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June 13, 2008 at 4:32 pm | Posted in 5k, running, Training | 2 Comments
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I was supposed to meet my trainer for the first time this morning.

Turns out I already knew her from the local running store!!! That was amusing. She’s really awesome and does ultra marathons so I bow to her. I’m so excited to start my training. We’ll start sometime next week as soon as my doctor signs my release forms. Gotta love that paperwork.

I also went to see my nutritionist today. She is going to help me balance my diet and get me eating “mindfully” rather than counting calories all day long. She’s also going to help me increase my food intake so that’s good.

Overall it’s been a pretty exciting day considering it’s a rest day. I thought about doing my new workout DVD this morning but decided I didn’t want to be sore for tomorrow’s 5K. I love the show Workout on Bravo and I bought their exercise DVD and it looks pretty hardcore. I figured I should hold off until after my race.

I’m excited for the race tomorrow. This will be my first since April. Stupid stomach thing got me off track. I’m really looking forward to it because my family is coming and some people I used to work with are going to be running. You can expect lots of pictures with the race report tomorrow!!!

Well, it’s about time to head home so I’m going to finish up here.

Happy Friday the 13th!!



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  1. Good Luck on your race tomorrow!! Glad to hear the stomach thing seems to be out of the way! I also love Workout, you’ll have to let me know what you think of the DVD. I’ve been thinking about getting that myself. i love that you have a trainer and a nutritionist. Wish I did. *sigh* Have a great race!

  2. oh id love to read about what your nutritionist would advice or ask you to do 😉

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