Puppies, Crazies, and NPR

May 22, 2008 at 9:41 pm | Posted in running, Training | Leave a comment
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Hello warm weather!!!

It got up to 72 here today which is oh-so-exciting.

I did lower body this morning, squats and lunges. I’m already feeling it so tomorrow’s going to be interesting.

After work I had a puppy to walk and then I went for a run in the park.

I did about 2 miles. Not too bad for the lack of running that has occurred lately. I think my time was around 22:30 so I’m pleased.

It’s really hard right now…finding that line between pushing myself so I improve and not going so far as to push myself past my limits given my current issues. I didn’t go too far today though. I was really pleased and finished with a sprint.

While I was ending my run in an all out sprint two girls and their slightly hyper dogs were on the trail and looked at me like I was crazy when I came around the corner running all-out. I felt a lot better when I got to my car and watched another person finishing their run in a sprint as well. I could see the exhaustion and exhilaration on his face. I love that feeling. I love that I know what he’s feeling and I’m not an outsider with my dog looking at him like he’s crazy.

After the run I came back home and let the pup out again…because she IS a puppy and I don’t want her making a mess while her owners are gone.

Since her owners live in my building I brought her up to my place while I ate dinner, so she wouldn’t be all alone.


So cute. My cats didn’t find her that adorable though. She’s a husky/wolf mix. Pretty cool little girl.

In other news, I am an NPR junkie. Yes, yes I know. I’m a dork. But that’s beside the point. I just HAVE to share my discovery.

I was wandering the npr site so I could listen at work….and saw this trip planner thing. You type in your trip, just like you would on mapquest or google….and then it gives you directions….AND THE NPR STATION FREQUENCIES ALONG THE WAY!!!!!!!!!! How freaking great is that??? It says things like “Follow I-80 for 35.9 miles. Take Exit 5. You can listen to 89.9” in the directions. The directions are exactly like mapquest but just with NPR frequencies inserted. And it has a nifty map that shows the station’s locations and coverage.



I had clicked on one of our major home stations that apparently covers areas in 3 states. Go VA for boarding 5 different states. Go me for being able to make it to 3 different state boarders, each in under 2 hours.

Well, on that note, I’m off to watch Last Comic!!!!

Oh wait, let me leave you with the start to a bad joke…

“A guy dressed in a ninja suit walks into a hospital swinging a sword…”

And I’m only leaving you the start…because there is no punchline. None. Because that actually happened here.


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