Daily Double

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Well I forgot to post yesterday. I was preoccupied with homework and work. So we shall recap.

Wednesday morning I got up and did a great workout at the gym, and then went for a run with my running group. It was really fun. I did about 2 miles and felt ok. I also bought a new watch!!! It’s actually my FIRST watch for running.

Yes, that’s right, I trained and ran an entire half marathon watch-free. HA!!!

Yesterday my watch and I ran about 1.5 miles around the college. It was a nice change of pace but I find that if I’m not running my regular route, I slack off and think I’ve done more than I have…But hey, at least I got out there and got moving!

I’ve declared today a rest day because my body is indicating that we need to do so. Tomorrow I may get up and walk with Team In Training but it depends on the weather…

Also tomorrow I have a 5K race so that’s something to look forward to! Here’s to a great weekend!!!

Highs and Lows

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I’ve got a ton to write about but absolutley no time. So sorry.

Didn’t get a run in yesterday, even though the weather was wonderful… 😦

Disappointing news is that my gym is closing. Well, just temporarily but still, tis sad. I went this morning for some lifting and saw the sign indicating that they would close April 14th and not reopen until September. Thankfully there is another gym that will probably take over the 6am hours. I have plenty of home equiptment but no real machines. I enjoy using the gym equiptment, it makes me more focused.

Workout this morning was good. Hopefully I’ll feel it tomorrow. I love that soreness so much. 🙂

Exciting news is TiVo should be here tomorrow. Also I found some fun running sites to map your run.

www.mapmyrun.com and the US Track and Field website has one. Both very fun.

And the last bit of exciting news: I’m running with my running group tonight so I’m really looking forward to that. Also since we run out of a local running store I’m going to see if I can’t purchase a watch while I’m in there. 🙂

Gotta run!


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Saturday was wonderful. I went out and ran with Team In Training. I did about 3 miles. It was really great to see everyone again. I’d missed my TEAM so much. Now that the prospect of Disney is gone I’m trying to pick a new race to do.

I’m thinking about the Marine Corps Marathon. It’s a little sooner than I’d like but I’m going to consider it. I’m also looking at the Air Force Half Marathon. We’ll see what happens.

Today I need to do 2 miles but I’m having trouble finding time to fit that in. I don’t want to disappoint myself again this week.

Monday I did a workout in the morning with a TV program. There were some REALLY good exercises in there. I did leg and ab work. And let me tell you, I am REALLY feeling it today. I’m thinking I’ll have to remember those moves and do them again. Good stuff.

In other exciting news I’m getting TiVo. Sadly for me TiVo isn’t so I can watch Grey’s or House or even American Idol. Nope, TiVo is for FIT TV…so I can record Namaste Yoga or All Star Workouts and then do them at a more convienient time. We’re going for an all-star body this go-round. 🙂 I’m very excited about TiVo. It should be here by next week. I just hope it’s not too complicated to install.

Well, I’m going to go plan my afternoon and see if we can’t sneak that run in.

Devastation And Determination

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Yesterday’s run did not happen. I even tried to move it to this morning but that didn’t work out either.

I got some upsetting news yesterday and I’m still slightly sadded by it.

Let me explain.

When I was sick for 4 months, not able to run, barely able to walk, in and out of the hospital, running was what I missed the most. Running was my life. I missed running the Disney 08 Marathon because of my illness, so the thing that kept  me going was running Disney 09.

I was planning on doing this through Team In Training. The organization means so much to me, and the Disney race was something I’d looked forward to for months. Having to push it back to 09 hurt, but I was still excited.

However yesterday I was informed that Disney will not be offered in my area for 09. I understand, we don’t have a very large Winter Team here and it’s not benifical for the organization to only offer it for a few people. They are, after all, a charity and need to continue towards their mission. I will still be with TNT but leaving Disney behind for now hurts. That was one of the main motivators for me while I was ill.

I’ll do Disney some day…but now I’m clueless about what race to focus on. All of them pale in comparison to Disney. Disney really was my motivator.

Well…I’m going to have to find a new one. Any suggestions?

Yesterday’s Gone

March 20, 2008 at 12:27 pm | Posted in marathon, running, Training | 1 Comment

Thankfully I did get a run in though!

I ran 2 miles, as scheduled, on the treadmill in the morning. It wasn’t as easy as I’d like for it to be. I really need to build a good base in order for this training to go more smoothly.

Today I plan to do my 2 miles after work, either in the park or on the treadmill depending on the weather. Hopefully today will be a good day as far as my stamina goes. It’s really hard building back after being off for four months.

The good news is that I do seem to have my motivation back. A few weeks ago running was a much more daunting task and not something I was in the mood to do. Thankfully that’s changed and I’m getting back in to the swing of things. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this pattern continues.

For added incentive I’m contacting my former coach with Team In Training and hopefully going for a run with their group this weekend. I really hope I can start training with them regularly so I’m encouraged to get out the door and get moving!!

Well, that’s it for now. Here’s hoping I get a good run in this afternoon.

Running Perspective

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Today’s scheduled run was for 2 miles, and for the first time in a very, very long time I actually got a workout in on a Tuesday. Typically Tuesday’s are my busiest days, but thanks to daylight saving’s I now have extra light after I get home from work.

I packed my running gear and changed and work to make sure I didn’t back out. It’s always harder for me to run in the afternoons than in the mornings.

It was quite gloomy by the time I got to the park, but thankfully it didn’t rain on my run. I got in my two miles and felt pretty good after. It definitely improved my mood!!! I did a loop around the park that runs along the river and the wind was really picking up today. I’m glad I didn’t back out today.

Two miles isn’t much compared to the regular 5 or 6 I used to run…but it’s a good improvement over three months ago when I was confined to the couch. I’ve got to keep that in perspective.

Speaking of perspective, I was reading a newsletter published by a local running group and noticed that they accepted submissions from anyone who wanted to offer one. I’m kind of considering it because I do enjoy writing, AND running…I may email them and see what they think. I’d probably write a piece on my illness and recovery and how thankful I am that I can run…something motivational I guess.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ve got to get some rest because tomorrow’s run will be early in the morning in the gym due to the rain showers moving in to the area.

Starting Something

March 17, 2008 at 11:09 am | Posted in 5k, marathon, running, Training, Yoga | 1 Comment

I am beginning my second half-marathon training today.

I suppose it technically started Saturday.

Saturday I ran my 3rd 5K of the year. I ran the Shamrock 5K for a Catholic school in the area. It was my first time running this particular race and I enjoyed the new experience. There was a group of local police officers running and they all wore shirts that read “The Slow ‘Po ‘Po Patrol”, there were people in green garb, and a lot of younger kids running as well.

The race had excellent refreshments, even some home-made goodies. They also sold the t-shirts from previous year’s races which I think is a wonderful idea as I’ve always wondered where all those extra shirts go that the race directors undoubtedly end up with.

In addition to this being my first time running this course this was also the first time my parents came to one of my races. My mother and father came and brought my grandma as well. My best friend also came to watch. I didn’t get to see her before the race, but as I was coming up the last hill towards the finish line (sometimes I think race directors like to watch you suffer when they put hills at the end) I saw her there on the side cheering for me. If it hadn’t been for her I think I may have broken down and walked. However, thanks to her support, I ran the ENTIRE race. I made it in 31:37 which put me in 4th for my age group and out of the medals, but it was still a good time.

Quite an improvement over the last several months of illness. I’m really starting to feel like I have my life back. Those four months of being sick have really made me appreciate being healthy and able to run.

Therefore, I feel ready to start training for a half. The schedule I’m doing is going to be a long one, 24 weeks or so. I feel that this longer training will be better for me, especially considering my recovery. Hopefully I’ll be able to train and complete this half marathon on my way to completing the Disney Marathon in 09. Disney is my ultimate goal and I plan to run it with Team In Training.

So as far as this first week goes, I did 3 miles Saturday, even though the schedule says 2, and I did rest as instructed on Sunday. Today is a cross training day so I did some yoga this morning.

I’m hoping that I am recovered enough to stick with this training and make it through to Disney.

For fun, as well as motivation, I’ve joined a local running club, Star City Striders. I think being a part of their group will help me stay motivated and also provide me with opportunities like becoming a race director.

So here’s to my official start towards my second half-marathon!!! (And by the way, I’m not sure WHICH half yet. I’ll decide that by April I think.)

Erin Go Bragh!!

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