Ready To Run

July 16, 2008 at 3:20 pm | Posted in running, Training | 4 Comments
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I’m ready, ready, ready. Ready to run.

At least mentally that is. Reading everyone’s blogs and haunting the RW forums…is driving me insane. Plus my Higdon book I’d ordered

appeared this week so that’s really making me want to get out the door.

Unfortuneatly I end up still being too sick or tired. So since I haven’t really ran yet and have only managed some yoga and walking….you get to hear about the rest of my life.


So I thought this whole Ambien thing was going to make my life better…but no. Here’s a summary of my drug use and subsequent events thusfar.

Also, let me just say normally I HATE medication…and refuse to be on it….but at this point I’m so despeartly exhausted…I caved.

Friday: 1 Ambien – Sleep, glorious sleep. For a little while. Woke up, but was thankfully groggy and went back to sleep relativly fast. Total amount of sleep was around 9 hours.

Saturday: 2 Ambien – Oh. Good. Lord. I was out of my MIND. I remember being groggy…and then….apparently I started drugged-dialing. Awesome. I called about 5 different people, and texted about 3 more leaving a wake of confusion and slurred mutterings in my wake. And I don’t remember a thing….but plenty of my friends do…so I’ve gotten a lot of fun messages regarding my verbal escapades this week.

Sunday: Started Zoloft….accidentally took a whole instead of a half. Then took 1 Ambien so as to not repeat the previous night. Cue panic and insomina. Up for hours. Not cool. Not at all.

Monday: After taking a Xanax that morning because of the stress from not sleeping…I took HALF a Zoloft and 2 Ambien. Slighty better. Still woke up at Four-goshdern-Thirty. 8 total hours, to the letter…kinda irritating when you were aiming for 10.

Tuesday: Half Zoloft. 2 Ambien. Up at 3:30. 8ish hours, slighty unrestful.

So we’re running low on the Ambien. Kinda worrying me. I KNOW the Zoloft is going to take a long time to get in my system…but it really seems like it’s waking me up instead of relaxing me. I’m going to try it again tonight and tomorrow I’ll call the doctor if it isn’t better.

So that’s really all the excitement in my life. I want to run, my body refuses, and this depresses me. I also want to attend a meeting of the running club that’s tomorrow…but school has to come first. Right? RIGHT?? I haven’t been to a single meeting…but there’s a picnic next weekend. Would it be terrible of me to show up to the fun and not the….well I think the meetings would be fun…

CRAP there’s a 5K this weekend. Crap crap crap crap.


Dear Stomach,

Please stop sucking at life and ruining all my fun. It is rather rude to control someone’s life against their will so therefore I am ordering you to cease and desist at once.

Love and Drugs,

Anyway. I’m going to have to go now and save without spell checking. Please forgive me.



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  1. I’ve been looking for a post from you! I’m sorry to hear that the drug/s aren’t working as well/at all, or how you would like. Don’t know that I have anything helpful to add, either. Just don’t beat yourself up too badly while sorting this whole mess out. You’ll be back in the laces soon.

  2. I really feel for you. Sounds like a tough time. I echo Karen’s concern and comments. Don’t be too hard on yourself (easier said than done, right?). You’ll be back in your running shoes soon enough – hopefully with a stomach that behaves itself!

  3. its killing me its been since July 10 since I last ran and I suck at running that somehow I am annoyed that I have insomnia. I still am curing it, promise.

    Now, I have to start back to scratch. I’m so scared but I have to get over it anyway since I want to increase my speed but without proper sleep and feeling really tired/groggy because of the sleep issues – not happening.

    Im praying for our betterment in running. Oh yeah i am going to have a Runners world book too!! 🙂 Yehey!

    Plus scared of gaining weight too *winks* good thing you do yoga. I just do stretching at home and not really much of core movement.

    will sleep now and will hopefully do some walking tom. can’t take it anymore. Hehe! 😡 got to do even just 10 min walk.

  4. do you do weight training still? or you’re on hold as well?

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