Every Mile A Memory

October 28, 2008 at 10:21 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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Ok…so let’s just get one thing straight.

I AM A BAMF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 mile run yesterday. 5 MILE!!!!! And rockin good pace, I might add.

*does a happy dance*

Seriously. SO excited.

It was with my trainer. I did a 1 mile warmup on the dreadmill while I waited on her to finish with her other client…then we went outside and it was SOOO nice and cool. We’ve discovered I do not function well in heat…but give me some crisp fall air and I can rock it out for MILES. Plus we did mostly flat and pavement with some slight rolling hills and a little flat trailwork…in the woods…which was awesome. I prefer woods to grass…but anyway. I rocked it.

Seriously rocked.

I even sprinted at the end…I mean just went ALL out….my trainer was like “30 more seconds!!! Then we’ll have done a full 40:00…” and I took OFF. She said she was thinking to herself “Wait, WAIT!!! We’re going FASTER??!?! WHAT!?!?!?!?”

Hahahahahaha I’m awesome.

I’m still super excited from that run. Can ya tell?????

But in  other UBER fun news, this weekend is the race I’ve been waiting on for a YEAR!!!!!!!!!! I was too sick last year…and goshdarnit I’m GOING this year!!!!

Check it out: http://www.mountainjunkies.net/Into_the_Darkness.htm

I ❤ Mountain Junkies races. The race director and his wife are amazing. (If you guys read this, HI!!!!) I don’t get to see them much but they know me via email mostly. Their races are by far the best around here!!! My first ever 5K was a Mountain Junkies race so I MIIIIGHT be a little biased but WHO CARES?!?!?! The shirts are always awesome, food is wonderful, and the course could not be more fun!!! They really know how to do a good race.

Well, back to grad school now…



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