March 25, 2008 at 11:48 am | Posted in Cross Training, marathon, running, Training | Leave a comment

Saturday was wonderful. I went out and ran with Team In Training. I did about 3 miles. It was really great to see everyone again. I’d missed my TEAM so much. Now that the prospect of Disney is gone I’m trying to pick a new race to do.

I’m thinking about the Marine Corps Marathon. It’s a little sooner than I’d like but I’m going to consider it. I’m also looking at the Air Force Half Marathon. We’ll see what happens.

Today I need to do 2 miles but I’m having trouble finding time to fit that in. I don’t want to disappoint myself again this week.

Monday I did a workout in the morning with a TV program. There were some REALLY good exercises in there. I did leg and ab work. And let me tell you, I am REALLY feeling it today. I’m thinking I’ll have to remember those moves and do them again. Good stuff.

In other exciting news I’m getting TiVo. Sadly for me TiVo isn’t so I can watch Grey’s or House or even American Idol. Nope, TiVo is for FIT TV…so I can record Namaste Yoga or All Star Workouts and then do them at a more convienient time. We’re going for an all-star body this go-round. šŸ™‚ I’m very excited about TiVo. It should be here by next week. I just hope it’s not too complicated to install.

Well, I’m going to go plan my afternoon and see if we can’t sneak that run in.


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