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Pain, without love
Pain, I can’t get enough
Pain, I like it rough
‘Cause I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all

Ow. So in pain. Trainer kicked my boo-TAY yesterday.

And I loved it.

We did hill repeats. 4 miles of running. 4 miles of awesome.

Actually I wanted to die after because I hadn’t run in a week and had NEVER done hills like that. We did the cross country course so…it was some slow going at times. But I made it. AND on the last run up, I kept going. We’d only been doing the lower half (steeper) of the hill because it was SOOO long…but I kept going. All the way to the top. My trainer was shocked.

What I didn’t realize is that we were going to do MORE running after that. She’d made some comment about what a great job I’d done….I didn’t realize we were only HALF WAY. *dies*

But it was awesome. I’m so proud.

Again, I’m a BAMF. Right Erika??

School has started so…kinda busy with that, but the awesome part is some of the girls in my class (We’re all moving through the program together so I’m with the same people in the same classes allllllll day) run during our 2 hour lunch break…so Thursday I’m running with some of them! SO excited!!! YAY running buddies + no excuse to be a slacker.

AND…furthermore I found ANOTHER run club in town!!!! šŸ™‚ I’m becoming more and more like Miss Erika every day. HA. I wish. She’s my idol. Lol.

Anyway…I can’t do run club this wednesday…don’t know if I mentioned that or not yet. I’ve got meetings until 7. But if that’s my only rest day…that’s awesome. This running with my class thing is AWESOME. I can’t wait. And my trainer will be SO proud.

Ok. Our class break is over. Gotta run!!!



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  1. Haha.. forget the trainer – I’M SO PROUD!!

    a) Way to kick ass on those hills. You are (though always have been..) a BAMF.
    b) Running clubs FTW.. but I think having running buddies from class is even BETTER! It’s more fun when they’re your own age. Plus, you already know you have stuff in common – you’re doing the same program! You’ll have plenty to talk (and rant) about as the semester goes on, I’m sure!

    And speaking of running buddies.. mine will be here soon, so I better go change!!

  2. You ROCK! I love the sound of this run and it’s it amazing what you can do when you think you’re nearly done? I tried to turn back to shore early in my triathlon this weekend until one of the guys keeping an eye on the swimmers said “hey, wrong buoy!” Oh dear. Here I thought I was just feeling strong. Ha!

  3. Awesome job Courtney!

    I am joining a Running CLub also! It starts tonight and I am super nervous hopefully there are some slow pokes who can hang back with me, hah.

    There is definitely progress in your blogs, good progress. The trainer sounds like a beeotch but it sounds like I could use one my own self.

    Sorry for the late comment, I am slacking off BIG TIME. See ya on the blackberry!

  4. SORE.. its all about the SORE!! šŸ™‚

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