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March 17, 2008 at 11:09 am | Posted in 5k, marathon, running, Training, Yoga | 1 Comment

I am beginning my second half-marathon training today.

I suppose it technically started Saturday.

Saturday I ran my 3rd 5K of the year. I ran the Shamrock 5K for a Catholic school in the area. It was my first time running this particular race and I enjoyed the new experience. There was a group of local police officers running and they all wore shirts that read “The Slow ‘Po ‘Po Patrol”, there were people in green garb, and a lot of younger kids running as well.

The race had excellent refreshments, even some home-made goodies. They also sold the t-shirts from previous year’s races which I think is a wonderful idea as I’ve always wondered where all those extra shirts go that the race directors undoubtedly end up with.

In addition to this being my first time running this course this was also the first time my parents came to one of my races. My mother and father came and brought my grandma as well. My best friend also came to watch. I didn’t get to see her before the race, but as I was coming up the last hill towards the finish line (sometimes I think race directors like to watch you suffer when they put hills at the end) I saw her there on the side cheering for me. If it hadn’t been for her I think I may have broken down and walked. However, thanks to her support, I ran the ENTIRE race. I made it in 31:37 which put me in 4th for my age group and out of the medals, but it was still a good time.

Quite an improvement over the last several months of illness. I’m really starting to feel like I have my life back. Those four months of being sick have really made me appreciate being healthy and able to run.

Therefore, I feel ready to start training for a half. The schedule I’m doing is going to be a long one, 24 weeks or so. I feel that this longer training will be better for me, especially considering my recovery. Hopefully I’ll be able to train and complete this half marathon on my way to completing the Disney Marathon in 09. Disney is my ultimate goal and I plan to run it with Team In Training.

So as far as this first week goes, I did 3 miles Saturday, even though the schedule says 2, and I did rest as instructed on Sunday. Today is a cross training day so I did some yoga this morning.

I’m hoping that I am recovered enough to stick with this training and make it through to Disney.

For fun, as well as motivation, I’ve joined a local running club, Star City Striders. I think being a part of their group will help me stay motivated and also provide me with opportunities like becoming a race director.

So here’s to my official start towards my second half-marathon!!! (And by the way, I’m not sure WHICH half yet. I’ll decide that by April I think.)

Erin Go Bragh!!


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  1. Hi there – excellent stuff on training for your second half and your goal to run DW 09! awesome.

    I am recent marathoner too. I ran (and completed) DW marathon in 07 & 08. I am slow-poke but a determined one. One of my goals is complete the Goofy Challenge in 2010.

    Good luck for your training.

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