I’m A Sucka

August 20, 2008 at 5:33 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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…for corn rows and manicured toes.

You’re so welcome for that flashback to 2001.

I’m not actually a sucker for those things…but I am a sucker for all things promising me digestive health.

PS this entire post is totally not running related…because my digestive system has taken away my ability to run for the day…and I am TICKED.

Whatever this is that I have….Crohn’s/IBD/Reaction to my increased meds/stress WHATEVER…I want to sit my stomach down and give it a serious talking to. This is getting a little annoying. I’m sick of unplanned days off, I’m sick of feeling like I ran a marathon yesterday when I didn’t really do much at all, I’m sick of not being able to eat anything in my fridge, and I’m sick of being sick.

So…I will apparently buy in to just about anything that promises to help.

Yeah. Pretty much anything with that on it…I will try.

Did you know they make Liveactive crystal light?

*holds up water bottle* Yep. Sure do.

How sad is this that I will buy this stuff hoping for a cure? Honestly I realize this is probably just my “condition” and it’s going to be like this and I’ll deal…but MAN I want something to make it go away. I’m still in the stupidly optimistic stage, apparently. And I’m ok with that.

Ok, I’m done whining now. Let’s just focus on the fact that these “episodes” seem to be taking less out of me and now I’m only out for a day or two instead of a week or more.



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  1. I hope your feeling better. Did that stuff that you purchased help any?

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