonna go do some yoga and try and get my quad to loosen up!!!



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  1. YESSS!! I want a link! And I want your dog!!

    Nice to hear from you =]

  2. Cute dog! 🙂

  3. If I go out for a run, say 3 miles, and i walk .5 miles I still count it. But if you mean do I count every step I walk during my whole day, thats crazy, haha. Awesome keychain!

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