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That’s what today spells, folks.

For one, I’ve got classes starting today. Hoorah for graduate school!! (Some sarcasam there) In case you missed it…I only got 2 weeks of summer…so I am NOT in a school-friendly mindset.

Not to mention I seem to have made a little purchase that I’m thinking is going to distract me from my studies.

Dum da dum……………..

That’s right, kids, I got me a crackberry. Any other BB users out there? Leave me a note and I’ll give you my PIN.

I’m lovin this phone. Spending waaaaay too much time on it though.

So anyway, the main reason today spells trouble is Trainer is back in town!!! Yes, I AM looking forward to seeing her, but I’m also scared. 2 weeks off….she’s gonna be in a fun mood. šŸ™‚

I did manage to do some good workouts without her though! I’m quite proud but I’ve also been slacking off since Wednesday. I got a little sick and then I had a wedding this weekend and company in town…and NO time to run.

It may be painful.

However you probably won’t hear about it until tomorrow or maybe even Wednesday. I’ve got a night class *gag* tonight from 7-10pm and then tomorrow I’m in class 9-5. Posting might become more sporadic…well not that I’ve been regular in the past few weeks!!!

Ok, gotta go get ready for class/training.

Miss me bunches!!


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  1. Hey hey šŸ™‚ I love my BB. I’m waiting for the Bold to hit Tmobile.

    My pin is 23E480CC

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