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Pain, without love
Pain, I can’t get enough
Pain, I like it rough
‘Cause I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all

Ow. So in pain. Trainer kicked my boo-TAY yesterday.

And I loved it.

We did hill repeats. 4 miles of running. 4 miles of awesome.

Actually I wanted to die after because I hadn’t run in a week and had NEVER done hills like that. We did the cross country course so…it was some slow going at times. But I made it. AND on the last run up, I kept going. We’d only been doing the lower half (steeper) of the hill because it was SOOO long…but I kept going. All the way to the top. My trainer was shocked.

What I didn’t realize is that we were going to do MORE running after that. She’d made some comment about what a great job I’d done….I didn’t realize we were only HALF WAY. *dies*

But it was awesome. I’m so proud.

Again, I’m a BAMF. Right Erika??

School has started so…kinda busy with that, but the awesome part is some of the girls in my class (We’re all moving through the program together so I’m with the same people in the same classes allllllll day) run during our 2 hour lunch break…so Thursday I’m running with some of them! SO excited!!! YAY running buddies + no excuse to be a slacker.

AND…furthermore I found ANOTHER run club in town!!!! šŸ™‚ I’m becoming more and more like Miss Erika every day. HA. I wish. She’s my idol. Lol.

Anyway…I can’t do run club this wednesday…don’t know if I mentioned that or not yet. I’ve got meetings until 7. But if that’s my only rest day…that’s awesome. This running with my class thing is AWESOME. I can’t wait. And my trainer will be SO proud.

Ok. Our class break is over. Gotta run!!!


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That’s what today spells, folks.

For one, I’ve got classes starting today. Hoorah for graduate school!! (Some sarcasam there) In case you missed it…I only got 2 weeks of summer…so I am NOT in a school-friendly mindset.

Not to mention I seem to have made a little purchase that I’m thinking is going to distract me from my studies.

Dum da dum……………..

That’s right, kids, I got me a crackberry. Any other BB users out there? Leave me a note and I’ll give you my PIN.

I’m lovin this phone. Spending waaaaay too much time on it though.

So anyway, the main reason today spells trouble is Trainer is back in town!!! Yes, I AM looking forward to seeing her, but I’m also scared. 2 weeks off….she’s gonna be in a fun mood. šŸ™‚

I did manage to do some good workouts without her though! I’m quite proud but I’ve also been slacking off since Wednesday. I got a little sick and then I had a wedding this weekend and company in town…and NO time to run.

It may be painful.

However you probably won’t hear about it until tomorrow or maybe even Wednesday. I’ve got a night class *gag* tonight from 7-10pm and then tomorrow I’m in class 9-5. Posting might become more sporadic…well not that I’ve been regular in the past few weeks!!!

Ok, gotta go get ready for class/training.

Miss me bunches!!

I’m A Sucka

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…for corn rows and manicured toes.

You’re so welcome for that flashback to 2001.

I’m not actually a sucker for those things…but I am a sucker for all things promising me digestive health.

PS this entire post is totally not running related…because my digestive system has taken away my ability to run for the day…and I am TICKED.

Whatever this is that I have….Crohn’s/IBD/Reaction to my increased meds/stress WHATEVER…I want to sit my stomach down and give it a serious talking to. This is getting a little annoying. I’m sick of unplanned days off, I’m sick of feeling like I ran a marathon yesterday when I didn’t really do much at all, I’m sick of not being able to eat anything in my fridge, and I’m sick of being sick.

So…I will apparently buy in to just about anything that promises to help.

Yeah. Pretty much anything with that on it…I will try.

Did you know they make Liveactive crystal light?

*holds up water bottle* Yep. Sure do.

How sad is this that I will buy this stuff hoping for a cure? Honestly I realize this is probably just my “condition” and it’s going to be like this and I’ll deal…but MAN I want something to make it go away. I’m still in the stupidly optimistic stage, apparently. And I’m ok with that.

Ok, I’m done whining now. Let’s just focus on the fact that these “episodes” seem to be taking less out of me and now I’m only out for a day or two instead of a week or more.


Cat’s In The Cradle…

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Heyyyyyyy people.

So I didn’t manage to blog yesterday but I did manage a workout. However sadly it was not with Trainer. The gym was closed for cleaning/whatever since school starts next week so I’m not sure if we are allowed to meet this week or not outside of the gym…Trainer is trying to figure that out. But since we couldn’t meet and I was already on campus I went to one of the nearby running trails for a change of pace.

I did 3 miles, all running, no walking, and in under 30 min!!! This is very good for me, I’ve lost a lot of endurance since the half so…I’m pleased with this result. Especially considering I felt like crap over the weekend.

After the 3 I came home and did my ab workouts that Trainer has me do. I think I slacked a bit on them though because I wasn’t very sore the next day. I normally am, and it hurt while I was doing them so I don’t know. Maybe I need to up the intensity. We’ll wait on Trainer’s opinion for that. My guess is I was slacking. šŸ™‚

That brings us to today. I did about 2-3 miles with Shiloh and Tessa. I ran with BOTH dogs at once for the first time and it was pretty interesting. They did ok. Tessa gets tired a lot faster than Shiloh so we may need to only take her out for shorter runs. She also may have some hip issues…so she might not be running at ALL.

So after my run I went down to the local vet clinic I used to work for because I heard they had cats for adoption. The shelters and rescues have not gotten back to me and it’s just so hard to convince people you’re a good owner, and it takes forever. So…I knew the people at the clinic knew me, knew my cats, and I could get one that day….so…….

Got It!


He’s a cute little bugger. He’s also highly anti-social, at least with me. He LOVES my other cat…but he freaks out if I look in his direction. I’m hoping that will subside because he was SUPER spunky at the vets.

Who The Hell?

Paco is really not sure about this whole thing. Ha. The kitten has been chasing him around the apartment which is highly amusing to me.

Well, I’m going to go watch the olympics/my cats!! šŸ™‚

Guess Who’s Back…

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Well Shady’s not back…but I am.

Anyone wanna hit me for that musical reference…because I’m pretty sure I deserve it. šŸ™‚

Soooooo I dropped off the planet, in case you didn’t notice.

Good news is that although I slacked on my blog, I didn’t totally slack on the running!!!

I seriously don’t remember when my last entry was or what it was about…so I’m going to guesstimate…In the last few weeks with my trainer I did several runs, some pool work (I’m getting better at it) and I am still dog-running.

Ā P8110029

That’s Shiloh!

Week before last my trainer *cough*EVIL*cough* had me do a *cough*EVIL*cough* track workout. 4×800? Maybe? Yeah that’s it. At a 9:00ish pace. 9:30ish?

And totally kidding about the evilness. I enjoyed it…once it was over. And MAN was I sore the next day. But the good kind.

Then my trainer had to go away for a week to coach high school running camp or something awesomely fitness related like that. Because she’s a BAMF. So while she was gone I DID train myself. Monday I did a 2 mile run with hills and then came home and did all my ab exercises. Tuesday I ran with Shiloh for 2.5 miles or so. Wednesday I did 4 MILES on my own!!! I did my ab exercises that day too. Then Thursday I started to feel like crap. Friday was a little better but then Friday night all heck broke loose and I ended up at my parents house so they could take care of me.

So…I missed my 5K.

AND the poker run I was supposed to do.

I can’t even talk about it I’m so disappointed.

What’s worse is that Saturday by 10am I felt a TON better!!!! I did try to get up at 6 for the 5K…but…it was a no-go. šŸ˜¦

So anyway…Saturday I didn’t workout but I did get a run in today!! I ran with Shiloh for about 2 miles, then took his new friend, Tessa, out for a mile.


And more of Shiloh…

Oh, and some sad news….I had to put my 19 year old cat to sleep…so that was rough. But I’m thinking about getting a dog or fostering cats for the local animal shelter. We shall see….

And now a little of my recent shopping accident…Since I only get two weeks of summer and no real vacation…I took a shopping trip instead. šŸ™‚

The Accident

Grey Dress

I’m suuuuuuuuch a dork…

Skirt and Striped Shirt

Yay work clothes! It’s sad that most of the shopping spree was work-appropriate clothes.

Oh, and this awesome mug. It was from a local festival/fair that we have every year…and I’ve ALWAYS wanted one of these. Every one is different…

Le Cup

Other than that, MY TRAINER IS BACK IN TOWN!!!!!!!!!!! Whooo!!!

We’re meeting tomorrow morning at 9am…so I’d better go get a start on this sleeping thing. Stupid insomnia/panic/anxiety is still messing me up.

I’ll try and stop by all my favorite bloggers soon!!

I Wanna Be Sedated

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And I also want this project…and the other two for the other class…to magically be done.

Sorry I’ve been a bad blogger. I promise to come back in full swing by Wednesday. It’s the final week of summer classes so everything is due and everything is crazy. I also took my certification exam this morning for my masters so that was another straw on the stack.

Good news is I did manage to get some good workouts in this week.

I worked out with Trainer Monday and Wednesday. I felt kinda crappy Friday so we skipped that. Tuesday and Thursday I ran with Shiloh.

I don’t think I wrote about Monday in here… I did 3 miles with Trainer. 3 intense miles. Fast pace too. I was pretty darn proud of myself, thank you very much.

Wednesday I did a pool workout with Trainer. It was pretty awesome. I did a lot better than last time. We also went farther but not much. Just a little past a half mile. Then I did some aqua jogging. It was a pretty great workout and I’m still proud of myself.

Other than that I didn’t workout Friday. I wasn’t feeling great and had the exam this morning so I did NOT want to make myself sick because this exam cost a LOT and I didn’t have time to reschedule.

I’m glad I rested.

And here we are. Still working on projects….and now I have to go back to that.

Please, Lord, let this be over soon!!

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