Something In The Way She Moves

July 23, 2008 at 1:55 pm | Posted in Cross Training, running, Training | 3 Comments
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I feel fine anytime she’s around me now,
And she’s around me now,
Almost all the time

                  ~James Taylor

Loving that song right now…a lot….so I had to share. 🙂

But I’m working on the way I move, and also working on spending more time with Trainer so she can make me feel fine. Three sessions this week!!!

I felt like crap today but I pulled it together and went anyway. We took it easy for the most part. 3 miles on the eliptical and 1 mile running/walking. Then ab work. Oooooh the ab work. We did this thing where I lay flat on the floor…she stands near my head and I lift my legs straight up….and then she PUSHES them back down….kinda like a see-saw with my torso. I have to try and not let my heels hit the floor…and lift my legs BACK up….so she can push my feet back down



Now just add my trainer standing at my head, shoving my feet back down so I’m laying flat again. BUT NO HEELS TOUCHING THE FLOOR. You get the picture.

Anyway. We also did medicine ball drills. I’m already feeling it. I told her I wasn’t going to like her tomorrow…

But I love her. I want to BE her. She’s so fit and amazing, I sooo want to be like that. I also really want to be a personal trainer one day so that probably has something to do with it. Plus, I can’t hate her because she does what I pay her to do!! Can’t get mad at someone for doing their job…seriously. I’m always so happy after I’ve worked out with her because I really feel like I’ve accomplished something.

I guess technically the half-marathon training is on target. Yesterday was a rest day…4ish miles today….eveen though on the schedule it should be like 2. We’ll see what happens. I’m hoping to pull it together for the half.

Tomorrow I’m doing an early run with a dog that I might start exercising for a lady who called me. I’m hoping it works out and the dog can keep up with me. (It’s 8…so I don’t want to push it too hard) I mean I’d get PAID to run and hang out with a super-cool dog?!!? Heck yeah!!!!

Alright, time to go be a good grad student!

Happy trails!



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  1. Great job on the training! My dream job/business is to have a dog-running business – it would be a great way to combine two of my passions…and get paid! Good luck with your four-legged friend.

  2. yeah, the hormonal imbalance had something to do with my sleep issues and performance. I’m actually back to training WALKATHON before I get to run back on to the trail again. AHK!! WHy does it have to be like that, I huff and puff my breathe losing it easily which I’ve got to relearn and learn how to breath easy on my runs. Oh Goodness!

    Got to work on my core and wish I have a trainer who’d cut me like a saw and make me cry more because I want deplete these muffin top and love handles!

    I’m enjoying your trainer days stories btw 🙂

  3. ooh, i want a doggy for a training partner!

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