Every Mile A Memory

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Ok…so let’s just get one thing straight.

I AM A BAMF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 mile run yesterday. 5 MILE!!!!! And rockin good pace, I might add.

*does a happy dance*

Seriously. SO excited.

It was with my trainer. I did a 1 mile warmup on the dreadmill while I waited on her to finish with her other client…then we went outside and it was SOOO nice and cool. We’ve discovered I do not function well in heat…but give me some crisp fall air and I can rock it out for MILES. Plus we did mostly flat and pavement with some slight rolling hills and a little flat trailwork…in the woods…which was awesome. I prefer woods to grass…but anyway. I rocked it.

Seriously rocked.

I even sprinted at the end…I mean just went ALL out….my trainer was like “30 more seconds!!! Then we’ll have done a full 40:00…” and I took OFF. She said she was thinking to herself “Wait, WAIT!!! We’re going FASTER??!?! WHAT!?!?!?!?”

Hahahahahaha I’m awesome.

I’m still super excited from that run. Can ya tell?????

But inย  other UBER fun news, this weekend is the race I’ve been waiting on for a YEAR!!!!!!!!!! I was too sick last year…and goshdarnit I’m GOING this year!!!!

Check it out: http://www.mountainjunkies.net/Into_the_Darkness.htm

I โค Mountain Junkies races. The race director and his wife are amazing. (If you guys read this, HI!!!!) I don’t get to see them much but they know me via email mostly. Their races are by far the best around here!!! My first ever 5K was a Mountain Junkies race so I MIIIIGHT be a little biased but WHO CARES?!?!?! The shirts are always awesome, food is wonderful, and the course could not be more fun!!! They really know how to do a good race.

Well, back to grad school now…


I Catalog These Steps Now…

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Decisive and intentioned
precise and patterned specifically to yours.
I’m talented at breathing
Especially exhaling

So…still bad at updating. Good news is I’m good at running.

Monday I did 2 miles. Tuesday same. Wednesday I did the same.

Thursday was a rest day due to travel.

Friday I did 8 miles on a stationary bike, some arm work and some abs.

Saturday I did lower body.

Today I ran 3 miles.


Tomorrow is a trainer day. WHOO!!! Overall I had a good week last week. I’m pretty darn sore from the lower body work yesterday but the 3 miles helped loosen things up some. I’m really starting to get excited for my race that’s next Saturday.

So excited, in fact, that I have forgotten numerous times to actually enter the race.

Note to self: Email Josh tomorrow.

So…I’m going to enter the night race for next weekend, then I only have one more race to do this year to complete my 8 in 08.

In other news…this weekend was the Washington International Horse Show. It’s our annual family trip so I’ll leave you with some pictures from the weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some of the highlights…







This Is Screaming Photo Op

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I mean really…A mud run?


So. September 20th. Marine Corps Mud Run.

Marines. EVERYWHERE….not too bad. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mom, dad, grandma, and Beth all came.

Here’s me at the start line before the madness began.


Here’s my dad…attempting to steal the state police’s riot vehicle…


Really…isn’t that just great?

So anyway, the race began…mom was on the opposite side of the street from her so she missed me…but still. Good times.

The first part…about half a mile was dry. Just gravel…down to the river. THEN we got to run for a little bit through the Roanoke River…good times right there, let me tell you. It wasn’t so much runningย as it was walking/swimming. Water was about waist high and those rocks are SLICK!!!

After that….there was a short dry spot, then it was through some pretty awesome mud and then UP a massive hill.

Or maybe it was hill first…not sure.

ANYWAY…BIG hill. Wherever it was, it was a massive, massive hill.

Ok it wasn’t so much a hill, as it was a mountain. Actual tree covered mountain, all the way to the top…Then there was a nice field…and then there was a BIG, BIG down….

After that…a small creek…


The mud pit.


Still Going



I Got It!



Sorry for the random sizes there…but yeah.

It was a pretty amazing race…I can’t wait for next year!!!!!

Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast

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Too much, too young, too fast
I’m gonna drink it up while it lasts
Too much, too young, too fast
I’m gonna tear it up so fill my glass

Thanks Kris. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m pretty sure I was worthless yesterday…between a lack of sleep and some crap-tastic weather…I didn’t manage a workout.

However today…was another story.

TRAINER DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I have to say…is tomorrow is gonna hurt. ๐Ÿ™‚

We did 30ish min on the dreadmill because it was raining out. Did some inclines and pace work type stuff. I nearly died…it was SOOO hot in the gym. I was totally parched by the end. Not fun. Stupid rain. I’d rather get soaked than deal with running in place.

After that we did some strength training. Medicine ball drills, leg throw-downs, squats, and some other ab and back work.

It’s terrible, but the throw-downs are my FAVORITE. I requested them today…masichist much?

I love it, but MAN my stomach is going to haaaaaaate it tomorrow. Heee. Fun times.

Well, lets close this one…and move on to the MUD RUN PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

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Busy busy busy!!!!

Let’s see, I did yoga last night…it was a yoga routine for distance runners. Felt AWESOME!!!! I need a lot more stretching in my life… Lol. I’m pretty sore STILL from Monday. Eh, it’s the two-day thing I guess.

This morning I did a quick 2 miler around my block.

I’m glad I did because I had no time to do a longer workout later in the day.

I also realized I need to post up the pictures and write up of my mud run!!!! I’ve got some awesome pictures so I’ll try to get on that in the next day or so.

Tomorrow, I’m going to run after class. Honest. Really am. Mhmm…

*crosses fingers*

Here’s hopin. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s Just The Way It Is

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So…pretty decent workout yesterday with Trainer. Woot!

We did a nice 3ish mile run (I’m underestimating for the sake of training) and then some serious strength training. I had a little bit of pain in my left hamstring…so we quit early on the lunges. Then…we did ab stuff, pilates and planks….my shoulders hurt…my abs are pretty grumpy…good times.

So after working out I had to run straight to a meeting then had class shortly thereafter…yeah…the apple, cheese, and powerbar was NOT going to cut it. I had to steal away for a minute and grab some subway so I could survive 2 hours of class.

Pretty sore today, thinking about doing a short 2-3 miler with the dogs tonight. Just gonna do whatever I get time for.

Speaking of time, it is now time for class. Gotta run!!!

What Happened?

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Wake up in the morning,
clock says half past one
I have no sunglasses
As I step into the sun

Not really…but what happened to my free time?

OHHHH that’s right, GRAD SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m basically just popping in to say that I got a decent 2 miler in yesterday *WOOT* and today I’m going to…well just see what I can do. I’ve got a rough schedule today and then tomorrow…well a run just isn’t going to happen. I’ll be traveling in a car for 8ish hours…and then teaching for some untold amount of time.

Fun times.

Where’d my life go? Can someone find it for me and please return it?

Haha. Ah the joys of being a student.

A Dream Is A Wish…

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Hiiiiiiii everyone!!!!!!!!

Or rather, anyone who is still out there!! Ha ha. I’m sorry I’ve neglected my readers, but it appears as though graduate studies have the tendency to consume your entire life and require you to drop everything that is not otherwise academic.

Including running.

Which reminds me, I need to text Trainer.

Mission accomplished.

At any rate. HI!!!!

I’ve been running when I can, mostly with the dogs, Shiloh and Tessa. Usually just 2ish miles. I’m so pressed for time that any long runs are just out of the question. I did manage a rather good cardio circuit on my own last Monday so I was quite proud of the soreness I impressed upon myself.

But I do have some very, VERY exciting news!!!!!!!

Wait, two things.

ONE….I’m TWO RACES AWAY FROM MY ’08 GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two……..I’m going to start training for a half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the half that we are setting as our dream/goal of the moment is…………………

Oh come on now, who didn’t see that coming!?

So that’s the goal. The backup is Shamrock at Virginia Beach. Backup race is needed due to travel expenses to Disney…but MAN I want that race….and it’s the first one….and…yeah. Gonna have to work on that.

Training should start around Nov 1.

Stay tuned, people.

And hopefully coming this week: Pictures from the USMC MUD RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy trails!

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