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October 17, 2008 at 10:24 pm | Posted in 5k, running, Training | 2 Comments
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I mean really…A mud run?


So. September 20th. Marine Corps Mud Run.

Marines. EVERYWHERE….not too bad. 🙂

Mom, dad, grandma, and Beth all came.

Here’s me at the start line before the madness began.


Here’s my dad…attempting to steal the state police’s riot vehicle…


Really…isn’t that just great?

So anyway, the race began…mom was on the opposite side of the street from her so she missed me…but still. Good times.

The first part…about half a mile was dry. Just gravel…down to the river. THEN we got to run for a little bit through the Roanoke River…good times right there, let me tell you. It wasn’t so much running as it was walking/swimming. Water was about waist high and those rocks are SLICK!!!

After that….there was a short dry spot, then it was through some pretty awesome mud and then UP a massive hill.

Or maybe it was hill first…not sure.

ANYWAY…BIG hill. Wherever it was, it was a massive, massive hill.

Ok it wasn’t so much a hill, as it was a mountain. Actual tree covered mountain, all the way to the top…Then there was a nice field…and then there was a BIG, BIG down….

After that…a small creek…


The mud pit.


Still Going



I Got It!



Sorry for the random sizes there…but yeah.

It was a pretty amazing race…I can’t wait for next year!!!!!



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  1. tell me thats chocolate milk and not real mud. heheh looks fun!

  2. Now that is an awesome looking race. I would be involved for sure if they had something like that near me that I knew about. Nice work.

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