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July 18, 2008 at 11:31 am | Posted in running, Training | 6 Comments
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…Hold on to that feeeeeeeeelin

Well, I managed a pathetic 1/2 mile run last night. I mean paaaaaaaaathetic. I don’t even know for sure that it was a half mile. Grated, it was in a field and completly hilly…but it was sad. I felt like crap, it was absurdly hot, and when I finished I could feel my heartbeat in my temples. Not good.

So I felt like death the rest of the night. Still having sleeping issues. No new news there.

So. I met my trainer this morning at 8am. Reeeeeeally wasn’t sure about this. I was hoping to make it 2 miles.




Try 4. We did 4. Possibly 5 but I like to underestimate. 4 FREAKING MILES!!!!!!!! I haven’t ran…like really ran…in almost 3 weeks. And I did 4 miles. I feel like such a BAMF. I’m so proud.

And I’m going to feel like crashing SO hard later.

I also am going dancing with a friend tonight because our favorite *small* band is in town.

The Embers.

Yeah, they do oldies and…here. Watch. Actually listen…the video is and kinda…eh. Just listen.

So yeah. That’s the kind of music I love. Actually there’s not much I don’t love, but I love to go dancing to beach music so I’m excited.

Also there’s a 5K tomorrow in town I just found out about while driving by a sign today….and I KNOW I shouldn’t…but I’m SOOOO tempted. We’ll see.

And in one last piece of possibly awesome news….I may have found a running partner!!!! An elderly lady called me because I do pet sitting, and she is looking for someone to exercise her dog!!! It’s a red doberman and I can’t wait to meet it and see if it can keep up!!!!!!!!!!!




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  1. That’s pretty good!

    Doberman, he might be able to keep up. My Frenchie can’t run even 1K with me. He gets very hot and pants a lot. He does have bursts of speed when he wants to.

    The sole of me left foot is hurting after running 15km on Wednesday and 4 on Thursday. I have to take today off…

  2. a run is still a run no matter how short. Run on!

  3. Glad to see this! You go girl. 🙂

  4. i ultimately feel for you and I’m still “somehow” having the sleep issues. I gained 5 lbs already and its absurdly something that’s telling me

    I went swimming and I was having a hard time breathing it was like Okay, whatever happened to all those progress that i trained myself for?

    I’ll be back. this week. I can no longer take it anymore either.

    Congratulations for the mileage!! You’re back on track!

  5. No no no my dear.. you don’t say “I feel like such a BAMF”

    You say “I AM such a BAMF”

    Run strong!

  6. Hell yeah, you are a BAMF!! It might have only been a half mile, but you still went. I’m learning slowly, but surely that that’s okay. Plus, kudos on the four-miler! That should definitely erase any memories of the half mile, right?

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