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Well, I didn’t make it to my race on Saturday. I had a huge blister on my heel and it hurt even to walk…plus by the time I stepped out the door to go to the race at 8:30 it was 95 degrees and 100% humidity. The race didn’t start until 9:30 and there was just no WAY I was going to max myself out. I have a race this coming Saturday that is WAY more important and all my friends will be there so I figured I’d be better off not pushing myself in that kind of setting.

So I did a lot of walking (In non-running/non-blister hurting shoes) Saturday and then Sunday was a rest day.

Today I did lower body and a little ab work. It’s supposed to cool down some this week so that will be nice. Saturday it got up to 101 here…and if no one has noticed, it’s not even SUMMER yet. Insane.

Other fun news for the day is that I’m going to see a nutritionist on Friday!!!! I’m also thinking about getting a personal trainer. I want to see what my body fat percentage is…because last time I had it tested it was high…even though I’m short and small…Also I just need…help. I need someone to get on me and give me a plan.

Also, I’m quitting my Chiropractor. I’m going to go see another one that my friend goes to. Mine just keeps trying to sell me crap and he’s just…not for me. My veiws and beliefs and his don’t really line up…and my friends that go to other chiropractors says this guy sounds like he’s not that great. Basically I dread going and I never feel much different when I leave…apparently most of my friends adore their chiropractor and feel awesome when they get adjusted.

We’ll see.

That’s all for now!!!


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