Hello Humidity

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Wow. It’s warm out and just a touch humid. And by a touch I mean I walked out the door and was sweating BEFORE my run.

However it’s mostly my fault for not getting out the door until 10:30.

I did 3 miles in the park. I had to park at a different place because there was some fundraiser/party/thing going on. Luckily there weren’t actually many people on the paths so that was nice. I’m really glad I made it a full 3, however part of it was walking…but hey, I’m getting back in to the swing of things.

After my run I threw a blanket down at the park and stretched for a bit, then worked on some homework. I figured I should enjoy the sunshine while it lasts because it’s supposed to get pretty nasty later.

Now I’m going to work on cleaning my apartment and enjoying the weather before it storms later.

I think later I’ll do some yoga or strength training and maybe take a rest day tomorrow. We’ll see… J

Misty Sunrise

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Misty sunrise in my hometown,
Rows of cotton bout knee high,
Mrs. Baker down the dirt road,
Still got clothes out on the line,

~Buddy Jewell Sweet Southern Comfort

That is a decent summary of my morning in my hometown. Sometimes I love living here…and sometimes it really wears on me that I’ve been here my whole life.

This morning I got up and went to the park for a nice run in the mist. I did the 2 mile loop around the park, thankfully gnat-free this time. I used to run this route early in the morning last year in the summer so it was nice to get back to it. I saw some of the park-regulars out for their morning walks. Usually it’s just older people who are retired so it’s nice to be the only runner.

I really wish I’d brought my camera so I could put some pictures of the park in the mist on here. Maybe next time.

I’m trying to move from a afternoon-run to a morning one. This weekend I’m also going to go over my training schedule and upcoming race list. I still can’t believe how much endurance I lost when I was sick. It makes me worry I won’t be able to do the Richmond Half in Nov. I’m going to try though.

Well, I’m off to finish my school work. Tomorrow I’m going to try for 3 miles in the morning.

Short n Sweet

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So I didn’t make it to my running group. I had a pet-sitting emergency come up and had to take care of that. By the time I had that dealt with it was freezing cold and raining so the shorts and t-shirt I had packed weren’t really proper running attire. There was no way I could get home and change and get to the store for the run.

So I worked out at home. I did some lunges and squats…some ab-work too on my stability ball.

I think the weather is supposed to be a little better tomorrow so I’m hoping to get a good run in.

Right now I’m watching my favorite show, Workout. I must admit this season isn’t near as good as the last two but I’m still a fan. It motivates me to keep working out.

Nothing else to really report so I’m gonna go ahead and wrap this one up.

We’ll hope for a running day tomorrow!

Hot and Bothered

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My new ipod armband came yesterday!!!!!!!!!! I just had to go try it out.

I ran the loop around the park yesterday…and the humidity got to me. The first half of the loop goes by the river so the humidity was really bad. Then on the second half of the loop there were gnats. More gnats than ever should congregate in one park. And is it just me, or do all gnats know to swarm over the paved trail??? If I go off on the grass, there are no gnats. On the path…gnats!!! Furthermore…why do all gnats fly at heights between 5’0″ to 5’3″??? Also known as the exact height of my mouth/eyes. I think I ate about 2, snorted 5 and got 3 in my eyes.

Despite the bothersome gnats and humidity I managed a pretty good time for 2 miles…but I was pretty tired after. Also my ankle hurt during the first part of the run. My chiropractor says it might be my shoes…and he’ll “fix them” for me.

Ok these are expensive shoes that I was specially fitted for by the people at the shoe store….I….trust the running people. I understand what my chiropractor is saying that I might have been compensating for something and now it’s fixed hence the new pain….but…I’m very skeptical.

I’m going to talk to the running store tonight…maybe see if I run different now? I don’t know. I just want my ankle not to hurt.

After my run I made some amazing veggie fajitas.


Then I got a package from my friend in Vermont!!! (I threw it on over my running clothes…)


Also, this is my new favorite water company. The bottle is shaped like a flask and it cracks me up.


Overall pretty darn good running day.

Running group tonight…I think… It’s kind of rainy so we shall see.

Weekend Update

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I BOUGHT A NEW BED!!!!!!!!!!! Hellooooooooooo queen sized. Yes, I realize this isn’t the most exciting thing in the world…but right now it’s pretty big for me. I honestly never thought buying furniture could make me happy but surprisingly it does.

In other news, I ran a nice 2 miles on Saturday. I need to go out and get some pics of the park where I run. It’s really pretty.

While I was running there was a bike race, the Wilderness Road Ride, going on, so I got zipped past by about two dozen bikes. I’m thinking about doing it next year. The only thing stopping me is the course. It goes on some pretty hectic roads that I would NEVER run on due to the blind curves and traffic…so I’m not sure about biking it. We’ll see.

Anyway, Sunday was a rest day and then since Monday was a holiday I didn’t have to go to work so I did a lot of upper body. I’m trying to get back in to a normal schedule but it’s not easy.

Today I’m going to run in the park after my chiropractic appointment. I’m hoping my friend will come with me. Then tomorrow we’re BOTH going to my running group. I’m pretty excited.

Also this weekend I decided to make a race photo album. I’ve ran several 5K’s and one half marathon but I only have pics from a few. My family/friends don’t really like coming to the races. Mom and dad are busy, and my other friends don’t really enjoy 7am start times…but I’m going to try and drag them out more often. On a funny side-note, the pictures I have from the half-marathon are ALL self-taken. I carried a disposable camera through the whole thing. How special is that??? I wanted pictures and I was alone at the race so I did what I had to. 🙂

Anyway, I should get to work…then later I’m going to try and pick out my next few races and really nail down my training schedule…hopefully.

We’ll see…

Puppies, Crazies, and NPR

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Hello warm weather!!!

It got up to 72 here today which is oh-so-exciting.

I did lower body this morning, squats and lunges. I’m already feeling it so tomorrow’s going to be interesting.

After work I had a puppy to walk and then I went for a run in the park.

I did about 2 miles. Not too bad for the lack of running that has occurred lately. I think my time was around 22:30 so I’m pleased.

It’s really hard right now…finding that line between pushing myself so I improve and not going so far as to push myself past my limits given my current issues. I didn’t go too far today though. I was really pleased and finished with a sprint.

While I was ending my run in an all out sprint two girls and their slightly hyper dogs were on the trail and looked at me like I was crazy when I came around the corner running all-out. I felt a lot better when I got to my car and watched another person finishing their run in a sprint as well. I could see the exhaustion and exhilaration on his face. I love that feeling. I love that I know what he’s feeling and I’m not an outsider with my dog looking at him like he’s crazy.

After the run I came back home and let the pup out again…because she IS a puppy and I don’t want her making a mess while her owners are gone.

Since her owners live in my building I brought her up to my place while I ate dinner, so she wouldn’t be all alone.


So cute. My cats didn’t find her that adorable though. She’s a husky/wolf mix. Pretty cool little girl.

In other news, I am an NPR junkie. Yes, yes I know. I’m a dork. But that’s beside the point. I just HAVE to share my discovery.

I was wandering the npr site so I could listen at work….and saw this trip planner thing. You type in your trip, just like you would on mapquest or google….and then it gives you directions….AND THE NPR STATION FREQUENCIES ALONG THE WAY!!!!!!!!!! How freaking great is that??? It says things like “Follow I-80 for 35.9 miles. Take Exit 5. You can listen to 89.9” in the directions. The directions are exactly like mapquest but just with NPR frequencies inserted. And it has a nifty map that shows the station’s locations and coverage.



I had clicked on one of our major home stations that apparently covers areas in 3 states. Go VA for boarding 5 different states. Go me for being able to make it to 3 different state boarders, each in under 2 hours.

Well, on that note, I’m off to watch Last Comic!!!!

Oh wait, let me leave you with the start to a bad joke…

“A guy dressed in a ninja suit walks into a hospital swinging a sword…”

And I’m only leaving you the start…because there is no punchline. None. Because that actually happened here.

Hello Life, I’ve Missed You

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I’m getting back in to the running swing of things.

Kind of.

Ok, so I only managed a mile this morning but I’ve got the mojo back!!! I did the mile in around 8 minutes which is pretty stellar for me. I’m actually questioning the mile’s actual distance and I’m going to go drive it later today.

So for now I’ve remembered that I’m a member of a local running club…and….there’s this whole lovely calendar of races I’ve been ignoring.

Hello motivation.

Random side note – Has anyone ever seen those new balance commercials…I think it’s new balance….and it talks about your relationship with running…they crack me up…and make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

I heart running.

I wonder if that worked….

At any rate. I’m going to plot out my running future tonight. So excited.

Oh running, how I’ve missed thee.

Bad Blogger

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I’ve been a bad blogger.

Well there’s no time to start like the present…

Currently I’m balancing working full time with taking two summer courses in grad school. I’m still trying to get my health issues corrected. I’m going to a chiropractor to see if he can’t correct the problem structurally. I just don’t want to be on medication for the rest of my life with the possibility of random bouts of illness that leave me fairly drained for a week at a time.

Workout wise…I’m trying to get back in to things. I spent last week at the beach with my best friend and I’m slowly getting back in to things now. I did some lower body work last night as well as some serious ab work. This morning I did kickboxing and tai chi for 30 minutes. I’m having a rough time getting started in the mornings.

If the rain clears up I’m going to try for a run tonight. We’ll see what happens.

I’m going to do my best to stop neglecting my blog…really. 🙂

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